April 11th, 2011

Mario Balotelli: Dressed For Success

Mario Balotelli has worked out a way to convey his ‘innovative’ approach to life without having to move a muscle. He was waiting for his take-away lunch in ‘San Carlo’ restaurant, much to the amusement of his fellow patrons.

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28 Responses to “Mario Balotelli: Dressed For Success”

  1. Ghana News says:

    his trousers are too big

  2. pablo says:

    yeah its true….people hate this guy because he is dark skinned thats why they call him ugly….fuck the people and the bitch who asked for kevin prince boateng…….that fag isnt shyt….

  3. sahil says:

    he looks horrible…

  4. WAG2BE says:

    Im african, and caribbean. and i dont find him attractive. AM I RACIST? no. ARE YOU STUPID? possibly. Lets see some kevin boateng-prince sil vous plait =)

  5. dudeasia says:

    no, i think its not bad…. just that he doesnt need to put the hood on his head… why do that when you are inside a restaurant… no raining… and the trousers maybe too spreading a little… poke them down a little bit…

  6. DrStrangelove says:

    You have to be very careful before throwing around accusations of racism you know. Just because someone doesn't find Balotelli attractive, that doesn't give you license to jump to the conclusion that they're a racist. If you picked out a single poster at random on here then they wouldn't find every single white player attractive, or anywhere even close to all, or even, I suspect, a majority of them; well, the same goes for players from other ethnic backgrounds. I don't find Balotelli attractive at all, but I can name a black player at my club who I do; Nile Ranger. (who, incidentally, I would gladly swap Kickette's relatively generous coverage of Balottelli for any day) And that's just my club. There are lots of extremely attractive black players out there. Some people just happen to believe Balotelli is not one of them.

  7. mochara says:

    The guy on the far left is like "can someone get this guy out of here??"

  8. benze .<3 says:

    pants are horrible?

    - not at all i like them ;) ;).
    he' knows how to dress and look cool ( WITHOUT WEARING A MURSE! ) ..

    • benze .<3 says:

      and yea, he has a big ego, and all that.
      - but know this is about his style.(;


  9. Leya_S says:

    Uhhh pretty sure most people don't like him because he's a D***HEAD.
    I have no idea how you got "racist" out of any of the comments made here.
    Lastly, there are LOTS of dark-skinned players who are all SORTS of delicious: Salomon Kalou, Alex Song (when he's not blonde), Emmanuel Adebayor to name a few….and OH LOOK, they're not assholes.
    Just sayin'

    • oh and don't forget Malouda! He's the only reason I watch chelsea matches. I just wait for him to take his shirt off!

    • blitzenTO says:

      Don't forget Eric Abidal! Gorgeous AND nice!

    • Leya_S says:

      As evidenced by all the responses, Kickette could pretty much make a week-long "Chocolate Love" feature on here if they wanted…

    • Sarah, Madrid says:

      Adebayor is just delicious, esp with the new hair cut and the apps we saw that day, the guy is becoming so delicious. You forget one of my fav players ever oh Henry.

      What racist? This guy is a air-head an repersent evey cliche is there for a footballer. Even what is he wearing is very cliche lol.

  10. Missy Manchester says:

    If you took the time to read the posts Samuel…you'd see we're not judging Mario's looks…only his particular brand of crazy.

    Crazy is crazy no matter what colour skin a person has.

    Jens Lehmann–Crazy.
    Mario Balotelli–Crazy.

  11. mamaly says:

    He is a big baby.
    Red , purple, green , polka dot or argyle.
    Everywhere he goes trouble follows.

  12. mel says:

    Please refer to the comments made on his skincolor before making those accusations!!!!

    Let's get one thing straight: racism is a two way street, you could also be clasified as a racist for accusing the commenters here of being just that.

    No one has said anyting about his skincolor, or 'I hate him because his black'. But voicing and oppinion like 'I think he's an idiot' can not be clasified as racist.

    The only disgusting one is you, accusing others of being racist.

    Why did you have to make that comment at all??

  13. JA7 says:

    Oh you fancy HUH? (NAAAWT)

  14. mel says:

    He is such a big joke to me.

    He is a 'professional football player' – but he's allergic to grass ?? WTF is my response.
    He can't put a bib on properly, and he get into fights at clubs leaving his car damaged……….

    The pr staff at his club must be working overtime to clear up the messes he keeps creating.

  15. Eleanor says:

    I can't take him seriously

  16. Miss XOXO says:

    Not interested…no thankz.

  17. Elisa says:

    Ugh, I love you Kickette, but I feel like this guy has been getting a little too much attention on here. I prefer to pretend that he and his over-inflated ego (I mean, the fact that he's noticeably self-obsessed is saying something, considering the fact that he's being compared to his fellow footballers) don't exist.

    Also, those pants. Oy.

  18. mena says:

    So is San Carlo the ONLY restaurant in the Liverpool / Manchester area? It seems like it's the only place ever mentioned.

  19. blitzenTO says:

    This should go in the Fail File.

    He needs to rock the hand hat again:

  20. Missy Manchester says:

    The only way Mario would be dressed for success is if he wore a straight-jacket.

  21. Cait says:

    Those trousers are horrible! On a plus side Mario is actually smiling for once…