August 18th, 2011

Midweek Results: The Ego Expanded

Mou contemplates the reality of losing a ‘tiny little trophy’. Images: Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images.

Right, people. A little cautionary note. We know you’re all foaming at the mouth and twitchy of the fingers after last night’s er… match, which we are thrilled about. We love it when you take part, and your comments form a huge n’ hoppin’ part of our site.

But. We will be watching you like remarkably well-dressed hawks. Play nicely, or find yourself in a virtual headlock courtesy of our comments moderator. She hasn’t been fed for three days in anticipation of this event and is quite frankly ready to ban if you so much as think about being rude to someone cuz you don’t support their club.


Spanish Super Cup

Yeah, this is kind of how we feel about it too, Sergio. Images: Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images/Daylife.

Would you believe us if we said that last night’s SuperCopa second leg fixture between Barcelona and Real Madrid passed peacefully? That Jose Mourinho remained impassive in his seat at all times, watched his team perform well but lose a thrilling five goal match late on before shaking hands with his opposite number and quietly leaving the field?

No. You wouldn’t. Whether you’d be horribly disappointed or not is another matter.

All we know is that somewhere in all this crap, a pretty good football match took place last night between two teams who boast (most of the) finest players on the planet. Today, few are talking about Cesc Fabregas’ first competitive appearance in a Barca shirt, his pass that led to the winning goal or his first trophy since 2005, Leo Messi’s pinpoint pass to Iniesta that led to the opening goal or Crispy’s 100th for Real Madrid.

Most, including the players, are trying to figure out whether The Special One’s ego has inflated over the summer by such dramatic and narcissistic proportions that it is overshadowing everything else. That his antics, which this time included an attempted eye gouge on Barca assistant Tito Vilanova, what appeared to be a kissy face when the dude reacted and his petulant post-match statement that the SuperCopa ‘is a tiny little title’.

It might be highly entertaining, but we too are not entirely sure whether it has anything to do with football anymore. And if nothing else, Real Madrid’s players deserve better than that.

Champions League Qualifiers

Oh Aaron. You so purrrrty. Image: Julian Finney/Getty Images

Happily, the Champions League qualifiers that took place over the previous two nights have been much more sedate affairs. Admittedly it frightens the hell out of us that the CL Final is scheduled to take place in Germany on May 19th 2012, and we’re already reporting on games, but sights like that above will help us through, we’re certain.

On Tuesday, Arsenal beat Udinese 1-0 in the first leg of their fixture, courtesy of a fourth minute Theo Walcott goal. It wasn’t a hugely convincing performance, particularly since it hinged on the hard work of ‘keeper Wojciech Szczesny, but the Gunners take a lead to the Stadio Friuli, which we figure is marginally better than a kick in the teeth.

On Wednesday, Bastian Schweinsteiger and Arjen Robben scored one each to give Bayern Munich a 2-0 first leg lead over FC Zurich. They might have had many more though, and it is reported than some Bayern fans voiced their displeasure at the number of shots that didn’t make the grade, both during and after the game. It just shows, doesn’t it?

Elsewhere, Lyon beat Rubin Kazan 3-1, FC Twente drew 2-2 with Benfica, Dinamo Zagreb gave themseves the best qualifying chance possible by beating Malmo 4-1 and Villarreal suffered a shock 1-0 defeat to Danish side Odense BK.

Only nine months and one day to go, Kickettes! Are you excited yet?


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235 Responses to “Midweek Results: The Ego Expanded”

  1. Gooner1 says:

    i think both madrid and barca r unclassy.we all kinda knew that madrid plays dirty at sometimes but we have to understand that barcelona are hypocrits. They r the worst! As soon as someone touches them they fall to the ground. But the most annoying thing is that it's doesn't take 1 minute before the referee is souranded buy 10 barca players. Yes they play good (but boring) fotball (my opinion) , and yes they win everything they see, but they still remain as hypocrits.

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  3. sahil says:

    i think mourinho is a little kid ..he was fighting like one..

  4. Shauna says:

    This was played out in the public domain (see on TV/in football stadium) but what sparked the normally placid Ozil into losing his cool is now being conjectured on internet/twitter. The words attributed to him on those sites are most likely not his. But, as the original melee was in the public domain the players/clubs/football in general have now lost any "we'd like to keep this private" they might have. As the words being attributed to Ozil regarding why he reacted (what the sites say Ozil says Villa said to him) on websites could insite religious/racial hatred/violence – go read the blogs which are all promising "Villa, next time you are in Madrid…." The only way to end this, whatever Villa did or did not say to Ozil is for the players involved to come foreward, like adults, and say, what was said. If Villa DID say the words being attributed to him, he had better apologize, Ozil accept the apology and we all move on. If Villa did NOT say the words attributed to him, apologize for whatever WAS said, Ozil accept apology, we all move on. Either way, it will kill these religious/racial rumours on the web. Come together, and act like men, Ozil & Villa, now's your chance!

  5. linvinnaar says:

    Never mind the El Clasico when Kickette have so considerately put Aaron Ramsey in the same post. That boy is delicious.

  6. Johanna says:

    As long as both teams exist, there will always be fights. It was bizarre between Villa and Ozil because they're always calm as well as Higuain. I just read some of the comments and I'm ticked off about what was said of Pinto. I'm not saying you have to like him but get your facts straight before talking about someone you don't know. Being older, he was around before Valdes. He was captain of the Celta team and won a Zamora with them. If anyone knows Barcelona well, it is like a family and when anyone messes with your family, you are going to defend them. Pinto is closer with some guys than others and that is what has landed him in trouble. I am not justifying his behavior but some guys are more impulsive than others by nature. The first fight occurred because he didn't appreciate Arebeloa's derogatory comment towards Keita. Anyone that watches Barcelona in practice knows that Pinto is always around Messi, Keita, Alves, Adriano and Mascherano. I don't know what caused his anger this time, maybe he was defending Villanova. Anyway, he can afford the red cards because he doesn't play. Mourinho's behavior on the other hand was absolutely disgusting, which started the whole thing. Before the fight he was mocking the scorer(or some other authority) and constantly complaining over the refs. You never saw anyone on Barcelona reacting to the fuel until he touched a trainer. Another observation, if Marcelo and Pepe only play to take people out, they should move to the rugby league.

  7. Sarah, Madrid says:

    That's why Jose acted the way he did! It doesnt excuse him at all, repeat AT ALL! but at least I know there was a reason because I was questioning his insanity a bit.

  8. Paypalpatrol says:

    I find total truth in the fact of villa insulting Ozils religion. It is quite well known that the Spain-ish people are not the best at embracing other cultures so maybe in is anger villa spewed demeaning language. Villa and his evil goatee do not put an innocent picture…

    But the fact of the matter is that I have never once seen Mesut Ozil lose his cool the way he did that night. He is always calm and collected, while villas rage is displayed on many occasions. So if it is speculated that villa was throwing out personal insults i have to believe it. So all I can say is Ozil is pretty scary when mad and kudos to Higgy for stepping up to defend his teammate.
    Also big praise to my man Xabi and The Ramos for trying to break up the fight. ( as futile as their efforts might have been)

    On a side note I don’t get the Mou outrage….. Jose is Jose did anyone expect anything less from him….. And that whole thing was pretty funny I mean did anyone else laugh at how satisfied he seemed with himself to have gotten a “jab” of his own in?

  9. Leya_S says:

    Lemme start by saying I'm a Barcelona fan. HOWEVER, I have qualms with BOTH teams.

    1. Barca players, just like RM players, are no strangers to diving, crowding the referee, and fighting. Back in the day, CR7 used to make me so mad because he spent about 90% of his time on the ground as the diver extraordinaire. But he's gotten a lot better, and as much as I love my team, I simply cannot honestly say that some Barca players, Biscuits in particular, don't irritate me to no end bc of their diving.

    2. That being said, Barcelona players go down easily not just for diving, but also bc they're small! I wish people would sometimes realize that. When a majority of the players are about 5'8" and under, it means that when coming up against bigger players, they might go down easier than others, but it's a size thing. The real problem is that because of that, it LOOKS like a foul, so not only do refs call it, but sometimes Barcelona players come to expect those calls to be made, and then whine when they aren't.

    • Leya_S says:

      3. I've come to expect fighting in Los Clasicos, and THAT'S BAD! I always think that team rivalries are generally more for the fans than the players. Would Fernando Torres have moved from Liverpool to Chelsea if he believed in that rivalry? No. And countless other players have done the same. But in Los Clasicos, the rivalry seems to be permeating EVERYONE'S minds. There is a little bit of mob mentality, I don't doubt, when these two teams play, but I feel like it's getting worse, and that maybe some rivalries are spilling out past the boundaries of Camp Nou or the Bernabeu.

      • Leya_S says:

        …okay, REALLY, my comment isn't THAT long!
        anyway, continued…

        4. Marcelo's tackle was nasty, and props to Cescy for shaking it off. HOWEVER, why on EARTH does that mean that everyone ELSE needs to rush in there to throw down? Excuse me, hi, but this isn't gang warfare, here, it's a footy match; the beautiful game…let it be beautiful!! Also, why must racist remarks now need to be made? Pinto, WHY are you off the bench AGAIN to get involved? Jose, WHY are you poking Tito in the eye?!?!? WT actual F? Idk what else happened in this squirmish, but David Villa must have really done something obnoxious to get Ozil to have to be restrained. Same for Pipita, because he was furious, too.

        Most importantly…
        5. I'm worried for the status of the SNT. Without a doubt my favorite team, but if these Clasicos keep going the way they are, I see a permanent divide and the fall from grace of the Spanish National Team. VDB better start devoting some time to Players Therapy sessions…

  10. noelle says:

    i really think its the media that makes it so much worse, u have ppl who play on 2 very different teams, some of them r friends or closer than others, some of them may not be…. they each have love and devotion and too much pride at times for their own clubs… when they meet, they should have more respect for each other and their selves to not make an ass of themselves out there and just give the fans a good show of football

  11. noelle says:

    it always seems like as a RM fan, if something supportive is said about our team, here comes a barca supporter to be a troll……as a madrid fan, is RM better than barcelona? NO, but i think we've come a long way and we're on the right track….it seems like when a lot of teams face barca, its this "oh we're gonna lose but lets just try not to lose by 5 or 6 goals" type of mentality….. i appreciate my team for always giving it their all and putting up a fight (and no, not some street or fist fight)…..if barca are the best, to be the best, everyone is gonna be coming after u and be prepared to defend the title of being the best…. and if madrid want to be the best, then u have the beat the best….so as long as they try, give it their heart and soul each time, play smart, and its not some obsession to beat barca…. win or lose i'll love my team….

