September 3rd, 2010

Mesut Ozil & Sami Khedira: Lost In Spain

Mesut Ozil releases his beast. Images: Getty Images via Daylife

When we saw this image of Mesut Ozil in training with new club Real Madrid a couple of weeks ago, we have to confess that once the initial squeaking had died down in the Kickette office, we were slightly bewildered.

As connoisseurs of footballing bodies, we are rarely exposed to tubby little torsos; something like this being rather more our in comfort zone.

So, in the interests of science, we gave Mesut’s tum-tum a good old study and can report back that we at Kickette actually find this really cute. Seriously. Whether it’s the change of scene or simply a puppy-fat related cuteness allowance we don’t know. But we like it.

We gave the matter no further thought (ahem) until we learned that during an interview about Real’s 0-0 draw against Mallorca at the weekend, coach Jose Mourinho had initmated that Ozil and fellow German international and Madrid newbie Sami Khedira were struggling to settle into the routine at their new club. Mourinho said:

…social life with the group is still zero for them. Khedira lives with Özil and Özil lives with Khedira. Their entry into the group is not easy yet, even though the group is young, friendly and easy to deal with.

Suddenly our heads are filled with visions of Mesut and Sami, lost in a new country and with only each other for company. Their inability to operate a vegetable steamer between them, coupled with an athlete’s inherant loneliness leads to an over reliance on take-away food and too many visits to the refridgerator. Result? Mesut gets his tubby on.

Oh bless. We’re packing health food and booking flights as we speak.

NOTE: Alternatively, Ozil might just be exhaling in this photo and all of the above is merely the deranged fantasising of a bunch of delusional women. But whothehellcares, eh? We’re happy.

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108 Responses to “Mesut Ozil & Sami Khedira: Lost In Spain”

  1. i think mesut ozil is became the best midfielder of the world he had the best skilss ever!

  2. Manuel Neuer says:

    I have read that Mesut does not fast on match days at least – this has been widely reported – but Sami is half German (his mom is German) and I wonder if he is Muslim at all. He admits to not knowing Arabic as all his friends are German.

    • MissLadya says:

      Khedira has referred to himself as a "non-practicing Muslim". Perhaps it's more a cultural/familial connection than a religious one; as in he identifies as a Muslim mainly because of his paternal lineage, but doesn't actually practice Islam himself.

  3. Jastin says:

    mesut ozil is the best midfielder of the hole world

  4. Mathieu says:

    I think the man featured in the article looks handsome. I like soccer players because they are popular. Many of them have fans around the globe. I think when you are a good footballer credit and praises come along naturally. Most footballers even have fan clubs. I think playing soccer can be a good profession. Barcelona apartments are wonderful.

  5. Armani says:

    Ozil and Hedira both ugly. Compare them to Europeans guys :)

  6. amber says:

    mesut ozil we love you <3

  7. Arabic-turkish says:

    I am lebanese(Arabic)Turkish,,, and i love all the players especially the muslims like: Ozill<3,Benzema<3,Sami khedira<3,Samir nasri<3… i know count my self as an Arabic-Lebanese, but from a descent from turkey,i go 2 schl in lebanon,i study Arabic too,,i cheer Germany in the mondial cz i always go 2 there its a very nice country,and all my family,cousins,aunts,uncles in their, GO turkish mesut,,,,!!!,, go arabic sami,, plz dont forget your countries ur language, ur traditions, i am happy that you arent forgeting your religions,, i am proud of all the muslim players in Europe! i lve you mesutt….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sami !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……..many more<3<3<3, proud i am Muslim..

  8. suki says:

    mesut ozil has thee dreamiest eyes ever <3

  9. RoM Reads says:

    [...] Kickette shows Ozil’s ‘tubby’ belly. SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "RoM Reads", url: "; }); Author: Scott the Red   Filed Under Manchester United News   [...]

  10. Gillian says:

    Ah, my Baby Mesut. So pretty.

  11. Mrs. Krikic says:

    I think they are both fasting.My Algerian/Turkish/Spanish/Italian/French/Berber dad is muslim and he said that he fasted when he played soccer when he was younger. Can't wait until Eid to totally stuff my face. My dad loves Sami ans Mesut because we r part turkish (our last name is) and he's from Algeria. Right next to Tunis (tunisia in arabic) and of course he loves hia algerian hoo-yah benzema.'

