September 7th, 2011

Midweek Results: Planking & Pointing

The Republic of Ireland side briefly lost concentration during their 0-0 draw with Russia when an image of Robbie Savage in his ‘Strictly’ costume appeared on the stadium JumboTron. Image: Getty Images/Daylife.

With normal league fixtures resuming at the weekend, now is your last opportunity until er… October to vent spleen at your international side’s performances. Or short tents. Or newly birthed facial fuzz.

Whatever you like, really.

Denmark 2-0 Norway

Arsenal fans will no doubt be thrilled to see that Bendy has finally found his scoring feet… just after leaving the Emirates. Image: Getty Images/Daylife.


England 1-0 Wales

Many commentators have reported that the England vs. Wales game lacked excitement. We beg to differ. Image: AP Photo/ Sang Tan/Daylife.


Finland 0-2 Netherlands

As per the latest edition of Kickette Training Manual (Player Conduct On The Pitch) Nicklas Moisander makes sure he has a good handful of Klaas-Jan Huntelaar before addressing the ball. Image: AP Photo/LEHTIKUVA/Martti Kainulainen/Daylife.


Italy 1-0 Slovenia

We knew that ‘planking’ was catching on in the footballing community, but even we were surprised when Thiago Motta used the Italy vs. Slovenia game to show off his talents. Image: Getty Images/Daylife.


Romania 0-0 France

Despite employing Karim Benzema’s patented ‘player repelling force field’, France were unable to beat Romania and secure automatic qualification. Image: Getty Images/Daylife.


San Marino 0-5 Sweden

The Swedish NT. Just a big, yellow, three headed bundle of cute. Image: REUTERS/Giorgio Benvenuti.


Spain 6-0 Liechtenstein

That’s a beard. It is. Why is he messing with us again? Image: Denis Doyle/Getty Images Europe/Zimbio.

Over to you, girlz n’ boyz.


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53 Responses to “Midweek Results: Planking & Pointing”

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  3. leelah says:

    The Ramos.
    pure beauty.
    nuff said,

  4. YoungChelsea says:

    Ramos is so lush <3

  5. Pallas says:

    First-time comment from a long-time lurker.
    First of all, a huge thank you to all at Kickette. I love coming to this happy place where we can love our footie, appreciate the players, celebrate our rivalries and best of all, still play nicely. So many other footie forums on the web are poisoned by almost pathologiccal viciousness between club and country rivals that it just depresses me. So a round of applause and strawberry daiquiris to all Kickettes, I mean it.
    Secondly, yes, I know it's a beard. But it's also The Ramos and it cannot disguise his overwelming walking talking breathing hotness. And that smile… the ice caps just melted!

  6. bri_saldana says:

    Ok that's it…RAMOS is my new husband!

  7. camille says:

    ramos. so cute. forever. no matter what. (and i'm not even a fan of him)

  8. DebS says:

    Yay for Sweden but I just can't help but feel bad for San Marino. They have had 49 goals scored against them and haven't scored one. How hard must it be for them to go into these games with any confidence? :(

    Watched to France game. Where was Gourcuff? Is he hurt? I could tell Benz was getting a bit frustrated. His teammates seemed to have a tough time getting him the ball. :(

    Great goal from Sergio and great assist from Negrado. But Sergio, WHEN are you going to do the flips again?!

  9. sogourk says:

    france needs Gourcuff

  10. Peanut9188 says:

    I'm just happy Ramos's locks are getting longer, I'll take the beard. Happy to see Spain bull dozing…..Vivid Espana!

  11. LuvinBale says:

    MMMMMMMM…..Baaaaale. *drools*

  12. jen says:

    so glad to see dagger wearing the armband for denmark, he deserves it! we're all proud of you! ynwa!

  13. Jen says:

    Happy for England, although they didn't look great…they need to step it up if they are actually going to make an impact at 2012. Spain amazed again….just so good!!! Also, Armenia won—–woohoo!!

  14. Kristina says:

    That picture of Ramos is lovely! And hooray for Xavi, having played 103 games for the Spanish NT!

    And finally the Swedes delivered, yes! There sure is a lot to look at in that team… But if I where a Milan fan I would be worried about Zlatan's form. He looked heavy and slow.

    • DebS says:

      Not only hooray for the # of games but he what a golazo!

      • Pam says:

        Right! I was amazed that the goalkeeper didn't have a chance to react. He stood like he was rooted to the spot, completely taken by surprise :) And Xavi reacted so coolly to that goal, like he scored one every game :)

        Ramos too doesn't get goals that often, so it was a delight to see them both score!