  12. noelle says:

    mou has a huge ego and the man is no saint at all, he does beyond stupid pointless childish things but no one can deny that he's a great coach…. i think he really loves his job and the players he works with and he takes it seriously, he’s hungry to win and prove he's the best coach but being the best coach isnt just measured by wins, trophies, and accolades, its about being a gentlemen too and having class and dignity…..lets work on the last part of that ok mou!!!…..he's the coach so im sure RM fans are behind him to an extent but as grown ppl, we should all know when to draw that "support" line, i think he embarrassed himself not so much the club cuz who would be supportive of behavior like that…lets face it, RM hired him to coach and bring trophies, not so much for his outstanding moral character… a madrid fan, im sorry to see him act that way…i hope he realizes kids r watching and whether he or any other professional athlete likes it or not, they're role models so they should all start to act like it… i think sometimes it takes seeing urself doing something shameful and bad and ppl on ur case to really realize ur wrong and start trying to change ur ways….

  13. noelle says:

    im a real madrid fan and marcelo for sure fouled cesc, cesc didnt dive so iker was wrong (so everyone ready to crucify iker,my god, the man is not perfect!!! maybe just his looks but plenty of ppl make mistakes) when it comes to real madrid and barcelona, it always boils down to a bunch of girls fighting, they all need to grow the hell up, it doesnt matter who started it, if you join in you're just as guilty as the rest…. we can go on for days about the wrongs these 2 clubs have done to each other….. its so pointless….. marcelo got the red and he was leaving and the entire barca bench jumped up and i understand the need to protect cesc and stand up for ur team and everything but it really made everything worse, he already got punished so everyone needed to find a seat… cesc im happy to see u at barca and thank god u werent hurt…. marcelo and pepe, we need to ask the lord for help on making better choices mkay…

  14. FootyFanUSA says:

    My theory is that Mourinho is trying to create a gaping
    Wedge between Real and Barça players so that when the
    Spanish National Team gets together there is already anamosity
    Between the players. Sure he wants to win la liga and the
    Champions league. But im sure being the head coach for portugal one day
    Is not to far off for his ambitions. Lets face it Barca and madrid players pretty
    Much make the national team, if they cant stand each other
    That will affect their game….Portugal has a shot at winning something.
    I guess we shall see what happens during Euro 2012. Sure mourinho
    Wont be the coach of the portugues side, but sure they will gain
    The pleasure of knowing they wont have to deal with the spanish side because
    The players hate each other. Thats what I think

  15. S4Jill says:

    I didn't watch the game cos it was on sooo late but I am so excited that Sergio wasn't mentioned in all this. I hate to think he was getting man handled about. But on a serious side, it's sad when antics after the game ruin the good work of 90 minutes of superb football.
    P.S. I'm also really happy for Arsenal, i'm apprehensive as to what this season will bring, and since my Captain has crossed over to the 'other side' I've had to Un Follow him on Twitter. I can't be hearing about the Champions and they're neither Real Madrid or Arsenal.

  16. Melissa says:

    At the very least it looks like there's no truth to those rumors about David Villa insulting Ozil's religion–which I'm glad to hear. Even though I'm a Madridista I'm relieved that while Villa may be a jerk sometimes, he's not a racist jerk.…

  17. Thanks for the good news…………………..

  18. Shelley says:

    Jose also kicked Cesc in the head…..

  19. Soccergirl154 says:

    Let’s be honest here. RM played in my opinion, better than Barcelona. It is unfortunate, that every single “Clasico” there’s a fight that makes a great game ugly. We are used to the diving and the drama of the Barcelona players as well as the desperation of the RM players when things don’t go their way. Regardless, it is unacceptable for Villa to mess with Ozil when he’s clearly shown in all the videos just trying to keep the peace and not stepping on Fabregas, like some people say. Kuddos to Higuain for defending Ozil and also to Ramos for learning that being hot does not mean you have to have a hot temper to match. This is just the beginning of la Liga and I hope these two teams learn something and change their behavior before their December match.

  20. xoWinnie says:

    oh goodness, i thought nothing could be worse than the November classico, or the first Champion's league classico, but boy was i wrong.i've heard nothing but bad things about this game, so i've decided i'm not even going to bother watching it. but i do have a few things to say regarding some comments i've read on here. mostly about the fact that things just keep getting worse as this rivalry progresses. for the most part, comments have been civil and made a sh*tload of sense, but then there's also the ones that are just plain ludicrous.for example; a lot of Culés have been criticizing Iker for the post-match comments he made. let me ask you this: where the hell were you when Pique, Xavi, Iniesta, Busquets, Pedro, Bojan, & co were badmouthing Madrid every chance they could last season?

    *crickets*–yah, that's what i thought!

    well then, all the sudden Iker has an opinion and all hell breaks loose? what a nice bit of hypocrisy! what the man's not alone to speak his mind? and why is it so hard for people to admit their wrong-doings? why are all fights always spun to make Real look worse? like Barcelona are saints or something lol let us not mention a few throat-grabbing incidents against a new arrival's former club last season in the CL.innocent my ass!

    him and Xavi really need to get some therapy for that goddamn Napoleon complex they have. gees!

    and please, don't bother giving me crap about "well Madrid did this and that too". trust me I KNOW WHAT THEY'RE LIKE. the team has problems, i (along with other Madridistas on here) will be the first person to admit that. Mourinho is an ego-maniacal (possibly sociopathic) MORON. with very little tact, and even less self-control. all of our defenders are loose cannons, yes, even Sergio, though he has calmed down a bit. Cris is still selfish, so is DiMaria, Kaka still hasn't proven he was worth his pricetag, etc, etc, i can go on forever. i just don't see why at the end of the day, some Cules want to play it off like were the scum of the earth and everything they do is in retaliation to something we did first. sorry, no, i doubt we're the ones who tell your players to dive at every opportunity.

    /end rant.

    • Kristine says:

      You get it girl…

    • Sarah, Madrid says:

      AGREEEEEEEEEEEEEE! As I madridista already said it, I know what's wrong with my team.
      It is funny that some of friends ( madrid fans) were constantly on Iker back because he was so nice when Barcelona players used to kick the crap of our team in statements lol.
      Ironically that Iker is a mouthpiece for Mourinho just because he managed to say what he thinks one time, it was stupid I wnt deny it. But keep seperating Pep and his players actions. With Real Madrid, it is all Jose fault, in Barcelona wait for it is Mourinho fault too.

    • Titi says:

      Well, I know people sometimes talk about Barca players bad-mouthing RM dito. I'm actually surprised about that. Their words has almost invariably come after a dramatic clash between the old enemies. There are harsh words thrown all over the place. Pique tells RM to concentrate on football, Xavi says (as usual) that the best team won, that Mou uses boring defensive techniqes, and so on. On no occassion I find it to be so offensive that I would use the word bad-mouthing though.

  21. bethetwelfthman says:

    Getting red cards seem to become a tradition for El Clasico now. The match was really good before they all got into the row…=SS The ending part ruined the match and it became the ONLY thing that people talk about, as usual. Poor Cesc, it was his debut and he actually became the person who directly/indirectly triggered the incident. =(…

  22. Agnes Wonka says:

    Congrats to Arsenal for that important victory!

    Sadly, as usual in Spain, we saw the victory of diving against real football. Mourinho is so right!

  23. TMCM says:

    After all the drama of the Clasicos earlier this year, I could almost applaud both teams' restraint in the Supercopa matches. It was nice to see a semblance of decent football as opposed to the spectacles at the end of last season. I am a big Barcelona supporter and wish I could wring the ears of those players who push the acting too much and take away from their beautiful game and the fact that they're a cohesive team. I especially feel sorry for Real Madrid who should be able to rely on their coach to bring out the best in some of the most talented players in the world yet has only accomplished the most riling antics.

  24. xbabyshakesx says:

    I can't even watch el clasico anymore because both sides are not at all classy nor are they even playing to win, they just play to see who can win the ref over =.= so ashamed….


  25. Mary says:

    I think you guys will love this – 1min video of RM players discussing tactics at half time.…

    • Mary says:

      very cute how Cristiano is listening intently to Di Maria's tactical suggestions. Iker doesn't really look like he's holding things together.

  26. DebS says:

    I love my Madrid boys but I must say I was quite disappointed in my dear Marcelo Sunshine. I don't think I've every seen him deliberately foul someone like he did to Messi. And clearly Cesc didn't dive, Marcelo totally clattered him. I was glad that Cesc didn't get seriously hurt.

    Some positives from the brawl….I was really impressed to see the likes of Sergio, Victor and others not taking the bait and trying to calm things down. Barca players were trying to calm down Madrid players and vice versa. For the level of rivalry between these 2 clubs, it was a nice surprise to see that. Mou…all I can do is smh. I love the guy but that was totally uncalled for. Meanwhile, my daughter got a kick out of the fact that Cristiano was standing way back on the pitch away from it all. She said, "he's like, "man I'm looking too good to get in that mess. I don't want to mess up my face." Poor CR7…will he ever live down his stereotypes? :p

    Overall, I thought it was a good game. I really like the way Coentrao played. Even with Pedro being as quick as he is, Coentrao didn't get beat. I must admit I was a bit surprised to see Cesc get subbed in but good for him. He looked like he had been with the team for years and not just the past couple of days. And he looked SO happy to be there. No disrespect meant to the Arsenal fans but he spent 1/3 of his life at Arsenal. I can't be mad at the guy for wanting to go back home to the club of his youth.

    Hopefully, things will settle down a bit now that there will be no Classicos for a few months.

  27. PepaCandela says:

    It has just been too much, too many games in too short a period of time, and with the results being kind of one-sided. Hopefully the "break" from now until December will cool things down a bit.

  28. PepaCandela says:

    Can we lighten the mood here a bit? Because this is pretty hilarious and a befitting continuation of this absurd circus:…

  29. sarah says:

    Ok I just found this video of Mou being hit but I want to know if it was after he did that thing to Vilanova or not.…

    • Pam says:

      It was after he poked Vilanova in the eye. I saw it live and I saw the recorded footage. You will find plenty of footage on YouTube to see for yourself.