  12. chaos says:

    All these reports about Mourinho’s remarks about Sami and Mesut’s lack of Spanish/English and alienation have been hyped up by the tabloid media like Bild. The two just joined RM not even a month ago so how are they expected to speak Spanish already. I am also sure they both speak English, maybe not up to linguist Mourinho’s high standards, but don’t German players all have to finish their Abitur or equivalent? During WC, Mueller and Jansen gave interviews in English and they spoke it well.

    I have read that Mesut does not fast on match days at least – this has been widely reported – but Sami is half German (his mom is German) and I wonder if he is Muslim at all. He admits to not knowing Arabic as all his friends are German.

    Both are very quiet, cerebral type (Mesut likes to play chess) so it is good that they have each other for support during this transition period. Are they friends before RM? No doubt they have known each other since youth football in Germany. Here is wishing them the best and all the success in Spain.

    • Christina says:

      yeah, the issue of not speaking spanish is definitely hyped in the media.

      But I think, that at least Mesut Özil really can't speak English very well. He also doesn't have the Abitur

      There is a reason, that he was the only one of the German NT, who didn't went to any press conference. His shyness can't be the only reason.

      It even hurts my poor German ears, if he gives an Interview in German. So it's very likely, that he doesn't even speak English very well. And only Khedira replied to Mourinho's statement…

      • Rusty (Mrs Clemens Fritz) says:

        Ha, it took me a while to realize that the reason Oezil never attends press conferences because he’s not that great at speaking German. I do, however, hope he at least knows more English than I know Turkish, because if he knows less English than the Turkish I can read off dinner menus, I’m going to spend the next week laughing.

  13. Rusty (Mrs Clemens Fritz) says:

    So, I completely missed the Belgium-Germany game yesterday and find it near impossible to watch an entire ESPN3 offer at once, so I’ve come here for a break.

    a) When I read the Mourinho article, in many places, I wasn’t surprised to hear that OMG Mesut and Sami are taking longer than TWO WEEKS to learn Spanish. I find Spanish incredibly easy, but German hard. I imagine that trying to learn Spanish when all you’ve spoken your entire life is German is probably fairly impossible. Also, I’ve heard that Mesut barely speaks German because he keeps confusing it with Turkish, so Spanish would be really hard.

    b) I read Sami’s interview in German as well, and he sounded very complimentary towards everyone. He also said that he’s learning Spanish.

    c) I’ve read in many places that Mesut doesn’t fast during Ramadan because he finds it too hard to do so on game day. Maybe he DOES fast on days when he’s not practicing for eight hours. But I’m not a Muslim, I’m just an atheist Jew who doesn’t fast on Yom Kippur or give up leavened bread for Passover. (I have read nothing on Sami.)

    d) In what I’ve seen so far of the Belgium-Germany game, Mesut’s stomach’s flat again. That picture is two weeks old and he’s a professional athlete. Plus, he might be fasting.

    e) I just hope that Mesut plays better for RM than he did for Werder. He better, because I still cannot in good conscience cheer for a team that employs Cristiano Ronaldo, but Mesut is my favorite footballer.

    f) Again, the stomach pudge means more to love. But if Kickette needs someone to head over to Madrid with health food, I volunteer to go as their representative, as I am a Germany fan who speaks Spanish :)

  14. LoveFabrique says:

    I just find myself attracted to Ozil… ever since the WC. First I was attracted to his talent and skill then after I was like he's cute :)

    • Sam says:

      Agree! He has got some serious skills… and even before he joined my team, that was hot… now uber-hot!! :-)

  15. D0li says:

    Atleast they have each other… If I remeber correctly Khedira was at Real alone for a while, wonder how he managed. It's cute that they are always together, I wonder if it's because they are actual friends or because of their language problems.

  16. tsidi says:

    Cute! Cute! Cute!

  17. Maria says:

    imagine if only one of them had been transfered? had it only been Mesut, he’d be so lost! at least Sami can commuincate with Xabi, but Mesut would have had no one! that’s just sad to imagine, so at least they have each other. By the way, i loooove his tummy…..

    • D0li says:

      OMG I just wrote that! Xabi speaks German? i'm supprised that they transfered and weren't able to communicate. I would think when you are trying to determine whether or not to transfer I would think langauge woiuld have an influence.

