November 4th, 2011

Mario Balotelli & Raffaella Fico: So Much To Say, So Little Time

City footballer player bad style taste fashion

We realise that in the early stages of a relationship (late stages of a very temporary liaison) it’s common to mimic your partner’s mode of dress.

Which is great unless your ‘partner’ happens to be football’s answer to Flavor Flav. We understand that love is blind, Raffaella, but we feel it only appropriate to make sure you’re fully aware of this before you commit to anything.

And to think, some say we’re bitchy. Go figure.

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19 Responses to “Mario Balotelli & Raffaella Fico: So Much To Say, So Little Time”

  1. [...] Research Institute’s paper last year, which discussed the propensity of close partners to share one another’s clothes and mimic their [...]

  2. Mrs. Q.Borri says:

    Lets start first with the clothes, thank you! Can you get any worse than that! -i dont think so.
    Second, MB happens to anwser to Flavor Flav!! OMG IM LAUGHING MY ASS OF!!!!!
    Third, MB knows what kind of girl sher is and he knows in what kind of mess he is getting his self into.

    Think better MB!

  3. Anna says:

    Raffaella Fico is one of the many useless girls in the TV. She took part in the italian "Big Brother", a TV show with a very low level of culture and unknown usefulness. Then she started working in ridicoulus TV shows in prime time, where she had NEVER spoken; she was there only to show her àss. And then, she took part in a failured reality, where she proved to be a bitch (sorry!) because she tryed to captivate a lot of boys.

    She is also involved in a scandal of wiretapping with italian premier Silvio Berlusconi, who is rather "libertine".
    You already know that she tryed to sell her body and her verginity. O_O

    Well, this is Raffella Fico.

  4. keane1995 says:

    Whatta StudMuffin. 8)

  5. earidurt says:

    why do these two insist on leaving the house looking like clowns? so many fashion offences here i dunno where to begin.

  6. Marina_Isabella says:

    Italian chavs!

  7. xbabyshakesx says:

    she's alright, but MB needs help!

  8. oopsy says:

    she has a really nice body
    Cristiano must've had lots of fun with that
    now its someone else's turn

  9. says:

    I' am sorry, but what is wrong with what she is wearing, enlightened me please! Her outfit does not mimicc Mario's ensemble there! unles i need glasses or contacts!

  10. memeandfootball says:

    this girl looks to me as a golddigger/fame hungry, i dont know but something is not right. mario is smart and he maybe knows that.

    cant he just get a girl with no awkward pass so he maybe can better himself.

  11. Anjali says:

    I thought it was Helena Bonham Carter, both these ladies could pass off as twins!

  12. Gladys says:

    They are so perfect for each other, it's scary. Though, recently Balotelli has been quoted as saying he has "girlfriends" and apparently brags to his teammates that he can get any lady he wants, so I guess in his eyes there are many perfects for Mario. ;)

  13. loly says:


  14. Juliexxx says:

    Balotelli has a lot to say on fire safety :D

  15. Victoria says:

    Wait, is this the same Raffaella Fico who said she had lost her virginity to Cristiano Ronaldo a few years back?