      And here is some non-Spanish (read, non biased journos) reporting the same thing — excerpt from…

      Mourinho did not lash out at Vilanova in a moment's anger. Television footage showed that he calmly walked up behind the Barcelona No2 and reached round to grab him, before turning and walking away. As he did so Vilanova slapped him. At first Mourinho appeared to be grabbing at Vilanova's cheek but photos showed his finger in his eye. After the game Mourinho did not comment on the incident except to claim that he did not know who "Pito" Vilanova was. Although it may not have been intentional, Pito is slang for penis.

      And from…

      Initial TV images suggested Mourinho had tweaked Vilanova's lug but close-up pictures suggest a gouge. Vilanova responds by turning and shoving Mourinho, who retreats and smirks. This, after Marcelo had been sent off for his hack at Fábregas and Mesut Ozil (Madrid) and David Villa (Barcelona) were also dismissed.

    • enough morbo says:

      it was after. after mou poked vilanova in the eye, vilanova turned around and hit mou on the side of his face

  30. Sarah says:

    Honestly I'm embarrassed by my team. I am so mad about what happened at the end of the match. Even though we did not win we could have left without embarrassing ourselves. I love Mourinho, but I am really disappointed in him. People are saying he should be fired, but that is a little dramatic. But he needs to apologize and face some sort of punishment. It was crazy saying Mesut that angry he is the last person I would expect to get that mad. Villa needs to not make excuses about it either. Oh and I am glad there is not another one of these till December.

  31. realfan7 says:

    Both teams should be embarassed. They acted like children. RM let their frustration take over. Barca acted like little girls and rolled around when a Madrid player breathed in their direction. Both matches were great. Madrid showed they've truly improved practically dominating the games but they just didn't score. Barca capitalized on the few mistakes that were made. They both played with intensity, passion, and heart but runied the game with their antics. Grow up, guys!

  32. Green 4 says:

    I am a Real Madrid fan. They played so well but the focus was all about Jose. Hate this.! I wish people woud stop giving him the attention. He is a great talent, as we know, I just wish he would act a little normal. And yes, he should lead by example.

  33. Tired Of This says:

    Long commentary:

    I don't see where people are getting this "iker the peacemaker " from because in my eyes he is a large part of the problem. He obviously has his own inflated ego, and he too has pushed his own fair share of Barca players without merit. IDK but at the CAPTAIN, I feel like he should be doing much better, and Puyol has definitely got him beat. He get's yellow cards for a reason when they play these things, and it's not because yellow is a saintly color.

    Another problem, this time for Barca is the reserve goal-keeper. I don't know his name but he always seems to be in the middle of things even when they don't involve him. He has to be the sub with the most red-cards; he probably has more red-cards than he has match experience. If I were Pep I would talk to him about his temper.

    Pepe and Marcelo really need to grow up, especially Pepe. The grabbing and pulling has GOT TO STOP. I hate watching these games simply because it's stop and go. The flow is all messed up because Pepe is always sending someone crashing to the ground. You're a professional defender Pepe. Do a professional job.

    I'm surprised at Ozil and Villa. Even Messi. They aren't known to lose their cool. Mou must really be "inspiring" Ozil because I have never seen him act like that, also since he was given the #10 by management I thought he would act a bit more like a #10. Villa seemed pissed and so did Messi from the start of the game. Probably just tired of Madrid's nasty tackling strategies…idk but I'd get tired of constantly being shoved to the ground time and time, again simply because someone seemingly doesn't have the skills required to stop me properly.

    Cristiano…stop running off at the mouth and please try to pass the ball more. You get Yellow cards for reasons that can be avoided and you have got to stop being a selfish player. Part of the problem, whether anyone want to admit it or not is that he and Di Maria don't work well together on the pitch because both want to be the star of the game and so they hardly pass to each other.

    Good Job Kaka and Dani Alves(for once) for not being involved in this. I know Alves was involved but atleast he wasn't in the middle this time having to be held back. You too Victor Valdes…normally you're part of the chaos but you held your temper better this time around.

    • BlackRose says:

      I applaud you and I couldn't agree more.

    • Sarah, Madrid says:

      "He obviously has his own inflated ego", I do agree with you but I will never agree that Iker has inflated ego! One mistake, means nothing! He is still the saint!

    • dottydorothy says:

      I totally agree with your analysis! The reserve goalkeeper for Barca is Pinto. He seems to be trying extra hard to prove he's a Barca player! I wish they would sell him and buy someone who is less of a jerk! ( and I am a HARDCORE Barca Fan)
      You forgot to mention Di Maria diving, who falls more often than any other player in whole of La Liga!
      Villa is usually very stable, wonder why he got into it all yesterday! Very disappointing. I was very surprised to see him in there! Ozil too! These are 2 of the most likeable chaps in both the teams combined so very very uncharacteristic of them to get in such a brawl!
      Pepe should be banned for all his tactics! And its not just Classicos….. the rest of La Liga teams get manhandled equally by the chap! and I dont know what Marcello was thinking…..he did a scissor cut! that cant possibly be accidental! I understand its very normal to get heated up in final games but comeon! that was just plain STUPID! What did he think would happen, with 40 secs remaining that such a foul would change the game?
      Commendable of Cesc to act normal despite the lunge! I dont know if you guys have seen the photo he tweeted where he had an Ice pack on his leg in the locker room! He really did get hurt!!
      Good of Mascherano to calm Higuain down…..shows that atleast some of the Argentinian team is still a team!
      I feel Messi being pissed sometimes is justified…infact if I were him, I'd get pissed more often with the way Madrid defence keeps HITTING the guy! I notice he takes it all in his stride mostly!
      Thank God that Busquets was in control of his theatrical emotions yesterday! He sometimes seriously make one want to go shake/slap him for being a brat!
      Like you said, Good of Kaka and Alves to be calm!
      And will Mourinho's mother (if alive) please take him aside and seriously Box his Ears for being such a sore loser?
      The Match was perfect yesterday …Madrid was very rough but atleast they were attacking! One has almost started expecting them to beat their opponents to the ground by now so their tackles dont seem to register anymore! Barca for a change were being made to earn their keep in terms of stopping Madrid's shots! Great save from Casillas at the end! But this whole drama just makes you pull your hair out! I hope to God these 2 dont meet as often again this year! Dont think Spanish NT would survive it! and more than ANYTHING, I want Spain to win again!

      • dottydorothy says:

        Oh another thing, I would have thought by now Madrid would have gelled together as team, but did anyone notice that whenever Barca scored the whole team would descend on the player like it was the most amazing thing he ever did, but no one came to celebrate Benzema's equalizer???? Was very sad to see that! Felt like going and giving him a hug myself (poor chap looked so alone!!) Xabi gave him a low five and one other guy gave him a hug…but thats it! and I would have thought that was the most important goal of the game from Madrid's perspective!! It was just 10 mins before the final whistle and had it not been for brilliant Messi, the game would have gone into extra-time which Madrid would definitely have won!!

      • Deanna says:

        LMFAO to ANYONE that thinks Villa is usually stable. Who are you watching? I love Villa, but he slaps players and gets red for it pretty consistently. I called it passion, but the slap to Ozil shows he has a temper. Which disappoints me.

    • Ashley says:

      Tired Of This you are full of Tired Bull%4it.

    • xoWinnie says:

      i agree with the majority of what you said, but i really do think Iker is coming from a good place.
      as the captain of the NT his opinion holds a lot of value. maybe he does have an ego.
      i don't know, i can maybe see a little bit of a "holier-than-thou" attitude here and there.
      but how else is he supposed to get people to back up off one another when they're heated?
      unlike VALDES usually does, Iker knows to back off until it is absolutely imperative that he get involved.
      he's not doing a 50-yard dash from the net just to get in someone's face.
      Pinto really just needs to sit the f@ck down and stop trying to become the new Valdes.
      i so agree with you, he has more red cards than he has minutes on the pitch.
      he's a loose cannon and obviously lacking common sense.
      as for Cristiano, i can understand his anger. he's always been selfish, but he's a lot better now.
      DiMaria is like a younger version of himself so i can see him
      being threatened by having to work side-by-side with him.
      albeit talented, the kid is also kind of a nut, so i wouldn't trust him too much.
      Ronnie wants to win–is that too much to ask?

      • Tired of This says:

        Hmm. While I do understand your point I guess for me, the fact that he is the NT captain is what gives Iker his inflated ego. You can see it when they play; the way he reacts and talks to the Barca players, TO ME, sometimes seems like he is trying to lord his NT captaincy over them. He does throw his power around on the pitch and it's apparent TO ME at-least, especially when dealing with the young ones like PQ. There have been many times where he has pushed Villa or PQ and I'm just like "what was that for" especially since he had NOTHING to do with the situation. He HAS done a 50yd dash to get in someone face, just watch the classico's, which clearly show him running on more than one occasion to throw around his fair share of insults and shoves. He doesn't calm anything down, he mostly just adds to the chaos which is why he too get's yellow cards. The thing about Valdes and people like Sergio Ramos is that no-one pretends like they are perfect angles on the pitch. Iker gets that luxury though it isn't necessarily deserved, at-least during classico. I'm not trying to say that Iker is a bad guy or that Valdes is level-headed(cause that will probably never be true) but I am saying that Iker seems to slip through the cracks with his antics, mostly because people have put him on this undeserved pedestal in the context of the game. I get that you think he is trying to help resolve the issue, but I think his version of resolve and your expectations of what resolving a conflict entails, don't overlap. IMO(keep this in mind) his version of resolving is running down to the issue and pushing people around and pointing fingers in their faces, using his NT Captaincy to his advantage, because it's a position that commands respect. However during classico his position as NT captain holds no merit.

        Crisitano and Di Maria are both selfish players and they honestly don't work well together. That is my view and it has been for a while now. Di-Maria doesn't want to be in Cristiano's shadow and Cristiano wants him to be his shadow; that, for me, is a recipe for disaster. The sad part about it is that Mou just lets it go, he probably even thinks it's funny tbh. Mou is a smart man, and he knows his team, yet he continues to let Cris and Di Maria basically ignore each other on the pitch unless they are forced to pass to one another. It's not not just Cris, but Mardid want to win, they can't do that, if two of the most important people on that squad don't work well together. I don't think Cris feels threatened at all…he has no reason to be. He passes to Benzema but Benzema is the safe choice…he won't over-shadow him and he isn't a 100% starter.