  18. xoWinnie says:

    “tubby little torso” lmao!

    so cute! :)

  19. Zinny says:

    Aw I always thought little Mesut was just adorable. I’m sure he’ll learn Spanish and bond with the guys soon. That pooch…seems like he’s exhaling. I’ve seen him regularly and his stomach is not like that. By the way, this commercial cracks me up:

  20. JV says:

    I read about this a few days ago on the Spoiler. I feel bad that they are just kind of left to talk to each other, but have they never heard of Rosetta Stone? There is a reason people (at least in the US) won't shut up about it!

  21. geez says:

    My first reaction when I saw mesut's picture, *that's not Mesut! I remember seeing him and his tummy* lol. I am not a stalker and I am not pretty sure if I really saw them. lol.

    It's normal to be an outcast with people you're not yet comfortable with. I mean they're Germans, incapable of speaking the Spanish language at these moments so it's a little bit off to be with everyone when you know they keep talking in the language you don't know. Given more time and hopefully they'll get along with everyone.

    Besides the best thing we should be more hopeful about is their status in Real Madrid's game. I love how they played from their last match against Mallorca but I am waiting for more of that. Way to go Sami and Oezil! :)

  22. Selena says:

    Don’t really know/stalk either of them, but this is heartbreakingly cute: Oezil’s tum tum and the fact that they found a real friend – even if the world turned on them, they’d be still together…

    *wistful sign*

  23. Ash says:

    That time of the month Oezil? :P

  24. Maria K says:

    i don’t think that Mesut Ozil fasts because i read on a german article that he finds it too hard to fast so he doesn’t Fast !!! sami khedira said Xabi alonso speaks perfect English & he is helping him =)

    • Karimzgirl says:

      Mesut Ozil does fast. He just doesn’t fast when he’s playing a big match, because he starts to feel faint and exhausted, he also gets severe migraines. The same goes for Franck Ribery. He only fasts on his days off from playing football. But players like Nicolas Anelka and Karim Benzema fast. I don’t think they take any days off from fasting, even when they are training and playing a big match.

  25. Leá says:

    I think the pooch is adorable! It’s little boy cute, and I hate to think that the two of them are lonely in Madrid… Maybe after Ramadan they will have more of an opportunity to bond with their teammates.

  26. lillah says:

    Both Özil and Khedira will understand and speak Spanish within a few's always very hard in the first 2-3 months but it will be better.

    I know what it's like living in a foreign country without my family and not understanding a single word (and I was only 16!)

    So hold on guys!!

  27. Zhenya says:

    I bet his abs are just going through a transistional period after the break. How can any baller keep a pooch there with all the running they do?!

    • neenyah says:

      Believe me, as much as I think his pooch is adorbs, normally his tummy’s flat. I bet he’s just waiting for Ramadan to end so he can have the energy and time to do 5,826,378,452 crunches per day. LOL

  28. Kiki says:

    I like Mesut's body :D

  29. cliu says:

    Oezil may have a bit of chub, and he may or may not be fasting, but is the young man getting enough sleep? Has he ever gotten enough sleep? The rings under his eyes make me worry about his eight hours. Of course, I'm old enough to be his mother, so of course I would be concerned. Can Kickette help him with some under eye cream recs?

    • Rusty (Mrs Clemens Fritz) says:

      If you look at pictures of him over the years, it’s apparent that he never gets enough sleep.

  30. neenyah says:

    I’m such an Ozil supporter that I have to defend him. (Yes, Mesut, even if you broke my heart coz you left Werder and had to go to that team!)

    Both him and Sami are Muslims and are currently observing Ramadan. It is a whole month of fasting and intense prayer. Thus, I completely understand if they are not yet connecting with the group yet because:
    - They may be crabby and/or low in energy due to the lack of delish foods in their tummies. Also whatever energy they have, they save it and direct it towards their training and games. Getting-to-know-you activities would have to be pushed back.
    - They spend most of their free time praying. Social activities could be distractions to their “purification”.

    So there. Hopefully the rest of the RM players and Mourinho understand them. And eventually, when Ramadan ends on Sept. 10, they will be there with open arms, sangria and a dancing Paul the Octopus.

