January 18th, 2011

Manchester United Families: Out & About In Cheshire

There must have been something in the air in Cheshire yesterday, because several Manchester United players and their families were spotted out walking, talking and doing stuff.

Let’s take a look:

The Best Dressed Family award goes to the Van der Sars. Edwin, his wife Annemarie, and their son Joe, doing their best Supermodel, Work! walk through Alderly Edge. They look like they’re filming a “Beautiful & Stonkingly Wealthy People Of Northwest England” advert, no?

Also, we love Joe’s school uniform blazer and kind of need to borrow it.

But wait, there’s more!

The They Do Exist! award goes to the family Berbatov.

Dimitar took a walk with his girlfriend Elena and their daughter Dea in Wilmslow. The notoriously press-shy Elena had stayed in Bulgaria during previous seasons, but looks to have settled in Manchester now.

PS: We heard whispers a while back that Elena was pregnant again. Since that pesky pram is in the way and our x-ray vision is on the fritz, help us out Bulgarians.

Anything we should know about?

UPDATE: Ask and we shall receive! Bulgarian media reported in December that Elena is pregnant with the couple’s second child – a boy. Congrats! Thx, S!

Finally, the We Really Hope He Doesn’t Puke Up These Puréed Bananas award goes to the Carricks. Michael, Lisa, and their son Jacey had lunch at a cafe in Wilmslow yesterday.

It looks like a potential sticky-icku situation there, but brilliant Lisa has positioned her husband closest to the baby and worn an on-trend anorak to protect herself from any potential projectiles.

Michael: good luck, mate.

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31 Responses to “Manchester United Families: Out & About In Cheshire”

  1. HiL says:


  2. mamaly says:

    Lovely pictures of all the down to earth ManU boys.
    So good to see Annemarie in good health again.

  3. Crackers says:

    Little Joe Van der Sar looks like he belongs in a shoot for Vogue Bambini. The kid is genetically blessed to begin with, but the blazer just ratchets everything up to +1000 levels of cool.

    Also, he wants to be a goalkeeper? Awwwww. (and not just because I have a soft spot for goalkeepers)

  4. meeee says:

    Elena is NOT pregnant again.but Berba want to have a baby boy…so they work on that!
    He tells in one Bulgarian magazine…btw these are the first family photos we (in Bulgaria) see with Elena and a little Dea(well we can't see her) but this is the proof that she exist

  5. mancs says:

    surely i heart van der sar's family they look so lovely :D

  6. Thea says:

    We NEVER see Owen Hargreaves anyomore, is really getting shipped of to the land of the uber -injured?

  7. jelly says:

    I love family photos :D

  8. aps says:

    The VDSs are ROCKING it. LOVE Annemarie's pants and shoes and Joe looks gorgeous! LOL @ Berba wearing team gear on his stroll out. He looks surprised to see the pap but I'm glad to finally see the mystery family. The Carricks just look adorable as usual. Love to see men involved with their children but where was big sis Louise? Great find Kickette!

  9. Lyubov says:

    I wouldnt trust that article about Berbatov expecting a second child because a few days after it was published he came out and denied everything

  10. Maribel says:

    Best post in a while! How cute are these boys with their fams? Love seeing Anne Marie looking lovely and healthy! SO excited to finally have proof of Berba's family, I adore how he's looking at his little girl. And I love that Michael is the one feeding the baby and not his wife, too cute!

  11. Sara Atanasova says:

    Very nice photos!I can't believe that at least I saw Elena together with Berba and their daughter – Dea.They look really cute :) Edwin looks very handsome with this haircut.And finally – my favourite United's family after the Rooney's,is this of Michael Carrick.His wife Lisa is very beautiful woman :)

  12. bbbambi says:

    I… Don't like ManU but Van der Sars' boy is just :____:♥ aw, is he at hogwarts or what? <3

  13. FTC says:

    Yes, Joe is currently with the MU academy, as is young Scholsey. Looking forward to the next generation !

