June 17th, 2011

Married Men: Gigi Buffon, Rafael van der Vaart & Didier Drogba

You thought we forgot a few earlier in the week and the truth is – we did. Consider this post a ‘make good’ from us to you!

Alena Seredova made an honest man out of Gianluigi Buffon yesterday in the bride’s hometown of Prague.  The couple of six years had their bubbas Louis and David in attendance wearing wee adorable suits.

We’re not sure what kind of omen having to stare into the center of the sun for your paparazzi wedding photos is, but we sure do hope these two kids make it. We give Alena credit for not wearing a carnival of a wedding dress as so many WAGs are prone to do. Her simple white gown and full length veil is perfectly classy.

More holy matrimony this way!

One of our favorite footy couples tied their knot even tighter in the city of sin yesterday.

Rafael and Sylvie van der Vaart renewed their wedding vows in Las Vegas (also yesterday). No word on whether or not an Elvis impersonator performed the ceremony, as is proper in all Vegas weddings.

Image via @rafvdvaart.

We were a little put off by Sylvie’s W.T. wedding style attire, but were equally relieved to find that said attire did not include a baseball cap, a crop top, and a shed load of booze (also ‘proper’ for Vegas weddings).


Rounding out the trifecta of week day ‘baller weddings is Didier Drogba, who married his long-time love, Lalla Diakite in Monaco over the weekend. Didi invited 600 of his closest pals, with Chelsea team-mates Salomon Kalou and Florent Malouda acting as groomsmen. And since it seems that no wedding involving the football world can be completely normal, Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich reportedly officiated the nuptials. We know the man enjoys to have control over his club, but,er, that’s weird.

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18 Responses to “Married Men: Gigi Buffon, Rafael van der Vaart & Didier Drogba”

  1. @AgnesWonka says:

    but I thought this couples were already married! o.O

  2. YoungChelsea says:

    Drogba and Lalla are one of the best couples in football <3

  3. Eileen says:

    Wait, was Drogba already married to her and they were having a second wedding, or was this the first?

    • Lady Bella says:

      It was a vow renewal. Their first wedding was really small and he wanted to give her a bigger wedding that she deserved.

  4. CharlieGooner says:

    Was dissapointed to see Sylvie in a mini dress but then read further and saw they were in Vegas so I’m ok… Congrats to all the couples – All looked lovely as ever… (Hope 1day, I’ll look like that)…
    Aww, read in the article that Liam Ridgewell and Ashley Cole had to cancel their weddings- sorry guys but Liam, u told the guests via text message? Its quick and has less q’s but it somehow seems wrong… Anyway best of luck to them both!

  5. Winnie Mata says:

    i've always wondered about parents that name their children things like "Kiki" and "Lala"…
    anyways, congrats to the happy couples! Sylvie looks stunning as usual! :)

  6. xbabyshakesx says:

    Awwww Rafa and Sylvie are soo adorable!
    I love her dress and i love Rafa, they are such a cute couple!

  7. Maria says:

    YEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! More weddings!!! =D …. Wish all the happy couples the best!!!

    Sylvie LOVED!!! her dress I say it was perfect for Vegas renewal wedding!!!

    Can't wait to see wedding pics of Raul Albiol wedding!!! ( hopefully Sergio & Alvaro are there taking pics) … & was I they only one that thought he was married???

  8. Cymraeg_Ddraig says:

    Rafa and Sylvie VDV are so in love….if I didn't love them so much myself I'd hate them for being one of those "lovey dovey" couples. As it happens I can forgive them as they are both so damn hot.

  9. Carolé says:

    Raul Albiol is also getting married today, isn't he? ö

  10. mamaly says:

    This was the second time around Silvie and VDV got married. The first time round they push out the boat.

  11. Leaaa says:

    Roman "officiated the nuptials"?!
    This is why I love Chelsea; from the player cook offs to Billy the masseur's terrible jokes

  12. Marina_Isabella says:

    Buffon's wife was wearing a classy wedding dress *thumbs up* and she looked really nice wearing it! Sylvie is always bare-legged, always kind of looks the same… don't like the dress.

    Congrats to all of them! I hope they'll always honour the FAITHFULNESS vow.

  13. JA7 says:

    Congratz to everyone! Rafa & Sylvie!!!! – I lovee them, they are soo cute! Annnd yaay for Drogba and Lalla, such a sweet looking couple!

  14. Sarah, Madrid says:

    I really never cared for Buffon! I might be the only one, anyway Congrats for the lovely couples. VDV and Sylvie are so sweet for words, Love the gesture how sweet!

  15. blitzenTO says:

    I heard Kitier Katba was Didi's ringbearer, and Katou was a flowerkitty.