    • Emme says:

      Please correct me if I am wrong because someone probably gave me errant information. I thought some exceptions could be made for Ramadan. Don't athletes have to eat? I am probably wrong and I don't want to offend anyone. What is the big celebration after Ramadan called? I hope Sami & Mesut have a good one! it must be sad for them to be so far from family during this important holiday.

      • Lisa says:

        Eidh is the holiday and it couldn't come soon enough for me. I wouldn't be surprised if these two are feeling conflicted about Ramadan. I remember reading something last season about Jose not being happy about Sulley Muntari fasting during Ramadan. If Sami and Ozil are somehow observing it, I really admire them.

        • D0li says:

          I think Mahamadou Diarra is also muslim and he fasted during Real Madrid seasons. He said in an interview that the team is supportive of his religious obligations.. then again he doesn’t start that often.

      • neenyah says:

        I read somewhere that RM has prepared them a special diet for the Ramadan period since they are athletes by profession. Still, I bet it’s nothing awesome and filling. As for the end, (and I had to Google this coz I always forget the spelling jajaja) it’s called Eid ul-Fitr. How do we pronounce it? I don’t know. :P

        • cherryboomboom says:

          I dont know about Khedira , but Ozil is fasting for SURE ! I mean I read he was soo religious !!

          • neenyah says:

            The article I read said the special diet is for both of them. So Sami must be fasting too!

            Mesut is like a Muslim Kaka. I’m actually thinking he’s still a virgin and will wait until marriage… And that is why Anna Maria (UGH BLECH!!!) can’t wait to walk down that wedding aisle (for the second uuuuggghhh time).

            • Emme says:

              Thanks girls for the clarification! Poor Mesut…I don't think Ana Maria is a good match for him! He is so adorable & deserves better. Maybe he could meet a nice Spanish Muslim girl who could teach him Spanish too :)

            • Lisa says:

              lol poor guy! you wait all those years and finally the woman you lose your virginity to is… Anna Maria.

            • ASM says:

              lol i feel sorry for him too..i personally dont want them to be together but i've read that lady converted to islam to be with there's no way to tear them apart..i mean if oezil really a good muslim,he may not leave his muallaf bride-to-be..ouh,i feel not right..just pray the best for him anyway..

            • Zlatanista says:

              Like a muslim Kaka? And that Anna Maria is his gf? Then it´s like Jesus Navas then. Sooo religious and soo not thinking about sex, but still has a girlfriend. I tell you i feel for these girls! It must be like being surrounded by chocolate bars with your hands tied behind your back and duct tape across your mouth. :)

              I like his tubby anyway, it´s a bit charming.

            • Rusty (Mrs Clemens Fritz) says:

              From what I’ve heard about Anna Maria, I seriously doubt that he’s still a virgin. Putting that out there.

              But given that I don’t actually know either of them and am just a Werder fan…

              • Lisa says:

                lol nope your instincts are correct Mrs Fritz. I don’t buy thing whole good religious boy image that Ozil is projecting. Everything about HIM is ok but his marriage tells me something is not quite right.

                First of all there is not a chance in hell a Muslim mother would approve of someone like Anna Maria (you’ve seen the movie Kebab Connection right?) and no real Muslim man disobeys what his mother tells him.

                Older than him, divorced twice and already has a kid of her own. Western countries may be more accepting but in our culture its basically a no-no for prospective daughters-in-law.

                • ASM says:

                  idk but in my part of the world,that kind of marriage seems quite acceptable..(for record i’m from asian muslims’ country)and it mostly involving famous people like artistes,actors,athletes etc..some mummy would approve the ‘anna maria-type’ here(which is quite questionable),but it does happen..but in case if the mothers dissent,the son would elope..(its rare,but still likely takes place here esp among bigger cities’ population)weird,huh?i personally dont approve this situation,but yeah nobody cant stop what “modern-minded” wants..ugh..:(

                  • Lisa says:

                    yeah my country is not the best to compare other Muslims around the world to. Maldives (along with one of the Emirates) is the only 100 per cent Muslim country in the world. Its strange, we are so modern yet religion is everywhere. I suppose Mesut's parents would be more open-minded, Turkey being the ultimate example to the West of a secular Muslim society.

                  • cherryboomboom says:

                    ASM where are you from ?

