January 26th, 2012

Midweek Results: Live From The Mayhem & Fruit Beverages Suite

Two women. Two crucial football matches. One widescreen TV. One slightly dodgy internet feed. Copious amounts of white wine & fruit juice.

Ain’t no party like a liver failure party and a liver failure party don’t stop.

We thought that supplying the Kellys with all the equipment they demanded might compel them to produce full match reports of the Copa Del Rey quarter-final and the Carling Cup semi-final. Unfortunately, we forgot to tell them not to drink ALL the alcohol before kick-off. This is what we managed to cobble together from CCTV recordings and mobile phone footage this morning. They’re apparently not sorry.

Liverpool 2-2 Manchester City (agg 3-2)

1. The sculpting effect of Glen Johnson’s base layers were noted, leading them to speculate about his affinity for control pants.

2. Joe Hart’s reaction saves made them wonder (aloud)if he’s that quick in other areas of his life. This debate went on for a while.

3. Micah Richards was really unlucky with that handball decision, but to take his mind off things they’ve since made other plans for him and his ripped bod.

4. Nigel de Jong’s goal prompted Manchester City to post this video on their website, leading to vivid observations about Pablo Zabaleta’s thighs, Adam Johnson’s nekkid and the number of cardigans in the City dressing room.


Barcelona 2-2 Real Madrid (agg 4-3)

1. For Leo Messi, revenge is a dish best served near the touchline and definitely worth picking up a yellow card for.

2. Sergio Ramos may be offered a consultative role in the Kickette football kit development programme.

3. Real Madrid players are 26 more times likely to take their clothes off when they lose than when they win. This makes it very difficult for drunk people to remain neutral.

4. Why was Iker Casillas given a yellow card? His beard? His eyebags? This photo?


Unfortunately, the picture of Iker getting his push bike on was the final nail in their intoxicated coffin, with no further observations being made available.

We hope that you lot can do better. Both in reporting important match incidents and in retaining your personal dignity.

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141 Responses to “Midweek Results: Live From The Mayhem & Fruit Beverages Suite”

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  5. xiao says:

    lol at the people who think Messi was out for revenge–if that was Messi's idea of 'revenge'–Messi you're doing it wrong! a soft yellow compared to OH I DON'T KNOW LASS'S FOUL?! Why wasn't he given a red?

  6. TanYDdraig says:

    How come no mention of Cardiff getting to the Carling cup final?? My boys made it through and we'll give Liverpool a wicked game next month! Bellamy against his hometown club (where. by the way he is a LEGEND!) and Gerrard v. Gerrard. Gonna be awesome.

  7. Agnes Wonka says:

    I hated the Clásico! The referee was another Barça player on the pitch!

    • xiao says:

      lol if the ref really was fair, about half the RM players shouldn't even have been there at Camp Nou. The fact Pepe even got to play is a huge help to them and unjust. Crying about the ref when Madrid has been having help from refs ALL SEASON!? Really now?

  8. Sassy says:

    CR7 dear…thank u for that little "fanservice" :D

  9. Congrats Xavi says:

    This is why Barcelona are not in the same class as Madrid. No matter how many times Pepe does something to disgrace Madrid, Barcelona will never be as classy as Madrid.
    This is just PLAIN rudeness and arrogance. I always loved Xavi even as a Madrid fan but I'm speechless right now. No Real Madrid player would ever say this even if we won 5-0. This is surprising.

    • Julian says:

      barcelona is also dirty datz just the point madrid fans want barcelona fans to admit…..when alvez faked the hit by pepe dat was dirty…wen pique faked the injury dat was dirty…barcelona does alot of stuff dat u guys cant admit.

    • Guest says:

      Xavi's comments were unnecessary , although I read somewhere that he said this in the locker room and it was leaked. Players obviously talk about the game in the locker rooms after the games. it's normal to vent among your fellow players. Actually after seeing Diarra's foul on Messi, I called him an animal myself because it was just that kind of unnecessary tackle, AND he wasn't booked for it, which I can only imagine how frustrating it would have been for Xavi if I was that p/o.
      However, I wouldn't go a far as to say Madrid is classier than Barca. Applauding sarcastically while leaving the pitch after receiving your 2nd yellow (well deserved) and most of Mou's comments made in the press regarding games that he lost in can be considered as rude and arrogant as well. Play-acting and drama come with these classicos (and spanish football in general). Both teams' players do it; hell Busquets an Alves are infamous for it, but so are Pepe and Marcelo.

      • Congrats Xavi says:

        No there is a video of him actually saying it at a studio while waiting for his interview.

