November 16th, 2010

Mesut Ozil: Bambis & Break Ups

He does ‘deer in the headlights’ remarkably well, no? Images via ONTD_Football

So Mesut Ozil won a Bambi Award. We were laboring under the misapprehension that a Bambi was an appearance based honour awarded to those who look most like the Disney deer, a notion not dispelled by the above photo. However, for those who care, Mesut received his Bambi for ‘successful integration into German society’.

Ok, good.

Meanwhile, Ozil’s attendance at the Bambi’s without his longtime partner Anna Maria Lagerblom prompted speculation that the two had split up, a rumour apparently confirmed by Ozil himself in German newspaper Berliner Morgenpost.

Quotes from Lagerblom herself in Bild, another German newspaper, also appear to confirm the split. In quotes from the paper, Lagerblom claims that the distance between the two since Ozil’s move to Real Madrid proved too much but there is no acrimony.

Mixed feelings here, Kickettes. They were a cute couple and any breakup gives us the sadz. But apart from certain deviations down a dark path, Mesut is a confirmed Kickette cutie and we’re not going to complain if it turns out he is back on the market. You?

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58 Responses to “Mesut Ozil: Bambis & Break Ups”

  1. unknown says:

    well love is hard to find he was lucky some one liked him he was very happy with her she made him and its all he wanted was to have love be happy .i,d be lucky to find love which every hard these next to impossible plenty of guys but no love but nothing stable .i like him him a lot i would mind dating ozil he nice guy.he sweet he not bad looking at all but i would never be that lucky to have have mesut ozil as boyfriend never lucky . once he not lead asrtray by others .yes she was way too advance for him in every possible way she did not look the best she does out of place with him but she found a guy who she belongs with where she more relaxed new guy far nice looking with him then ozil she not perfect for him becaseu she was not for him , love is so impossible to find theses it came way in her she like him and her liked her but she left him and never came which pretty much fucked up thing to do nice guy love is easy to her for her but as easy for every one eles it tricky to find so many complexities need a lot of luck .it does look like she used for time being passing the way the time while better came along .

  2. Cassie says:

    I really do wish he would cut his hair, it looked so much better short :(
    Maybe the poor guy doesn't know the word for barbers in spanish?
    Well done on the award though :)

  3. fieryheart says:

    I would just like to say…Good riddance, Ozil !
    And congratulations on that Bambi award :)

  4. beauty. says:

    First, I don't like Germans and I think they win, because they only have lucky, not skills. Just think, how 'real' Germans is in their national team. There's few Polish, Brazilian or some different soccers..

  5. Duha says:

    The news of his break up was one of the happiest EVER! She’s way too old for him.

  6. ozillian baby says:

    This news makes my day! Though them being split up will never give me any real chance to date him anyway. But thank god he finally open his eyes. That gold digger doesn’t deserve any of him, for crying out loud! May good things happen to him.

  7. Bee says:

    I lost you at the cute couple part. But I'm mighty happy that he's single!! =DDDD

  8. PP_Longstocking says:

    Not so fast!!! I just saw an interview with him on Spanish TV where they asked him about her and her son. He seemed very uncomfortable talking about them but he did say that sometimes he picks up his girlfriend's kid from school which was a block away. He also said that he doesn't do it most of the time because he's working and that the other kids make a big deal when they see him.
    Bingo. Here it is, girls:

    • ninyac says:

      ^But isn't that quite a long time ago – 2 weeks/3weeks ago. I read that somewhere in an interview he gave in El Larguero.

  9. cisarovna says:

    Not surprised the move to Madrid made things difficult, but I do feel a little sad for her son. Hope it isn't hard on him.

    As for the award, think the idea was to make an example of a successful person whose ethnicity was not German, but who has embraced German culture/society. His ethnicity is Turkish, he speaks Turkish, he talks about loving Turkish food and is Muslim, but is a German citizen, who grew up in Germany, speaks German, and played for the German NT. When he got his award he said something about how integration is to become part of a whole without loosing your own identity, and how Germany is better for it. I think someone mentioned Merkel's previous comments something to the effect that "multikulti" is dead. From what I understand (and someone correct me if I am wrong) she was expressing the need for ethnic minorities to integrate into German society. Not so different from when people say "if you live in America you need to speak English". Not saying I agree (or disagree), just explaining what I understand is going on with the award.

  10. PP Longstocking says:

    I know, she looks much older doesn't she?

  11. Lisa says:

    He seems nice but doesn't really do it for me.

  12. gin_in_teacups says:


  13. oh~zeel99 says:

    i was so happy when i herd they broke up she is too old and looks like she had too much plastic surgery but yay OZIL!

  14. aps says:

    Wasn’t he born and raised in Germany? So what kind of integration are they talking about?
    Also, they were not a cute couple kickette. Glad that’s over.

  15. kaya says:

    Good gawd what think tank came up with that award? I'm really hoping this is one of those lost in translation moments because it's vaguely reminiscent of another era in German history…

  16. @orionstorm says:

    Mesut is single! :D Did hear about this a few days ago, but so happy to see it here at Kickette! (big pictures = bonus)
    Still not sure why the award, but he looked amazing there. And in the video before he gets up and accepts the award. Lovely. <3

    Sorry, I turn into a fangirl when it comes to the Awesome Mr. Özil. :D

    • PP_Longstocking says:

      Not so fast!!! I just saw an interview with him where they asked him about her and her son. He seemed very uncomfortable talking about her but he did say that he sometimes went to pick the kid up from school which was a block away. He also said that he doesn't do it most of the time because he's working and that the other kids make a big deal when they see him. I'm going to look for the link on youtube. This is recent!

  17. senora ramos says:

    ok, strange award. but congrats mesut…i guess. was not sad to hear about thier breakup, but i hope he's ok! he seems so sweet and innocent. must be the doe eyes.

