March 22nd, 2012

Midweek Results: What The F**K?!

Images: REUTERS/Alessandro Garofalo; David Ramos/Getty Images.

What in the world happened these past two days on the pitch, Kickettes?

On Tuesday, Juve drew 2-2 AC Milan in the second leg of their Coppa Italia semi-final, squeaking through 4 -3 on aggregate. Alessandro Del Piero gave us a super idea for our kit development programme, but then lost points for confusing us by doing it in a Milan shirt.

Wednesday wasn’t equally weird: Ramos, Ozil and Mourinho got ejected during Real Madrid’s game against Villarreal (final score: 1-1), the DFB Pokal cup semi-final between heavyweights Bayern Munich and nearly-relegated-last-season, Monchengladbach, went to a shoot out after a 120 minute stalemate (final score: 0-0; Bayern go through 4-2 on penalties), QPR scored a late sucker punch to beat Liverpool 3-2 at Loftus Road and Chelsea sadly suffered at the feet of a former cross town rival, Sami Nasri.

Mercury rising, where the hell you at, girl?

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60 Responses to “Midweek Results: What The F**K?!”

  1. sarahLFC says:

    I don't understand why many people hate on Manchester City. They're not a bad team and I like some of their players (although I really dislike Tevez). I think they should win the PL (and NOT Manchester United).

  2. Agnes Wonka says:

    You'll put thumbs down but I agree with CR about the refs.

  3. xoWinnie says:

    I've been way too into March Madness! i'm kicking myself for not watching the Madrid game now! but at the same time, from the sh1t i'm reading here, i'm kind of glad i didn't lol HALA MADRID!

  4. bri_saldana says:

    FML x2 after the Liverpool result…then this RM cluster F***! I don't even know how to break it down. However, karma will come back around for those who straight red card BAMBI!!!

    **on a lighter more FAB note: SEBA COATES' goal was phenomenal!!

  5. nayet21 says:

    I'm a madridista and I love those boys but lately things aren't ok when they lose… Sometimes they act kind of rude and that's not cool :( I just hope they realize that they're awesome players and don't need that kind of attitude. Hala Madrid!

  6. eva says:

    RM are effin it up on their own….I'm sick of the ref blamming. It's like they are starting to crack under the pressure. Granero and that peice of crap tackle that he did that led to Corzola's goal (it was effin beautiful, by the way.) which shot daggers through my freakin heart.

    Ramos is a hot head, and so so sessy! He needs to get it tgether, though. He and his nutty ass friend Pepe (he's one of my fav defenders, lol, but still a damn headcase). Why panickdo stupi? It's almost as if they don't believe that they should have the title. They do stupid ass s//it that gets them in further trouble, and then they're backpeddaling and acting desperate.

    Madrid. You are in my heart, forever and ever…I will always bleed white. Seriously, get it together, and quit focusing on UEFALONA…and just play YOUR effin game! Hala Madrid

    • Sam says:

      LOL! UEFAlona?! Seriously? That old bull again? As to hint that Barcelona gets help from the UEFA officials? What team is it that crumbles when the ref's don't grant them any obvious favors? Sorry, but if your gonna talk that talk, you're gonna get it back. I agreed with you until you started that childish UEFAlona nonsens.

  7. Natalie says:

    The real game was unreal.
    Why would a ref give card to Senna (in his notes) who was not even near the incident (while Ruben was), all updates and broadcasts that it was Ruben receiving it . Then give him 2nd one (according to broadcasts and online following) and make everyone go bananas?? Such a bad mistake on his part.
    Yes, some people _______ (fill the blanks) who are trained professionals should not have lost their heads like that and kept their cool but the ref should not be doing this if he cannot get the names and #s of players straight. And maybe grow a thinker skin to what is said on the pitch

  8. Gladys says:

    Whatever you think about the Villarreal/Madrid game, I think this is a good lesson that anger and panic are contagious. Mou may be a tremendous strategist and an incredible inspiration to his players, but his inability to instill calm and remain so himself basically soured almost 20 minutes that Madrid could have had to score on a poorly defending Villarreal. They likely could have done this with 11, 10, or even 9 men (though Ozil being sent off was a direct result of this emotional chaos.) Be mad at the ref all you want (both teams have a right to be), but Mou holds more than a small portion of the responsibility for his team losing points.

