September 8th, 2010

Midweek Results: Good For You?

Things had got so bad in the French NT dressing room, Florent Malouda was prepared to sacrifice almost anything for the all important win. Image: Getty Images, Reuters via Daylife

All this international friendly/European qualifier shenanigans is playing merry hell with our sanity, Kickettes. To be quite honest we haven’t got a clue who’s playing who, for what reason and when this will all go away and we can return to our happy little world of short tents, toned torsos and the occasional league match, which we can peacefully enjoy with a large margarita and a bucket of nachos.

It’s all a little too much like work, y’know.

Soldiering on though, and first in our international round-up we find world champions Spain, who received a solid thumping during their international friendly against Argentina last night. Whether the 4-1 defeat was down to tiredness, coach Vicente del Bosque’s tweaking of the side or indeed Pepe Reina’s slip that allowed Carlos Tevez to nip in and score, we don’t know.

We’ve spent most of the morning dealing with the not mutually exclusive (but perhaps they should be) issues of dribbling over Xabi’s kids, arguing over his footwear decisions and wondering whether his sex-face resembles that to your left.

SIDE NOTE: It’s not often we can say we want to be Lionel Messi… first time for everything, apparently.

Meanwhile, in the second lot of Euro 2012 qualifiers this week, high score drubbings were the order of the day. Admittedly, Germany, Italy and Sweden were playing the minnows of the international scene but there’s no arguing with the five goal margins achieved by Germany and Italy, and Sweden’s 6-0 defeat of San Marino will be very handy if goal difference comes into play.

In Switzerland, Wayne Rooney managed to put the tabloid speculation regarding his personal life to one side and score the opener in England’s convincing 3-1 victory. Big Kickette kisses go to Darren Bent, who scored his first ever goal for England two minutes from time and Theo Walcott who was stretchered off with an ankle injury after Rooney’s goal.

Finally, some long awaited good news for some people who really could use it. France fans? Your team won last night. They beat Bosnia 2-0 with goals from Karim Benzema and Florent Malouda.

But then you probably know this. In fact, in all liklihood you are still waiting for collection from whichever ditch you ended up in after things got out of hand. Wherever you are, whatever you can’t remember from the evening’s festivities – congratulations!

Kickettes? Good for you?

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128 Responses to “Midweek Results: Good For You?”

  1. alf says:

    uh. well i want to be xabi alonso.
    OR messi.
    can't deny it.

  2. chicagambeta says:

    Best come-back tactic ever by a defeated Argentina: Invite world champions to their previous colonial land and supply them with a lethal combination of endless asado, malbec and girls. I mean, what young red-blooded male doesn't fall for that? Urge to colonise is already in their genes.

  3. Zahara (Spain NT, Ba says:

    were the results good for me??…the spain-argentina match was pure agony!4-0..FOUR NIL?!


    well, i guess this defeat will improve them more..i love their humility, they dont think that theyre unbeatable coz they are world champions, they are not invincible and they are of the reasons i love this team


    • Zahara (Spain NT, Ba says:

      and also, pepe mi amor, no te preocupo (dont worry), zahara is here to make you feel all better, its kay youre only human, humans slip sometimes

      also, i love you pepe

  4. IrishBlue says:

    Results good for me! Yea! The Boys in Green top of the group with 6 points out of 6! The real tests are going to be Russia and Slovakia, but we have the fighting spirit built into us, we can go all the way to Euro 2012! Woot Woot!!

  5. Louisa says:

    Best come-back tactic ever by a defeated Argentina: Invite world champions to their previous colonial land and supply them with a lethal combination of endless asado, malbec and girls. I mean, what young red-blooded male doesn’t fall for that? Urge to colonise is already in their genes.