  15. Green 4 says:

    I was just thinking myself how much Sergio looks like Jesus, Ha.! Come on Ireland, you can (must) do it. We need to qualify…..!

    • IrishBlue says:

      Hopefully! I was sitting in Lansdowne Road last Friday watching them play Slovakia and it didn't do much for my hopes but as everyone says, the spirit is there. Trap's a stubborn man though and I'm getting a little tired of the 'just lob it forward' technique.

  16. Nienke says:

    Jesus Ramos… Only sandals are missing.

  17. Miss Lampard says:

    Also there's a bonus for you girls, a funny thing that I've found on the Internet recently. Would you know how our beloved footballers, like Cesc, Nando, Xabi, Stevie G., Lampsy, Zlatan, David Beckham, Nasri, Cristiano Ronaldo, Lio Messi and many others were like when they were young? And also there're pictures of little Mourinho and Sir Alex, click here!……

    • April says:

      There is one of most of the Spain NT too, which held some very cute photos (like even babier ones of some). I think it was on, but not sure which post.

      I love that Cesc looks exactly the same!

  18. Miss Lampard says:

    Disappointed again for England. It's true this time Lampsy played, but England it's still too slow, they need to move the ball more quickly if the really want to have a chance to win and convince. The defense isn't in a good form, 'cause in the final of the match, Wales, that played better than England, actually, for the entire match, have 2-3 occasions. But football is also a lucky sport, sometimes, and I thank God that England was lucky this time. Sincerly I'm a bit worried about Euro 2012 because England for sure, will be face better and stronger teams than Wales.

    Delighted too see the Sexy Andalusian Sergio Ramos with this first hot beard!!

  19. Pallas says:

    First-time comment from a long-time lurker.
    First, a thank you to everyone on Kickette. I love coming here because it’s a happy place where we can love our footie, have our rivalries and support our teams but without the depressing pathological viciousness that infects so many other footie sites. So a round of strawberry daiquiris and a big thank you to you all.
    Secondly, yes, I know it’s a beard but it’s also The Ramos (TM) so it cannot disguise his gorgeousness. And that smile… it just melted the polar ice-caps.

  20. Gladys says:

    Is Busi affectionately touching The Ramos' hipdip? Aww. Take that, El Clasico tension!!!

    • Gladys says:

      Oops…sorry, I think it might be Negredo (he had the sexy red wrist-wrap, no?) Oh well, at least everyone's smiling.

      • DebS says:

        You were right the first time. Busquets is #16 ;)

        But I'm sure it did it just to make us all jealous…shame on you Busquets…it worked!

  21. Zahara says:

    yay im so happy for them! :D
    after losing at those friendlies and stuff, i am so glad la roja are back. and can prove to the world that they are the same amazing team they were at the WC, and they are football champions, coz some ppl were starting to doubt them.

    YES! 6 nil!!

    • Sarah, Madrid says:

      As I said friendlies doesn't matter, Spain was delivering in euro qualification! And I can't believe they actually doubted them that was ridiculous!

      • Amy says:

        My word they looked good. All of them. Together. None of the club drama BS… this is the Spain I love! Except if I may be so bold… Busquets is such a tool. Viva la roja!

        • Sarah, Madrid says:

          Vamos espana! We are in euro 2012! I said it in my post, don't know why kickette didn't post it

  22. MISSED OUT: GERMANY-POLAND 2:2. Friendly last night in Danzig.

  23. Pam says:

    La Roja rules! It's been a while since they trashed anyone 6-0. I think the last time they did was against Poland in a friendly right before the magical 2010 World Cup.

    Villa, Negredo, Xavi, Mata, Cesc all had an outstanding game! Llorente should have scored off of Villa's pass to delight his home crowd….

    It was sad to see Torres being left out of the squad. Hope he does well in Chelsea and makes a strong case to be chosen to La Roja's Euro squad. He's in danger of being left out of the squad altogether which would be sad given his was the goal that got Spain its first major trophy in 40+ years and opened the flood gates for La Roja's dominance in the recent years.

    • Melanka says:

      completely agree with the Torres comment

    • DebS says:

      Seeing Torres sitting there with his arms crossed and the most pitiful pout on his face was so sad. Poor kid. Hope he gets his mojo back soon.

      Llorente has played better at club level and done well when he's played for Spain. Also since this was his hometown, I can understand why VDB opted for Llorente instead of Torres. It was great to hear the fans calling for VDB to put Llorente in. Just wish VDB would have given him a bit more playing time.