        • Sarah, Madrid says:

          Iker is a bully now!I dont get how you came out with this opinion, when did Iker shove Pique, in first classico in Camp Nou last yeat? when he tried to calm Ramos first down, then Pique, of course has to use his captainy privileges that he has in these kind of situation, he knows his SNT mates respect him! why not try to use it in order to calm things down! Remember back when Pepe get the red card, Iker was nowhere to be seen until things get heated and he came to calm his team-mates down and talk with the SNT mates at Barc, because again he is their captain, they respect him more than fanyone in madrid. __Iker is the SNT captain and RM captain, could you imagine the amount of stress he is under because of these clasicos, Iker is rarely even speaking with referees, he rarely object! he usually calms his players down. I suggest you pay more attention to Iker, than watching couple of scenes when he shoved Pique away of already heated situation to calm things down.

    • tüdülüüü says:

      mesut said that david villa insulted him because of his religion, the islam…
      and i think that is really rude and stupid of villa….

  34. Nienke says:

    It's all Mourinho's fault. If Mou left, everything would be way better. I don't understand why he's still there.

    • BlackRose says:

      it's way too expensive to fire him. And I guess this is the sort of manager Flo likes, after deciding some years ago that Del Bosque wasn't good enough and (very un-elegantly) disposing of him. My bad.

    • mamaly says:

      And then who ???? Barca will still be better.

    • Agnes Wonka says:

      he'a a great coach, what are you talking about? he's not perfect….

  35. adela says:

    Jose Mourinho has destroy football all at once, he could be a smart guy in a tactical way of speaking but he is just a gorilla from a human perspective ( im sorry if i offended gorillas )

    • sarah says:

      ….god thing pique reads this website.

    • Agnes Wonka says:

      Mourinho is honest when he express himself. He says what he truly thinks, he will never be hypocrital!

      • Pam says:

        No, he is delusional!

      • Julie B. says:

        what does he will never been hypocrital do you mean, when the reporters ask him about what he did to Tito Vilanova he says he did not know what they were talking about. It does not get more hypocrital than that Im sorry for you.

      • Lotte says:

        And that makes it what? Better? This is a tired, old excuse. I don't really think that you mean that it is ok to insult someone as long as you have honest intentions. Think about it. Besides, one of the things about being a grown up is to know when to shut it. Mou behaves, as so often before, very childish. And never hypocritical you say? The guy calls out for manliness and behaves like the biggest baby of them all. Who's the hypocrit?

  36. Joan says:

    I have a different opinion. This is all about the testosteron. They need to fight. Hot guys, exciting match and the fight. It's not only about the football anymore and I accept it. I am strange but I do like fights. I remember that huge Portugal Netherlands fight.
    Why are you so shocked with the fight. Nobody cares that in ice hockey they fight all the time and that sport is not about fighting. Stop kidding yourself men need to fight, it's just their primitive nature.

    • Rossanera says:

      I mean this in the nicest way possible, but this is ridiculous. Testosterone? "Men need to fight, it's in their primitive nature?" Just because it's a more common occurrence doesn't make it acceptable. This isn't ice hockey, this is football, il gioco piu bello, la joga bonido, the beautiful game. Sportsmanship, fair play and respect are a HUGE component of the culture of the game. The rest of us are here for the sport, not the "hot guys" and the "fight", and I think most of us are on the same page when we say we're sick of this shameful behaviour sullying the beautiful game.

    • sarah says:

      sorry but it makes the clubs look bad when it happens. of course things will get heated, but seriously they need to restrain themselves.

    • Agnes Wonka says:

      I agree. Men are gutteral

  37. Mrs_Guardiola says:

    How I love my wonderful Pep for rising above it all with his usual grace and dignity. <3

    • Lotte says:

      Always cool and alway hot he is our Pep :) .

      • Slave4Mou says:

        Too bad about his love of jeggings…Pep should stick to jeans and plaid (his best look I'd say)

    • Adriana says:

      As a Madridista, I really appreciated the fact that Pep took the time after the game to congratulate Benzema on his goal.

  38. Linore says:

    In no way, shape, or form do I approve of what Mourinho did – but I would like to point out that Vilanova hit or poked Mourinho in the back of the head first when the fight was beginning.
    He may not be the head coach, but he is still a coach.
    Why isn´t anyone talking about his behavior?
    What Mourinho did was absolutely wrong and I am disappointed that the manager of Real Madrid would behave in such a manner, but what Vilanova did was equally wrong.
    Let´s be fair.

    • enough morbo says:

      i think vilanova hit mourinho after mou poked him. the video showed by tve and some other channels was (conveniently?) cut at the wrong moment

      • Adriana says:

        …And that makes hitting Mourinho acceptable?
        I do not know who hit the other first, but retaliating hardly makes the other person better.
        I think the point Linore was trying to make is that no one has even mentioned that Vilanova hit Mourinho, whether it was in retaliation or not.

        • Seriously? says:

          no one said it was acceptable, but instincts kick in, and people feel the need to defend themselves.

          and to clear up your confusion Mourinho hit him first and then Vilanova hit him back. Everyone knows he hit him back and people aren't mentioning it because it really doesn't matter. The person who starts the fight always bares the responsibility. The bottom line is that retaliating is a basic instinct and he wouldn't have felt the need to retaliate if Mou hadn't put his hand on him. You mean to tell me that you would just let someone hit you in the face? I don't believe it.

          • Adriana says:

            Yes, seriously.
            According to your logic then, Ozil should not have gotten a red card last night.
            Villa hit him in the face and he was simply trying to retaliate, because it's basic instinct.
            It does matter that Vilanova hit him back, especially because it was done a time after Mourinho's act – very different from an in-the-moment self defense action.

            • grossed out says:

              I think a player Slapping someone from the front is very different from a coach POKING SOMEONE IN THE EYE FROM BEHIND! Villa slapped him from the front! You see it coming and you have time to avoid or take a decision ( and players have much much shorter reaction time than normal people) but if someone comes from BEHIND and POKES YOU IN THE EYE (Which by the way is the most fragile of all 5 senses and usually the most important), your decision capacity goes and basic survival instinct comes over! So no, Tito reacting is NOT the same as Ozil reacting. That said, VERY stupid of both Villa and Ozil and DISGRACEFUL of Mourinho! Cant really blame Tito in any of this though!

        • enough morbo says:

          actually, the post i replied to said "i would like to point out that vilanova hit or poked mourinho in the back of the head first"
          was just trying to clarify the actual sequence of events. never said it was justified

    • Sarah, Madrid says:

      That's why I think that mou shouldn't be banned alone, what he did is wrong, but Tito poked him back! So, both should be punished.

    • BlackRose says:

      Vilabnova poking him was immediately AFTER what Mourinho did. And if someone all of a sudden, from the back, did that to MY eye just to piss me, yes they'd be successful: my reaction would be worse than Vilanova's I assure you.

    • Sarah says:

      Uh i am pretty sure Mou provoked him. Of course Vilanova is going to "fight back" and not just stand there. Still childish no excuses.

  39. Dutchgooner89 says:

    Barca vs Real Madrid games used to an exciting match to watch, but am so over it now, the play acting, cheating, fighting always deters from the fact that some lovely football and goals are always on display between the two.

    The monkey chanting towards Marcello and Pepe was classless by the way…I mean don't they realise that Eric Abidal was on the bloody field too….

    • Pam says:

      Agreed. The same goes for Bernabeu crowd. There were monkey chants against Alves on Sunday. I mean, don't they realize that Marcelo was on the bloody field too…

      • Dutchgooner89 says:

        Spain really needs to stamp out racism within football, i mean if it did happen in the Premier League can you imagine the out cry from the likes of UEFA, Sepp Blatter?

        • says:

          Racism will naver get completly stamp out of football just don't count on it, especially in Spain. Sepp Blatter and Uefa have done enough for players and fans to respect and tolerate each other differences. Players do it in the heat of the moment as well as fans, is it unfortunate? ofcourse!

  40. Pam says:

    A lot of recent controversies between RM and Barca have had Mou at the center. Clasicos are intense as usual, but Mou seems to make them darker than usual with his despicable side-line antics or press-room comments. Does everyone remember his tirades last season about how everyone is out to get him and his team (UEFA, schedule, referees, and probably the air that he breathes and the water that he drinks!). Maan, he's one suffering from one hell of a paranoia!

  41. ChristinaLFP says:

    sure that tackle by marcelo was a red card. but the whole barca bench did not need to all get up , the ref does have eyes and he was going to give red anyway. Pepe tried to help Fabregas up from the floor and was pushed back. wtf. Mesut is minding his own business and gets pushed and slapped. wtf. he goes into a rage and starts practicing the spanish he has learned. Pipita higuain is deffending him and gets dont condone violence but Real Madrid would totally kick some cule b.u.double t

    • Diana says:

      Don't know why this has gotten dislikes. It's true. The whole bench didn't need to interfere with a situation that the ref handled appropriately. The Barcelona players should have let Marcelo get sent off the field and let the last couple minutes of play continue.

      That said, as a Madridista, it is embarrassing to see Marcelo and Pepe repeatedly make these harsh tackles. The team has been playing so well, and I really don't like seeing a couple of players' thuggery give the rest of them a bad name.

      Lastly, I just want to say that I when I was watching the women's world cup, the sportsmanship and good attitudes of the players were evident and the boys really could learn something from them.

    • BlackRose says:

      Yeah, Saint Ozil. Mesut was minding his own business??? He was name-calling -"son of a b*tch" and all-) and messing around, when it had NOTHING to do with him. He slapped Villa's arm out of the way just before Villa slapped him back. Now, KAKÁ was minding his own business, no doubt about this. What was Mesut doing there in the middle of things? The laundry?

      Not only Barça's bench got up, Real's did too. The main difference being that while Guardiola was trying to appease his players and cool things down, Mou was, well, doing the exact opposite.

    • PepaCandela says:

      The entire Barca bench was ALREADY up because the game was less than a minute from being over so they were set to rush the field. You can see that whenever the camera cut to Pep in the waning minutes of the game- they are standing and jumping up and down and ready to celebrate. The red card happened right in front of both benches.

      And what set them off? The minute Cesc hits the ground Mourinho rushes over to him, and from several angles it appears he attempts to kick him in the head (but misses) while match officials try to stop him from approaching Cesc. Everyone should be above this kind of fight, but people are also always going to attempt to defend a teammate, especially one who is lying (maybe injured) on the ground.

      As for Villa v. Ozil and Pinto v. Higuain….who knows what happened there. I am just REALLY sick of having to analyze video of fights after a match rather than video of the actual match.