  6. gooner04 says:

    The Spain-Argentina match was a TORTURE :-( really, I couldn't make it to the second half

    But I believe this defeat will get them to be much stronger and more prepared playing the big guns (they haven't played against Brazil, have they?). Hope this is similiar to what happened at WC where they lost their opening game but winning the tournament anyway :-)

    Just wondering though, could it be their constant Twitting had something to do with the defeat? :p

  7. Lisa says:

    happy Eid to all my fellow Kickettes. May peace be upon you.

  8. neenyah says:

    First off, I hate injuries! And what happened to Mertesacker is just depressing! I hope he recovers well. :(

    Second, I'm sooooo glad that the new coach of Argentina took Messi off the playmaker role. Now to the haters who say he's not proud to wear Argentina's shirt can zip it. Even though Spain lost, the match was exciting and Argentina brought the house down! Liked the game coz it gave Spain a chance to rotate players and it was a deserved win for Albiceleste! Happy no serious injuries happened too. (Though I still feel that the schedules of these international friendlies are whacked.)

    • Lisa says:

      I agree. I hate it how UEFA (specifically the G-14, now European Club Association) has taken the football world hostage over the last decade. Now FIFA has to pander to these tyrants by these ridiculous international schedules. Throws everything out of whack. Great job a**h***s, you have ruined international football forever. I miss the good-old days when FIFA did what they liked and scheduled friendlies and tournaments whenever they damn well felt like it.

      • ardennenwoelfchen says:

        the reason is simple: it’s a money issue. With all these extra games, cups and mini tournaments much more money can be earned. It isn’t to the disadvantage of the clubs either or the fans rather to the players’ health. If FIFA didn’t react to the European schedule they would be less influential as well and earning less money too. And who can afford that?

        • Lisa says:

          that’s right. In a perfect world, The Olympic Football Tournament and the World Club Championship (Toyota Cup) would be as important as the World Cup. Ok maybe not AS important but revered just as much. As it stands, they are seen as nuisance tournaments that European clubs would prefer never existed. I see the Copa America and African Cup of Nations going down the same road. Copa America used to be every two years but now I don’t even know when its on anymore. There used to be a time when representing your country was the highest honour a footballer can have. UEFA and FIFA are doing their best to ruin that honour.

  9. ardennenwoelfchen says:

    another goal fest by the German team. Glad for Argentina, because they were really whipped by my beloved Mannschaft at the WC :-)

    As for the Spanish team, ohwell, it was a friendly. Sometimes you have to let others win as well, otherwise they won't play with you any longer

  10. VeNia says:

    what can I say??as long as Leo scores against Spain i don't have a problem with losing!!!but i would like another goal from Spain..

  11. Paula says:

    I guess Spain forgot to pay for the match (just like they did in the WC) :D Argentina play very well and Gonzalo Higuain is sooo hot!

    • LoveFootballLoveFoot says:

      That comment isn't cool on so many levels. But you have your opinion and we have ours.

      • Rossanera says:

        Thank you for saying something. As for you, Paula, here’s a vocabulary lesson for you. Grab a dictionary and look up the meaning of “bitter”, “jealous” and “classless”.

        • brixentelizarazu says:

          I don't have to look it up. That's a no brainer. I'll find a description of the Spanish fan hoard in 2012 and 2014 once the reds with the snoozy soccer style is finally dethrowned and there will finally be played soccer again. Can't wait.

    • meowow says:

      Paula, haven't you learned your lesson yet? You don't say your opinion on kickette and criticize the Spanish team. That's a no go. You don't criticize in general, but especially not the darlings with the red shirts. You will make the die hard loyal (of course they are only loyal because they are champions) teeny parade very furious … this is the official site to worship all things Spanish. As a proof, now watch for how long my comment will stay on kickette. I give it 1 hour maximum :-(

      • Lisa says:

        that is just sad. You can criticize the Spain NT (or any team for that matter) on here if you want, its not a dictatorship.

        • Rossanera says:

          There's a difference between criticism and implying a team fixed a match. Every time I hear comments like this it makes my blood boil because it just undermines how talented this Spanish side is and how hard they've worked to achieve their recent successes.

          • Lisa says:

            That's true. But if you know in your heart that Spain deserved to win and if you know how much they have had to suffer over the years to achieve this success (again, I highly recommend that book by Phil Ball) then shouldn't pay attention to comments like that, don't let ignorance get to you.

            • LoveFootballLoveFootballPlayers says:

              Letting a comment bother you whether you read it or hear it doesn’t make one ignorant but rather passionate. Do I deny there are many “fans” who only like Spain after they won the WC, well no. It happens all the time with all teams around the world not just popular ones and not just football. I’ve said it many times the style of play is not what attracted me to them at first, but rather when I saw Villa and Xavi play. Most of all Xavi, every other word (name) was Xavi and there is senor Ramos who is very intense when playing which I love in a player.

              But I do find it disrespectful to say that a team bought a championship. If it were true why bring big names to the plate then? More than the whole team I’m a true fan on some of their individual players and sorry I wasn’t introduce to many of them until the world cup since I do have other favorites I’ve “known” from watching them on tv over the years. Being a new fan doesn’t make you any less of a fan either. Is staying with the team/player through the rough times that makes one a true fan, in my opinion of course.
              Good day and please no one is saying not to write bad/negative comments we welcome them all but some do get to us, sometimes because they are funny as hell and other well…. you know.

      • Zlatanista says:

        Don´t be scared luve, no one will kick you out because you don´t favor the spanish team. But i wish that you would stop offending me. I´m a fan of the Spanish team because of the way they play and handle themselves on the pitch. And they deserve attention, being Champions for the first time in history. Be careful of that jealous tone. It´s not very pleasant. I never complain about all the Yoann posts (or Cesc). All the feisty ladies on this site just makes me happy, even if i don´t agree with them always.

        • Gabi says:

          I agree. I mean, of course you can like or not Spain, but implying we bought the WC that is just mean. And it doesn't even make sense. If we had, we would have done it earlier, considering is our first WC :-) This said, Argentina has played much better in this match and totally deserved to win. There is a reason why Xavi, Iker, Puyol, Ramos and even Torres are always in the field, and we didn't have the passion the Argentinians had. Although they did have much more to proof.

      • neenyah says:

        Now I will reply to you, meowow. I’m actually okay with people criticizing the performance of the Spanish team, or any team for that matter coz there are many styles of football. Either you like this style or not. And the boys’ defense was bad during the game and the Argentinians were just on fiiiire!

        But to actually even entertain the idea that a team bought their way to the top… That’s just plain disrespectful to the players. That’s my problem with Paula’s comment.. It was below the line. I bet you’d feel the same way when someone says that about your team of choice.

      • anon says:

        this page is not dedicated to only SPanish NT it's dedicated to ALL. Dumbass.

  12. Rusty (Mrs Clemens F says:

    Ever since Holger Badstuber scored for Germany, I have had Justin Bieber's "Baby" stuck in my head.

    That's not a good thing.

  13. Abby says:

    Friendly or not, it was a struggle to watch Spain go down 4-1! I was watching it at the local taqueria and one of the waiters asked if I was ok, then I realized I was grimacing with each goal for Argentina! :) Not to mention the severe lack of Sergio Ramos…not even a glimpse of the abs! Whoever said it was right…a match without Sergio is like cake without chocolate!

  14. Inés says:

    Argentina and England played they way they should have done it in the WC!

    Messi and Rooney are doing now, what they should have done in the WC: score goals!

  15. Zinny says:

    Props to Argentina. I’m a Spain supporter for life but Messi and Pepita are two of my favorite players. It’s okay that they lost; I still love them and always will. Viva la roja.