    • April says:

      I worry whether he responds well to that type of challenge, or if that just gets to him all the more. In having read a few interviews, he strikes me as the latter type but wants to come across as the former. I sincerely hope that Mata and Miereles send some passes his way. Some great analysis on some Chelsea fan site shows the lack of service he gets in comparison with others, which ought not to be the case for a 50mil investment.

      I really hope things change because he seems like big fixture of La Roja for the players and fans, even when sitting on the bench.

      I have to imagine it sucks to spend the time in the stands when you have babies at home, as much as he would like to support the team. But some folks had to be cut as only 18 could dress… most were just surprised Negredo got the start after the game on the 2nd, but he played well (it was thought to be between the Fernando's after each did well in training).

      • Pam says:

        VDB said after the game that players that had a good club season got a chance. Negredo had a much better club season than Torres. And Soldado is having a pretty good season as well. Now that Spain has qualified, I am hoping that VDB gives Torres, Soldado, Negredo and other players that haven't been fixtures in La Roja a chance in the October qualifying matches against Scotland and Czech Republic so that they all stand a fair chance of making their case to make it to Euro squad. That would also be a good chance for VDB to try some of the younger defenders like Botia, Montoya, Dominiguez, Vila etc to fortify that shaky back field.

        Torres needs some competition to motivate him and get him back to scoring form. He has a full season ahead of him to make his case.

        • April says:

          Agreed… I think that Negredo hasn't done bad at all, though it can be said that he didnt have his best night on the 2nd, but heck, most of the first half players didn't… it sort of took awhile for them all to get into the game. I might have just read into the press commentary too much (of course, I shouldn't) that it was going to be between Fer and Nando.

          And VDB's reasoning makes sense… it's just tough because I do feel that while Chelsea wasn't the best choice for Torres (I feel like half the team is strikers), he has also lacked the type of service that he succeeds with, so we'll see if some restructuring of the midfield will help and if he can get used to the wingers on his sides. Whatever works! Love him or hate him, I think it is terribly sad to watch any sort of sporting talent drift away.

          I, too, hope to see the young defenders get a crack at it. While there is great sentimental value in the long-standing defenders that might be getting up there in age, it is good to get practice under the young ones' belts!

    • Kat22 says:

      I think what makes it even worse is that Tuesday was the eight anniversary of his La Roja debut.

      He first played on the 6th of September 2003 against Portugal.

      • April says:

        That just made me more sad about it! I am too much of a sentimental blubberer to not have that tug at my heartstrings. I read on Una's blog that it was the first time he'd never at least been on the bench since 2006. Ouch… but maybe that's the hire under his bum he needs… let's hope!

  24. IrishBlue says:

    Thank god for Richard Dunne. What. A. Man. He was immense, he put his body (and face) on the line time and time again. I couldn't help but laugh when they had to frantically draw a number 5 on a spare white shirt with a marker when his original one got blood on it. Shay Given was also good, those two guys have just about kept us in the running to qualify.

    Oh and John O'Shea wasn't playing and we wore white jerseys against Russia, that's an old photo from the Slovakia game Kickette!

  25. Carolina says:

    US lost to Belgium.

  26. Figgy says:

    I cant stop giggling at that planking photo..
    Anyhoos, kinda disappointed with the England game. Yes we got the 3points but man was it a dull performance.
    P.s. Ramos looks great :')

  27. Sarah, Madrid says:

    Vamos espana! To euro 2012!
    The best part of the win seeing mata on the pitch next to alonso, the boss and the mini-boss together! Love how adorable when Ramos ( who's bread I don't approve off either!) scored the goal and xabi started saying something that made him laugh, I want know what has been said! Love love Negerdo goals and I was cheering for a hat-trick + Maravilla was marvelous, no?…
    Btw, I am so happy to see pipa getting his goals shoes on!
    Now, can't wait for liga to start with UCL, enough with international break!

  28. Kat22 says:

    I think England were very lucky to win that game. Wales played so well and really deserved a goal.

    • Kat22 says:

      Love that photo of Ramos by the way! Cute smile :-)

    • April says:

      I found myself sort of rooting for Wales part way through the game (blame it on the little bit of heritage I have from them… or the fact that they really played as hard as they could and held their ground fairly well against the #4 team). I haven't any real ties to either team though, so it was a good game to just watch as a fan of the game.

      • Kat22 says:

        Well, I'm actually German, but my better half is British…half Irish and half Scottish actually. :-)