      • sarah says:

        no they were not they ran off that bench
        were you watching the game?
        and mou tries to kick cesc in the head? are you kidding me you better be trolling. you probably get your info from Barcastuff.

        • PepaCandela says:

          were you? you missed all of those shots of the bench then?

          and actually, the first video of the Mourinho "kick" came directly from RTVE, and has been corroborated by several other sources. Here is the link, it happens at roughly the 2:35 mark.

          lmao that Barcastuff is such a flashpoint for everyone, when all (s)he does is repost things already printed by someone else. it's so funny to see the replies calling him(?) a jerk for translating what was printed somewhere. I guess it's easier to hate on an anonymous person than question the actual source.

          and I'm a troll? yeah, I have a long history of insulting people on here. right. crazy me.

          NOBODY should be fighting. If this had happened on the opposite end of the field probably nobody would have.

          • sarah says:

            lmao that video shows no attempt of stomping on cesc. It looks like he kicked the ball away that is about it.

            And yeah I agree that no one should be fighting at these games as it obviously damages the reputation of both clubs. Mou was a major embarrassment and very childish with his eye pinch whatever you wanna call that.

            • PepaCandela says:

              well, he had to take a swing at the conveniently-located ball since all the ballboys had been hidden by Barca, right? I guess RTVE is just part of the big UNICEF conspiracy. wont bother posting the other videos or the stills because, really, what's the point.

              there was absolutely no reason for Mourinho to go anywhere near Cesc, which is why the delegates immediately moved him away. if he doesn't do that, regardless of his intention, the night could have ended very differently. but then again, there was no reason for so much of what went on last night.

    • Agnes Wonka says:

      I agree with you. Barça players always act the victim, while RM players are attacked without deserving it.

  42. Shelley says:

    Agree that Ronaldo was selfish. I counted him lose the ball while dribbling at least 6 times.

  43. JA7 says:

    First of all congrats to my lovely gunners for their win over Udinese!! Really nervous for the 2nd leg though, but I have faith. Moving on yesterday's game, it's not an El Clasico without a huge fight and some red cards lol. I've seen the fight video a couple of times, and if you watch you can see Kaka, bless his soul who stood so far away from the fight with his hands on his hips chillin lol. The only player I can say that has so much class. What a legend. #Respect.
    However, I'm soo disappointed with the whole racist chants that took place yesterday. Racism has no place in football, or anywhere in fact. Don't ruin the beautiful game with that crap, it's disgusting.

    • Gladys says:

      Totally agree with you about the racism thing! Chants directed at Marcelo at Camp Nou…chants directed at Dani at the Bernebeu…what the heck is wrong with La Liga fans?!!! I feel like the world thinks racism is so rampant in the U.S. but if you tried that at a game in any major city in America, not only would you get your a** kicked, but you'd be kicked out of the stadium. Disgusting. Something needs to be done.

      On a more superficial side note, I agree about Kaka (one of Barca's Brazilian players– can't remember who– had his arm around his waist totally consolingly as if Kaka was just so disenheartened by events). I myself was relieved to see Thiago standing on the sideline looking completely distracted and uninvolved like some super hot Muppet. Adorable! Ah bless.

      • enough morbo says:

        also kudos to mascherano for pulling higuain away from the fray, and to sergio ramos for smoothing things out with pinto

        • Gladys says:

          I know! Good for The Ramos. He has a hothead reputation but he kept it together during the fracas. I, sadly, can't say the same for Barca's resident hothead Villa. I'm pretty disappointed that he slapped Ozul. There's a lot of speculation about what and why it happened, but I think most accounts say that he went off on him cause Ozul stepped on Cesc while he was on the ground. Even if that was the case, I honestly cannot imagine Ozul, of all people, doing it on purpose. David seems like a really sweet guy off the pitch (maybe he is our Ramos) but his temper keeps him from being one of my favorites. Sorry to say it. (I wish Ozul, in turn, could have kept it together and avoided his own red card for not leaving the pitch…but I guess I don't know what it's like to be a guy who's been slapped in the face on international TV.) I'm just going to try and keep in my head the images of all the players on both teams who weren't fighting. (I love that image of Messi and Higgy from behind hugging during the first leg.)

    • Pam says:

      Agreed on racist chants. There were racist chants against Alves at Bernacue on Sunday as well. Both set of fans (and Spain as a whole) need to be educated on that front. They are still living in middle ages!

      • Sara P says:

        I couldn't believe the Racism either….

      • JA7 says:

        Exactly!! It saddens me that racism, such a horrible thing it is, is sometimes brought into football. It's a beautiful game, and we really don't need all that! It needs to be addresed though.
        ps. it was dani alves who gave kaka that hug lol

    • Sarah, Madrid says:

      Indeed! I don't want to excuse Marcelo actions, but maybe that's why he has been so stressed out on the pitch because notice how the game was smooth until Marcelo got nervous! I don't want blame in the fans, but they can play a role in that, these small potrtion of bernabeu and camp nou fans that are giving bad names to spainsh football, I hope both clubs are fined for it too.
      Agree, about kaka and messi too btw, so proud of Ramos and pipa for trying to fix things, even pepe was pushed around for nothing when he tried to help! ( I get it that some barc players are frustrated with him).

  44. littlegreenpea says:

    Believe me, as a Barcelona fan, I don't much care for Real Madrid. I speak the truth (in my opinion) in saying that Real Madrid has a much hotter team than Barcelona (or all of La Liga, for that matter) BUT they just have a lot of great players together on a field, not as a cohesive unit.
    *Also. I put Aaron Ramsey on my fantasy team because, well, I enjoy looking at him. So it doesn't say much about my values if Chicharito, Valdes, and Ronaldo are on my team. I don't really like Ronaldo that much, but he's still hot and he scores goals.

  45. Shelley says:

    Would Jose get away with as much as he does if he was average looking or ugly? I don't think so. Amazing what you can get away with when your hot eh?!

    • BlackRose says:

      idk, I really can't find big old babies hot. The crying childishness, lack of analytical mind and cowardice kill my libido :(

    • sarah says:

      ….. ummmm busquets got away with what he said to marcelo and he is ugly as sin. Mou still might face punishment. but I agree if any other coach had done this the reaction might be stronger but of course it's ~mou just being mou. rme.

  46. Lotte says:

    I agree with Kickette, the Real Madrid players deserve something better than Mour.

    I liked the game. It was dramatic and tight. RM was playing really well and were looking very eager, of course. There was fantastic goals and Iniesta and Messi showed their magic. There were also dives, from both sides, as always. There were the usual thuggery from Pepe. And also from Marcelo, wich dissapointed me.

    But I must take a while to ponder the mystery that is Mourinho. I have gone from feeling rage everytime I see his childish smirks and gestures, to being totally baffled and bewildered. How on earth is it that he wants to show the world this undignified behaviour? I honestly don't get it. Why? Something isn't right. He seems mentally inbalanced.

    I think some of you know what I think of Pepe. Right now I'm wondering if it is wise to place players like Pepe, and Marcelo, in the hands of a person like Mour?

    No. RM deserves something much better.

    • Lotte says:


      • Shelley says:

        It's not the first time Jose has lashed out in a violent outburst. He punched a Manchester United fan after a game of Inter v Man Utd at Old Trafford. He shook a reporter and screamed at him in Italy. He ripped up an opposition teams shirt when he was Benfica manager. For a manager he has a dangerous record of violent outbursts and sore losing. I don't remember another manager who is so aggressive when things don't go his way as Mourinho. I remember Brian Clough (not at the time but remember watching replays when I was young) hit a fan who invaded a pitch. Scholari hit an opposition player once. But don't remember many other managers doing the same. There is a thin line between genius and tyrant.

        • Lotte says:

          I know. I only wish that people wouldn't excuse his behaviour because of his skills as a coach. There is more to life than football. The end doesn't always justify the means. I mean, this is a sport. You should be able to watch it with your kids. To me, his behaviour owershadows his achievements.

          • eg4 says:

            I agree with you – it is sad for the Real Madrid players who get lumped into the "thuggish" category. I mean, even Sergio Ramos managed, on the whole, to keep his cool last night – it was heartwarming not to see him right in the middle of the brawling – such a dramatic difference from last fall's first Clasico (sigh, my boy's growin' up!). And to see Ronaldo standing off to the side sort of shaking his head at it all. And yes, it's hypocritical for both sides to accuse the other of unjust diving – they both do it, and obviously. Still, I found these two games highly entertaining and am proud of RM's performance despite Mou's less-than-savory displays.

  47. meh says:

    cesc doesn't seem to have injury problems now…, he must be careful wen posting pictures on twitter its as if he's rubbing it in the gunners faces that we don't have trophies. im truly disapointed in fabregas first kissing the badge and the flaunting pictures, he deseves to be at barcelona but please have some respect for the team that made you…

    • xoWinnie says:

      watch some jackass come to "remind" you that he was at Barca first.
      well no sh1t Sherlock, like we didn't already know.
      too bad it was Arsenal who made him the player he's become.
      everyone seems to conveniently forget that…

    • Agnes Wonka says:

      I agree. He became a real twat!

  48. Mar says:

    Sex Fabregas' first (of what is sure to be many) trophy at Barça comes after all of six minutes on the pitch, as opposed to six YEARS at Arsenal. I could not be happier with the glorious end to cescgate and Super Copa. That being said, the Blancos gave us some amazing football and as much as I hate to admit it, they were the better team in the first leg. I'm already itching for the next clash of the titans. Bring on la Liga!

    • meh says:

      'trophy at Barça comes after all of six minutes on the pitch, as opposed to six YEARS at Arsenal' true, BUT 8 years at arsenal made him the great player he is today, no one seems to remeber or respect that…

      • says:

        Meh i Agree, totally agree. As a pro player and member of spain NT, he should be worry if he's only going to be playing for such a short time. He will win trophies, but will not have the chance to play well enough.(could be wrong, maybe pep would give him more playing time, but if not Cesc should see him self as a spectator who only get the chance to kick the ball from time to time!

      • sarah says:

        i know right, but this place is full of cesc fangirls (look above) so i'm not surprised.

      • Agnes Wonka says:

        I agree with you soooo much!!

    • Agnes Wonka says:

      winning trophies by warming the bench, that's not what Cesc talent deserves! he deserved to stay in a team he led!!