  16. ASM says:

    not really,it was really painful to see our lovely spaniards become ‘lauk’..i did cry too..i’m thankful its just a friendly though..hopefully this would serve as yet another one of wake up calls for our la roja boys and motivate them to win more in the future..i’m glad that nobody got injured as well..i feel so bad for pepe but i have no resentment towards him whatsoever..well,at least nobody got injured.. :(

    • LoveFootballLoveFoot says:

      I feel the same. I saw only clips of the game but I did see the spanish men were dissapointed and that only means they will try harder on their next match regardless who they play, from now on I kind of feel sorry for the next team/country because it will truly be "la furia roja". I am glad though that even though it was Argentina that beat them for the first time in a looooong time that teams will always try their hardest against Spain because that will give us a great match. Puyi get better already!!! and seriously, not to put any spanish man down but Xavi is their rock. If anyone checks out the pics of the game there is one great one of Messi vs Iniesta which I found a work of art. Great friends at Barca but so into their games when neccesary, friendship aside. Love those Barca boys.

      Spain, a lost is a lost but regardless now you know to never let your guard down and no matter who can win against you you're still the champs of the world and best yet for us, it means great future matches, a great euro 2012, and hopefully a GREAT WC 2014… god i love football. Congrats Messi the only one I tolerate from Argentina, lol… I'm still bitter yes.

    • Lisa says:

      Playing against Argentina in the Monumental is a difficult game for anyone. Even Brazil rarely win there (the game they won this year was in Rosario, not to mention Maradona was coach). We can’t always expect Spain to perform miracles.

      • LoveFootballLoveFootballPlayers says:

        True… one thing that always gets to me and I’m not at all an Argentina fan is that Messi has said more than one time that he wished his country would show him the love and respect he gets from Barca fans. I mean the poor guy wanted to be loved by his country. Maradona had said that if people couldn’t continue saying that Messi didn’t love the shirt a.k.a Argentina after how he tried his best in the WC, but in honesty Messi seems to be proud of his country even though he has been with Barca for practically half his life. Today I read Messi’s dad said finally my son got an ovation from Argentinian fans. So I’m glad for Messi and his dad. As for Spain well, yes one can’t expect them to perform miracles. And most of Spain team (Barca boys) still love their Messi like always.

  17. bri says:

    Portugal is killing me. All I have felt like doing since yesterday is sitting in a corner with a large bottle of vino and a container of double chocolate chocolate chip ice cream…anyone else in the same boat?

    • ScarletHarlot says:

      Me! What is up with the Portuguese boys? If I hadn't recently sworn off the vinho verde I'd be deep in my cups.

  18. JulieFromParis says:

    I was soooo waiting for the Midweek results page!!!!! Im more than happy. I might sound oversensitive but it was really hard watching our NT going down game after game so I was as moved as if it was a WC winning final :)
    And that goal by Karim, it was brilliant. He was so happy to score, seeing that huge beam on his face lifted my heart

    Allez les bleus, let it be the first of many successful games to come!!!

    • lulu says:

      (I forgot how to say “congrats” in French, so here it is in Italian, English, and Spanish!!!!!)
      I was happy to see Italy win, (and Venezuela too!!!), and then I saw that France had won 2-0, and instantly thought of ya, probably spilling wine all over the white area carpet lol
      It was a very good Tuesday!!!!!!!
      Let’s toast for many many Tuesdays more, and that Italy and France don’t ever have to play each other!

      • Rossanera says:

        It's "felicitations" in French.

      • JulieFromParis says:

        HAHAHA Lulu my friend!! U bet I have: We cracked the Veuve Arnaud bottle open (champagne.. Well sort of…). What a night, we had all of our FFF equipment out (French Football Fan) : make-up, flags, horns, and drunk singing of La Marseillaise. Now my old posh neighbours REALLY hate me :)

        I virtually hug and congrat u too :) CHEERS !

  19. Steph says:

    Seeing the Argentina vs. Spain match yesterday was a little sad, but Argentina did really well. But yeah, I wonder if that was cause of them being tired from the Liechtenstein match recently or what. And OMG, I felt so bad for Pepe yesterday! :( That slip up. Oh, man.