        • Guest says:

          The point is that it was leaked. Somebody caught him discussing the game afterwards. It happens, especially when the game is frustrating. God only knows what the players say off camera about opposing players. They’re not saints in any definition.

    • Agnes Wonka says:

      You are right on that! RM is classier than Barça, and they don't fake to pretend they're gentlemen. They show themselves as they really are.

      • xoWinnie says:

        to be honest, i don't think it's Barca who "try to pretend they're gentlemen" people like Xavi don't try to pretend they're anything. we already know he's a douche. Pep is just staying true to his personality i think. everyone know the character of the players, but choose to romanticize it. i.e. "Xavi is just opinionated and passionate!" lol yeah? well so is Mourinho :P it is the media and the fans who try to porttray this image of "saintliness" and superiority. i think in the media's case it is being shell-shocked and fangirling Barca's dominance lately and a defense mechanism against Mourinho's tactics. they have been wearing thin with people for a loooonnnggg time, but they were more acceptable when he was winning i guess lol

    • xiao says:

      LOL right, classy like when Iker went to the ref and told him to "go celebrate with the Barca players now"?

      Or classy like when Mou waited out by the parking lot just to insult the ref again before he leaves?

      Or classy like when Ramos claimed he had been done a great injustice because 'apparently some players would not stop rolling around when they haven't been touched"–was Ramos talking about Pepe? Because Pepe had some of the most epic diving and acting these 2 matches—apparently Cesc can injure him with thin air and Messi's little tackle (if you count it as that, it probably feels like a massage compared to what Pepe is capable) almost broke his legs.

      Classy like when Pepe looked directly down at Messi's hand, THEN proceeded to stomp right on the spot, then walks away, and claim he had no intention to hurt people?

      Or classy like last season when Mou accused Pep and Barca of sleeping with professionals in major sports organizations all over the world and buying all his titles?

      Xavi's remarks were a response to all of these reactions Madrid had after a loss. He's right–RM have been acting and playing like sore losers. Some defenders do play like animals against Messi. His comments are harsh only cuz they're true.

      • xoWinnie says:

        lol please. i can make just as many if not more comments regarding Barca's behaviour in the past few clasicos, but i already have. one particularly long comment no one even bothered to contest because it was all true. both teams bring out the worst in each other. both play equally dirty, but in different ways. Madrid are more violent and aggressive and a little more prone to diving, Barca crowd the ref and like to dive excessively and instigate fights. however, you can check any thread and see Cules proclaiming Barca's classiness and so-called "disappointment" in Madrid's behaviour as though they are without fault. ri-gotdayum-diculous! there are two-sides to every story so ya'll should really turn the blinders off and stop trying to paint everyone with the same brush.

      • Sarah, Madrid says:

        Don't throw rocks when your house is made of glass, the one time that barc happen to lose in past seasons, they opened water sprinkles and physically attacked a coach while celebrating with his fans..

        Just saying, the first time since Barcelona is playing catch up with RM in Liga, they jumped so fast on blame the referee train that is quite laughable, from accusing referees being arrogants to being against " them" all season and being punished, it sounds like a conspiracy theory for me, yes Mouriinho is a sore loser, yes Pepe is needs to timid his inner animal, no argues there, but again I won't throw glasses when my house is made of glass..

      • Meeeee says:

        Iker did nothing wrong by saying that lol
        Some of the decisions of the ref were pretty pro-Barca
        and now Messi ann Xavi are calling the ref "arrogant" and that the reffing community is "against Barca"
        Barca make me laugh, their "gentlemen" attitude really get unraveled once they start tying…whose the sore losers now Xavi?

    • xoWinnie says:

      i have never heard Xavi be graceful in defeat, much less in victory, so this does not surprise me at all.

  10. coco says:

    This picture reminds me of why he is forgiven for his awful sense of fashion…it's what you know is hidden underneath that makes him sexy no matter what he wears!

  11. bri_saldana says:

    As much as RM players & Clasicos are like Kickette-meth to me. I personally just want to say……. WELL DONE BELLERS!!! LIVERPOOL, LIVERPOOL….LIVERPOOL!!! I was just in a sensory overload….fab day of football for me. I was sitting in the pub whipping my neck back-n-forth cheering like a crazy woman watching the two teams that I would follow until the ends of the earth for…."hog heaven" didn't quite describe it!

    The classico was a great day of football! RM just made me proud playing such a 2nd half classy game….we almost had 'em. (BENZ was phenomenal!)

    Phew! Now for the Everton v Fullham match….so excited for my USMNT BOYS! Then it's LIVERPOOL V MANCHESTER on Sat. GOD somebody slap me because I could just keep going…..