                    And btw I think Ozil is going out with Anna Maria because he is desperate ..
                    I mean look at her …
                    And seriously , after this 010 world cup , he shouldn’t be ! I mean tons of beautiful girls will definitely LOVE being with him !

                    • ASM says:

                      malaysia..about 60% of the population here are muslims..what’ bout ya,cherry?
                      btw,why do you think he’s desperate?i thought he’s blind LOL..(no intention to be mean)

                    • cherryboomboom says:

                      I’m half Tunisian , half french :)
                      I though he was desperate cause in Germany , he wasn’t a very big hit before the world cup !

                      Saya bicara sedikit bahasa kamu :P

                    • ASM says:

                      awww,bien sucré..oh no,my french sucks..i passed my french and arabic paper 2 years ago and since then,i never use them LOL.. :P
                      btw,you’re right..i dont even know wth is oezil till world cup..

                • Rusty (Mrs Clemens F says:

                  I totally believe that he doesn't drink, because I hate the taste of alcohol ergo I know it's possible for an adult not to drink, but I don't believe he's saving himself for marriage.

                  And I'm pretty sure that Anna Maria isn't officially divorced yet, so…

    • Lisa says:

      I think its more of a personality thing. Madrid has a sizeable Muslim population, it shouldn't be too hard to find a mosque or an Islamic Center. Someone at the club should help them out, like hire a city guide or a translator. I'm sure all they need to do is ask…

  31. ASM says:

    what i've read before,during an interview with germany's press,sami said he’s improving and taking Spanish classes three times a week..xabi is helping sami with the language as he speaks English,diarra and cris offer him their hand as for oezil,he can communicate in English and is taking Spanish classes four times a week..(what he said during an interview)..they also said lovely things about their teammates and madrid..i think they'll integrate very soon.. ;)

  32. littlegirl says:

    even thought i like the pretty torsos that kickette posts everyday, in Italy we used to say:”sotto la panza c’è la sostanza”
    translation:”under the tummy the is the essence”…

  33. Leya says:

    This warms my heart a little bit, the thought of the two of them sticking together in a new place. They’ll settle in, I don’t doubt it.

    And Mesut’s pooch is adorable, although I wouldn’t necessarily say he’s one of my faves. I agree with the “puppy-fat-related cuteness allowance” comment. It makes him more…attainable.

    …although I think if The Ramos rolled up with a pooch, I might be slightly scandalized for a second…

  34. reggaeballgirl says:

    I don’t think the statements were meant in a negative way. Mou was just saying that the guys need time to get over the language barrier so they can feel more comfortable and fully adapt. I think it’s natural that they are sticking to each other. How weird would it be to be hanging out with the guys when you don’t understand a word of what is being said and they don’t understand you either? Too much stress. It will get better.

  35. anja says:

    well, as a swiss I don’t actually have to defend german footballers ;) but I somehow pity khedira and özil and have to say:

    in germany this story is allready a few days old and at the moment it is said, that its not quite sure whether mourinho really told anyone something like this or if this statement about the two not really integrating into the new team just arose from the fantasy of a german journalist

    plus: khedira told another german journalist that he feels really very welcome in the new team and that all the very famous ballers are just so nice to him and mesut. sounds pretty different, right?

  36. Emme says:

    I really hope it's not the case that the German boys feel alienated, but the language barrier must be a killer. If this report is true – I really hope some of the RM boys extend a hand. It breaks my heart to think of Mesut and Sami alone in their apartment trying to figure out how to operate a vegetable steamer! Hopefully Xabi takes them shopping – I am a little afraid of what would happen if the Ramos or Crissy gave them fashion pointers.

    • D0li says:

      LOL yes! It is a shame.. reminds me of when I'm in spanish class :( maybe they should get some kind of language teacher for them to help them with english? I'm sure Ozil and Khedira wouldn't be the only ones benefitting from that as we all know how much Sergio struggles with english.

    • Steph says:

      Oh, I know. It’s a little sad. :( I hope they do, too! So that’s probably why Ozil looks a little lost in those training pics. But, OMG. LOL. I agree! Xabi should, cause yeah. I don’t even want to think about what Cristiano or Sergio would put them in. :P

      • Emme says:

        The Kermit green jeans for Sami & the silver hot pants for Mesut. Do people remember that pic – when Crissy was wearing those silver hot pants? I think he was injured when he was wearing them.

