December 9th, 2011

Mesut Özil: GQMF Bambi

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via ciacha.

Clown shoes-gate. That’s what happened last time Mesut got his model on. So when news of behind-the-scenes footage of a GQ Germany shoot broke this morning, we picked up our hipflasks lattes and morning croissants and headed to our safe viewing spot. That dark sinister space on the other side of the sofa.

Luckily, some of team-mate Cristiano’s modelling experience seems to have rubbed off on the doe-eyed one, and while he remains fully clothed at all times (boo!) he still looks super hot in these scenes. No frightening footwear, no migraines and no threats of nuclear attack necessary.

We’re so relieved we might have to skive off work this afternoon to celebrate.

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25 Responses to “Mesut Özil: GQMF Bambi”

  1. nknown says:

    now hold on second mesut ozil is no angel and no alter boy stop making him he some shy innocent little boy because he not he like like all other lads on his team .he shy timate guy every one is making out to be no way .there is shit lots of photos of him with different girls even photo of girl with her hand on knee and there photo of him vegas KISSING BLONDE IN DARK NIGHTCLUB WITH SHOT DRINK ON HIS HAND .no she not kissing him he kissing her our shy shy quiet footballer who like holiday in Ibiza !he kissing in public in woman who still married to her husband who is twice married with kid .lad come on .stop looking at him through tinted he no baby with sucker in his mouth and baby grow .shy guys don't kiss in public they don't make 1st move .he not baby

  2. GermaninLondon says:

    Kickette you are doing everyone a disservice by only reporting on photoshoots of Ozil fully clothed! If the ONLY thing you do in 2012 is commission a photo shoot of Ozil completely naked lying atop a BMW you can redeem yourselves!

    • GermaninLondon says:

      And WHERE!!! is that photo of Ozil coming off the pitch after the Germany vs France game (29/02/12) when he was shirtless (nothing new in that) and was PUSHING HIS SHORTS DOWN as he exited the pitch!!!

  3. [...] Kickette memposting video ini tanggal 9 Desember kemarin, dua hari sebelum clasico. Hmmm… mungkin ini juga yang bikin performa Ozil jadi gak maksimal di Berbaneu. Mesut udah ditarik keluar Mourinho pada pertengahan babak kedua dan digantikan Kaka, yang tak banyak membantu Madrid dan akhirnya kalah 1-3 dari Barca. Toh, Kaka masih sempat berbuat iseng seperti ini pada Xavi. [...]

  4. Futball says:

    He is such a sexy beast and seems like such a nice guy <3

  5. sıla says:

    ohhh! Mesut.. no, no, I Dont like this guy…

  6. someone who likes films and books says:

    Can I marry this guy? Pleaaaase….

    He is just adorable!

  7. DebS says:

    Love Mes!

  8. chay says:

    Aw bambi! Look at that smile at 01:10! So sweet :-)

  9. Nienke says:

    Why does photoshop make him uglier? That is not the purpose.

  10. Stefania says:

    Some people think he's werid looking, but personally I think he is absolutely ADORADLE! And to top it off, he has such a cute smile :)

  11. sarrible says:

    Is it me, or does he look like Adrien Brody's adorable little brother?

  12. lone- Brazil says:

    He improved after he went to Real Madrid, was ugly it hurts at Werder Bremen, now it's getting a cat! Today is one of the nicest among football players in Europe! Mesut Ozil Viva!

  13. Lone says:

    He improved after he went to Real Madrid, was ugly it hurts at Werder Bremen, now it’s getting a cat!Today is one of the nicest among football players in Europe! Mesut Ozil Viva!

  14. loly says:

    Am I the only one who didn't understand a word of what he said…?

    • lone- Brazil says:

      No !!

    • Sarah, Madrid says:

      He is speanking german, he said something about Bernabeu atomsphere and his temamtes :P

      • DebS says:

        lol The only thing I caught was when he was mentioning his teammates names. :p

        • blöööööööbliiiiii says:

          i have understand everything but i am just tooo lazy to translate it :D

          but he said nothing really interesting…always the same things…that he is proud to be able to play for such a big team…. that his teammates are very helpful and so on

          his german is not very good and neither is his turkish :D but he is soo adorable

          • Name says:

            What do you mean? He's speaking perfect German, without any mistakes and no accent or anything (not the most eloquent wording or anything, he is a footballer after all…)

            (I'm sorry. I know it's been ages since you and everybody else commented. I only just saw this…)

  15. Stefania says:

    People think he’s weird looking, but I personally think he is absolutely ADORABLE, and hs has the cutest smile :)

  16. Kristina says:

    He is so adorable when he smiles! And I think he looks much better in real life than in photos. I wish I could wish him good luck tomorrow, but there goes my limit as a barcelista :) .

    • lone- Brazil says:

      Yes Kristina ! He is much better live than in pictures! and rooting for him tomorrow, I'm from a small Madrid!

    • Sarah, Madrid says:

      I know, right? He looks much better than his pictures!. Ozil has such a bambi adorable face that you simply can't hate, no?

    • DebS says:

      I agree about the smile. Watching him when Madrid celebrates goals is just a "awww" moment.