    • Sarah, Madrid says:

      I agree with this pretty much, alot of madridistas do too, I understand emotions can run high in a game, but Mourinho complained a situation where his team could have easily get a winning goal after equalizer since they weIre playing better, but he chosed to get angry ( btw he was shouting on Granero as well on the bench for his last week mistake for some reason), he lost his cool infront of referee who provoked, IMO he sent off Rui for cheering Cristano after a foul :/, Mourinho is not the first coach to share colorful words with a referee, referee lost control and caused chaos, that Ozil card was so shocking, that Arbeloa went to Pepe in the middle of the game, told "Pepe Pepe you know what Ozil was sent off", causing Pepe to respond ' What?".

      • Sarah, Madrid says:

        referees in Liga are bad, they have even much much worse mistakes in other games that Zaragoza PK against Valencia :/, but with the big two it is more highlighted since it is the big two.
        I was disappionted the most in Ramos, as he is our vice captain, his card was so much avoidable, I don't think it has anything to do with Jose, it was Ramos being his usual hot headed Ramos that makes me wonder when he ever will grow up and stop making these mistakes.

      • Sam says:

        I agree with you, but I'm not sure that the ref lost control. He tried to take control by sending of Mou. He and his assistants made some bad calls, but sending off Mou wasn't one of them. I totally agree with Gladys. Mou is to blame for at least a part of the bad outcome for RM.

        • Sarah, Madrid says:

          Of course he lost control of the game by sending off Ozil who I think effected team more than even Jose. He wrote in his report ( which I pretty much don't buy by now), he sarcastically clapped him but he said same about Rui, he was so obsessed by the bench of RM than was happening on the pitch too that he missed PK and that awful tackle on Callejon ( that was the worse thing happened in the game that sent him injured in the game).
          However, as I already said Jose is partially blamed of course for not keeping his cool, did referee effect result? well of course it is Liga, when referee doesn't is happy day in the game, did it effect RM more than Villarreal? no that's it, do I blame them? not really I don't because by now referee mistakes is part of the game, did RM lose points because of him? now that's the joke. for me because we didn't because with 9 players we still were closer to win than Villarreal, we should have focused, we lost our cool, I blame Jose for that like you

  9. Maran says:

    What a farce the RM vs Villareal game was! I don't think there are many people left in this world who DIDN'T see the inside of Pepe's lower lip! God how that man carried on! That's how it feels to get hurt on a football field, and the guy who did it to you goes unpunished. It's familiar isn't it Pepe? But I never would have thought I'd say this, but I'm not sure he should've had a yellow card for what he did.

    Many bad calls, but I think the end result was fair. RM has really put themselves in a pickle with all those stupid red cards.

  10. Madrid Fan says:

    Why was Ozil sent off? I was ready to punch the ref on the face.
    And Ruben had two yellow cards! WTF?
    And how can you send off people SO FREAKING HOT? (Ozil and Ramos)

    • Maran says:

      Ruben did not have two yellow. The first was actually given to Senna. Apparently representatives from RM and the ref's had a meeting after the game where that was cleared up. It was all in the referees report.

      • Sarah, Madrid says:

        The referee get it wrong since Senna was not even near the scene when he booked Cani or Ruben don't know exactly who. Btw, RM official report says Cani, referee report says Senna? but LFP says Ruben. lol

  11. JA7 says:

    You forgot about Arsenal! The Verminator strikes again :D

  12. Gladys says:

    In the midst of all the various craziness, forgive my superficiality, but I really wanted to see a Silva/Mata hug on the pitch. (Just a creepy fantasy. Forgive me.)

  13. littlegreenpea says:

    I was really hoping that Chelsea would win so United would be 4 points ahead. Oh well. Shouldn't've subbed Torres. He was doing a great job. I can't wait for April 20 (United-City game) and April 22 (Barca-Real Clasico). That's going to be a great weekend :)

    • DebS says:

      I agree. He was bad period…both sides. He was handing out cards like it was Christmas. He totally lost control of the game.

    • DebS says:

      I agree about Torres. He was playing well and had a great game defensively. How many times did he steal the ball when City was caught sleeping? He did look a bit peeved when he was subbed out but I can understand that.

      City hasn't been playing great lately but I was glad they squeaked it out. I was hoping they'd do it without Tevez but no such luck.

