December 22nd, 2010

Manchester United: Festive and Charitable

Manchester United’s Nemanja Vidic, Ben Amos, and Bébé do their best supermodel sidewalk struts on their way to the team’s holiday party Monday night. Please zoom in on Ben’s t-shirt. We’re dying.

Manchester United could not possibly let the festive period go by without imbibing some liquid cheer. The team held their annual (well, when Fergie feels like allowing it) Christmas party Monday night.

The lads decided on a pub crawl this year and hit up The Living Room, The Grapes, and The Alchemist pubs in central Manchester. No one looks to have lost any clothing, vomited, or gotten arrested so we call it a success. There’s always next year.

They followed up on Tuesday morning by visiting cancer research center The Christie and the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital. The players did their best Santa Claus impersonations and handed out gifts to dozens of sick children and teenagers. It makes us all warm and fuzzy on the insides. Or perhaps that’s just the champagne from our Three Sleeps ‘Til Christmas party. *hiccup*

Well done, lads! (Images via

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23 Responses to “Manchester United: Festive and Charitable”

  1. Behrooz says:

    viva united viva Wazza viva Children <3

  2. Tricia (TFO) says:

    Nemanja can fill my stocking any time. . . . . .

  3. elephantmousie says:

    Love Nemanja,,the boys are absolutley stunning in every single way…wish me one of them for Xmas for an X-rated Xmas;D

  4. LuvinBale says:

    Dear lord Nemanja Vidic is a SEXY BEAST!!!!
    My mind just wanders off to very dirty yet very fun places when I see him. I could just dunk him in my glass of champagne and drink him down.
    Hes one of those men who puts on a suit and my knees go weak. OMG!!!!
    The lord got it right with that man! AMEN!!!

  5. TwinkleToeNasri <3 U says:

    Can i get a piece of that fine piece of chocolate, bebe is hawtttt!!!!

  6. Xabi_eyecandy says:

    VIDIC! <333333333333

  7. simone says:

    and to think that bebe was homeless untill he was 10 years old

  8. rubyqueen says:

    aww i love it when footballers do just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside knowing the pleasure the kids are gonna get from this..:) merry christmas indeed..:)

  9. Simone says:


  10. SoccerLoverrr says:

    ben amos is a bad ass.

  11. @AgnesWonka says:

    they all look sooooooooooooooo cool!
    Wazza i love you!!!!!!

  12. Bettie says:

    Aww the little one in the red pajamas looks so happy and cute. Cheers to all the boys who definitely put a smile on those childrens faces.

  13. LoseThatGirl says:

    And Owen Hargreaves was there too! Yay!

  14. Alex Samuel says:

    *in a Homer Simpson style voice* MMMMM…NEMANJA….*drools*

    • Leya_S says:

      That girl in the last pic is for sure thinking, "omg omg, Nemanja Vidic is touching me. Try not to scream. I'm never washing this shirt/arm again. Best Christmas EVER."

  15. blake2108 says:

    Love Ben Amos. What does the shirt say, Zooming just distorts it.

    Nice to see Evans and Gibbo there too

  16. jellenp says:

    I can't read his tee – when I zoom in gets too distorted. Anyone want to share?

  17. Michaella says:

    BEN AMOS!!!!!
    I've been crushing on him since you posted THAT pic.

  18. Doli says:

    Aww I was missing the days when Fergie would break down their doors and stop their parties, put leaches on them and ruin their bar crawls.. I guess he thinks they (with the exception of Rooney) behaved and deserved a break.

    I still don’t know how a woman could sleep with him, he’s just unattractive! But I miss my old ManU with the Cristiano, Anderson and Nani threesome.. How are the two dealing with their CR loss?