    Loving all these pics and the best bit is I recognise each site, oh dear I can feel stalking sessions coming on :)

    Love to see hands on dads, makes them even hotter …………………..

  14. CuppyCake says:

    Such adorable families, bless :D

  15. Jo_ says:

    This post has made my day, Kickette! The Van der Sars are simply a handsome family. And the Berba pics made me shriek!!! He has mentioned going home and playing with his baby so I thought Elena had moved. Now we have some proof. :D The Carricks are lovely, as always. [melts into puddle]

  16. Tricia says:

    Joe is adorable. He's in the Manchester United academy and he wants to be a goalkeeper. He has some growing to do!

  17. mochara says:

    Aww! These pics are gold, they all look like normal happy families! I really like the Van der Sar's one it's so cute =)

  18. Amber C says:

    I LOVE seeing pictures of ballers and their families out and about! It makes them seem more real and normal. So much better than pictures of them on vacations in places that I can only dream about visiting. Joe VDS is going to be such a cutie! And it is nice to see Carrick so intentely concentrating on his little bubba.

    Is any one else concerned about the type stroller the Berbas have? I feel like if they hit a rock, since it seems top heavy, it would just fall right over. Just a little worried about the lil' Berba I guess.

  19. Tricia says:

    The VDS family are especially lovely, especially after what they have been through in the past 18 months. Joe is in the Manchester United academy and wants to be a goalkeeper. But he needs to grow a bit to fill his dad's shoes!

  20. sarrible says:

    Didn't we hear that Elena is definitely expecting, and it's a boy? Did I hallucinate this?

  21. Soon2beWifeOfNAsri says:

    How adorable, i love seeing pics of ballers with their family =) vds kiddo is going to be a total cutie when he grows up.

    And U gotta love a baller who reps his club even on his day's off! Nice.

  22. Van der Sar´s son is going to be huge! hehe he is cute :)

  23. BarceLisa says:

    Gorgeous boys with gorgeous families, especially Berba. Gotta love a baller who wears team gear at home.

  24. Missy Manchester says:

    Oh Happy Day!!!!

    After seeing these heartwarming pics of the VDS/Berba/Carrick families… I feel extra proud to be an MUFC supporter.

    THESE types of photos are what endear footballers to their fans…and are a welcome break from the party/vacation/shopping photos of other players.

    It is also wonderful to see Annemarie VDS looking happy and healthy. She has had a tough year.

  25. LoseThatGirl says:

    AH!!!!! Loving this post so much!!! Finally! A family man photo of Dimi! Nice to see Elena in Manchester to support her man. Maybe that's why Berba has been scoring on the field so much – he's just a happy little pumpkin with his family close by! Bless! Pix of Michael and Lisa are always a treat – love the concentration on Mick's face! And the VDS brood… just lovely. :)

  26. Berbie's Barbie says:

    I might sound a little biased because I'm a United fan. But I've got to say that these are three beautiful players with their equally or even more beautiful families. And I'm very sure Little Dea is as gorgeous as her daddy =D

  27. GigiSantaCruz says:

    OMG! What a nice way to start the day. First, the VdS look amazing! I think I'll freeze myself till Joe is old enough to marry me!! Second, the Carricks are so lovely that my heart feels funny every time I see a pic of them! And last but OF COURSE not least, OMG OMG OMG… Cannot see a tiny little piece of Dea but I'm so happy right now I could cry! Finally a "family picture" of the Berbas. Seriously, I had started thinking the mom and the baby were all an invention coming from The Continental's head!!! hahahaha But now I have proof Elena and the baby (??) exist! hahaha Can't wait for a pappa-bubba pic! I think I'll die when this day comes!

  28. Whitney Hot4Spurs says:

    I love seeing the Carrick with his family! It's no good for my fantasy about him but… I still likey.

  29. JAY says:

    Berba is simply adorable. Really hope to see a pic of him and his daughter together!
    VDS looks stunning