January 31st, 2012

Mario Balotelli: One Of Britain’s Best Dressed…?

Discard your sensible trousers and shirts lacking in leather panels, fellas. This is the look.

The intrepid gentlemen (and ladies) at British GQ threw us for a loop yesterday morning when they announced their annual list of Britain’s 50 Best Dressed Men. Sure, the obvious choice to represent all of ‘ballerdom was there and we would’ve been perfectly satisfied if they left it at that.

They didn’t. And their selection for the runner up had us checking our Twinings for hallucinogens.

GQ has named the enigmatic and controversial Manchester City forward Mario Balotelli as the second best dressed man in Britian. He who wears sweat pants to dinner and never met a pair of jorts that a silver pocket chain didn’t go with. We’re trying to understand this. Really – we are.

Fashion and style are subjective, we know this. One man’s camouflage baseball cap is another man’s three-piece suit, we get it. But just because we’re not into hoodies and trousers that are a fabric panel away from being hammer pants doesn’t mean there isn’t an establishment out there waiting to anoint Super Mario as the second best dressed man of an entire nation.

Ok so some of his looks aren’t that bad. Shawl collar jumpers can be a little sexy if worn right, so we will politely nod in the fireworks safety sergeant’s direction for always keeping us on our sartorial toes whilst dressing outside the box.

The moral of our story, Kickettes: dress madder than a wet hen and you shall go far.

What do you think of dear Mario’s recent plaudit? Surely there is room on that list for other British ballers – who do you think is missing?



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16 Responses to “Mario Balotelli: One Of Britain’s Best Dressed…?”

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  2. husam says:

    he is real champ

    play like a ghost

  3. Khaled says:

    Mario Balotelli is my favourit player

  4. Jenni says:

    I don't care about clothes at all, but any excuse for more pictures of Balotelli. I love him so much!

  5. Melaniee. says:

    its like a rich and ghetto-ish jay leno.

  6. [...] LIKE AN EXTRA STRAIGHT OF THE ‘BAD” VIDEO. Somehow, British GQ named Mario Balotelli the second best dressed man in Britain. IN BRITAIN. I don’t know if this reflects worse on GQ or the whole of the British male population. // Kickette [...]

  7. Mrs. Q.Borri says:

    He sure has the guts to wear what he likes without even caring who likes it or not, he is just him plain and simple and that gets a lot of respect from me… Not my fav style for men but I cant do anything about it. I think he was runner up just because he wears whatever he likes whenever he feels like it.

  8. Catie2838 says:

    Well, it's long been my understanding that few men outside of Xabi Alonso have the ability to dress themselves anyway, so the fact that a bunch of men picked him as number 2 doesn't totally surprise me. Even the best dressed have a questionable moment or five. How someone in that office who can function didn't stop them is what perplexes me.

    Or… maybe they picked him as No. 2 because he wears whatever he wants and they yearn for his level of sartorial freedom. After all, working for GQ probably requires that you spend most of your time not looking like a loon.

  9. Alone- Brazil says:

    He really needs to return to Italy, people! ironing or more it is going! Balotelli SOS!

  10. mybabyri says:

    I kinda like his style(something most be wrong with me!?) Idk the clothes suits him,maybe in a way his style represent his attitude, like who he is as a person. ….suits him.

    • mata says:

      Agree completely. It's doesn't bore me to death (like DB), it's "him" (whether you love it or hate it) and he's completely unfraid – just wears whatever he wants and doesn't care whose laughing, which I sort of respect.

  11. IrishBlue says:

    Hmmm yeah I think the general rule of thumb is that football players look best either in their football kits, in a suit or naked.

  12. FootyGirl says:

    He won't hold on to that crown much longer. Djibril Cisse is back in the Premier League!