    • DebS says:

      Benz is fabulous isn't he? The way he controlled/juggled the ball and then scored from it was amazing. When Pipita missed the goal right at the first of the game, I couldn't help but think, "If Benz was out there, he would of scored." Of course Angel scored from an almost identical VV mishap. So he might have done the same. But it was evident that nerves played a part at the start for both teams.

      • bri_saldana says:

        I know! WOW….he made a top class player like puyol pay for his trickery in the box. He was breathtaking! I totally agree…Benz would have buried that goal that Pipita missed.

  12. madridista says:

    Yes! I have long been awaiting some Cristiano nakedness!
    Sigh. It's the best of the best. Classic.

    And Hala Madrid till death. It's a stab in the heart considering how we really could have won, but nontheless soo so proud of my boys, the heart they played with was amazing, they way they played was beautiful, the comeback and standing up to Barca was brilliant(and in an attacking manner at that, critics!). So so close.

    Also, I'm still confused as to why Iker was booked. I was pretty sure he was trying to break up the scramble, no?

    • DebS says:

      I'm really missing Una's ICYMI as I know she would have the answer. I'm anxiously awaiting her work schedule to free up. Selfish on my part, I know. :p

      I actually watched the Spanish broadcast so I wouldn't have to hear all the English prattle…Barca this…Messi that. So I could only pick up a bit of what was being said here and there and had no idea what they said about why Iker was so mad. I don't think I've ever seen him so angry. A friend on FB said she thought it was because it had to do with the Barca players hounding the refs for a 2nd yellow card for Lass. If that is true, then I have to agree. The hounding HAS to stop. It's really quite pathetic, imo.

      • xoWinnie says:

        my Cule friend theorized that Iker only got so riled up to divert the attention from Lass and prevent him from receiving the red card. because apparently he deserved it. so Iker was causing a distraction lol, it makes sense if you think about it

    • Sarah, Madrid says:

      I think iker exactly "hell no, not crowding the referee again, i had enough with this" so he was booked for complaining after being shoved by xavi jejeje but I feel he took the fall for Lass yellow, t would been a sent off..oh well could have should have! Who really cares…

      • Maran says:

        Iker was crowding like everybody else, and he was screaming at the ref's and pushing Xavi as much as Xavi pushed him. If you looked at his eyes there was no way that he was bashing on his team members to leave the ref alone. He was looking at the ref. As with everything else that concerns the clasico people are looking at it with one eye closed.

        • Sarah, Madrid says:

          One eye closed? Exactly there basically 67857 players complaining and only iker get booked, yes I agree he shoved Xavi, my comment was abit sarcastic. Hate? wow that's a big word to describe how iker's was feeling, he was frustrated, intense and pissed, it is a clasico!. Iker in the referee face shoving xavi to speak as he is ((((RM's capitan)))))) and of couse as it was near his post for that he actually get in the middle of it, then after couple of seconds he was shoved out of the referee sight left with Busquets and Pique talking to him, That's exactly what happened, Iker at first didnt want get into, look at it again, then he saw a swarm od both players near him, so he ran in. I didn't say Iker was innocent and he was unfairly booked if this is what you are implying..

          • Maran says:

            He was unfairly booked, the coward of a ref should have booked Lass. And I never used the word "hate" in my comment. I really don't care if he is the captain, he is perfectly "shoveable". He shoved the Barca captain. I thought you were saying that Iker was protesting against the crowding of he referee. My point is that he was a part of the problem, and shouldn't point fingers. I have lost a bit of expect for Iker, I'm sad to say. Mou has a bad influence on him.

            • Sarah, Madrid says:

              Sorry about the hate ( I think I may messed reading some other comments). I promised myself not to talk about the ref's decisions, as I said earlier he should could, I really don't care.
              As for iker, I was KIDDING about him running and hell no comment I have no idea what was he thinking, he was there trying to talk to referee since plenty of players were trying to influence him to book or not to book, notice how he didn't try to get into at first but when he noticed they were "crowding" and as I said since it happened infront of him he ran, it happened to happen infront of him, so he get into it. I am not gonna go into the "shoving" thing he shoved and was shoved.
              Yes, I know right? Mourinho has turned Iker into a thug….it is not the effect of playing your rirvalry for the number 8978934698 of the season. anyway you are entitle to your opinion, you can think whatever you want.

              • bri_saldana says:

                Careful Sarah…Maran equates sarcasm (or any general Madrid opinionated perspective) to martyrdom. I find it quite silly for someone who acts as if Mou is the Anti-christ but then again she IS neutral.