        • Steph says:

          OMG. Him in green? :P And LOL. Those silver shorts. EWW. Of course I remember those! Wasn't that when he came to LA on vacation like, forever ago? haha. He wore them with that pink shirt. Hideous.

          • Emme says:

            I think it would be comical if Sami became a mini-Sergio and Mesut became a mini-Crissy (fashion-wise, not personality wise. Mesut is a good boy). Now that I have given up hope that any of my RM boys can actually dress themselves, I am pretty much resigned to the fact that I must put up with their ridiculous fashions. Now that Guti is gone, Sergio and Crissy must show them the way!

            • Steph says:

              LOL. I hope not, but that would be hilarious to see. :D haha, oh, come on! There’s still classy Xabi! :D He can SO dress himself. Don’t let that pink polo fool you. :P I liked it, though. It was a casual look and LA is pretty laid back, so it worked. Yeah, now that Guti’s gone, it’s up to them to do it! haha.

              • Emme says:

                Steph- I have not forgiven Xabi for that pink polo and the wayfarers yet. Don't get me wrong – I think the man is sexy as h#ll, but that shirt looked awful on him and I know he can do better! To get back in my good graces, he is going to have to start dressing Marco-hot! :) btw – although I don't have the budget for Manolos, etcs right now, I live in the midwest and I would like to think I can dress myself at least pretty well :)

        • D0li says:

          Yes I remember them! it’s a shame because people outside of Europe would assume that all Europeans dress that poorly… good thing I’ve been to Europe and seen differently.

          • Steph says:

            Honestly, I've never thought that. From what I've seen, I've always thought Europeans dress WAY better than Americans here, really. You should see some of the fashion disasters here in the US. :/ There are those of us that do have a fashion sense, of course, but you don't see a whole lot in some places. lol.

            • D0li says:

              If your looking at the over all effect I guess your right, but it does depend on what part of the US you are in.. in the midwest rural areas people don't know how to dress! And Trust me i've gone to school there!

              I love New York city though it's so high fashion it's intimidating as I want to look like one of the best, and not a tourist.

              I haven't been to California but i've heard that they have a high fashion sense as well.

              • Steph says:

                Yeah, exactly. It definitely depends on what part of the US you're in. haha, I'm sure they don't over there! :P Not a lot going on in the Midwest fashion-wise, so that I get. Here in Miami, you get the ones that do dress well and the ones that don't. lol. I agree about NYC and California. I really want to go, too. :)

        • JamilaRamos says:

          I remember exactly where and what time I saw that picture; I was on a bus in Olympia, West London just about to get off in Kensington High street. It was 6:23 and I was just heading home after a stressfull spot of shopping on a very hot Summer’s day.

          I saw a London evening newspaper, I picked it up…AND DAMN, after a couple of page turns, HE WAS THERE…That picture was Zoomed and quite horrifying indeed (and I was IN LOVE with Ronaldo at that time…well since 2006…But Sergio had arrived at the scene after Euro 2008)

          My only resort was to blow my Dad’s credit card…on ‘buckets’ of Ben Jerry’s cookie Dough Ice cream!

  37. cherryboomboom says:

    Sami khedira is no way in hell ordering take aways .

    He is tunisian . No tunisian man does that , He HAS to know how to cook , and I'm sure he knows . But tunisian food is really fat so yeah , that might be the cause for Ozil's tummy :)

    • Lisa says:

      do you know Sami Khedira is single? He is waaaaay to good-looking to be single. I wouldn’t worry about him not being able to cook. Most Muslim men are useless in the kitchen (especially in this part of the world). You tunisian girls must be doing something right.

      • cherryboomboom says:

        I wouldn't say Muslims , i would say all the Arab men are useless in the kitchen ,, but not in Tunisia , in Tunisia if they don't know how to cook .. its like bad … like its embarrassing or something

        • Lisa says:

          north african guys are hot… in every sense of the word.

        • Zlatanista says:

          Men AND food… bliss

        • Emme says:

          My boyfriend is Lebanese and he was pretty useless in the kitchen before we started dating. Now he is pretty good in the kitchen, but his father only started figuring out how to use a toaster five years ago. My boyfriend always says that Arabic men are used to be waited on, but then again, American men are used to being waited on too. So I really cannot say much then.

