June 28th, 2011

Mexico U22 Squad: Pleasured, Then Robbed

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Image Credit: MedioTempo.com.

What began as a reported robbery over the weekend involving the Mexico U22 team has quickly escalated into a salacious sex scandal for the Mexican Football Federation, y’all. Or, another way of looking at it: a juicy way to begin this Tuesday!

Following the team’s friendly in Quito, a few players took stock of some precious baubles that unexpectedly vanished from their rooms. In a state of panic, they and the team raised the issue with the hotel, which promptly put their entire staff in question. The hotel finally got a break in their investigation after they (finally) checked the security cameras. Knowing what we already know about this story, we imagine reactions to the tapes included snickering, sneering and a few face palms. Good times.

El Tri sub 22 caught with prostitutes stolen goodsLittle did the hotel and its personnel know, however, that they were essentially being sent on a wild goose chase. Turns out, a member of the coaching staff had allegedly organised an extracurricular gathering with a few ‘ladies of the night’ one day prior and….we don’t need to spell it out for you do we?

Well, these ladies made the most of their visit to the players’ rooms and somehow walked out with loads of free hooch (mobiles, laptops, iPads, money, credit cards and even IDs).  According to sources, the players who were ‘hookerised’ included Jonathan dos Santos, Liborio Sánchez, Luis Ernesto Michel, Marco Fabián, Jorge Enríquez, Rafael Márquez Lugo, Oribe Peralta and Néstor Vidrio.

Learn from this lesson, Kickettes, and always make use of your hotel’s in-room safe. Especially in the presence of hookers.

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19 Responses to “Mexico U22 Squad: Pleasured, Then Robbed”

  1. Mimi says:

    Haha they deserved it!

    First, the Mexican national team had a party with Yamillet (gay) and other ladies in Monterrey. Like always, my love, Giovani Dos Santos organized the party. Why? Because that night they played in Monterrey, Giovani's hometown.

    Second, now the boys from the young Mexican national team hired prostitutes and they were robbed. And one of the guys that (possibly) had fun was Jonathan Dos Santos.

    Third, what's wrong with the Dos Santos brothers!? Haha They are young and inmature. Oh, well!

  2. bertaboo says:

    ooo que la chin… again?!?

  3. Agnes Wonka says:

    ah what can I say? Boys will always be boys.

  4. Mariana says:

    Hey Kickette, you’ve got wrong the names of the players involved in the scandal. The 8 players who were suspended are: Javier Cortes, David Cabrera, Nestor Vidrio, Nestor Calderon, Marco Fabian, Israel Jimenez, Jonathan Dos Santos and Jorge Hernandez.

    I think it is really stupid what they did. They are really young players who had a great opportunity of playing an international tournament, and they blew it away…

    BTW, Nestor Vidrio is married and has a little child… Some of the other guys have (or had) girlfriends… Bad guys!

  5. Gabs says:

    All I can think is AGAIN? I mean seriously??? So what? Every time they get together at the NT they say yeiii party time? And what are the coaches and staff there for anyways? This, must. stop.

  6. Wow says:

    Apperently they didn't pay or bank those girls good enough! They will never learn good for them!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Rosa says:

    You support robbery? :/

  8. SenoritaHernandez says:

    Jona! You get back to MY room right now young man :D

    • Gladys says:

      If only they knew that if that had called the Kickette's Quito branch they wouldn't have had to pay for it. Really poor travel planning.

  9. Whatever happened to the days of high priced call girls and mistresses who knew how to be discreet? These guys will go for anything with lips and legs now a days. I would like to add that these girls go for anything with lips and legs ( and a wallet) too.

  10. Ells says:

    Jon' Dos San'!
    14 is far too young to be sleeping with prozzies! Back to bed, ALONE.

  11. blitzenTO says:

    Didn't Rafa just get married? Please tell me he just happened to be there and wasn't involved with one of the hookers.

    And Jonathan? I'm ashamed of you. :(

  12. DrStrangelove says:

    More fool the member of the coaching team. If I'd been them, I would have supplied the 'entertainment' in-house…. Rrrrr!

  13. danielle says:

    what is it with the mexican nt and hookers? it seems to be an ongoing issue with these guys. hopefully a tranny wasn't involved THIS time