    • JulieFromParis says:

      Oh dear god, yeah… Pepe… I felt so bad, i hate to see players i like in a bad day… And goalie+ bad day = “Let’s say we’re officially in trouble now!!”

      • gin_in_teacups says:

        Oh man, the internet was a Pepe mess after that match. I wanted to bake him cookies and cuddle him.

        Congrats on France! I'm glad they won :-) Especially with a Benzema goal!

        • JulieFromParis says:

          Karim seemed different, i don't know how to explain… At times he can be so sluggish but yesterday he had this fighting spirit… I guess Mou's no stranger to it, meaning it's good news for Los Blancos chica :)

    • k5 says:

      awww… i was so sad for pepe as well. almost in tears after the 3rd argentine goal:(

      valdes was great, though. and cute.

  20. Dee says:

    Yes, the Faroe Islands [needed Wikipedia to explain the existence of said country - geography was never my strong suit in history classes]are a minnow, but a handy win is still a win. I’m still excited, joyous, ecstatic etc. I’m especially thrilled because my #1 scored. *does another happy dance*

    • Lisa says:

      lol did you just say geography was never a strong suit in history class? I wish I went to your school, those two were my favorite subjects. No worries, most people can’t pick out island countries on a map. I should know, I’ve been doing it for years. Anyway, Forza Azzurri! watch out for those Serbs.

      • Dee says:

        I was good in history I just never could remember geography which probably explains my crappy sense of direction.

        • Lisa says:

          ooh I saw a glimpse of Roberto Baggio in the stands. Ponytail is looking gooooood with salt and pepper! I hope Italy play some more of their youngsters in the next three years. Now is the time to do so, right after a disastrous WC.

          • Dee says:

            I totally agree with you. I think Lippi knew he was out and just didn’t give a damn who he picked.

            • Lisa says:

              he was my first football crush. Its good to see has aged well. I have always wondered what Italians think of Baggio, is he a Bill Buckner-like taboo subject or have y’all forgiven him? I don’t care that he missed THAT penalty, he will always be the champion of my heart.

              • Dee says:

                I personally never thought of him as Bill Buckner but I'm not sure how other people would answer.

                • Lisa says:

                  I loved the way Italian football treated him after ’94. You never read stories about him being abused or ridiculed.

                  • Dee says:

                    That is good. Not like Columbia in 94.

                    • Dee says:

                      LFLFP, I totally agree with you. I was horrified myself back in 1994 and couldn't believe that it actually happened.

                    • LoveFootballLoveFootballPlayers says:

                      Oh Dee, just read your post and I get a knot in my throat whenever I hear Columbia because of what happened then. It was so horrifying to me that something like that could happen. Yesterday during the game Columbia Mexico I was praying no one would make such a mistake. I was worried about the rival country. Columbia has good football but they also take it too seriously as many others do and don’t let go of their anger properly.

                • lulu says:

                  Baggio's miss is my first-ever World Cup memory, but I only think of him fondly because I learned later that he was a brilliant player

                  I think this is pretty much what's just happened to Reina, you know? First, he is a freaking awesome goalie and now he botches it all up in one game.. Hopefully he'll bounce back!

                  But the truth is, I don't live in Italy, I don't know how people there think about Baggio.

                  In any case, if he's involved in Federcalcio, it means they kinda like him, at least!

              • LoveFootballLoveFootballPlayers says:

                OMG I love him so much. He does look good. Saw fan interviews and people said the sweetest things about him after 94 WC some even were crying for him saying he was their hero. Love him to pieces. And that Shakira song just reminded me over and over again that sad moment. Poor baby Baggio the look on his face. Weird how in my mind I remember him exactly.

                • Dee says:

                  My dad has always talked about Italy's history with PK decisions, which to me made 2006 all the sweeter.

          • Rossanera says:

            OMG! I missed that! Can someone find me a pic? I get emotional just thinking about him. (My eyes seriously just welled up. But it's been a really rough day). That man is legend.