            • xoWinnie says:

              oh please! Iker is a grown man and Real Madrid's captain. he can make his own decisions. he is a strong-minded, sensible individual, and is far more influential among the players than Mourinho will ever be. the last few clasicos have been intense, and a lot of t has a lot to do with Mou, but don't forget that there are two teams involved in this rivalry and there is tension on both sides of the fence. you lost respect for Iker, why? he is a man, he is fallible, people seem to forget that. he didn't point fingers at all, i'm sure he was intentionally carded actually. he took one for the team.

  13. nayet21 says:

    I love my Real Madrid team and those boys are perfect no matter if they win or lose. They are Great!
    Hala Madrid!
    And that picture of Cris reminds me just how gorgeous he is ;) Thanks Kickette!

  14. xoWinnie says:

    i am often left wondering why it is necessary for men to even wear shirt in this sport…
    just throw some body paint on that sexy, rippling back!

  15. Rory says:

    Cris…Oh.Dear.God. That's all I can think to say after seeing that picture.

  16. Cassandra says:

    Madrid outplayed Barcelona and I need to say, Barcelona fell under the pressure lol
    The tables are turning :) And Madrid's time is coming <3
    And what up with the ref not recognizing THREE handballs? WHAT?!?!

    • _Titi_ says:

      "The tables are turning"

      Thats what they said after the 1-0 win for the copa, and madrid went on to loose 2-0. Thats also what they said after the supercopa and madrid lost 3-1 in the next match. I doubt this time will be any different.

      • Cassandra says:

        The way Madrid played was quite amazing and there's always a time for something…remember about the 2000-2007 when Madrid won must of the time? Yeah, that's coming back.
        Especially after Ozil…OMG that 35 yard shot was golden! Cundiff missed that and Ozil almost scored that was world class…Beautiful
        And yeah I believe Madrid will start to win now…just my opinion, entiled to that lol

    • Maran says:

      Seen to the whole game I'd say they where equal. And that's what the scores tell you, 2 – 2. There where moments of brilliance from both sides. Only a Madrid fan would see it differently I think. Of course, you gotta believe in your team, and that goes for both teams too.

  17. DrStrangelove says:

    Crissy Roo looks a little less defined than usual. :(

    • KL7 says:

      A few other sites have the picture from a different angle, and believe me, all the little nooks and crannies are still there!

  18. Ninanoir says:

    I bet they disqualified Sergio's goal just to prevent him from dropping the Copa again…

    I'm done with Clasicos for a while, I wish they'd settle these things with a shirt lifting competition or just plain old boxing.

    • xoWinnie says:

      shirt-lifting competition and boxing would be no contest…
      Real have better abs/bodies and taller men (which would result in a ridiculous reach advantage) lol

      • bri_saldana says:

        BUT it would be adorable to see the likes of Xavi, Iniesta Messi,…etc; having a physical go at RM players…..just adork-able! Brilliant suggestion Ninanoir! Luscious footballer skin from top class players is the answer to RM v Barca peace! Get nek'd LA LIGA!!!

      • Maran says:

        I think Barca would give a good fight in the shirt-lifting competition. They've got a more tight, lean and defined look. Kind of like the bodys you get from doing martial art. Lovely. The RM players are more Belgian Blue-ish. It's a matter of taste. I have never liked bulgy muscles. But when it comes to height the Barca players would have to throw in the towel.

    • Kristina says:

      Shirtlifting Barca would win in an eyeblink since they have Abidal, Puyol and Valdes in their team ;) . Mere muscle is unimportant, you gotta have personality in your body. But boxing would be impossible since they would end up in different weight-classes. Messi would have to beat up Xavi, or vice versa. No, better stick to shirtlifting, it's more appealing. And when you think of it, it wouldn't matter who won since the "game" itself would be what mattered.

      Where do I sign up for the referee position?

      • Gladys says:

        You have a good point about weight class. Is anyone on Madrid under 5'10"? That really leaves most of Barca fighting each other.

        • Sarah, Madrid says:

          Marcelo?? It would be funny seeing this to be honest :p, I could imagine everyone finding Marcelo open, everyone running towards him :p

  19. Jen says:

    Liverpool!!!! So happy for my boys in Red!!!! But must give a nod to MC's Joe Hart….what a damn fine keeper he is!!!! Barca and Real Madrid, at it again! Glad Barca won, but my lord those teams like to go at it!!

