March 11th, 2011

Mario Gomez: What Did We Do To Deserve This?

Bayern Munich bad boy has bad hair

Images: ONTD_Football via Bayern Munich’s Official Fanshop.

Mario? Darling? What exactly is it that you want from us? Our devotion to you knows no bounds and we freely abandon editorial policy in order to feature your thighs, lederhosen wearing, medal modelling and goal scoring capabilities on our humble pages.

And yet you choose to reward our love by offering us this questionable quiff?

We are not pleased. You need to make it up to us.

Like, now.

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13 Responses to “Mario Gomez: What Did We Do To Deserve This?”

  1. C16 says:

    LOL He never fails to amuse me.
    Love ya Mario!!!

  2. GourcuffLover says:

    Looks Like Bart Simpson haircut! LOL

  3. Winnie Mata says:

    i'm sure it'll look better when it's not all "tousled" (i hope).

  4. JCJ says:

    What a shame … it looked so good when he first cut it and he slicked it back close to his head, but it certainly does look strange sticking up like he just got out of bed!!! At least it's an improvement from before, and it can't disguise the fact that he's a gorgeous man!

  5. @mezz98 says:

    *cries* The HUMANITY!

  6. Jules says:

    Eww. But yeah, go ahead. Bayern's sinking anyway, might as well look ridiculous while losing games.

  7. Del says:

    I'm afraid I must disagree with all of you.

    I find him incredibly sexy in these photos! And most of all it's the hair that does it for me! XD

  8. mochara says:

    A fan of Jedward possibly?

  9. At least he can dress himself?

  10. Kyrrdis says:

    Why, oh why did he have to cut his hair?! I liked it so much better before!
    And it's not only that weird for the catalog modeling, it's the same on the pitch!

    … but still better than the undercut Rene Adler got latley …

  11. Eleanor says:

    I can't be the only one who doesn't find him attractive.
    Maybe I would, if he did something about his hair…

  12. Surly Wench says:

    He’s still hot. While the hair is goofy, I could overlook that!

  13. I have hair that length and have been trying to do that style for a while. For a theater part. Not as part of catalog modeling.