July 6th, 2012

Mario Balotelli: Paternity Test, Please!

Image: Quink Facebook.

We’ve been looking for a perfectly good reason to publish this relevant interpretation of the popular ’90s game “Guess Who?”, and thanks to the comments Super Mario recently made via the press, we finally have one.

Full Balotelli remarks for reference:

“A few days ago did I heard from a person that Raffaella was pregnant. Because of this did I contacted her [Editor Note: not the other way around, like Miss Fico stated], and when I asked her if it was true did she confirmed that she was pregnant.

I am very disappointed, because I do not think that it’s normal not to tell such a huge thing until the fourth month. I do not understand why she has not contacted me directly to tell such an important thing.

I will take responsibility when I have proof that I’m the father.

I think that Raffaella is already famous and she doesn’t need to use this story for publicly. This is the first time that I will commentate on this in public and I will say no more no matter what Raffaella say or write.”

And thus, buh bye, girl from Euro 2012. We barely knew ye, nor care about ye.

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34 Responses to “Mario Balotelli: Paternity Test, Please!”

  1. bamboo says:

    Not to defend neither of them both but i would trust a woman who publically sells her viginity, who falsely claims to date Cristiano Ronald, who poses and speaks to journalists about her pregnancy but doesn't bother to inform the father of her child…On the other hand you have to be a real idiot to get involved with such a type of woman. as if mario didn't know who she was… I am only sorry for the poor baby who seems to come to thsi world unwanted. All we can hope for is taht he will be born healthy, Raffaella will get some money and Mario will score many goals.

  2. xoWinnie says:

    shut up Mario. you knew who/how she was when you banged her out. i hope that baby is yours. you reap what you sew. literally.

    • mybabyri says:

      wait, YOU ARE THE REAL Rafaella hahaha dont be mad because you dont know who your baby daddy is!!!!

      • xoWinnie says:

        LMAO! I'm Rafaela? why? because I hate men who attempt to slut-shame women after THEY sleep with them? like that makes them any better? if you slept with a "whore" what does that make you? how does that make you better than her? he's probably slept with dozens more women than she's slept with men. somehow that's still acceptable in this society where idiots like you are concerned, anyway. you might wanna get that little slut-shaming stick that's jamming your vadge out of there, who knows, you might even get laid yourself one day. with that attitude, i doubt it though.

        • mybabyri says:

          WTF chill the hell down and who said she was a whore?! i dont know nothing about her to even call her that!! what i know is she tried to sell her virginity and was with mario even though she knew that he was cheating she is a golddigger in my eyes and for her to say he is the father and putting it to everyones faces seems a little bit weird like she is trying to hide something and mario saying he is not sure too is weird so you can have your own idiotic opinion LIKE YOU ALWAYS DO!!! but how the hell do you know that he is the father?! where you there when he was "banging her" maybe JUST FUCKING MAYBE THEY USED A CONDOM EVERYTIME!!!! And girl please like im going to sit here and talk about getting laid have respect for my self and others to even talk about that on an internet page, but respect is something you know nothing about apparently.

          • xoWinnie says:

            first of all, punctuation is a friend, my dear. i could barely get the gist of your 10 line long run-on sentence. secondly, my comment says "Mario" because if you could read, you'd see his comment is basically saying anyone could be the father. which is true, but that also means he's saying he's not (and doesn't want to be), and with that insinuation, also alluding to her less-than-pure reputation. doesn't take a genius to figure that one out. so in a word, HE is saying she's a whore, smart one. thirdly, where in the world did I say he's the father. can you read? clearly not. so don't reply to my comment with bullsh*t when you don't even have half to common sense to interpret one simple sentence. that's all.

            • mybabyri says:

              Internet warrior you are am dont have a english keyboard nor do I care to write the correctly to you! i cant even stand to read your comments so Rafaela i'll talk to you after the paternity test. ok thank you

              • xoWinnie says:

                "internet warrior"? i guess that's what you attempted to be and failed. if you couldn't stand to read my comments, you wouldn't have replied. i knew the english excuse would come out eventually *rolling my eyes* i didn't know commas and periods were exclusive to the English language lol, try again. at least even the most annoying of people on here can dish it and take it. next time, don't start sh1t you can't handle or/and respond to with sense. stick to thumbing things down honey, that's more your speed ;)

                • mybabyri says:

                  Really you dont have a life damn ok err were do we go from here…..yes my english is bad so what u still understand me dont yah but a person like you with 1 braincell probably think everyone in the world speak english so am just going to move pass this because you are not worth my time just ignorant plain and simple…*yawning*

                  • xoWinnie says:

                    baha, please. english isn't my first language either, Portuguese is actually. you don't see me whipping that out as an excuse every time i get called out. like i said, if you can't take it don't dish it. actually, it's a hot summer day, your moronic rambling is quite amusing. keep it up, Chips.

