June 24th, 2010

Marco Borriello: Back And Better Than Ever

Marco Borriello naked

Images credit: Chi Magazine via TGCOM.

Well, well, well…who do we have here? It’s Marco Marco Marco (something we wish we could yell out on a more…ahem…regular basis).

Italian player Marco Borriello and his brother Fabio spent last weekend celebrating his 28th birthday. On MB’s agenda? Climbing ladders while losing his swim trunks and hosing down his “friends” off the coast of Capri.

Seeing Marco in his purest state is almost as good as being touched by an angel. (Ed note: a Victoria’s Secret angel, one suspects). In fact, we’d give up our spot in footy gossip heaven for just 24 hours alone with Mr. Borriello.

Sorry to get newsy on you folks, but our blatant obsession with this man raises an interesting Q. In a survey conducted this past May, 51% of World Cup fan respondents said they would starve themselves for a week, while 40% were willing to give up dating for an entire year if it led to World Cup glory.

Therefore, what would you be willing to give up for one night with Marco Borriello?

Reach deep, Kickettes, because he’s totes worth it. We’d forgo eating Jaffa Cakes for life. That’s how serious we are.

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36 Responses to “Marco Borriello: Back And Better Than Ever”

  1. Mrs. Q.Borri says:

    This is when my passion for tats on men gets serious..! i mean if the devil looks like this and wet OMG! God if u are listensing I think I dont want to go to heaven actually I will proudly Burn in hell!!! I mean Gladly! :) -God forgive me!!- actually dont I might be happy after speending a night with that Devil!! jum-o! :)

  2. nicol says:

    does anybody knows the brand of his swimwear???

  3. MarcoMarcoMarco says:


    You have outdone yourself here. The ladder picture alone… mmmpphhh…

  4. mila_casillas says:

    Jeebus. That is the sexiest tattoo I have ever seen on a man. *fans self*

  5. Adriana Valentino says:

    The last pic, OMG!
    The man looks like he would be a BEAST in bed.
    I would give up KFC hot wings for a year…it would be tough but after a night with the italian stallion I have a feeling my appetite would be well and truly satisfied LOL

  6. mahn says:

    i would give my spot in heaven for just a night in heaven with that devil. (God, i hope you're not listening.)

  7. juventina says:

    OK, I am gonna put this idea out here that others have already put out. This is directed at the Kickette Admin. I knowww Marco was NOT voted into the F5, but seriously, for real, you are going to deny THAT the HHOF?! Really? You can so no to that face and that body and THAT TAT?! I can’t. So I vote that we take a vote or something or just make an executive decision to have him in the HOF because really, this is RIDONKULOUS that he has been denied access. Not only should his access be granted, he should have the like key to the city of the HOFs….or something! He is wayyy to sexy to be ignored and excluded!

  8. aristeia says:


    Limbs… an ear… vision. Whatever it took. But I’d need all my body parts and senses for the “one night”. After they can leave me a limbless, blind, deaf mute and I can live out my days reliving it over and over again.

    Che cazzo, Marco… non รจ giusto. Uffa.

  9. juventina says:

    HOLY CHRIST HES SEXY! What would I give up for ONE night with this man? I would say my life, but what if he wants more of me? Then I wouldn't wanna die! So I'm gonna go with…..every single possession I own, phone, laptop, every materialistic object! I would sleep on the streets forever if I could have just ONE night with Borriello. Wow, that's a big step for me…I don't even do camping…

  10. Liz says:

    Ok, I am a MAD MAD MAD Rugby League supporter, and my team in Australia, the Sydney Roosters (who I am a member of and season ticket holder, have been for 15 years) are my life. I would give up us winning the Grand Final EVER AGAIN for one night with Marco.

    He is just too delicious for words and MI FA IMPAZZIRE!!!! TI AMO MARCO MARCO MARCO MARCO! Facciamo l'amore e ci innamoriamo!

  11. aps says:

    He is sexxxayy! LOVE the tattoo! I'd give up life right now for him!

  12. rslkdl says:

    My God. Oh, thank you Marco's mommy and daddy for making this wonderful piece of manmeat. You done good. The hip tat KILLS. ME. The trunks falling down… *dies*

    Yes, I would give up peanut butter for a year for one night. The entire night.

  13. Mrs.DiegoForlan says:

    he’s no Diego, but he is something! um…i’d give up eating Mike and Ike candies for month. take it or leave it, marco…u sexy beast, u!

  14. diAn@ says:

    i would give up the chance to live in spain for a season :d which is vital to me :d

  15. Rosey says:

    Vodka….I’ll also through in ice cream. That’s what I would give up for Marco and I have those like everyday! ;)

  16. LuvinBale says:

    I would giving up my boyfriend for one night with that man. I would just tell my boyfriend – a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. Hopefully he would understand. I mean if he truely loved me he would let me have this one night- right? I don't think that is asking to much.

    God that man is pure sex!!!

  17. Mel says:

    Just put him i the hot hof please!!!!!! This is torture!

  18. Regiii says:

    I would give up CHECKING THE KICKETTE SITE daily for a year o/

    SORRY KICKETTE, but for one night with THIS man, I'd go bananas like that!!!

  19. Molly says:

    OMG this man never disappoints! He's one of the hottest in the world!! I would give up anything and everything to have just one night with him :) !

  20. barcagooner says:

    good lord. he's one hell of a sexy guy. i wish he had taken off that short! :D

  21. tash says:

    that last pic = perfection!!!

  22. senora ramos says:

    i would give up my first born. sorry mason, mommy loves you! no? how about my husband, sorry mike. no? how about wine. yes marco, i love you soooooooooo much and would love just 1 sweat filled night with you that i would give up wine. i'd be strictly a martini girl from then on. :D

  23. Michelle says:

    Whooaa! Fvck yeah! I would give up…ogling any other footballers for a year for I night with him…I'd say he's amazing in bed! ;)

  24. Karin C. says:

    one night with Marco Borriello is worth giving up…hmm…5 years of life, first born child, anti age products, gossip, shopping ever again…should I go on?
    Marcoooooo, come out, come out wherever you are:))))

  25. batso says:

    He left me speechless.. :/

  26. Mel says:

    I would give up what ever he asked me to. He is sooooooooo hot!

    I think I would give up my life for him!

  27. Interista says:

    For one night with Marco I would give up sweets, forever! No more chocolate or candy…hmm not only with I then get a night with mr Hotness but also my very own six-pack then I guess ;)

    • Interista says:

      Damn it, I meant to write that not only will I then get a night with mr Hotness, but also my very own six-pack for giving up the sweets..haha the pictures got to me, how the hell am I to go back to work now?!

  28. KRISTINA says:

    OMG :-O Killl meeeee

  29. sounderslove says:

    hm…he is not my favourite but i would definitely not (be able to) say no to a one-night stand…not with that body…

    i would give up…my virginity. is that good enough? no? ok then i would give up eating chocolate. for a year. maybe.

  30. Aisha says:

    Jesus Christ! He is so f**king sexy :O