  49. Rossanera says:

    I'm not even going to comment on El Clasico. I agree with the comments of those who've stated this rivalry culture has descended into riot. It's completely robbed me of my desire to have anything to do with those two teams, which is sad because I adore those boys (on both sides).

    NOW. On a more positive note – and perhaps as an exercise in comparison – in my humble opinion, the match between Arsenal and Udinese was everything good football should be: an exciting, entertaining, hard-fought contest between two evenly matched teams, without any diving, egregious fouls or histrionics. I knew Udinese would deliver, and they did. I'm so happy Udinese had the chance to represent the Serie A on the European stage and demonstrate that there ARE Serie A sides that play bright, attacking, beautiful football, and that it isn't just all about catenaccio. I'd also like to comment on how CLASSY and gracious Arsenal's fans were. The atmosphere in the stadium was great (from what I saw/heard), the Italian media has been replete with stories about how well the travelling fans got on with their Gunner counterparts, and I have not seen a single disrespectful, taunting comment in any forum yet. I'm so excited for the return leg, it'll be a great match.

    THAT is football.

    • Dutchgooner89 says:

      I was at that match and the Udinese fans were amazing, seriously they came with good spirits and i met alot of their fans who were just lovely, their fans have done Italy proud of how they acted first class!! :) and i must tip my hat off to the Udinese team for playing such POSITIVE football where they were going forward instead of the STEREOTYPICAL Italian way (sorry dont mean to disrespect Serie A).

      And i loved how their manager said coming to London/Emirates stadium was like going to New York, if they were playing against any other team than i would so root for them but my boys need a result in Italy next week to qualify, Ramsey is coming to his own now playing some wonderful football and that goal was beautiful. Our goalie was man of the match, that man Di Natale is one dangerous player!1

      • Rossanera says:

        I am so jealous you were there! I get what you mean about "stereotypical" Italian football, no offense taken, but it's frustrating to keep hearing that because it's really a thing of the past. The quality of play in the Serie A is just as good as it is in other league – no one knows because they don't watch. When Udi met Milan in the away leg of the Serie A last year, there were 4 goals scored on each side. You don't get that by playing defensively!

        Oh, Antonio. What can I say about Toto? The man is magic. He plays with heart, and he's still a threat, at, what, 33 years of age now? I LOVE HIM. I really do.

        Honestly? I wish we could just put BOTH Udinese and Arsenal through and boot some other teams … so that we get good football and less drama! I welcome you and your Gunners (in spirit) to Friuli and I think that whatever the outcome, both teams will exit with their heads held high!

        • Dutchgooner89 says:

          Trust me gurl because of Udinese i am definitely going to start watching Serie A again, they are now my fav teams in Serie A (yes am very biased 1 game has me converted lol)

          Urgh so annoyed that both of us cant go through but may the best team win (in this case arsenal :P )

  50. Lily says:

    One of the most evenly played matches between the two teams and some drama right at the end had to ruin it all.

    Madrid have come along way from a 5-0 loss, they won a competition against Barca, they have played almost par in the last two matches. I was starting to be very proud of my team. Now with all that drama that lasted all about 1 mins I want to cry and strike to get some fan right for a fair game from BOTH teams to cheer for and be proud of, is that too much to ask from these games?

    Mou what were you doing? You are to set an example!
    Pepe and Marcelo wtf seriously?
    Villa what motivated you to slap Ozil, one of the most peaceful calm players in football?

    I will end this off by saying congrats to both teams…Barca for winning…and Madrid for coming so damn close!

    Hoping for a year of great football and no drama…. Hala Madrid!

    • Lindsey says:

      really? you think it was par? Sorry but I would be embarrassed if I was Madrid.
      On their home turf they had to catch up to what was basically a second rate Barca side with their first team, then @ camp Nou, they were all over-the place and Barca was hardly in regular form. The first goal was scored due to confusion at the sound of a whistle that went off and the second goal? Well lets just say the ball ping ponged off so many people, it's not wonder that Valdes couldn't see it clearly enough to get to it in time. Sorry but Madrid still have a long way to go imo. When Barcelona is sharp Madrid get swamped, when Barcelona aren't in tip-top form, that's when Madrid stand a chance.

      • Lily says:

        everyone is titled to their own opinion

        Curious have to ask why is it that you think Barca was not in their regular form?

        If you look at stats from first game we had more possession and more shots on goal…

      • Sarah, Madrid says:

        and that's comment with Barcelona winning, what would happen if Madrid actually scored the chances they had in the games! Lily most of footballer anaylsts agree with her!
        and you know that real madrid could say the same about every lost we have against Barcelona, you know that this barc team had been together for years now and Real Madrid for what 1 season! who is the more perpared team lol! but we own our perfomance and the way we are playing!

  51. Rossanera says:

    Why was this thumbed down? She speaks the truth. He HASN'T delivered.

    • Thea says:

      Thanks Hun, I really think his actions of those of man who knows for sure that he second best and can't compete, but just can't get is head or his ego around it!!

    • Tapioca says:

      I respectfully disagree.

      Mourinho took Real Madrid from a group of highly-paid mercenaries that hadn't been past the group stage of the CL in 6(?) years and formed them into a TEAM who made the semi-finals of that tournament, won the Copa Del Rey and have gone from a 5-0 drubbing last November to beating/drawing with them enough times that Barcelona are getting worried – if you're confident in your superiority you don't have to cheat on the pitch or brawl with the opposition! I doubt even the most hardened cule is going to bet their house on a Barca victory any time they play anymore.

      • Rossanera says:

        I stand corrected – perhaps I didn't know enough about RM's prior success/failure to understand his accomplishment. (I also love how you said "I respectfully disagree" before a respectful post.)

        • Thea says:

          Well his has gone some way to turn it around at RM – they problem is that is recent history it's a job that no manager has been able to do all the way – that's the modern RM and that is MOUR's biggest problem.

          Good to see some honest debate going on here – it's been a while!

      • Sarah, Madrid says:

        Mourinho managed to turn our team from bunch of individual talents to a team who is competing with the best team currently.

        He is arrogant, but he didnt fail, I 100% agree with you! He is not a defensive coach either!

      • Shelley says:

        A squad which costs a cool £500m. Poor Jose how does he cope with such misfortunes! Capello won the league in his first season when Barca were also good. The games Mourinho lost last year, or indeed dropped points, can be attributed to him. Games where he rested Ronaldo RM either drew or lost and he adopted the wrong tactics in the Classico's as Di Stefano stated. Plus, Real madrid are currently WAY WAY WAY ahead of Barcelona in terms of fitness and first team players who have had pre season match time. I wouldn't rely too much on the last two games as evidence that RM have improved dramatically from last year. Real scored two scrappy goals and Ronaldo still hogs the ball and gives it away too often. I like Ozil and a few others, but think RM still need changes to reach Barca's level. JM is a short term manager though, he has not got the patience to build a team, he'd rather buy one.

  52. Jade says:

    All I'm saying is: If you can't stand to lose, don't play the game. What Mourinho did (An eye punch. Come on. You are a grown man.) is just plain inexcusable. The man, or so it seems, has some paranoia issues.
    I thoroughly enjoyed last night's match, it was good football. Maybe Mascherano and Piqué did overexaggerate a little bit when they were hit, but if Real Madrid doesn't want the referee to whistle, they shouldn't foul to begin with. And the problem is they do foul. You cannot blame Barcelona for being fouled. That's all.

    • Jade says:

      Oh and hello Aaron Ramsey! You'll be playing a lot more now, I hope? :)

    • Pam says:

      Not just an eye punch, but an eye punch from behind without any provocation from Villanova. Who does that, for crying out loud?!

      If you are going to talk about exaggeration, don't forget Di Maria's diving antics! He rolled at least 5 times after a simple tackle.

      • Jade says:

        Yeah, I did notice that, but I was kind of keeping it more neutral because otherwise one gets so many madridista backlash…

    • Agnes Wonka says:

      Piqué and Mascherano overexaggerate just a little bit? they always do it! and not just a little bit
      Barcelona's "beautiful game" is based on that. They take advantage that the referees support them

  53. Gladys says:

    I only got to see the first half of the El Clasico and it was beautiful, nail-biting football (Barca's elegant Fred Astaire footwork and short passes vs. Madrid's gazelle-like speed and beautiful long passes– amazing saves from both GKs). Wish it had stayed that way. At least I only got the ugliness update later on my phone rather than with my own eyes.

    That said, congrats to the Gunners and Dinamo Zagreb. Sad face for Villareal.

  54. Sara P says:

    I am a die hard fan of Real Madrid but these games are just getting ridiculous on BOTH SIDES!!! I think there are some serious ego problems…..yes for Mourinho, but for a lot of the footballers as well. I mean COME ON, please understand and remember that young children are watching and admiring you when you flop around on the field when you haven't even been touched, or when you foul someone so bad that you risk them getting seriously injured. Please footballers….remember that! You are role models and yes, although we watch the game for entertainment, please remind yourself that watching a game like that is NOT entertaining….it is DISGUSTING! You are grown men….so grow a pair and start acting like it!

    • Kat22 says:

      Well said!

    • Sarah, Madrid says:

      Well said! I still dont know what that's Jose was thinking when he did it! His kid is watching isn't he? or a bit late maybe, anyway his kid is going to see it!
      Clasico is a rivarly, rivarlies are ugly, but this was RIOT! because when football was played a beautiful game was shown on the field, that's how good both teams are! I am still glad, my beautiful Iker is never caught in this.

      • Thea says:

        I really think that Pep is handling himself better than Mour in all this and that although Barca dive and crowd the referee, they are not the instigators in the brwals, RM should not rise to the bait- they should play better football!

        • Sarah, Madrid says:

          now I honestly dont know who started it and I dont you will ever know, I dont like what Jose did! But in this kind of fights too many punches is in the air everyone trying to break it, but end up being part of it, it was crazy!!
          What Pep did this is what it suppose to be done, I respect him for stepping away!

      • Pam says:

        Sarah, I liked Iker as much as the next person. But he was dead wrong in his post-game comments yesterday! He said "they were hit and dived, as usual." He meant Cesc Fabregas — Marcelo had wiped him out. It WAS a vicious hit against Cesc and it WAS a red card offense. No one contested that it was a red card. But Casillas claimed Cesc dived because of a small hit! Did he watch the footage before he made that bone headed comment? If he had, he'd have seen what the rest of the world and their grandmother saw! If he hadn't seen it, he had no right to go about shooting his mouth in that stupid fashion!

        My respect for him has come down quite a bit now.