  20. KL7 says:

    I don't care who's shirt CR has just thank god someone asked him so we could all see that pic. The man is just gorgeous! Great game by him and the rest of the whites. I was very proud of the team the way they fought hard til the end. They were definitely the better side this leg. RM has to focus on the rest of LaLiga and Champions League. I hope everyone will shut up about CR in big games now because he was fantastic in both legs. Ozil was fabulous and I was glad to see RM attacking and not backing off. Hala Madrid!!

  21. Julian says:

    who did cr7 exchange jerseys with? any body know?

  22. Elena says:

    This was one of the more riveting Clasicos inside the last 9 months or so. As a devoted Madridista, I was jumping off the couch during their almost-comeback in the second half. And as a devoted lover of all things Ramos, I was nearly in tears after the flag went up right before his discounted goal. I was also proud of him for controlling himself as much as he did, yet not entirely surprised when he got himself booked. Oh well … wouldn’t be a true Clasico without that, right? :-P

  23. Maran says:

    Congrats Barca girls and boys! Your team is fabulous, but I'm gonna go with Mirandes all the same. I'm also happy that Mou and Pepe is out of this competition, at least. Miserable refs as usual, but hey this is Spain.

    • PepaCandela says:

      I'm a Barca fan and even I almost want Mirandes to win. It's too good a story.

    • Congrats Xavi says:

      I'd be happier if Barca and their crappy attitude left…

      • Maran says:

        That's a crappy attitude, but believe me, the way the Real Madrid coach is behaving the only thing they win is the crap contest. Mou is trolling the football world right now. He behaves as if RM are the moral winners. That's mind blowing! To miscredit another team that clearly are better than you, is a sign of low character and very bad sportsmanship. He is using a very shitty tactic. And nothing the Barca players will say is worse than that. I'm not surprised that the Barca players need to blow some steam, because they are constantly taking crap from the current RM coach, and their own coach is saying nothing. Which is the best attitude.

        Hence, yes Xavi should shut his mouth. But when it comes to bad attitude there is no one like Mou. I will applaud when he decides to leave and I'm not even a Barca fan.

        • xoWinnie says:

          Maran, you do exactly what you claim to dislike so much about Real Madrid fans. you absolutely cannot admit fault in anyone on Barcelona without comparing them to Real in some way in hopes of somehow "justifying" their disgusting behaviour. why not just admit Xavi is an asshole and leave it at that? Xavi has always had something (negative) to say regarding Real, and that was BEFORE Mourinho even got there, so don't even use that as an excuse. this "yes so and so does that, BUT (insert Real Madrid criticism here)" is complete bs, especially when you criticize other people for doing the same exact thing…it makes no sense. it's not fair to call yourself a "neutral" in any case, since your Barca bias is so evident (admittedly so, you said it so yourself if i can recall), that word insinuates that you are assessing the situation without bias, which is not the case. your hatred for Mourinho and Pepe is an obvious part of that bias, maybe it's not even Barca-bias, it might just be anti-Mou/Pepe bias which sometimes manifests itself into anti-Madrid bias as well. but still…Mourinho's tactics are nothing new, and neither is Xavi's lack of a filter. comparing them is kind of ridiculous in that sense. it's almost hypocritical to be honest.

          • Maran says:

            I'm a neutral when it comes to RM but never to Mourinho. I feel that I should clarify that. I admit also that I like Barca's way of play, even if I'm not a die-hard Cule. So, when I say I'm a neutral I mean not a fan of any of the clubs, but liking one more than the other for the time being. And also in this forum.

            This is exactly what I was scared of when I first heard that he would coach Madrid: "Oh no not that scumbag in Madrid!". And now I'm a part of this heated argument between RM and Barca fans. Jeez!
            Maybe I shouldn't have brought Xavi into this but I needed to get my feelings about Mou out of my system so I used this comment for my purpose. So I'm gonna say it again, without any comparisons. I will have to split it into two comments though because Kickette wants me to. To be continued below.

            • Maran says:

              Mou is using his old disgusting tactics once more. How on earth you can be happy with having such a sorry excuse of a man as a coach, I will never understand. I think it's a sign of very weak personal moral and low character to discredit another team that beats you over and over. He is trolling. He points fingers. He talks about being maltreated by the refs, while most clubs in Spain gets the same treatment that RM does. Barca too. And this guy is trying to give himself the moral victory?! For f***s sake!

              This makes me sad because I used to like watching RM play, but I just can't bring myself to it now when Mous is showing us the worse possible side of himself.

              • Maran says:

                I forgot to say this but I guess you can gather it: the guy makes me so angry that I'm willing to gang up with anyone against him! I hope he leaves Spain, beacuse he's poison and he ruins the joy of watching Spanish football with his foulplay. I hope he never beats Barca, and I hope that will be what people will remember him for in Spain! There I've said it all.