  18. beauty. says:

    he's awful… I don't like him…

  19. @mezz98 says:

    The poor baby must be heartbroken (though he's hiding it well in his photo). I am, of course, available to comfort him.

  20. Niina says:

    'Scuse me but why is there a picture of Mesut with Janice Dickinson? ;)

  21. Emme says:

    Our little Bambi…..he is so adorable. I don't have anything against Anna Maria, but this is probably a good thing they broke up. Uprooting her son to Madrid (she moved there right?) was probably not the best choice. I hope he meets someone nice. He seems so gentle and delicate. Whoever it is, she will be a really lucky girl.

  22. BarceLisa says:

    As long as he stays away from Cristiano (and vice versa) I'm okay with him being single. These Bambi Awards sound really weird. Its like a mix between the Golden Globes/Nobel Prize/ESPYs… and Shakira performed at it? Can you imagine if they did this in America or the UK? how much unintentional comedy there would be.

  23. Lollipopcorn says:

    Oh no… I'm glad he's free and his hot body is back on the market! I mean, come on: She was 28, with a kid, married/connected to two other Werder Bremen players before she pounced on him (while she was still married). She was totally bringing him down (I mean, I love Ozil with all my heart, but that magazine shoot… Oi….).

    • LosAngeleno says:

      Totally agree! He reminds me of Xavi (though much younger)– you want the best for both of them.

  24. Zhenya says:

    He and the rest of the German NT.:) That team makes you forget shocking,sad statements like that.

  25. Sara says:

    A cute couple?
    Seeing her with Ozil makes me cringe…
    Ozil deserves so much better! :D

    Lookin' good Ozil!

    Not sure what the award means, but the award looks pretty cool.

    • acsarajevo says:

      Yes he does :) ))He is so much better looking then her!! I was praying that one day this would happen, and it has!! My prayers have been heard!! Yaaayyy

  26. Lotte (Zlatanista) says:

    Yes, it's for the best. He asked to be rested this game. He takes on a lot of responsibility in Milan.

  27. Lotte (Zlatanista) says:

    What am I saying, it's tomorrow of course.

  28. loveu2much says:

    heres what i think they make a good couple cuz theyre both not the most attractive ppl in the world (mesuts cute but it doesnt get any better than that) i think it would have been nice if they worked things out and anyway its hard to tell which woman is after your money or not

  29. "Successful integration into German society" sounds vaguely ominous.

    • jellenp says:

      SO TOTALLY AGREE that I have to note it in all caps, in addition to clicking your thumbs up button.

    • Missy Manchester says:

      That was the first thing I thought as well. Esp. in light of Angela Merkel's comments about immigration being a complete failure. I'm not liking the way the world is turning.

    • Lotte (Zlatanista) says:

      Yeah, a very strange award indeed. I don't like the sound of it.

    • Emme says:

      I'm rather confused about this award as well, because I thought Mesut was born in Germany and I thought his parents were too.

      • LosAngeleno says:

        Yes, this is very confusing to me. Isn't he German, regardless of his background?

      • valon says:

        yes he was born in germany but he is turkish origin
        he speaks turkish, is listening to turkish music , he loves turkish food (his favorite restaurant in madrid is a turkish- oriental one …he once said in an interview that he always goes there….), he enjoys his vacation in turkey and his friends also said that he is more turkish than german…
        mourinho also emphasized his turkish way of playing football espaccially his technique and his passion which seems to be very turkish for mourinho

    • sarrible says:

      It sounds really patronizing, considering Ozil was born and raised in Germany.

    • Kristina says:

      Seconding (thirding?) the agreement. It might be less offensive if the reasoning is more along the lines of encouraging integration within Germany, rather than a judgment of his own integrational skills, and even then, it sounds hella condescending.

  30. Lotte (Zlatanista) says:

    I know absolutely nothing about her, and the fact that she is older than him doesen't bother me at all. All I know is that there is one sweet, young guy on the loose again. You can almost sense all the girls out there breathing faster! He sure is pretty, and has such an endearing smile. He looks so innocent! I almost worry about him. :) I wonder how long he will stay single?

  31. chocoholic says:

    They were definitely NOT a cute couple!!!
    She was too old for him, and COME ON. She is one sister of Sarah Connor – that should say everything.
    Everything for the fame and the money… *ugh*

  32. blake2108 says:

    That's the best pic I've seen of him. Love his hair there.

    Just ditch the suit, then he'd look terrific

  33. Witch says:

    A cute couple? Oh pur-leeeeze Kickette, I know you can be sued for farting in the wrong direction these days but she looks like a gold digging German Jordan, acts like one too, 28 year old muslim convert my arse!

    • Frau Ozil says:

      I love you!!! That post sums it up perfectly

    • Rin says:

      Well said. As soon as her husband moved down in the football world she divorced him and latched onto the next available German football star. She's a total gold-digger and fame whore. I KNEW they'd break up!! She's too old for him anyway:)

    • Bullaregia says:

      Agreed. Was she not married to a Werder Bremen player before and has a 7 year old son!? Goodness. Mesut was probably too young and naive and got caught in her web. Good riddance. Hope he will be careful as there are lots of predatory WAG wannabe out there waiting to pounce on an innocent young kid like him.

  34. Zhenya says:

    She was too old and came with baggage anyway! He's young and successful – live it up for awhile!!!
    Yikes, that statement almost sounds kind of scary!

  35. Leya_S says:

    He looks fabulous btw!
    Also, what, exactly does "successful integration into German society" mean?!?!

    • Thea says:

      You are considered to be a 'well-behaved immigrant' essentially!
      off the point but just come back from Abu Dhabi and think Germany will have a lot to celebrate sport wise this year!