  14. Sarah, Madrid says:

    So that's how much I was * face palming* that I didn't pay attention to Ramos flashing his abs, jajaja! That was such a "clusterfuck", I can't this is hilarious! Ozil reaction *sigh*, the funniest part when Rui Faria sent off after him just getting back, I still don't get why he was sent off, he is like the bad ass now that everyone want to have a piece off ( you know there is something wrong when you have more red cards than Pepe and Ramos this season) regardless of what he does ( which I just read report saying he was cheering for Cristano after he was fouled, jajaja poor Rui)

    *sigh*, what an awful 10 minutes overshadowing the best assist of the season so far from Ozil. I am not complaining about referee tbh, he was awful not giving Nilmar PKs in the first half, pretty much RM screwed this game for themself, get it together my boys, HALA MADRID

  15. footballandme says:

    Real look to be cracking up under the pressure which is surprising considering 99% of them Inc Mourinho have won major honours in the past…

    El Clasico on the 22nd of April could be majorly decisive.

  16. Jas says:

    I have seen that Villareal / Real Madrid game and I have to the referee was really one of the…. incompetent.
    Yes, I am a Real Fan, but I am not that kind of girl who criticize a referee just because he gave my players a yellow card/or red card when they deserve it..
    But I have never believed that a reeree could make so many wrong decision! :O
    I was really disapointed.
    THAT was not beautiful football!

    • Kristina says:

      I agree with you, the ref was bad. But for both teams.

    • DebS says:

      I agree. He was bad period…both sides. He was handing out cards like it was Christmas. He totally lost control of the game.

      Madrid did not have a good game but the ref sure didn't help things either. And the 2nd game in a row that the other team equalized off a direct kick. gah!

  17. Sam says:

    Aahh, the DRAMA! What's with those RM people? I know they must be nervous about losing points, but jeez! I don't know if it was because they thought that Ruben should have been sent off because he got a second yellow, but it wasn't his second yellow. It was his first. What was it exactly? I think that, as many times before, the ref's were a little out there, but it went both ways. And the red cards that Özil and Ramos got was so unnecessary. I think Pepe got one too didn't he?

    Anyway I didn't watch the whole game since I had to see the Man C – Chelsea game. That was nerv wrecking game! I was hoping for a Chelsea win, but sadly I didn't get my way.

    • Lena says:

      The ref was horrible and made mistakes that hurt both sides, no doubt about that.

      Having said that though, Ruben was playing on 2 yellows. I rewatched it just to make sure. In the book and ref report the ref wrongly wrote that Senna had the yellow in the 19th minute when it was actually Ruben (maybe he got the 9 and the 19 jerseys confused. Either way, unacceptable.

      Some players definitely should have kept their cool and Ramos' red was deserved. Ozil's not so much. He was apparently sent off for clapping sarcastically. Yes he shouldn't have done that but why was that a red?

      Pepe did not get a red, but he made comments to the ref in the tunnel post match that might (probably will) result in him getting a ban.

      I was disappointed by the display of some players definitely. But that type of refereeing is unacceptable.

      • Kristen says:

        If he gets a ban it will be such a joke. Pique came and said straight out that the ref was looking to give him a red card and didn't get an additional ban on top of the red card ban.

        • Maran says:

          No, but Pique got a red card. Pepe deserves some kind of punishment.

          • Kristen says:

            Why should Pepe get punishment if Pique didn't? Pique had the red card before he made these statements. He already had the match ban coming. If Pepe deserves punishment for saying something to the ref then Pique should have received a longer ban. They both made comments about the ref being corrupt.

      • Maran says:

        But Ruben didn't get two yellow. The first was given to Senna. It was in the Ref's report.

        • RealFan7 says:

          You obviously didn't see the game. If you watched or if you watch the replay, the ref gives Ruben the red card. I don't care what the refs card said. He must have got the numbers mixed up. That's why the players were going nuts because he should have been sent off. However, RM should have kept their cool. Ramos def deserved second yellow but the direct red to Ozil was ridiculous. Even the card for Faria is stupid. This is prime example of ref being too involved in outcome of game.

          • Sam says:

            Well, Villareal should've had a PK so the outcome could have been worse than it actually became for RM.

          • Sam says:

            Plus it's what's on the ref's card that matters. At least it did when Mou poked Tito in the eye and when Pepe stamped on Messi's hand. If it's not in the protocol it doesn't exist :) .

  18. thelovehater says:

    You know I had to look at the site and yup…we're in retrograde…oh lawd!