                • xoWinnie says:

                  see, i suspected you were more anti-Mourinho than anything, and i can understand why. obviously i don't agree with his tactics and most of the nonsense that comes out of his mouth, but he is our coach, and despite his faults i believe he is a damned good one. i believe in unity in the team, so i'm gonna accept that he is our coach and support my team regardless. i just think it would have been better to clarify because some of your comments come across as condescending to Madrid and Madridistas in general, and not just in terms of Mourinho.

                  • Maran says:

                    Sorry bout that. But for all his successes I can't see him as a good coach. Sometimes the end doesen't justify the means. In sports winning is obviously very important, it's what it's all about. But strangely enough it is not about winning at all costs. The concept of sportmanship and losing (and winning) gracefully are equally important. Winning by being an a**hole or hurting someone, strangely enough is NOT what sport is about. And therefore I cannot say that he is a good coach. Because he do not behave in the sportsmanlike manner.

  24. abigailshoes says:

    The Barca shirt Cristiano is holding… The second thing that I noticed. After the banging torso of his of course. Whose shirt is it? Do we have any photographic or video evidence of the exchange? That would be something I would love to see.

  25. Kristina says:

    Extremely nerve wrecking game, the Barca-RM one! Both teams worked hard for the money, and did very good. The Alves goal was a thing of beauty and so was Messi's assist. And there was the occasional breathtaking tiki-taka that made the proud RM players look like lost schoolboys.

    But then the sloppy defense started (Piqué) and made me hide behind a cushion, scream and drink far too much wine. This workday has not been a picnic. My friend, who is not a football aficionado but in it for the drama and my hysterical company (and the wine), laughed his ass off when Messi got his "revenge" on Pepe. It was something about the difference in size and general appearance, I think.

    Well, well, tonight it's Valencia vs. Levante. More Spanish football, yay!!

  26. Alone- Brazil says:

    only the picture of CR7 was worth it! Kickette Thank you!

  27. Gladys says:

    In the midst of all the usual El Clasico madness, how did the damn cameras miss CR7 exchanging shirts?! Who did he exchange with?

    I second third and fourth the Mirandes win!!!! A very sweet story. I hope they continue on.

    And if us fans on both sides thought last night's game was hectic, strap on your seat belts for Levante-Valencia Part 2. I may have to watch between my fingers.

  28. prettypeyton says:

    that picture of cristiano is PERFECTION!!

    • xoWinnie says:

      i agree…i didn't even think Ronnie did it for me anymore…
      i adore him as a player, but i haven't found him attractive in a long time
      this picture just changed all that…he is still an Adonis
      i guess it's because he doesn't look over-tanned and over-muscled here
      it's super-hawt!

    • madridista says:

      Yes, yes it is. I have been missing Cristiano nakedness.
      And it's just the best of the best. Classic.

    • bri_saldana says:


  29. Kat says:

    Siiiiiiiiiigh. We were SO close. The match was both heartening (because this is the best we've played against Barca in a while) and heartbreaking (because of the sheer bad luck, and the end result). I want to whine and complain but there really is no point in that, is there? As difficult as it is not to dwell on the missed chances, the disallowed goal, etc. we have to look forward. As Iker says on his Facebook "Forget the Copa del Rey. We can not think of what happened yesterday." (thank you, Google Translate). The ONLY things to do are to take the positives from the match (there were a lot!) and take heart in that and learn from the mistakes. And on that note…

    Hala Madrid!

    • Sarah, Madrid says:

      Iker basically gave a motiovio al speech I swear we are so lucky to have him as capitan.
      " Caer esta permitido…Levantarse es obligatorio" ////" Falling is permitted. getting up is obligatory"
      then basically gave praises to this team, that very young team,we are getiting better,thanked us fans!! Of course he mentioned coach too :p

    • xoWinnie says:

      i'm with Iker! let's pretend the Copa doesn't matter like certain people did last year ;)

  30. Honey says:

    Who's shirt has Ronaldo got?

  31. Sarah, Madrid says:

    I know right? With ozil and Ramos hip and dip yummmy!! Cris in your face critics he was awesome! whoever made fun of his tantrum after Pedro goal, oh well it just shows determination..I am so proud of him! To have to find something to pick on, don't they?
    All I have to say, I love this team, that's why I am always proud of this team, proud of this captain, iker you are one lovely hot angry man, ozil you remind of zizou, I think it is the best compliment to be.Benzi reaaaaaah! Oh my god, remind of R9, this game was the best we saw for RM against barc in long way! I love you I love you my team, so proud..
    The grace that Ramos went out with a after his sent off!! He did grow up, no? Poor Ramos his disallowed goal and sent off!
    Anyway, Hala Madrid.
    And Mirandes the fairy tale, I hope they win it to be honest, it is a dream isn't! Their come back, just a fairy tale!