        • Pam says:

          I am still glad, my beautiful Iker is never caught in this.

          I am sorry, but Iker certainly was not beautiful yesterday after his bone headed comments!

    • Lotte says:

      I'm glad my kids were in bed by the time the game started. That grabbing and pushing and slapping. It's too much. And Mou!? He is supposed to be an example! He's calling the players that dives un-manly. But just how manly is it to come up from behind and poke someone in the eye? He has really crossed the line!

      • Shelley says:

        Completely agree Lotte, only a coward attacks a man with an eye gouge from behind. Claiming to be manly….. Por que??!

      • babette says:

        kids? Aren't you way too old to be posting on such a teen girls' site? You must have too much time on your hands!

        • JulieFromParis says:

          And you?? You're 12 to post such a comment??? Im 26, i have a little girl and am currently "bumping along;)" and so what?? There was a happy time when smart teenagers and olders kickettes could co-exist and have fun on this site without being judged. Teen girls' site??? what are you talking about??? You think those articles are written by prepubescent gals?? @Lotte, you granny!! What about using your free time to knit a lovely tea cozy or make a pillow in cross-stitching LMAO ;) )

          • Lily says:

            Agree with you JulieFromParis, no matter how old Fans of football shouldn't be discriminated by age.

            I am 25 newly married and no kids, am I too old to comment about football? LOL

          • Lotte says:

            lol, Julie! Perhaps you could join me for a lovely game of bridge sometime? :)

            Bumping along, ey? Fantastic! Good luck and all my best wishes to you and your family!

            • JulieFromParis says:

              Bridge? That would be marvelous indeed darling, lol! i'll bring ginger biscuits :)

              Thanks a lot for your wishes, that's very nice of you.

        • Lotte says:

          babette, I'm guessing you are…young?…from your comment. So I feel have to inform you that you seem to have picked up your knowledge about married-with-kids life from the fifties. My husband and I are very equal so now and then I can sneak myself a little computer-time. Excuse for being over twenty and having interrests besides my lovely family. Me, being here, and blowing off some steam sometimes, makes me a better mother. But you will learn that in time. In the meantime I think you should work a bit on your general attitude, hun. It's not very nice.

          • babette says:

            I don't think it is appropriate for a mother to be sneaking around on fan girl sites. And yes, that's what kickette is. Nothing more. The comments on this site read like they're straight from lonely fan girls who are swooning over some player's as*. Or when was the last time there wasn't a discussion about a player's as*, smile, "gold digger" girlfriend or whatever. That's all there is to it. What you call a modern mother I call a pathetic misplaced immature woman, who should know better. Too bad you don't. Sad!

            • Lala says:

              There is no age limit on this site, so the comments are not needed, babette. Plus, your comments just point to your own insecurities. Absolutely no need.

            • Lotte says:

              But Babette, say that you are right in assuming that everybody in here are lonely fan girls, what then are you doing here?

              No seriously, stop judging me when you know absolutely nothing about me. I have been working all day, I have put the kids to bed and I just want to sit here, drink my coffe and visit my favourite football sites without some narrowminded kid without a clue having opinions about it. Ok?

              And unlike you I'm quite convinced that there are all kinds of women and men in here. What we have in common is that we like football, and I imagine that people are in here because of the easy going approach of the brilliant Kickette writers.

              So please, mind your own life (or get one) and get the hell out of mine!

              • Sarah, Madrid says:

                Lotte! Just forget about her, I never know that football has an age limit or leaving comments in a football site is for teens only! the silliest thing I ever heard!

              • Lily says:

                @Lotte ….don't mind her, everyone is welcome on this site, married not married kids no kids…we are all free to do what we want!

                And you're right she shouldn't be judging you she doesn't even know you.

                Have a great day!!!

            • mila_casillas says:

              You, my dear, have issues. Married with kids does not mean one can't have other interests. Or that married-with-kids is an all-encompassing identity. And calling all those who visit this blog "lonely fan girls" is not only insulting (to yourself too I must add) but also very incorrect. Married people, people in relationships, and single living-the-high-life-people also visit it. So get off your high horse you judgmental narcissist and mind your own business.

            • PepaCandela says:

              Give Kickette credit for being a little more than a "fangirl" site. The fun here is that commentary on the players (and their lives) is mixed in with legit football knowledge.

              If you'd rather squeal and giggle and fangirl, head on over to Tumblr.

            • Sara P says:

              I think this comment is rather inappropriate. I would actually wager that most people on this website are adult women, more than likely above the age of 21; I am 26. I love this website and am happily married. I don't think there are any "girls" on here.

              Come on….we are here for a good laugh, some abs, and soccer discussion. I hate it when people have to ruin that.

              • PepaCandela says:

                Too bad I can only thumbs-up you once :)

              • Sarah, Madrid says:

                Agree! you can feel it actually from the level of maturity here that most of us are in our twenties or aboves!

                • mamaly says:

         got a 19 year old son , so i'am realy above "twenties' but somehow when Mou turns up, i am 18 again.

              • Hot4Spurs says:

                I'm sorry, But I thought all along that this was a site for adult women and men anyway. I don't think I would have signed up if this site were for teens. We do talk about adult situations here. Does your mother know you're on here baby babette?

              • Lotte says:

                Multiple thumbs-up!

            • April says:

              Yeah.. I'm 27 and without kids… guess i am just set to be a spinster, huh? This is much less appropriate for teen girls than it is for those above legal drinking age, but whatever. Age doesn't matter when admiring and poking fun at the world of sport.

              And yes, just what ARE you doing here yourself? Welcome, fellow "lonely fan girl". Ugh… get off your high horse and learn to take yourself and others less seriously. Life is a lot more fun that way… and truth be told, that is what will keep you young.

        • DebS says:

          or and undying love for all things football…as in my case.

          babette, this is a football site…not a "teen girl's site". Our dear Blake may have something to say about that, as will the other men who read this site.

    • AC_USA says:

      I agree with you all the way! As we say in America, take a chill pill. Come on people. Mourinho is acting like a child(my 7 year old cousin said he is acting like a baby) and it is just enough. I really just want one El Clasico without thinking-Oh when is the fight gonna break out?? :) The players need to focus on the game, and that is both teams, and not think about who is going to hurt who more. Kids are watching these things and the examples they are putting are not good. Dear Mourinho-Chill out. Players need to realize that most of them are on the same national team too so they are in the end hurting themselves as well. Just play soccer for God's sakes.

      • April says:

        Right? I really like the SPANISH NT! It was bad enough having to hear all about this drama when they came to play the US (glad we didn't really see evidence of it on the field), but now it continues after a whole summer to let it rest? VDB is gonna have his hands full come the next International friendly, if this keeps up.

        Bothers me all the more that people compare AVB to Mou- the two seem to have very different behaviors on the touchline and while addressing the media.

        A little feistiness and testosterone on the pitch is to be expected, but this was little more than a high school drama acted by what are supposed to be grown men, and perpetuated by the media to get the fans worked up. If I watch La Liga this year, it'll be to see any team BUT these two… I'm over them and this overrated rivalry.

  55. RAFAela says:

    Cristiano is sooo hot when he is angry!!

  56. Thea says:

    Kickette – I am astounded – The Special One’s ego has inflated over the summer by such dramatic and narcissistic proportions that it is overshadowing everything else, INCLUDING THE FACT THAT HE HAS MASSIVLEY UBDER ACHIEVED AT RM!!!!!! I cannot believe that he is still taking all the resentment and sore losing from last season in to this one, dragging everything and everyone down with him. Truly Pathetic.

    • Shelley says:

      Careful Thea, actually talking about football on here might bring about a few rabid responses! I agree however.

    • nina says:

      Underachieved? Playing against what some have named the “best team of all time”? I think he’s doing just fine.

  57. Sarah, Madrid says:

    I am not a neutral neither I am unbiased, I am a die-hard Madridista, so I will keep my comments regarding football only: that was a very beautiful football game played in Camp Nou, where one side should win, so Congrats Barcelona, but well-played Real Madrid. Our defense look shaky and Cris should learn to be more than a team-player, I dont know what happens to this man when he meets Barc because HE DID IMPROVE HIS SELFISHNESS, but suddenly in Camp Nou he became this Cris that we worked so hard to improve!

    Regarding controversary: I know alot will talk about it, BUT all I have to say, Iker is the best peacemaker is there to be and Ozil being so angry, I can't believe that Bambi could look so HOT while he is angry, that was smoking!!

    So glad, that clasico is over and we wont see these games until Decemeber, I am sick of it and I worry for my health( although I know honestly it is not over yet)!. It is a rivarly that will never end, it calmed down a bit recently, but I think now we need years to hash it again!

    • Amy says:

      I couldn't help but think how hot Ozi looked as well! I wish he would get fired up more often.

      • AC_USA says:

        I don't know if its true or not but apparently Villa was talking negative about Ozil's religion last night so thats why he got fired up! :)

        • DebS says:

          I wondered what Villa had done to make Ozi that angry. Although, he did indicate to the gentleman trying to calm him down that he had been smacked in the face…by who, I don't know…I just assumed it was Villa since they both got red cards.

    • BlackRose says:

      I generally agree with you (despite my supporting Barça!) but I don't think Iker has been doing himself of his team any favour lately. I won't recall things he said last season which were IMO very unfortunate and disrespectful, but yesterday when interviewed at the end of the match, he said angrily that the whole problem must have been that the Barça player (Cesc, in this case) dived "as always" and then other Barça players made a riot. Funny thing to say when your team has been resorting to dirty, aggressive tactics for a year, but anyways. As Fernando Morientes, a former Madridista, has said, I think it's a real shame that a captain may think that his role is not only to judge but to condemn, and accuse other players.

      I don't even blame Iker, who had been a role model until 2010. Plus, I can understand that all players may be, well, volatile sometimes. I blame his "boss". The one who has the final word, the authority, the one who should be disciplined and who's not nearly a hot-blooded young man, yet whose press conferences and behaviour are pathetically juvenile, childish, embarrassing. The one that has insulted and/or made fun of countless other managers, clubs and players for ages (ask Sporting, Valencia, Osasuna, Deportivo, etc), and the one (I assume) that tells Ramos, Khedira, Marcelo and Pepe to become cowardly barbarians while on the pitch.

      The fact that Real Madrid single-handedly decided not to be present while Barcelona celebrated (Xabi Alonso's face when asked about this absence spoke volumes, poor guy) is just another symptom of what this "man", Mr. Mourinho (he calls himself a man while deriding others, which is higly ironic) is doing to the team he manages. Really sad.

