November 11th, 2010

Matteo Ferrari: Aida Yespica Wants Him Back

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Here at Kickette, we’re of the ‘introducing a pair of scissors to the crotch of his Armani suits when he rejects us’ school of thought. Rather than the ‘claiming to be like Barack Obama’ mad cow method, say. Of course, we’d like to make it clear at this point that this is a hypothetical statement based on the fact that we are clearly too hot to get rejected. Just so you know.

Therefore it makes us sad to see an estranged WAG using the media to articulate her desire to return to her man in question. And there’s a bubba involved. Word reaches us that Matteo Ferrari’s (Besiktas) baby mama Aida Yespica has given an interview to Italian news site, in which she states:

My heart still beats for Matteo. My sentiments are once again concentrated on him. What woman wouldn’t dream of going to the altar with the man they love and the one they decided to begin a family with. Of course I’d like to [marry Matteo] but for the moment marriage doesn’t enter our conversation.”

To complicate matters further, Aida reportedly had a dalliance with another guy in the summer that ‘ended on great terms’.

Aida? You want our advice? Chill, luv. We feel your pain and understand your desire to reunite your family, but public pleading is so damaging for the dignity. We recommend simultaneously concentrating on the baby grape toes of your bubba and finding a hobby that doesn’t involve laying your heart on the line for all of us to read/google translate.

But then, perhaps we’re being harsh. After all, look at Matteo. Getting over a man like this would surely take hella therapy, a lobotomy or a date with Marco Borriello. Stay strong, Aida!

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19 Responses to “Matteo Ferrari: Aida Yespica Wants Him Back”

  1. She's Venezuelan, right? That should explain a lot of things.

  2. Says_Who says:

    My mama taught me to never beg a man to come back to you so I was disappointed to read that this woman has to go to a gossip magazine to beg for her baby daddy to come back. Whether through a gossip rag or in person, strong women with a head on their shoulders never begs a man to come back to them. Aida gets an F- for sending the Feminist movement back a thousand years.

  3. raulfunkie says:

    bitch has money problems.

    money problems say wut.

  4. wow says:

    Love truly cause some to do stupid things!

  5. BarceLisa says:

    I love the quote "we’re of the ‘introducing a pair of scissors to the crotch of his Armani suits when he rejects us’ school of thought." Personally, I prefer the 'Waiting To Exhale, throw all his clothes into a car and light it on fire' school of thought but yours works just fine for me Kickette! I hope for the bubba's sake all ends well… by that I mean him having Marco Borriello for a stepdad.

  6. mena says:

    I dunno, girls who go to the media to blab about a relationship like this just scream attention-whore to me. The point seems to be about creating a public pity party, not about mending a relationship.

    As embarrassing as it may be for the girl, I think it's best that her former fella sees it for what it is and pats himself on the back for making a clean escape.

    It's just unfortunate that there's a baby involved.

  7. Thea says:

    This is purely code for…
    'I've realsied that I can't afford to get this season's Loubs and replace my hair extensions…..please my EX take me back! You can't let me go out and get a job!!!'

  8. Lili says:

    publicly pouring her heart out sure wasn't the best idea.
    i feel bad for her and the little bubba, though.
    it also shows that she's probably really desperate about the whole situation..

  9. jellenp says:

    Um, I'm no relationship guru, but somehow even I know pleading through the news media is not the way to go. What happened to good old fashioned stalking??

  10. che says:

    hey Aida,we(beşiktaş) probably gonna send Matteo back to İtaly in the season break so maybe u can get a chance to come back together but i must say he was quite mischievous here ;)

  11. senora ramos says:

    poor girl. not the way to go, luv. just worry about yourself and that bubba and not the desperate plea for a man

    and of course you ladies are all WAY too hot to get rejected. as if that would ever happen :)
    sign me up for the date with marco. i think pretty much anything in life could be made better with a date with that hot piece

    • KatB says:

      I agree, she was one of my fave wags (idk I've a huge girl crush on her) but the plea is too desperate. Move on girl.

  12. Jackie says:

    i got lost when you mentioned a date with marco