    • Melaniee. says:

      it takes a real man to leave the game with grace and respect.
      i respect him more for that.
      good for ramos. :)

    • xoWinnie says:

      every single word you said was perfection, as usual. i'd totally marry you, Sarah.
      of course, you'd have to forgive my casual indiscretions with the Ramos on the side…
      someone has to make bb feel better after games likes these ;)

      HALA MADRID! <3 Ahora mas que nunca!

      • Sarah, Madrid says:

        Awww jajajajajajaja, thnx guys!!! That's ok Winnie, i think we will go for open marriage, since I will definitely have a thing in the side with Pipita :p, my baby I think he was in tears a bit out of frustration

    • bri_saldana says:

      Oh god the Ramos just keeps getting hotter & hotter for me….it's quite ridiculous. Oh and did you see the "punch to the ovary" photos of Ramos giving Mou his bday cake today? Was his hair that short yesterday? was it that red? do you think that he accidentally got a little icing on his finger and licked it slowly?

      Right, so back to your comment…I agree w/xo Winnie. Brilliant post….xoxoxoxo

      • Sarah, Madrid says:

        Yes, in myy head he did! Well not really that, it wasn't his finger that he was licking the foresting off!! You know what Bri, seriously he was too occupied thinking " dont drop the mister cake, Ramos dont!"
        However, Iker on the other side was licking and tasting the cake before Mourinho blew the candle, how can you not love this team !!!!

    • DebS says:

      I second Winnie's comment….well…except for the marry part. That WAS funny tho' Winnie. hehehe

      I was so VERY proud of our guys yesterday! They gave 110% right up the final whistle. All it took was a look at the Barca fans in the stands for the last 15 min. to see that even they feared Madrid would get that 3rd goal.

      Dare I comment about the missed handball(s) in the box? Nah…no point. Everyone who saw the game already knows about it.

    • Agnes Wonka says:

      Imo the referee sucked!!!! I've seen pictures of the Barça handballs that he didn't see!

  32. Thea says:

    Am sooooo happy!!! That last 20 mins of the el lassico were soooo gut wrenching, but hey we are on our way!!!

    Well done to Mirandres – for proiding the upset!

  33. Kat22 says:

    Congrats to Liverpool! I know a lot of people are still discussing the penalty incident, but I think Liverpool outplayed Man City last night. With one exception: Joe Hart is simply brilliant. Oh, and I loved the little moment between Bellami and De Jong during the game. :-)

    Changed channels after the game and just caught the end of the second half of the Barcelona – Real Madrid game. Drama again, lol! Iker was so angry!

    • Kat22 says:

      *Bellamy, sorry

      • Thea says:

        It was an odd night – Iker looked p*ssed, Mour was surley in the Press room after an Ramos seemed to take the whole thing in his stride!!! Makes me wonder how close RM are to imploding!!!

        • Sarah, Madrid says:

          Imploding! You will be wondering for long then…

          • xoWinnie says:

            lol wishful thinking Sarah ;) some people should waste less time fantasizing on the internal affairs of Real Madrid and more time worrying about other competitions, but we're just that fascinating ;)

            • Sarah, Madrid says:

              It is funny that media all over the world would believe a Marca story, completely dismisss what the players said haha!, oh well! I can't wait for " real Madrid civil war" movie to be out then xD

        • Kat22 says:

          The Special One surly? Surely not. ;-)

          • bri_saldana says:


          • Sarah, Madrid says:

            Just to putiti perspective kat, the special one was basically making funbod the press who been attacking him for one week, so he answered their questions in the most annoying way possible by saying pretty short answers and that's it lol
            That's simply what you get from getting into a media war with Mourinho

            • Sarah, Madrid says:

              This auto correct, put it* fun of*

            • Maran says:

              Yes, because he´s basically the "puto amo" of the pressconferences.

            • Kat22 says:

              @Sarah – as a die-hard Real Madrid fan you might know if there's any credence to this: There's been some rumours floating around the British press that Arsene Wenger could be replacing Mourinho???

