March 24th, 2011

Marco Borriello: Facebook Friending & Private Terrace Trespassing

Images: Facebook. Cheers Dielle!

Seems odd, but we don’t take much notice of footballers on Facebook. Heck, we’re seriously demotivated when it comes to updating our own Facebook page. Yes, you know the one. It’s covered in moths, chewing gum wrappers and someone clever has written “Wash Me” in the 2 inches of dust that’s settled on top of it.

However, we feel the time has come to make an exception. Our Finest Five number 1, AS Roma’s Marco Borriello, has sent his 5-o’clock shadow siren call across the broadband network. He’s on Facebook and we’re all over it like… blind rage and beards on DDR.

What’s Mr. B. been up to so far? Well, he’s shared new, computer screen crashing pics of his face and body in a ‘foto’ album that he probably named himself. No password or chastity belt keys required for access btw, Kickettes – he’s giving his goodies out for free.

We suggest you book a few hours at the spa to relax and mentally decompress before browsing Borri’s page. Once home and properly primped, immediately cancel all weekend plans and fluff your pillows. Comfort is critical when basking in the glory that is his welcome video.

Last but never least, give that wine delivery service you’ve got on speed dial a call and request one of their finest bottles of Chianti. You’ll need this as collateral to complete your masterful strategy of seducing that freaky IT chappie from your office.

Ya know – the one whose name you could never be arsed to remember even though he has a nasty habit of smearing his sweaty body, hairy belly down, across your desk while simultaneously reconfiguring your wonky cable connection at 6pm on a Friday before a bank holiday? He may not have had a shower in six days, and/or/definitely lives in his aunt Edna’s attic and sleeps with an action figure, but he may just be your best shot at hacking Marco’s FB page in order to successfully obtain his home address. Service delivery tip = totes worth it. That five or six minutes of “taking one for the team” will free us all.

Where were we?

Oh yes. In summary, social media is effing brilliant.  Welcome to the internet, Marco!

What footballer Facebook pages are you ‘fans’ of, Kickettes? Do tell.


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32 Responses to “Marco Borriello: Facebook Friending & Private Terrace Trespassing”

  1. agger akeem says:

    he is so amaizing but he need some hot girls to hook…………………

  2. Gioacchino says:

    Hello, somebody knows the mark(brand) of its glasses!
    Thank you

  3. Sheck says:

    Holy moly and all things sacred!
    The only word that comes to mind when describing Borri and Sergio is; SEX! One look at either of them is all that is necessary for your thoughts to wander off to sex, regardless of where they’re seated or situated, they ooze and scream SEX!
    When one is referencing them, one should simply refer to them as “The Sex”. My ultimate dream would involve constant and never-ending ménage et trios with the aforementioned footballers. Who needs food if you could feast on Marco & Sergio? SERIOUSLY?!

  4. elephantmousie says:

    awesome,and pleaseeeee more to follow this example.

  5. @Di_Elle says:

    you're welcome kickettes :D

    FYI in the last entry he announced a video interview that will be posted in various parts in the future (other than confirming he's still living in a hotel and looking for a house to buy in Rome)

    • Sheck says:

      Why is the man living in a hotel?! Isn't he Italian, and therefore should own or rent a place?

      • @Di_Elle says:

        He owns an apartment in Milan (in the center . he talk about it in his latest vid) and he's looking for one to buy in Roma, but, unlike the other Roma players (and most of the VIP) in Roma center and not in Torrino or Casal Palocco (rich residential quarter). Marco Delvecchio usually rents on of his home to new Roma players, but he refused because he wants to stay in the center "to feel the real city and meet real romans" – he stated in a interview for the official roma monthly magazine.
        So for now he leaves in a hotel until he can find the right place. Rumors has it some weeks ago he placed a bid for an apartment near Colosseo but he was overbid by another buyer.

  6. Rosey says:

    One word: Yum

  7. Angelina says:

    When he* smiled at her

  8. Angelina says:

    I love Marco. I can't believe he is on facebook. I just yelled with delight. I can now fully stalk him. lol just kidding or am I?

    My friend saw him in person and she said she literally frooze because her heart stopped. She said he is even better looking in person if that was even possible but she said when she smiled she peed just a little. LOL

    Oh Marco I love you.

  9. Susana says:

    That first photo is…….not sure there is a sufficient word in the English language, so I'll just go with DE-LISH!

  10. Pamela Marie says:

    OMGosh thans Kickette for posting this! Great job in finding his FB page. Now I am officially a fan of Borri in FB. yay! Thanks Kickette

  11. LuvinBale says:

    I am definitely fans of Spurs on Facebook, Gareth Bale (obviously) and Michael Dawson. Now Marco Borriello.
    Thank You Kickette.

  12. Diavolina says:

    Ok but why are you people talking about Sergio Ramos/Gerard Pique when the post is about Marco Borriello?

  13. Duha says:

    LOL is this really really him? Apparently I have liked this page for ages and didn't know it was HIM actually updating it.

    • Hope says:

      I don't think it was him. It was an official fanpage and then I think he took it over just this week.

    • Pamela Marie says:

      Its him. Its his official page. In his FB in one of the posts he mentions/clears up the rumours/doubts as far as the legitacy of the page, he states that its really HIS official page that he personally runs himself.

  14. JA7 says:

    He looks like a sexy cop in the first pic lol (for some reason)..a cop who i wudnt mind gettin handcuffed by :P

  15. chefdi says:

    I like Pique's page, and any video of him speaking English <3

  16. LAmonkeygirl says:

    If loving Bori is wrong, I don't want to be right.

  17. Anna says:

    Love you Marco Borrilicious! But don't tell me you shaved you're legs?Pleas don't go all the CR7 way.

  18. IrishBlue says:

    What did we do before social networking?! Twitter beats facebook for getting glimpses into players lives though. Random photos and comments show the real person not just the hot piece of stuff we see on the tv :)

  19. lorena_yGp says:

    I came here because I wanted to write a comment about this Italian God but I just can't!!!! After these pictures and video-I've blocked,I can't think,write,concentrate…nothing really!!! HE IS SO HOOoooOOOT!!! :-) )))

  20. SoMysterious says:

    Marco can do almost no wrong. *sips red wine, picks up cell and calls friend who attends MIT to for potential hacking skills*

  21. dontaskmetosmile says:

    Sergio Ramos must get Facebook lessons from Bori, ASAP! Imagine the photos he will post! I can take the thumbs up photos if he also posts pictures of himself posing, looking so pensively into the distance in his craptastic outfits!

  22. essjay says:

    Oh, my. You ladies are amazing. This has actually made my day! *makes notes on how to get with a geek to hack Xabi Alonso's twitter*

    On the topic at hand, however. I'm gutted that unlike Twitter you can't reeeeally stalk pro footballers on Facebook. Sure there's the odd footballer on Facebook, but it's so hard to actually know if it's a real account, or a fakey! :( That's why I love Twitter. Everyone's on there. And it's legit. And they all tell/show you the most random and entertaining things!

    But, God bless whoever started Twitter and every other social media site…
    Social media: Making the life of a stalker so much easier.

    • nio4 says:

      loool i liked the ''life of a stalker'' so at least im not the only one who feels like this
      once i follow, lool.

      But then what about people who dont accept your adds?!

  23. Amber says:

    Oh sweet Jesus. I’ll never get any work done for at least a week now. I could watch that video on an endless loop for hours. God bless technology. All I need to do is break out my Italian for Dummies book! I guess it doesn’t really matter what he says, as long as he looks good sayin’ it.