            I flipped when I saw him in the Shakira vid. It breaks my heart every time I see that footage. It's crazy how many people still have such vivid memories about that moment. I remember reading interviews with members of La Roja who listed it as their earliest WC memories.

            God, I love football. The good, the bad, I love it all.

            (Minus incidents like the Colombia one – that's just horrifying.)

  21. Colleen says:

    argentina was amazing! nobody can doubt lionel messi

  22. aristeia says:

    Okay, I just noticed that Rooney (yeah Wayne!) is crushing Lichtsteiner in that pic. Even more schädenfreude for me at his expense after he was sent off yesterday. Daje Roma!

  23. aristeia says:

    Joy of all joys to see the Azzurrini play with confidence and creativity. Musta's goal was delish too. Super excited about the future of our defense too… Ranocchia and Ogbonna are KILLING it back there. And Marilungo!

    I almost cried at work when I saw the Azzurri score keep jacking up… five goals from five different scorers! And goals from open play! And to do it all at the Artemi Franchi w/ it being Cesare's 1st game back, well that was very special.

    Peter Pan looked especially good. Well, not attractive good… blech. But I certainly enjoyed the minimal theatrics and maximum maturity. Nice change, grazie Carolina.

    • Dee says:

      I definitely enjoyed watching the game. Cassano impressed me with his work ethic. He should have been called by Lippi.

      • aristeia says:

        I understand why you’d feel that way, but I disagree. Cassano is only recently maturing after years of extremely immature and disrespectful behavior, burning bridges wherever he went. I may never fully forgive him for what he did at Roma, even now it’s a struggle to pay him compliments. I do see that he’s trying, but it’s just the last couple of years. I think his new wife has steadied him and I read an interview lately where he basically said the same thing… it was his own damn fault he wasn’t called up. Just read an interview today where Gigi says the same thing as well.

  24. madridista says:

    i was practically crying for pepe reina :( messi was amazing as usual. i would've liked Spain to win, but good for argentina (: plus, lots of gonzalo higuain :D

    • miss toffee says:

      i actually shed a tear because i felt soooo guilty for the poor guy, especially after the cock-up for liverpool (even though i hate liverpool!)

  25. gin_in_teacups says:

    Spain – Argentina was painful. Quite the drubbing. I'm sure jet lag and exhaustion had a lot to do with it. As for the line up, I understand that when you mix things up the players might not gel the way they usually do, and I think one of Spain's strengths is the regular starters seem to group think extremely well. But on the other hand even the reserve players are the best in the world. Cesc, Pepe, Marchena etc. are far better than what they showed in that match. I don't mind losing so much as the fact that I just know they could have played a better game. Sigh… well, love them no matter what.

    And well done Argentina. They played amazingly well, and Romero was such a BAMF.

    • loveu2much says:

      it rilly was a pain watching that, and much less without the ramos. but anyway, i missed the first half of the game and was actually unaware that they were playing until my bf called me up and told me spain was getting there butt kicked. sad to say it was actually a boring game but you know what i just tuned out the game and focused on the sexiness that was gonzalo higuain. gotta lust after one guy on the pitch that isnt sergio ramos. i want more gonzalo posts on kickette plz

  26. Zlatanista says:

    Did you see that!! Sweden gets a mention on Kickette! Thank you dear Kickette! And, yes, the kicked a**, our tall, handsome, sweet Swedes!!

    • julia says:

      agree, finally :D hehe! So proud over my Swedes!! Will miss Olof (skägget) though…

    • Zlatanista says:

      *they kicked*

    • Rossanera says:

      I meant to give you a shout-out in my “LJUNGBERG!”-related post.

    • Sergo says:

      Finally right? I have a good feeling about this European Cup, the only bad thing is Olof Mellberg’s red card. :P Erik Hamrén really made the difference, he even got a mention on the Dirty Tackle! :D

      Ps, why didn’t they mention Portugal’s loss to Norway? That shocked me to death!