          • cherryboomboom says:

            North Africans are the best woman , and its too bad your boyfriend cant cook because Lebanese food is pretty damn good !!

          • JamilaRamos says:

            Can I just point out that I LOVE LEBANESE food, in fact one of favourite restuarants is called Beirut Express in Edgeware Road, West London which is the heart of the Arab community in London; and also the best place to hang out on Eid and smoke shisha with charming and very generous Arab men, or in my case, Arab boys!

            My friend is Algerian, and her Dad cooks, he’s a wonderful cook; so I am guessing that Karim Benzema AND Sami are both good in the Kitchen because their ‘mother’ Countries are neighbours!

            • Emme says:

              I know Lebanese food is super, super good! It wouldn't matter if he knew how to cook or not – he decided to become vegetarian, so all of the traditional (and my fav) dishes are out! Thanks for the tip of the best place in London. If I am ever in London, I will know where to go!

            • Raheema'Hearts' Piqué says:

              I love lebanese food and that is my fave restuarant ! I just think Sami Khedira is adorable , with his cute chubby cheeks ! Do you think they are fasting , Jam ? it’s me btw : ) And Mesut’s little tumtum is funny , i thought all footballers had some packs .

      • Rusty (Mrs Clemens Fritz) says:

        Sami Khedira broke up with his girlfriend right before the World Cup, so I assume that he’s still single unless he met someone during his Spanish lessons ;)

    • Rusty (Mrs Clemens Fritz) says:

      Turkish food is delicious too, maybe Mesut went to visit? I’m pretty sure it’s not from his post-World Cup vacation to northeastern Spain, as I went to Barcelona around the same time last year, ate tons of food and lost weight, and I don’t have the metabolism of a professional athlete.

      (Crap, I want Turkish food THIS INSTANT and it’s 8 am. Lovely.)

      I don’t mind his stomach at all; more to love ;)

      • cherryboomboom says:

        Aww now I'm hungry ! And I'm fasting :S

        Ah 4 more hours to go …

        At least I'm not an athlete :)

        • Rusty (Mrs Clemens Fritz) says:

          I haven’t eaten a single thing since Thursday night at 7 pm my time (I’m not sure what time it is for you) and now it’s almost 10 am Saturday. I’m not fasting, though.

  38. Lynz says:

    I think his pooch is adorable :] And I'm sure that soon enough they'll feel more at home there.

  39. Dahlia says:

    still love him, his footballing skills surpass the protruding tummy :)

  40. HiL says:

    Oh please Kickette, not everybody needs their torsos to be like a Ken doll..:P

    And i hope for them that they fit in quickly. Mesut deserves the best.

  41. gin_in_teacups says:

    Gotta say, Ozil is hardly fat. Obviously he's not ripped, but that's not the same. Some people's bodies are never going to get that Greek God look, no matter what they do. Don't know if Ozil's body will change with different training at RM, but it rubs me the wrong way, saying he has that tummy because he's depressed and eating too much. I know it's in jest and meant with love, but I suppose it reminds me of when people call Kate Winslet or Christina Hendricks fat. If these people are fat then dear God, the rest of us must be morbidly obese – it's a wonder we can even fit out our front doors.

    Whew, that was a bit too serious wasn't it? I'd like to get back on track by imagining Sergio teaching Sami about badass headband wearing, and the whole teams goes shopping together for increasingly ridiculous outfits while Xabi watches from a corner shaking his head.

    • i just laughed out loud at the last part of your comment…i could totally imagine c. ronaldo taking the team shopping for ridiculously tight outfits haha

    • Emme says:

      I guess I am not the only one who thinks Sami and Sergio would be a great bromance pair. I like to think of Sergio taking Sami to all of his fav manbag boutiques and the headband embroidery place, so Sami can get his personalized headbands

      • gin_in_teacups says:

        livelovelaugh – And now I can not stop picturing an orange-tanned Mesut walking around in a silver shirt.

        Emme – I think it's because whenever I see Sami I just think, "oh, dear, Sergio could teach you so much about the world of hair care."

    • xoWinnie says:

      on a completely off-topic note: Christina Hendricks is so HOT!

      i would kill for a figure like that!