September 22nd, 2011

Midweek Results: The Whole Package

Owen Hargreaves hadn’t played more than six minutes of football in three years before scoring on debut for City.  How come if we stop doing something for five minutes, we need a refresher course? Image: Michael Regan/Getty Images Europe.

There are two types of men in this world that we’ll never trust: those who don’t drink and those who have an unhealthy obsession with their hair products. For a long time we debated if Owen Hargreaves fell into either of these categories, but we finally have proof of his distaste for well manicured manes and are proud to declare Hargo a ‘keeper’.

Are we right or are we wrong, Kickettes?

Carling Cup

Brighton 1-2 Liverpool

Pleased to be back, Stevie? Image: GLYN KIRK/AFP/Getty Images.


Chelsea 0-0 Fulham (Chelsea 4-3 on penalties)

Ooh, speaking of which… Image: Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images.


Arsenal 3-1 Shrewsbury

Reasons to love the Carling Cup #427: Adorkable babies like Ignasi Miquel get to play.


Leeds United 0-3 Manchester United

Rumours that Michael Owen and Ryal Giggs are knackered and past their best have been greatly exaggerated. Image: AP Photo.


La Liga

Racing Santander 0-0 Real Madrid

A league defeat followed by a draw isn’t ideal for Real Madrid, but Kaka’s response to it certainly softens the blow. Image: MIGUEL RIOPA/AFP/Getty Images.


Valencia 2-2 Barcelona

Finally! Definitive proof that it’s possible to fit a player into a Vuitton suitcase. But then, we have been practicing with the interns for some months now. Image: JOSE JORDAN/AFP/Getty Images.


Serie A

AC Milan 1-1 Udinese

What is it with this Sonic The Hedgehog mohawk malarky at AC Milan recently? Has it gone viral or something? Image: Claudio Villa/Getty Images.


Novara 3-1 Inter Milan

While all the money was on Wesley Sneijder to leave Inter in the summer, coach Gian Piero Gasperini was actually the first to walk after the club’s poor start. Image: Getty Images.


Did your club do well in Carling Cup, Kickettes? Or are you too busy worrying about your Spanish or Italian affiliations to give a crap?

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19 Responses to “Midweek Results: The Whole Package”

  1. Laura says:

    Le sigh, Owen Hargreaves!! He and Arne Friedrich were my world cup 2006 crushes :)

  2. Jen says:

    STEVIE'S BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. tee says:

    the only thing more certain than wenger sending out mini-adorkables in a carlo cup match is us not winning the league this season
    oh and cescy. every goal you score is so, SO bittersweet. I'll always love you… just could you celebrate your goals shirtless now? besides the obvious, it makes it easier to celebrate your brilliance when there aren't those pesky blue&red stripes in the way

  4. TFBlovesArsenal says:

    I don't care what team he's playing for, I'm just glad to see Owen Hargreaves doing well after all the injuries he's suffered through for the past 4-5 years. I hope he continues to stay in good condition and wish him well this season. Of course, if something DOES happen to his leg, I volunteer to give some hands-on treatment, naturally.

  5. Ninjess says:

    Hello, Stevie! I missed you!

  6. Leya_S says:

    As of late I've been noticing significantly less Arsenal talk on here on the part of the commenters. It's probably because there's nothing to say when your team's as desperately lost as we are right now. It seems really funny for a team to lose 8-2, but actually cried at that game. Then last week against Blackburn…knife twisting in heart.

    The Carling Cup win is good for us, BUT we should've kept a clean sheet against Shrewsbury, I mean, let's be serious. I've resigned to an ulcer-inducing season with Arsenal this year, but I'll still support them. That being said, Iggy is all sorts of adorbs…when he actually gets first-team playing time.

  7. April says:

    Just wanted to throw out there that Stu Holden had his first big game this week. Love seeing him get back into action too, and can't wait for him to return to the US squad (as it seems apparent, being that Klinsmann went to watch his reserves match to check in). Yay for players coming back and showing up!

  8. Shelley says:

    Atletico Madrid and Valencia and Malaga going so well right now!!

    My team got knocked out of the cup, so I will have to start watching Arsenal cuties instead now.

  9. sarah, Madrid says:

    Valencia whole twitter site thing is so adorableeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!, good job liga good job!..

    and about my club Real Madrid, the only postive I can say *choke on words*, it can't get any worse than that, it can't..:(! Hala Madrid..and Varane what a kid! Bravo

    • DebS says:

      The Madrid game was painful to watch, wasn't it? You can tell that the poor guys are as frustrated over it as we are. Marcelo & Lass did not have good games. Even Ozil's & Xabi's usual spectacular passing have been awry in the past 2 games.

      I agree about Varane. I thought he and Carvalho had the best games…well Iker too, as always :)

      That being said, I'm glad the other teams in La Liga aren't going down without a fight. It's definitely what La Liga needs, as well as Madrid & Barca. Competition is a good thing, imo.

  10. Gladys says:

    Man, Valencia are good! Somebody get those fellas a shirt sponsor and some TV money!!! This is crazy unfair. (And while Soldado was busy leaving my team's defenders in the dust, I couldn't help thinking that he sort of looks like Bradley Cooper if he were playing a hot, gaunt alien in a Star Trek sequel.)

  11. Zahara says:

    YAY cescy! i am so proud of u! visca el barca

  12. LindaTuga says:

    Man United fan here:
    Oh Ryan Giggs,oh Ryan no matter what happens,football wise you will forever be my number one.

    So happy for Owen Hargreaves. Well done Hargo. I will always support you even if u r playng for City lol.

    I am also so so happy for Fabregas,I remember having 'words' with some people on here because I defended his decision to go to Barcelona. So glad that he is proving me right. There's nothing like home and being there is bringing the very best in him. So so happy for my Cesc lololol long may this continue. Viva fabregas, mi osito :)

    • AC_USA says:

      I love Fabregas. Kid wanted to go back home-its not the end of the world. And whoever is blaming him or Nasri for Arsenals "results" now is just plain dumb. Wengner knew they were gonna leave-he should have bought proper players to take their spots. :)

    • Leya_S says:

      Ppl who are still whining about Cescy are ridiculous. He actually had to defend himself over this on Twitter earlier this week, just bc these morons are still complaining (caballero!). I'm happy for him, everyone knew he was leaving. He looks a-MAZ-ing at Barca. I just wish he had gone at the beginning of the summer transfer window and not tortured us (not his fault, I know).

    • TFBlovesArsenal says:

      I'm still upset about Cesc leaving, but I'm glad that he's actually out and playing, instead of rotting on the bench like I was afraid he would. Granted, I still think Barcelona would do just fine without him, but the guy was homesick, and he really didn't have his heart at Arsenal anymore (it's been pretty obvious for the past couple of years to everyone), so it's better that he left. It sucks, but I'm not going to hate the guy for wanting to play for the team he idolized as a child. How many other people get the opportunity to fulfill their childhood dream?

  13. IrishBlue says:

    It's so nice to see Owen back playing! I really hope he stays fit, it must have been so difficult for him over the past few years.

    Oh and well done to Kickette for the great pics in this post! Short tents, Cesc and Michael Owen, who I seen up close once and is still totally gorgeous :)

  14. Kat22 says:

    I watched Brighton v Liverpool and it was a fantastic game. Brighton played really well – quite impressive for a non EPL side.

    Nice to see Gerrard is back (and the photo is even better, lol).

    On a sidenote, how cute is Sebastian Coates? Really like him. :-)