      • Zlatanista says:

        Olof will be missed against the dutch kickboxers, thats for sure! And i saw Hamren at Dirty Tackle making gangsta signs, LOL! It was a good midweek for Scandinavia!!

  27. Rossanera says:

    Soooooo I was really excited for the Spain-Argentina match and I feel so badly for Spain. My heart broke every time Villa took a shot and missed. You could tell he wanted it so badly. And Pepe! My poor Pepe! I wish I could give him a hug and let him know he's still fabuloso. BUT that aside, Argentina played splendidly, respect to them.

    NOW. Oh, Italia, my Italia! Azzurro, il pomeriggio e troppo azzurro per me … SO happy to see my boys playing with heart again, and I was so happy when Pirlo scored that gorgeous 5th goal (did anyone see it? Was it not a thing of beauty?) I almost cried. I adore that man. Nothing makes me happier than seeing him wearing Il Capitano's armband.

    (Where is my girl Dee? Did you see your tesoro also scored?)

    … in other mid-week news, I am actually GOING to a match this evening, YAYYY ! I am off to the Chicago Fire/TFC game. I promise I will do my best, Kickettes, to score some drool-worthy photos of Ljunberg for you.

    • Dee says:

      Girl, I am here! Yes, I saw my tesoro score and I LOVED it. I am still happy dancing! I could watch the highlights for hours.

      My dad is such a Pirlo fan though that it made it funny to watch the game with him. :)

      • Rossanera says:

        I did not, however, love that weird pigtail-thingie he was rocking on top of his head. That man needs a good shave. And a bath.

        • Dee says:

          I thought I was imagining the pigtail. However, the beard works for me. But just on him…it is weird.

    • DebS says:

      ahhh…another Fire fan?! Definitely a regrouping year for the Fire but bringing Freddie in was a big plus. Conde is my fav though…my next fave defender after Ramos ;)

      About Spain, good on Del Bosque for playing people that normally wouldn’t play but it definitly hurt them in this match, especially on the back 4. Spain definitely missed having their “starters” in for most of the game. Poor Pepe…my heart broke for him. And darn Tevez for capitalizing on the slip. :{

      Although, you do have to give Messi and the boys credit. Messi’s great any day but you could tell they definitely wanted to prove that they are better than what they were in the WC and the qualifiers for the WC. At least after that win, Argentina should be finally getting a new NT coach.

      England’s match I will watch a bit later (thank God covered the friendlies!) :)

      • lulu says:

        I totally agree about the Tevez bit. I think if he were a real man instead of someone who fell into a wormhole from the cavemen's time and travelled through space and time and suddenly showed up in this century he would have realized it was actally a FRIENDLY game and that Pepe was down on his ass…

        Real gentlemen don't stab people in the back!

        But, as Sergio said on his Twitter, it wasn't really a friendly to begin with.

        (Will someone please do some counter-voodoo magic and help Pepe??)

        • Rossanera says:

          Lulu! I feel like I haven't seen much of you in a while!

          • lulu says:

            Hey, wassup? :D

            Um, well, just been really busy and then brothers stole the computer away from me to watch Naruto

            No, seriously… It's a little bit sad.

            I wish you a good Serie A weekend!

      • Rossanera says:

        I am actually not a huge Fire fan. We went tonight b/c they played against Toronto FC. My friend is dating (and will likely end up married to, methinks) Nick LaBrocca of TFC … so we went out to support Nicky.

        If you were at Toyota Park tonight (or were watching on tv), we were the really loud, obnoxious group in the first row with the massive Canadian flag and the sign that said “We Love Number 21″ in pink glitter. The camera crews had a field day with us.

  28. Niina says:

    Let's not forget that Finland actually put up a fight against the Dutch. Granted, we lost 2-1, but by much less of a butchery than expected.

    Yesterday sucked for La Roja though. The bad luck streak Pepe Reina is on is breaking my heart, and as nice as it was to see Llorente and Navas on the pitch, Spain without Iker, Sergio and Nando is like cake without chocolate. It gets you by but leaves you disappointed.

    That picture of Xabi helps a bit ;) Messi is really going for the gold there. Feeling jealous and turned on at the same time.

    • Zlatanista says:

      Yay for Finland who put up a fight! Yes, i am a Swede who cheer for Finland (when they are not playing against Sweden)!

      • Niina says:

        Too bad we won't be getting nowhere near the Euros yet again, despite trying really, really hard… Looking better for you guys though, Sweden seems to be doing great at the qualifiers!

        • Zlatanista says:

          Yes, i think that the new coach and a born-again Zlatan is the reason. They are awesome! But, hey, i keep my fingers crossed for Finland!

    • JV says:

      Spain without Iker, Sergio and Nando is like cake without chocolate. It gets you by but leaves you disappointed.

      LOL, I’m allergic to chocolate, but I couldn’t agree more.

  29. C16 says:

    I'm just REALLY excited for France…. French fans deserve it!!!

  30. LucieBaabes says:

    What About Ireland?

    We did very good :) We bate Andorra 3-1?

  31. Sosi, Madrid says:

    Love it, spain vs argentina, my boys bring back on some of our lost pride. Spain missed my boys too Ramos and Cassillas, they should have played!

    and about Benz I am happy for him, this guy deserve his chance with my club and he will get it sooon. Mou believes in our benz.

  32. Jo says:

    I was only able to catch one of the U-21 matches on TV. The Baby Lions did pretty well in their match vs Lithuania.

  33. I watched Ireland beat a very dirty Andorran team (woot, top of the group!) and a quite abysmal Scotland with literally a last gasp winner over Liechtenstein. (Congratulations to Darren Fletcher for his 50th cap for Scotland!) I caught some of the England match, – well done, Wayne for putting the nastiness aside and scoring and/or creating all of England's qualifying goals for far in the campaign. I think Gerrard is doing an excellent job captaining the side in Rio's absence. He certain plays better and more comfortably without Lampard in the side. All in all, quite satisfactory as far as the teams I'm interested in goes. :)

    • Lisa says:

      Go Ireland. they deserve to make a big tournament after Handball-gate. I'm cheering for them every game. Its early days but they have a fairly easy group.

      • ToffeeGirl16 says:

        Are you Irish the Fourth Official? *says in between cheers for FINALLY winning*

        Last night was very good and very heartening in the new Lansdowne/Aviva stadium but we should have won by more.

        Tough fixtures coming up next month and I do not want to break my darling Billy's heart when we play Russia but it must be crushed.

        Our group is not that easy, Russia and Slovakia, Russia especially are good. I hope to pick up 6 more points and do well in Euro 2012 finally. This Irish gal wants that bad.

        Lisa, thanks for the support! We are very happy to have it. Come over here next time and enjoy the match from a nice Irish pub with Guiness in your hand -or whatever you fancy.

        EIRE! EIRE! EIRE! (Ireland in Irish)


        • Jo says:

          With Russia's suprising home loss to Slovakia, there's hope!

          • ToffeeGirl16 says:

            Hell yes there is! Russia is home as well I think. Slovakia are good so we cannot underestimate them.

            We so deserved this, so deserved it!

    • Lisa says:

      I also love Scotland. I was so heartbroken when Italy stopped them from making South Africa. But oh my, Liechtenstein??!! not so fond of England, for obvious reasons.

  34. yb says:

    in fact another player also scored his first ever goal for his NT in the same match as Darren Bent. Xherdan Shaqiri also in his 7. Game I hope he scores many other goals otherwise it might get hard for us…

  35. I don't want to bring England's Armbandgate to the Kickette Towers (it is my happy place), but I have to say that I am really happy with how Stevie G is handling his captaining duties/central midfield bad-assery.

    But feel free to disagree with me, Kickettes! Let's all stay happy here!