  3. queen tweezy says:

    Mario balotelli is becoming mature
    My mom always tells me that a women knows who the father of her baby is so guys let’s trust this women she knows wat she’s doin
    I guess this has showed mario that not every women has the right intentions wen its comes 2 dating soccer players he should looks at fernando torres nd david villa they married normal girls who Want nothing 2 do with their husbands fame

  4. Rufie says:

    That girl’s story was fishy from the get-go! The way she describes how happy he was that she had given him the best news ever. Balotelli just doesn’t seem that level headed. He loses his cool at matches all the time now imagine telling him he’s gonna be a father at an important time of the Euros. The guy lost it i know it!

  5. Donna C says:

    I hope it comes out that the baby isn't his. If she was so sure he was the father than why run to the press? Obviously cause if something goes wrong she'll still have money off the media to feed her.

  6. sarah says:

    Wow, what a b***h. I have no respect for women like her.

  7. rafaela says:

    -Is he tall, black and has a great body?
    -Did you say that he does better sex than CR7?
    -Yes!! Yes!!
    -Is he Mario?!!!?
    -Yes!! Yes he is!!!

    P.S. I didn’t know that she was with Hummels!! I have to go to Italy and become famous right know!!! I am much prettier than she is!!!

    • kevin'sgirl says:

      Sorry but ronaldo has better face body and everything else! Of coarse a girl is gonna say her current bf is better in the sac! Sorry but baloteli is not attractive and too crazy! And she is just a golddigger that’s why she only dates rich famous athletes :(

  8. mybabyri says:

    I KNEW IT it was something fishy about rafaela's story from the get go like who gives an interview before your baby daddy even confirms that he is the father!? dayum this girl is a straight up gold digger and faul too urgg

  9. Cella.xx says:

    Poor baby and her family imagine how her mother feels
    That woman is shame!!!

  10. Cella.xx says:

    Poor baby and her family imagine how her mother feels..that woman is a shame!!

  11. canadanata says:

    Well, one good thing that came out of it is that Marios comments where good, smart and sensible! on the down side, poor kid who will get a mom like her :(

    • vieira4 says:

      Yes. I am very glad that people are responding positively to his statement. He's got his head screwed on when it counts.

  12. Sara in Paris says:

    Balotelli!!!!! Safety first when having sexual activities! Talk about a life lesson!

    • Katie says:

      I hate when people say this. You can be safe every single time and still end up pregnant. We don't know what they used/didn't use during sex.

  13. Bree says:

    His statement is very mature. Obviously we don't know her and it's perfectly possible she hasn't been with anyone else but it's understandable that he wants a proof-if she told him first they could have kept the paternity test thing quiet and if it's his nobody would ever have to find out about it.But considering she has waited for months-probably to bring it up during Euro and considering the fact she is earning money by babbling about this it's understandable he is publicly saying he wants a test and that he doesn't want to be with her.

  14. laligagirl says:

    Isn't this Raffaella the one who's dated CR7 plus tons of other footballers (including Sergio, I think)? I hope its not Mario's just because I hate women who do this kinda thing. Unfortunately, the ballers don't know they're fameho's until its too late.

  15. Kel says:

    I can't blame him for wanting to check paternity tbh. I mean, she does seem to have not told him for 4 months. You cant even hide it at that stage.

    Oh well, come December we might have a bb Mario Balotelli on the scene. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!

  16. mata says:

    Selling her version of events to the tabloids, pretending that they are getting back together, telling the press that Mario was happy about the baby and that it was a planned pregnancy which is clearly untrue, this girl is seriously deranged. Can't help but feel that this is going to end very badly. Feel sorry for that poor baby, he/she deserves a better start to life than this.

  17. machiavelli says:

    That picture made me smile. Too bad there are actually women out there like that.

  18. PinkLady says:

    This woman is a shame,honestly she is.Here in Italy she's famous for the Big Brother,for trying to sell her virginity,for a " relationship"with C7,that seems as much real as my threesome relationship with Iker and Hummels…:) now this thing…I don't know…but the only thing that comes to my mind is:how low can someone go?I mean,u'r pregnant?Fine,call the dad,why the photoshoot?Now even her brother has said that Balotelli should respect her…I mean,if you want respect…act like someone respectable…

  19. Aisling says:

    I actually feel a little sorry for him even though it takes two. She is clearly in it for her meal ticket. I just can't stand her or any girl that traps a man. It isn't fair on the baby. It wouldn't be a shocker if the baby wasn't his. She looks like an nasty piece of work.

  20. Alex says:

    Balotelli is becoming mature though!

  21. Lisette says:

    Wow, those remarks cover all the bases, don't they?

    He doubts paternity enough to explicity say he needs proof. He brings up the fame whore insinuation, putting it in peoples' minds. But he rejects it, so he's not seen as attacking her or being petulant. He questions her behaviour and presents it in the oddest manner possible – most women would probably tell the father of their child before 4 months, right?

    I have no idea what's true, but Balotelli and his people have given a masterclass in the art of verbal shanking.