      • BlackRose says:

        (sorry about the typos lol)

      • Sarah, Madrid says:

        Let me just say, that based on Iker sitatuion in the game, Iker tried it's best as RM captain to cool players and push his players and he did discuss the situation with Xavi, I hoenstly think that Casillas is not to be blamed for the riot that happened, what can he do more! he did his best. About his comments, he said that cesc dived, oh well! I don't think he saw it, one slip is not worth kicking Iker for, he has been owning class even last year, when he was the first one to congraluate barc when they won both Liga and UCL.
        Players not staying after the game, I think it is fine, no need for them to stay and celebrate what exactly the other team getting a trophy, there are not in Bernabeu to cheer the fans because 92% the fans in Camp Nou are Barc fans, so I think it was wise for them to enter, I thought that the whole real madrid players handle the sitaution of the fight very maturely and didnt push anyone around. Marcelo tackled, got a card Alonso didnt even object and Ricky asked Marcelo to leave.

      • Sarah, Madrid says:

        About Jose, I agree, he cant go around speaking or behaving like that as famous words of Chendo: " something cant be said or done in Real Madrid", it is embarrassing that our coach real madrid a club that is well known for their beautiful football and sportmanship, I dont recall us speaking of referees before, management aka Perez should explain that to Jose, we need to stuck with him Jose because frankly he is an amazing tactians and amazing in managing his players, his players are doing and saying so because they play for him, they feel that they need to defend him, that's why you hear iker saying so, it doesnt mean they are being unprofessional or lack sportmanship.
        Let's not forget that Xavi said real madrid are pathetic, he cant say things like that when the riot had 2 parts and we cant say that Mourinho has put these values in his players because if so, did Guradiola put in diving and corning referees in barcelona players or pinto or villa for slapping players around, you cant go around accusing a coach and leaving the other one!

      • Adriana says:

        Members of the Barcelona team, including Puyol, removed the medals presented to them by the King after the Copa del Rey final before they had even left the palco.
        Is that a symptom of Pep's coaching?
        I think it's a "symptom"of disappointment, nothing more.
        Personally, like you, I would have preferred Real Madrid to have stayed on the pitch to see the trophy being presented, but I understand that it's difficult to lose a title to your rival, and after the fight at the end of the game it might have been the wisest decision to clear off immediately.

        • enough morbo says:

          i think players shouldn't be judged when they remove their medals. it's a normal thing to do. some guys want to wear them, some prefer to take them off. last may, puyol immediately took his champions league medal off, even before the trophy was lifted, as did many other players. sometimes the press just wants to read more into things

      • xoWinnie says:

        excuse me, but why the f*ck does IKER have to repress his anger towards situations that do happen ALL THE TIME when these teams play one another, but it's okay to have jackasses like Xavi and Pique constantly sh1-talking, taunting, and insulting Madrid in press conferences, magazine articles, radio shows, and post-match commentary? if anyone has the right to speak his mind freely it's him. obviously he's not going bullsh1t sportsmanship. it goes both ways and i don't see anyone on Barca going out of their way to congratulate Madrid or talk about good aspects of any games. it's always "we were better" this and "Madrid didn't play real football" that. maybe people have put him on a pedestal or something, but the man is human, and he has emotions. i really don't understand how a Cule has the nerve to judge him, as though bad behaviour only happens at Madrid. take a look at your own squad before you talk. also, i really doubt Iker's opinion is influenced one bit by Mourinho. he has eyes, he can see things for himself. he's been our captain for years, i doubt he just decided to become someone's little puppet now, that's honestly ridiculous.

        i'm sorry, i didn't mean to snap on you, but i do not understand your logic one bit.

      • noelle says:

        i honestly think iker didnt really see what happened between marcelo and cesc….. keep in mind the goal is actually really far away and sure im sure he saw a tackle and then all hell broke loose and he came over…. it didnt seem like he was standing there lookin at replays on the big screen or anything….. its unfortunate about his comments but iker seems like the type of man where if he's wrong, he can own up to it, admitt he's wrong and even apologize…… how do we all know he hasnt already apologized to cesc….. iker is far from perfect but he's a gentleman at that, even with his recent comments, he's shown a lot more class than some of the things coming out of the barcelona players

    • PepaCandela says:

      I have to disagree on one thing…Iker. I know he's the captain and has to stand up for his team, but he has been making some rash statements lately. To be interviewed right after the game and claim that the fight was set off by CESC DIVING??? Really??? I've seen the playback from several different sources and every commentator immediately called that a red-card offense the second it happened.

      Most likely, he didn't see it b/c obvs he's in goal. But if you didn't see it, don't comment. Just like his accusations with Pique's alleged comments in the tunnel last season. He said he didn't hear it, but then repeated others' allegations and gave his opinion. He's the captain and should be above all that. If he's just going to be Mourinho's mouthpiece, well then that's a shame, as he has always been a player respected by Barca fans. Xabi Alonso did a much better job commenting post-match.

      • Adriana says:

        Regarding the Pique incident, Casillas was repeating what he had heard from his teammates because he trusts them – clearly, as captain of the team, if several members of your team tell you the same thing, you have to take it seriously.
        As for the opinion he gave, I recall him saying lovely things about Pique despite the allegations of the rude comments he made, including his belief that Pique could become a great leader for Barcelona one day.
        It has always been a source of pride for me that Barcelona fans respected Iker, just as I respect Puyol.
        I did not hear Casillas accuse Cesc of diving, and I agree that Xabi is much more diplomatic, but I still think our captain is a good man who has earned respect (:

    • Slave4Mou says:

      Sarah, you are right on about Cris.As for my other thoughts, I was shocked to see Ozil was so angry. Wonder what was said to bring that on? I don't think I care to see it again (regardless of how much you enjoyed it…) I know it isn't a popular opinion but I freaking love Pepe. Love may not be a strong enough word. I think your sweet Iker can give as good as he gets… Obviously and without any doubt, Marcello should be ashamed of himself. He can be such a joy to watch sometimes. One has to wonder if Mou's outburst was totally meant to detract from Marcello's brutal behaviour? Worked didn't it? Poor Barca – they win and all anyone can talk about is Jose?

      Now for the something superficial, was it just me or did poor Pep remind anyone else of an 1950s science teacher? Say what you will about Jose (everybody does) but that bad boy always looks good. If it isnt clear by now, I like them with a bit of menace…

      Any thoughts on what can be done about Benz`s total failure to follow through …

      Congrats Barca though I do wish Xavi would shut up.

      As for all this nonsense about impressionable children, boo freaking hoo… That`s right. If watching football`s too scary, good luck with the world. Bring it on.

      • Adriana says:

        Ozil was angry because he was hit in the face.

      • Sarah, Madrid says:

        Now words in the media that Villa insulted Islam ( Ozil regilion) some are saying he insulted his mom, but what I saw when Ozil tried to seperate the fight he touched Villa like shoved poked but he was trying to break players off, Villa felt offended and he slapped him, ( in my opinion, something more went into it because Ozil loooked scary mad!) I never said that I wanted to see Ozil angry again! but, he was hot while he was! ;) .
        Iker is being very emotional over these clasicos, I get why people are being on his back, but overall the way Iker carry himself on the pitch is admirable, he said few slips, but 7 clasicos is too many to handle for the first time captain of Madrid ( I kind miss Raul) and I always keep wondering what would have Guti done in these clasicos too!
        Benz is one of the positive of this pre-seasons, he was the main headache for Barc defenders, he should work on his finishs now!

        • Sarah, Madrid says:

          sorry for the double comments :)

        • Slave4Mou says:

          Admit it. You like hot and angry. Hot, angry Ozil.

          I wasn't trying to say Iker was acting badly just that he isn't a pushover either.

          I think it is crap if if is anti-Islamic comments against Ozil. Why do we see this kind of stuff? People should be upset about THAT kind of hate in sport! Violence, meh? (I don't love that either but in the great scheme of things I'll take that over racist etc. slurs

          It was like Benz had two left feet out there! So frustrating to watch. Almost as bad aswatching Chris getting repeated beaten by Dani Alves (frustratingly effective)…

          I am a bit tired of the drama. But I'm really tired of the sycophant (sp?) announcers on Goltv. I actually have to turn the volume off. Anyone else with this problem?

          • Sarah, Madrid says:

            I did, I said it! Ozi was smoking imo!
            As far as for me, ( I already said I am not neutral), Iker may have said a wrong stupid thing to say because he obviously didnt see what happened, but iker has been too good for so long, he can say one stupid thing, one time, he is only human! I know the saint title has thrown people off that he is always has to be acting all nice!
            Agree! I cant believe that Villa would go there because insulting some regilion over a game is just LOW! so, I honestly dont believe it, it looks like rumors.
            About annoucers and commentators, I learned to mute the game and watch the game with my own or friend comments of the game, we actually do a better job of focusing on the hot players part anyway!

  58. Hot4Spurs says:

    I LOVE Real Madrid but I just can't watch these two teams play each other anymore. It's just too much for me. My stomach hurts, veins pop out of my neck while I'm watching. I lose my appetite in anticipation of the game. I just can't do it anymore. I'm breaking up with these two.

  59. Tapioca says:

    Someone has to sort this out because the cheating, diving, crowding the ref, brawling, childish name-calling and complete inequality in La Liga cannot go on, whilst I would happily never see the likes of Marcelo, Alves, Pinto, Pepe, etc… on a football pitch ever again.

    Pique was quoted as saying that "Mourinho has ruined football", and whilst things are worse than ever now, bad sportsmanship (and plain low-down CHEATING) was endemic in Spain well before Summer 2010, and he has to look to the team mates he celebrates with after matches when they've been guilty of some or all of the above, because unless he's telling them to cut it out he's a hypocrite condoning their bad behaviour.

    The same applies for Real too, natch.

  60. Kat22 says:

    I'm sorry, but I think Mourinho's behaviour was absolutely despicable. He is supposed to be leading by example and instead acts like a stupid little kid with a tantrum.

    Such behaviour has no place in football I think and it's a shame that whenever Real Madrid and Barcelona (two of the best teams in the world) face each other the event gets spoiled by bad behaviour on and off the pitch.

    • iram1982 says:

      here's another thing- what is Mourinho teaching his own son with that behavior? If u r unhappy about a situation go ahead and start poking peoples eyes out?? (no this is not right)