  19. Kristen says:

    Chelsea didn't sadly lose. They don't deserve anything after the way they treated AVB. Is it really a wonder why some players are magically playing better now that he got fired? City were the better team in every stat last night and deserved the win. Even better that a former Arsenal player was the one to score the winning goal.

    • mata says:

      I'm with you on this. I can't help but feel that every time Cheslea win now it's like a kick in the teeth to AVB and a pat on the back for those idiots who made his job impossible and forced him out. And I don't get all the ManCity hate – an excellent team, from what I've seen.

      • mybabyri says:

        RIGHT.. exaktly what I thought. there are just some people that hate city for noo reason maybe people are still mad about they beat their team or something..

      • MissU Paolo says:

        Agreed. Chelsea, the only English team left in the CL, may not even make it to it next season. And why? B/C some players thought their agendas were more important than playing for their TEAM. They were sussed out yesterday. What a roller coaster, I feel for the fans.

      • Jenni says:

        At present, us Gooners are constantly arguing about whether we'd rather United or City won the title. I started a debate about it on a page about Robin van Persie, because I didn't understand why the admins were favouring United. The resultant thread had 500 likes! People are getting really passionate about it, myself included. I think it must be my age. I'm 30, and the years when United won everything were very formative. What's so wrong with wanting somebody different to win for a change, if it's not going to be us? Said RVP page did a poll – 160 people wanted United to win, 100 for City. If it's still close by the time they play each other, I'd like to organise a charity non-uniform day at work – everyone has to choose red or sky blue shirt, according to preference. It will be interesting to see who dominates (I like in Southampton, which of course is full of Man U fans, but I wonder which way the Saints fans will swing?).

    • April says:

      There weren't many that magically played better last night… Mikel (who barely got time under AVB), Torres did alright… Luiz. None of those guys are really the ones that were deemed the "culprits". I am not happy with how things went down with AVB and his sacking, but the decision of the ownership is hardly a reason the fans should have to suffer. To me, some of the recent performances, bar last night, are the kind the players should have been putting in all season.

      • Kristen says:

        But that's exactly the point. Last night they didn't play all that well because City were the better team. But as you said the recent performances were the type that they should have been all season. It's weird to me that these performances are coming now that AVB was sacked. IMO the players put their own pettiness ahead of their fans.

  20. Melaniee. says:

    Yeah that Madrid game was a true hot mess.
    I only saw the last 15 minutes but thats when everything went down.
    I was happy that Pepe respected the ref to his face.
    Its not easy when you’re angry so that I was like good for you.
    Higuain is really cute when he’s angry… :)

  21. Miss Lampard says:

    Nanas you shouldn't have done this last night against Chelsea..It would have been a better gift in any other moment..Disappointed about Chelsea but not to much, because I think that they can still conquer the fourth or the third place, and they still have the CL and FA cup..Hope that Man Utd will win the Premier, or everyone will be good but not Man City..

    • Sam says:

      I share your thoughts. Completely.

    • Dols says:

      I agreed. I'm sad that we didn't win, but it isn't devastating. We played well overall…. although I think Nando should've played full time and Lampsy and Essian are better fit for CL games than League games… that's just me.

      But I hate that media have been praising CFC and old guards for past few weeks… then we lose against Man City and they are saying that we have to get rid of old guards ASAP and there is no hope for us. I HATE them!

      As you said, I believe that we can still make it happen!!

      • April says:

        The media and their flippy floppy game is pretty absurd, no? At least they are consistent in one way at all times- they always seem to just rag on Chelsea in one form or another.

    • cyudyi says:

      HATERS….!!!! nah just joking but really why not city they have been the best team in PL! City deserves IT.. get over yourself!!!


      • Miss Lampard says:

        I don't mind, I hate Tevez and many players of Man City, I hate Manicini and I hate City. That's all, it's my personal opinion.

        • cyudyi says:

          you can keep hating but city is here to stay….
          for the rest.. I love mancini and citys squad. If you hate silva you heart is made out of stone!!!
          Hey, thats just my personal opinion ;)

          • Miss Lampard says:

            No, I don't hate Silva, but I really like him, maybe because he's spanish or maybe because he's cute. Actually it's one of City players that I like…I've followed over the last years Mancini's career, his way to behave, because he's grown up here in Italy and I don't like him, maybe because he was Inter coach, or maybe because it's simply his personality.

  22. Annika says:

    Berlin, Berlin wir fahren nach Berlin!