October 18th, 2011

Kickette Interview: Hunter Gilstrap Talks Bachelorhood & Base Layers

UPDATE: Our tight knit footy community is 0 for 2 in these awards. But at least they and we tried!

The Cosmopolitan 2011 Bachelor of The Year Awards are after happy hour this evening and unfortunately, we’re sitting this one out. We and our livers feel shameful disgust so please don’t verbally lash out on us.

If you recall, last year D.C. United’s Chris Pontius tried (and failed. Soz Chris) to secure the Cosmo single-and-ready-to-mingle crown, but luckily for the footy community, we all have a universal shot at glory again with this tall glass of United Soccer League (USL) playing water.

Because everyone here is naturally hardwired to seek fame and fortune first and foremost whilst mating, we felt it imperative to speak with Hunter and learn more about his salary career in the USL as well as his dating do’s and do not’s.

Image Credit: Cosmopolitan.com.


But first, some background info on Mr Gilstrap:

  1. He plays for the Pittsburgh Riverhounds. You know how we are with geography so don’t even go there, Kickettes. HuntGil did grow up in South Carolina and went to Clemson for all you uni-going US peeps.
  2. He’s 28 y/o and likes tall girls (He, himself, stands at an erect 6 feet 3 inches).
  3. His e-mail, which he promised to use when responding to any and all female advances, is PABachelor11 [at] gmail [dot] com. May we suggest one of our loyal Kickette Soldierettes take one for our army’s unit by seducing Hunter with pictures of yourself in a sundress?
  4. Why he thinks he’s a catch: “I’m friendly, genuine and a lot of fun to be around.” Yes, but is he the fun, bottled beer type of gent or the vodka is necessary hydration kind?
  5. Last but certainly not least, he manscapes: “Yeah, I like to keep everything manicured and under control.”

And now onto the juicy stuff!



Q: How’s it been since you touched down for the Cosmo contest finale in NYC?

A: It’s been a whirlwind. I don’t really do much media outside of soccer so it was fun to be on the TODAY Show (Tuesday morning) and then go to Times Square for a segment with ET’s Hollywood Insider (Tuesday afternoon).

Q: Nice! Next up, an Armani billboard in the Big Apple. Shirtless of course.

A: [Ed Note: Nervous laughter. He was onto us.]

Q: Let’s slice and dice your solo status. What’s it like being a 28 year old single male? For ladies its like wearing a scarlett letter or suffering from a fatal case of the bubonic plague but as a guy, do you feel the same ‘when are you going to settle down?’ pressure as well?

A: I don’t really think so – I don’t want to say it’s gotten easier, but from experience, that whole meeting people and dating process has become simpler in terms of knowing what I’m looking for. My mom, of course, has mentioned the grandchildren word once or twice, though.

Q: The dreaded ‘g’ word. We clam up every time we hear it, don’t worry. So what is your ‘type’?

A: I like a ‘real’ kind of girl, one who is passionate about similar things that I’m into. And they must know what comes with the territory of my job, which can sometimes work in my favor when weeding out the girls who may be interested in me for all the wrong reasons.

Q: How does your USL schedule and commitments help or hinder your odds of giving your (most likely lovely) Mum a g-child?

A: I’ve dated girls while playing professionally – never had a really long relationship. I’ve just done the dating for a few months thing. My career doesn’t necessarily have an impact on my dating life but I’ve only met a handful of girls who were really supportive. While many say they like sports or even soccer specifically, when it came down to it, they weren’t telling me the whole truth.



Q: Our readers are most familiar with ‘traditional’ top flight footballers [Ed Note: Sorry! We didn't know how to put it!] What’s one advantage you think you have as a USL pro?

A: I have a lot of MLS player/friends who may or may not lead normal lives depending on circumstances. I think the advantage our league gives us is we pretty much have total normalcy in our day-to-day lives. And we also get to play active roles in our local communities. Most of us do coaching on the side because of the lower salaries and such, but that’s what I like to do personally because I’ve built many great relationships with kids and families in the Pittsburgh area.

Q: Do you work up enough sweat to take off your shirt post-match(es)?

A: Yeah, I guess I would say I take my shirt off after the games to exchange with other guys. But I wear a wife beater underneath my…

Q: OOOH YOU LIKE BASE LAYERS?! The cardinal crime against our livelihood?

A: [Laughs and backtracks] No it’s just a wife beater and I tend to take that off too. But yes, I wear one every game under my jersey.

Q: You must have stock in Fruit of The Loom to go through that many white tanks, right? Because surely it’s not the same shirt every week. Please say it’s not the same shirt every week.

A: Ehhh….it gets washed every week whether I do it or I throw it in with the team’s laundry. Just so you know, I’m a very clean goalie. I wash my gloves after each time I wear them. Nothing on me is going to smell bad, I promise.

Q: Goalkeepers like Joe Hart and Victor Valdes tend to be pretty popular among the writers and readers of Kickette. What do you think it is about your net-protecting breed?

A: Maybe it’s because we stand still the longest, so the ladies really get a thorough look at us? I guess goalies have reputations for being crazy and reckless, but my position doesn’t really factor into my off-field personality.

Q: So, what do you think your odds are for taking the $10,000 prize tonight? And will you promise not to forget the little people like us when divvying up your earnings?

A: I dunno, I’ve been picked out of the group a couple of times for interviews and photos but I’m not getting my hopes up. I guess I’d say I hope I’m on the short list. I solicited myself pretty hard on social media, not particularly proud of that but I’ve always felt that when an opportunity presents itself, one can’t afford to hold back.



Q: Our thoughts exactly! So will you show us your abs?

A: Ask me again at the end of the party. [Ed Note: We asked 3 times pre-party and are still waiting...]

Q: In your Cosmo bio, you said you preferred tall girls. Explain.

A: I guess what I meant was I’m typically attracted to girls are who long and lean. Not a model build but I like tall and athletic. I wouldn’t say I don’t like girls who aren’t tall, but more that if I’m out somewhere and I spot two girls in the crowd, I’d be more likely to go for a girl that is more my height.

Q: You said earlier that you like athletic girls. Do you consider shopping a sport?

A: To be honest, in my past experiences, I’ve had a hard time seeing girls that were overly girlie because they couldn’t relate to me or my lifestyle. It may sound picky, but my ideal girlfriend needs to have some sort of background or interest in sports. Obviously interest is soccer is even better, but when girls could care less about any number of sports, I’ve found those dating situations to be very short lived.

Q: And finally, what’s the deal with you digging on girls in sundresses? Is it a Southern gentleman schtick?

A: I technically can’t tell you what a sundress is. I just like a simple dress. I think it’s hot when a girl can be physically active or athletic or just plain into sports but also dress feminine. Guys want a girl who can hang out and be relaxed but is still going to put in a little effort just for her man.


Thanks to Cosmo and Hunter for being great sports in speaking with us! The final verdict of the contest will be announced sometime between our 2nd and 5th Apple Martinis, so keep it locked on Twitter (Hunter’s handle or our own).

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    He said exactly what we need it to read. Just perfect! He knows what he wants and he sounds very down to earth, I like it! <3 Plus he is pretty hot! SO I WILL SAY, YES PLEASE!

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    Man, unlike Chris Pontius, this guy knows just what to say to get me to say "HELL YES!"