October 7th, 2010

Mario Gomez: Suited & Recruited

German Chancellor Angela Merkel considers the benefits of inviting Mario Gomez to join her cabinet. Mario and the rest of the German NT were collecting awards for looking ridiculously hot in suits their performance in the World Cup.

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11 Responses to “Mario Gomez: Suited & Recruited”

  1. Taskeen says:

    1. Glad to see Mario has the same effect on Ang that he does on us
    2. Our little Mesut and Sami= oh the Schweet lolz they bring:)
    3. HeeeEllo! to the guy in the pic below Mesut and Mizz Merkel (lol i hope its not too bad i don't know who he is)

    And on a totally unrelated note: who else heard about Macheda calling ol' Rooney chav and "a bit vulgar"?? lol lol that sparked up my morning a bit

  2. Emme says:

    Oh, Mesut & Sami…so adorable! I love it….Angela Merkel -as number one fangirl of German NT

  3. canederli says:

    The piccy of Sami & Mesut giggling together is freaking adorable!

  4. Leya_S says:

    And on that note I would like to take a brief moment of whining: I PERSONALLY didn't think Mario Gomez The Super-Stud/Sub played enough in the World Cup. I was happy to see a lot of the newbies (Ozil, Khedira, Mueller) gelling and playing really well with some of the vets (Schweini, Lukas, Arne, etc.), but I just needed a little more Mario Gomez in my life!

  5. BarceLisa says:

    I love the rest of the photos, esp. the one of Khedira and Ozil. They were probably looking at that awful magazine cover of Ozil (he is still wearing THAT earring). Also, why is there a band playing in the background? I thought this was a formal ceremony.

  6. sarrible says:

    Pro: Gives much better backrubs than George Bush.

    • BarceLisa says:

      Con: she doesn't stop at backrubs (wink wink).

      Mrs Chancellor are trying to seduce me?

  7. @bubliya says:

    but we all really know Merkel was missing her Schweini who wasn't there that day. LOL :)