              • Sarah, Madrid says:

                Who reported it? the sun right. No, Mourinho is going nowhere as Perez said for million times and Mourinho said he is finishing his contract unless he is getting sacked.
                Anyway, it is exactly what I meant by media war, everyone spread that RM was in crisis after clasico lost, where they started with these crazy rumors including "Wenger" replacement lol.

    • mata says:

      As a neutral I have to say ManCity were robbed. If it weren't for the terrible refereeing they would have won 3-1. It seems like 85% of the time I watch an EPL game there's a terrible, game changing decision, I'm starting to understand why you don't see more English officials asked to referee the big international games.

      • Kat22 says:

        Well, I'm a neutral as well. I take it you think it wasn't handball then and therefore didn't warrant a penalty?

        • mata says:

          Afraid so. It is only a handball if it is deliberate, and the rule book says the referee must take into acount the proximity of the offender to the player who struck the ball, the speed of the ball, whether or not the offending arm is in a natural position, and the chance the offender had to get out of the way, and Dowd got it wrong on all counts. He didn't even seem to see that the ball deflected off the player's foot, another factor that is to be taken into account. In fact, it was pointed out that Dowd didn't even get it right in the hand that he thought had hit the ball, determining it was the hand Richards had up in the air rather than the one down by his side. Which offends another directive – if you're not sure don't call it.

          • Anonymous says:

            Neither of Richard's hands were by his side, both were raised and how do you know that Dowd didn't see the deflection

            • mata says:

              The video replay shows the arm that Dowd was pointing to as the offending arm was not the arm that actually hit the ball, which means he didn't see it.

          • Kat22 says:

            But I thought if a defender at any time places his arm (voluntary or not) in the shooting path and therefore denies the opposition team a goalscoring opportunity, the referee is correct in awarding a penalty?

            • Anonymous says:

              You are correct haha

            • xoWinnie says:

              it's at the discretion of the referee, of course, i think some people just suspect things went a little too right in Liverpool's favour that night…

            • mata says:

              No, it's under Law 12 (misconduct) of the codified Laws of the Game. It has to be intentional, hand to ball and not ball to hand. The book is probably available online and it's only about 50 pages or so, if you're interested.

              • Anonymous says:

                I'm telling you that if the arm is not by your side it's a handball unless you are in super close proximity, which is not the case here. Why do you think when defenders are blocking a shot or are in a wall they put their hands behind their back? Because if they move their arms and the ball makes contact it will be called.

                Referee are meant to consider if "the player's hands or arm in a 'natural' position?"

                I think your definition of intent is wrong

        • xoWinnie says:

          i saw the replay…that handball was about as intentional as Pepe's apology to Messi was sincere…total robbery in my opinion.

          • Anonymous says:

            If it was intentional it would have been a red card. "Intention" really has nothing to do with whether it is a foul or not. Honestly as soon as your arms leave your side that's intent enough.

      • Anonymous says:

        umm city scored 2 goals on 2 shots on target, liverpool carried the play until around the last 15 minutes or so. I'm not really sure where you are getting ManCity were robbed from.

        • mata says:

          The referee made two egregious mistakes and that is why the scoreline was what it was. Liverpool played really well, but often the better side loses, that's football. The end result would have been different were it not for Phil Dowd's errors. You can say it was "poetic justice" for LFC to win or that they "deserved" to win, I wouldn't quibble about that, but I don't like to see teams lose because of bad refereeing, that's all.

          • Anonymous says:

            What were the two egregious errors?

            • MissU Paolo says:

              I'll guess the Richards pen and the no call when Charlie Adam kicked Dzeko in the box.
              Just for grins, I'll add, Dowd giving Kolarov a yellow for having the gall to protect himself from a late (and kind of high) challenge, falling on Henderson. All this after he's kicked the ball away.

              I'm not even surprised anymore and I know City isn't the only 1. But is it just me or is the refereeing in Eng getting worse and worse??

              • mata says:

                No, it does seem to be getting worse,and it's all very fine as in the case of the Rodwell red card to reverse it retroactively but the game has still been ruined.

    • xoWinnie says:

      i saw the replays for that match, and i honestly wished i had watched it,
      i would have watched it over the clasico even (goddamn history class)
      Hart was majestic, the loss was certainly not his fault,
      he made some tremendous saves, and looked sexy as hell when he was angry
      i know this sounds bitchy, but i don't even like Liverpool,
      i'm just glad this is yet another competition City is out of…

    • bri_saldana says:

      God yes Joe Heart has got to be the best keeper in the Prem for me right now. He's a beast and I'm just glad that the Reds had it in them out play Man City. Can't wait til Wembley, like Stevie said…respect Cardif, show up to play and hopefully we can get some silverware.