October 19th, 2011

Mats Hummels: Hot In A Hat

Image taken 3.10.2011.

Although it seems Kickette is quickly turning into 1. the haterade water cooler 2. a war zone, it’s just an illusion.

Contrary to conspiracy theorists, we’ve been known to¬†throw a compliment around from time to time. We’ve also been known to wear mismatching bras and panties six days out of seven. Unnerving stuff, we understand.

And even though the majority of what we say about men and style has little validity, the truth is we have a serious soft spot for ‘ballers who rock a head ornament. No, not the Petr Cech preventative type – although he does wear that helmet well. For us, our inner and outer cores melt like under-refridgerated JELL-O shots when confronted by a guy in a fitted hat. And the flatter the brim, the better.

So go on with your ball cap, Nutella-eating self, Mr Hummels. They both suit you and your mustachio bashio facial hair arrangement.

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9 Responses to “Mats Hummels: Hot In A Hat”

  1. angela says:

    he's sooooooo fine!!!!!!!DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!muy caliente…Mats please come to America;)

  2. die steel says:

    So beautiful posts,all I like,hope to be better then,and enjoy yourself,good luck in your life.Thanks for your ideas to something.

  3. Nicole says:

    He is soooooo fine!

  4. Asqa says:

    He's so cute!

  5. Wonderful. Second UCL match in a row YOU lost. Fantastic. Too much pressure or too busy organizing GQ shoots or picking hats?

  6. lone says:

    Wonderful !!!, Mats Hummels I love !!

  7. Goonerette says:

    Hat + Gorgeous German + Curly hair = Yes please :D

  8. Sarah, Madrid says:

    Germans and their hats! Looking hot!!

  9. Effie says: