November 18th, 2010

Midweek Results: International Friendlies & Funsies

Tim Cahill’s despair is our deepest joy, sadly. (Getty Images/Daylife)

Midweek international friendlies. From what we can gather, these games serve no useful purpose from a sporting perspective but provide us with the opportunity to perv on players while they’re wearing different coloured jerseys. For this reason, and this reason alone, we at Kickette applaud the international friendly and will campaign for its continued presence in the footballing calendar. Please enjoy our highlights in the meantime.

In a clash that on paper was simply a confrontation between the inept and the sulky, France managed to leave their collective neuroses on the bus and stroll to a 2-1 victory against England. Playing a game of possession football that left the English chasing piggie shaped shadows(left), Karim Benzema and Mathieu Valbuena put away one each, although it could easily have been more. (Getty Images/Daylife)

Andy Carroll looked good on his debut, but it was only when Peter Crouch was brought on for Steven Gerrard that England rallied, Crouch scoring a consolation goal in the 86th minute.

There has been much speculation as to how World Champion’s Spain were overcome so comprehensively by Portugal, the team they dumped out of the World Cup at the last sixteen stage. Could it be a lack of match fitness after their World Cup exploits as Cesc Fabregas claims? Maybe. But we have a different theory.

The 4-0 thumping did not involve any on-field punishment from Cristiano Ronaldo, (Martins, Postiga, Almeida and Spain’s Sergio Ramos scored the goals), but off the pitch it was a different story. Grabbing the mic and offering forth a quick song** prior to kick off (left), C-Ron ensured that Iker Casillas, in particular, was in no fit state to play competitive football. (Getty Images/Daylife)

Poor Iker. Reports that he is now being treated for post traumatic stress disorder remain unconfirmed at this stage.

Bonus gif: Xabi… adjusting his Alonso. You’ll want to watch. (via ONTDfootball)

Lionel Messi proved that his scoring run is not confined to club games, scoring the injury time goal in Argentina’s 1-0 victory over Brazil. Ezequiel Lavezzi (still operating under the terms of his Kickette FAIL FILE probationary period) laid on the ball to Messi who stuck it away for his first win against the Brazilians, and his first international goal in five matches.

Elsewhere, a goal from Klaus Jan Huntelaar (left) gave the Netherlands a 1-0 win over Turkey, Egypt beat Australia 3-0, Sweden held Germany 0-0 and Italy drew 1-1 with Romania. Which all meant nothing in the grand scheme of things. (Reuters/Daylife)

Where do you stand on international friendlies, peeps? A welcome leching opportunity or a waste of time and effort? Tell us.

**He wasn’t singing. But then, you probably already knew that.

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76 Responses to “Midweek Results: International Friendlies & Funsies”

  1. IrishBlue says:

    We were demolished by Morten Gamst Pedersen…boo (though I do love him)

  2. Nat says:

    I seriously can't stand Cristiano :-/

  3. @AgnesWonka says:

    these friendlies were rather surprising! Spain lost horribly against an amazing Portugal!
    Argentina did great as well as France!
    my country's NT lost againt Chile, which is awkward!

  4. Lyubov says:

    ahhh nooooo the pic of xabi isnt opening….does anybody know where else i can find it!!!!

  5. Bullaregia says:

    Germany uses friendlies to test out or blood new players. If not now, when? For the Sweden match, four new players (Lewis Holtby, Marcel Schmelzer, Andre Schurrle and Mario Goetze) and two newbies (Mats Hummels and Kevin Grosskreutz) were used, along with other regulars who are not starters. Goetze, a huge talent at only 18, became the second youngest German player to be capped after WW2. I don't think it is a question of the regulars not wanting to turn out. On the contrary, with competition now so intense for the German team, I think all the players would want to play as much as possible to impress the coach.

  6. Zahara says:

    mis amores, la roja boys!!
    im a bit speechless….give me a minute

    (after a minute)

    it was just a friendly, the boys havent trained with the national team properly since the WC, they were all very tired from playing match after match, and also you really cant win em all

    ps, xabi just made me feel a WHOLE lot beer

    pps..poor sergio!!ots ok here to make it all better, sergio!

  7. @vinivia says:

    that xabi link doesn't work anymore! :(

  8. Kai says:

    I hate Nani. I hate the referee. Another wonder goal from Cristiano disallowed. Two of his most beautiful goals have come for his country and both have been chalked off because of referee mistakes. At least the thrashing of Spain offers some consolation….****!

    Good job, Karim Benzema.

  9. Kai says:

    I hate Nani. I hate the referee. Another wonder goal of Cristiano disallowed. Two of his most beautiful goals have come for his country and both were chalked off. The thrashing of Spain offers some consolation though….****!

    Good job, Benzema.

  10. Winnie Mata says:

    is it bad that i'm happy Joe Hart couldn't play?
    teeheehee! good luck this weekend Manchester City!
    but that really shouldn't be too hard now, should it?

  11. DeeRoma says:

    Well, due to feed troubles/etc, I only saw the second half [aka most important half] of Italy – Romania. They started out with pretty much a squad of newbies, brought on key veterans [including Pirlo and DDR] just after halftime. What happened? They salvaged a tie. Although DDR did get injured and I would love to heal him as well.

  12. Lily says:

    Also- I was hoping Fern wouldn't come back from NT duties with an injury, but now Stevie's got it instead!!! ARRRRGH, why does Liverpool get such crap luck?

  13. Footy Fanatic says:

    Actually Egypt vs Australia, last few minutes after Zidan's penalty, he took off his shirt, threw it to the crowd and got yellow carded then got another shirt. Surely that means something in the grand scheme of things?

  14. Leya_S says:

    Can I just say how disappointed I was to NOT see Bocamuffin, Benny Feel-me-harder and Timmayyyy Howard (and pretty much everyone else) in the US's friendly against South Africa!!! Props to the newbies though.

    On another note, I watched the first half of the Iberian game before I had to leave, and it was 1-0 and I was totes like "Oh Spain can come back from that"….I literally felt like someone punched me in the gut when I saw "Spain embarrassed 4-0 by Portugal" on ESPNSoccernet later on….not to mention Sergio own-goal?!?! Ugghhhh. Although Geri did have a really good header off the line in the first half!!!!

    • DeeRoma says:

      I had a feeling there would be no Boca since he just recently came back from the neck injury. On a side note, I so would have helped with his treatments.

  15. Bosnian Girl says:

    I am beyond happy that my Bosnian boys won Slovakia 3-2!!! Yayyyy…we finally look like a team!! :) A bit bummed out about Spain though!! It was probably just a bad day!!!

  16. Violets says:

    Uh, a really inexperienced USA team also beat what was basically South Africa's WC squad. Where's that?

  17. BarceLisa says:

    XD… you kill me Amandinha, every single time!

  18. Jen says:

    Dreadfull day!! Although I do like to gaze at players that I normally don't come across in EPL following, I think the potential for injury is too high to put our boys at risk. England was tragic–thank god Crouchie's first touch ended in the net!! Hope Fernando limping off the pitch, will not cause more problems for Liverpool, and Sweden/Germany snore-fest, all left me wondering if these games are really necessary?

  19. Niina says:

    That Xabi gif had me mesmerised for hours. Yeah, baby…

    This friendly business is a tricky one. I'll take any chance I get to see the Spain NT together, it is rather more special seeing Pique try a header to get the ball away from Iker's goal than in it, and Nando and Cesc work great together when they're on the same side.

    But then, there are the possible injuries, and the fatigue for other important games such as Champions League, and El Clasico is nearing as well. So I don't know.

    In conclusion, I suggest more exposure for the Spanish internationals in any capasity. That would keep me happy until the upcoming Euro.

  20. Dru says:


    I think a 4-0 drubbing, with an own goal no less, might be considered grounds to go and lie down in a dark room for a long time (preferably in the same dark room where San Iker might also be hiding, but I'm not picky) while I try to forget the game and maybe rest my eyes from the hideousness of the new team jerseys.

  21. McRed says:

    Guys! Argentina, Brazil, France, England, Spain and Portugal are all very interesting but let's not forget about the real giants of the football world……..

    Scotland beat the Faroe Islands 3-0!!!!!!!!


  22. Thea says:

    There was not enough Yoann on the TV camera last night – BOOOOOO

  23. Léa says:

    So depressed about Spain-Portugal. I felt terribly for Sergio! Iker is probably still hyperventilating in a dark room somewhere, we'll just have to hope that he'll be able to function properly by El Clasico.

    The Xabi gif was unbelievable. Thank you, Kickette, for brightening up an otherwise dreary Thursday. While I have always thought that Xabi is incredibly attractive, he is absolutely smoking in that picture. He just oozes sex appeal.

  24. kumikomatter says:

    it's KlaAs, not KlaUs Jan Huntelaar.

  25. Maribel says:

    Portugal….WOW. Where was this team during the WC? LOL! I think Cris' mohawk inspired the whole team! :)

  26. @mezz98 says:

    Enjoyed most of the friendlies yesterday (I prayed at the start of the day for no scoreless draws, though I think Portugal took that too much to heart).

    On the YAY side:
    -USA beat South Africa thanks to newbies Mix Diskerud & Juan Agudelo – even though knowing their ages makes me feel OLDE!
    -Argentina beat Brazil (I don't like either one, but Argentina is the lesser of 2 evils for me)
    -France won, but this also meant that

    On the BOO side:
    -England lost – and not only lost, but didn't put up much of a fight – save Crouch & Carroll
    -Spain were torched by Portugal, but the most upsetting thing about that match was Cristiano's new hairdo. I'm sure it seemed like a good idea at the time, but what is he going to do when it gets to that awkward "growing out" period?

  27. Georgina Sanders says:

    Spain definitely did not give me a good birthday gift with the way that they played and were beaten! :-( (((

    The only thing that I considered a gift is my Spanish NT love Fernando Llorente wearing that tight jersey! :-) ) ♥ ♥ ♥

    • Lotte (Zlatanista) says:

      Happy belated birthday!

    • Zahara says:

      happy birthday!!

      ps, how did you get those those little hearts??

      • Georgina Sanders says:

        thankies.. :-)

        the hearts; it's alt+3 but you have to have your Num Lk active.

        On desktops, it's easy. You just press the Num Lk key and see if the light signifying the Num Lk key is on. It means that the numeric keypad is ready to use and then press Alt+3 (the 3 on the numeric keypad) and the heart will appear.

        On laptops, it depends on the laptop you're using, but it's also Alt+3 with an active Num Lk keypad.

        I don't know how it is with MacBooks because I only have Sony Vaio. :-)

  28. Barbiegirl says:

    Does anyone have a link to the video of Cron and iker before the match started.. please X

  29. Lotte (Zlatanista) says:

    I like friendlies, even though being a Swede it seldom gives you anything to be happy about. Last night Sweden managed to get a draw against Germany. Thats something.

    But what happened to Spain? I didn't see the Ramos own goal, thank god for that. Lol at Xabi, though! Did he think no one was watching?

  30. YouNeverWalkAlone says:

    Today is a horrible day…

    First, Argentina vs Brazil….XP
    Second, Spain loses worse than they ever have since 1963. (WHAT NO THEM BEATING LOS CAMPEONES DEL MUNDO IMPOSSIBLE)
    Third, Netherlands beats Turkey.
    I die. I die.

    Although the only bright side is that there were so many Madridistas on the winning side (Argentina and Portugal) that I'm sure RM will play well in El Clasico.

  31. tammyv says:

    Where is young master Juan Agudelo's game winning goal for Team USA?

    He is the youngest goal scorer for the US in modern history at 17 and it wasfabulous.…

    The US had 5 youngest make their debut last night… and a great win for the trophy. The kids played brilliantly and the future looks good. It also set-up an awesome twitter storm from the team, including Capt American in a French off against Charlie Davies, etc

    • jellenp says:

      YES, agreed! Thank you for posting. Snuck listened/watched while at work, and it was great fun. Lots of promise for the future, and kudos to Sweats for giving so many new faces a shot.

    • senora ramos says:

      so excited for our young yanks!! wonderful goal!! i am sooooooooo excited about the future. hopefully we field a competitive team for the gold cup this summer! like A/B instead of C!!

  32. Jules says:

    I thought I’d enjoy a leisurely glass of vino while watching the Spain-Portugal match. By the end of the match, the entire bottle was gone. The bf just kept refilling it every time Portugal scored hoping to distract me. It didn’t work.

  33. blitzenTO says:

    Thrilled for Messi, happy for France, devastated for Spain, even if it was only a friendly. Reading Iniesta's facebook status after the game just broke my heart. Pobrecito. :(

    Now I'm just going to stare at the Xabi gif until I go blind. @@

  34. nooneinparticular says:

    Kickette another complaint here. In the aftermath of such glorious victory for the blues, could you find a nice picture of the gorgeous Yoann? I see none and I put forward my case that Kickette is ignoring the winner of finest five and other accloades.

  35. Jo_ says:

    Timmy tummy!!! Erm…what was the question?

  36. Amandinha says:

    oh, that argentina-brazil game was painful… beautiful, but painful…
    both teams played brilliantly… To be honest, it was almost an unfair win, because Messi scored in the very last minute… I´m not saying Argetina shouldn´t win… but, you know… both teams were great and they both deserved this one…

    One of those rare times we wish it was a draw.

    • Bruna says:

      Since it's a friendly, it shouldn't matter that much. As a brazilian I really wish we had won, but I like Messi and I do not have the usual grudge against Argentina. The problem is that it demoralizes Mano Menezes. Yesterday I heard people saying they wanted Dunga back – I mean, Dunga, who was just hated after the World Cup.

  37. cherryboomboom says:

    YES! Soooooo happy France won !!!!
    Allez les bleus !
    Valbuena = hero
    Xabi = Sex

  38. BarceLisa says:

    I love international football. Its so hard waiting four years for the World Cup to come around.

  39. Cristiano ripping Nani a new one was pretty funny. And how adorable is Barry Bannan? He's a hobbit! But the rest? Meh.

  40. gin_in_teacups says:

    I'm glad Karim got a goal, but everything else about these sucked. A 4-0 loss for Spain with a Sergio own goal????? WTF!?! And Stevie got injured. GRRRRRRRRRR. I love watching as much football as possible, but I think having international friendlies in the middle of the season like this is unnecessary. I'd rather players be fit and rested for club matches and NT duties that actually matter.

  41. Summer says:

    Steven injury was a very very very misfortune, England defeat was a very very very misfortune, Spain defeat was a very very very misfortune, so this was an horrible Wednesday!!! I've asked just a few fortune…:( but like we usually say in Italy "Piove sempre sul bagnato" (Always rain where is wet)….But I've appreciated Xabi and his sexy games…SLURPPPPPPPPPP :P

  42. blake2108 says:

    How arousing is that Xabi Alonso gif?! WOW

    Tim looks nice too.

    As for the football, Friendlies are good, but only when used to best effect. Don Fabio certainly doesn't do that. England were a bit rubbish, weren't they?

    Wales didn't play so I weren't really bothered this time round…

  43. Lashes says:

    The kid next to Iker looks terrified of C-Ron. But it must be comforting standing besides Iker..
    Well it's friendlies so doesn't stir a lot of emotion here. Except the shock from the huge Portugal win over Spain.

  44. ILoveBarca says:

    Xabi .. Pure pornography

  45. Jilly says:

    omg that Xabi gif was…!!! *heart stops*

  46. Fernanda says:

    I blame Spain's loss on that new jersey! Am I the only one who thinks it is just awful? The blue and those yellow stripes…Yikes!! All I kept thinking while watching the game is how they should just take the jersey off and play shirtless ;)

    • Lily says:

      No, you're not the only one who thinks the new jersey is horrible, those blue stripes need to go! I'm glad they didn't change Iker's goalkeeper kit though, that and his shorts-shedding were more or less the only good parts of the game for me :(
      Portugese fans might disagree with that last sentence though.

      • Bri says:

        Nope, Portuguese gal though I am, my favorite part was when Cesc shoved Pepe to the ground. I've been wanting to do that myself for ages…it was really hard watching that game being a Portugese fan and a Barca gal at the same time…which is probably why my shiraz disappeared so quickly. Sometimes I could only watch through my fingers, especially when Daveeeeed got the ball.

      • Irena says:

        Iker's short-shedding?!?!?! I did NOT see that :O

    • gin_in_teacups says:

      Haha, I blame the new shirts too. They're hideous.

    • YouNeverWalkAlone says:

      Ahhh I totally agree!!!

    • Leya_S says:

      Agreed. I love their old La Roja kit.
      …also, i was a HUGE fan of that deep navy-blue away kit….it was my fave, even though they ARE La Furia Roja…
      On the plus side, Fernando Llorente's jersey fit PERFECTLY (as per usual)

    • beach chick says:

      Nope, they look horr.i.ble. the numbers straight in the middle were not working at all and the stripes made it even worse!

  47. Sara says:

    But it shouldn't matter since they won the World Cup :D

    International friendlies are pure amazingness. XD
    You get to see some great matches, and rivalries.

  48. ME_me says:

    LOL CR7 looks so cute with Iker. BTW: The Portugal-Spain match was dominated by Real Madrid & Barca players, 8 players from each club either on the field or on the bench to be exact. Can't wait for El Classico

    • YouNeverWalkAlone says:

      lol yeah that was the only thing I liked about this game, that i got to see a little preview of El Clasico, except hopefully all the goal scorers and team players will be on one side: REAL MADRID

  49. Bri says:

    So ecstatic! Forca forca forca Portugal!!!!!! Bento was totally peeing himself. Also, angry Cescy in the end was a hilight for me. It was hot…as per usual.