April 21st, 2011

Midweek Results: Whoops, Butterfingers!

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Thank you, Sergio ‘butterfingers’ Ramos. We have spent the last couple of days issuing threats of casual violence to our interns in order to have some Midweek Results for our beloved readers, and you have just ensured they won’t bother reading any of it.

Oh well. Life in the Kickette office is brutal at the best of times. Admittedly, not quite as brutal as being dropped from a great height and then run over by a bus, but pretty harsh nonetheless.

Hmm. There’s a thought.

Copa Del Rey Final

Barcelona 0-1 Real Madrid

See that grip he’s got on that? Images: Reuters, AP Photo/Daylife.

So it’s first blood to Real Madrid in the battle of the Spanish big boys. Jose Mourinho’s men (briefly) lifted the Copa Del Rey trophy last night, after a marathon final which saw Cristiano Ronaldo scoring the winner deep in extra time. Barcelona had their chances, but Real’s solid, if frequent overly-enthusiastic, marking ensured that Messi, Villa, Iniesta and Xavi were unable to strike.

The real story came later. If you’ve not yet heard, the celebratory open topped bus trip around Madrid was slightly marred after Sergio Ramos failed to hang on to the trophy and dropped it. Gravity took hold, the trophy plummeted to the ground and appeared to be crushed under the front wheels of the bus. Fortunately it was retrieved before much damage was done, but we would imagine the Ramos’ won’t hear the last of this for quite some time.

Especially from us.



Newcastle United 0-0 Manchester United

I’m thirty-bloody-seven! What the hell do you expect?! Image: Getty Images/Zimbio.

A strange match, this. Manchester United travelled to Newcastle in the hope of extending their lead at the top of the EPL table, but in the end they were fortunate to leave with a point. Newcastle were organised and coped with early pressure well, while Rooney and Hernandez failed to hit the target despite several chances.

But the story of this match lies in the penalties both teams were denied; Newcastle’s for a poor Anderson tackle on Peter Lovenkrands and, very late on, the Red’s for a Danny Simpson tackle on Javier Hernandez. Whether rightly or wrongly (and you can be sure that plenty of people have their opinions), Manchester United remain at the top of the table, Newcastle United will almost certainly be playing EPL football next season. Everyone wins, yeah?

Tottenham Hotspur 3-3 Arsenal

‘Mouth closed, tummy exposed’. Cesc demonstrates our number one requirement in the recently published ’Kickette Professional Standards for Footballers’ handbook. Image: Getty Images/Daylife.

Twisted or not, Cesc Fabregas’ words regarding his team-mates winning mentality came back to haunt him last night as Arsenal took a 3-1 lead in their derby fixture against Spurs and then threw it away.

The Gunners took an early lead through Theo Walcott, who netted from Cesc’s pass but Spurs equalised moments later via Rafael van der Vaart (left).

The game continued at breathless pace, which went some way to reflect the importance of the fixture for both sides. By the time twelve minutes had passed, Sami Nasri had netted for Arsenal, and Robin van Persie looked to have collected the three points necessary for Arsenal to retain second place in the EPL table with his goal on forty minutes.

However, Spurs didn’t earn their place in the quarter-finals of the Champions League by conceding defeat before half time. Tom Huddlestone smashed home for 3-2 just before the whistle and Cesc was reminded of his comments on seventy minutes when Szczesny fouled Aaron Lennon in the area and van der Vaart scored from the spot.

Image: Getty Images/Zimbio.

So it’s a point a piece from a thoroughly entertaining game, but Arsenal’s hopes toward the title and Spurs dreams of finishing fourth have both taken a blow. It’s going to be an interesting run in, to say the least.

Chelsea 3-1 Birmingham City

As if we would be looking at your nipples, JT. Don’t be shy! Images: Getty Images/Zimbio.

Are Chelsea out of the title race? Many have written them off, but after a comprehensive defeat of Birmingham City at Stamford Bridge last night, the Blues are back in second place and trailing Manchester United by six points. With five games to go in the league, the task might seem insurmountable, but with Alex Ferguson’s boys freely dropping points right now, Carlo Ancelotti feels there is at least hope.

We can’t help but agree. Despite the misfiring Torres (yes, we’re bored too but it seems wrong not to at least mention it), goals were easy to come by for Chelsea last night. Florent Malouda scored two of Chelsea’s three, while Salomon Kalou also had a crack before being subbed by the aforementioned and increasingly infamous Spaniard.

In great gameshow tradition, Birmingham didn’t leave the show empty handed; their consolation was a Sebastian Larsson penalty in the seventy-sixth minute. It didn’t make a difference in the great scheme of things, but with things being so tight in the lower half of the EPL table, the extra goal might prove crucial to Alex McLeish’s team. We shall see.


Coppa Italia

Even Borri has no clue as  to what the hell is going on with his hair. Images: Reuters, AP Photo/Daylife.

Two first leg semi-finals in Italy’s famous cup competition, and another opportunity for Inter to face city rivals AC Milan in the Coppa Italia final remains open. On Tuesday night, Roma met the current holders at the Stadio Olimpico and were nearly a goal down after two minutes when Dejan Stankovic put the ball in the back of the home side’s net after a defensive miscommunication.

Fortunately for Roma, the goal was disallowed, but it was Stankovic who made the difference later on with a screamer from twenty-five yards. Whether it will be sufficient to see Inter in the final remains to be seen.

On Wednesday, AC Milan did take an early lead against Palermo via Zlatan Ibrahimovic, but were unable to keep the initiative as the game progressed. Two Palermo goals either side of half time put the home side on the back foot and Milan only kept themselves in it when Urby Emanuelson struck the equaliser after seventy-sixth minutes.

The second leg in Sicily will be very interesting indeed…

Anyone got anything to say that doesn’t involve a certain Spanish defender, a large piece of metal and a mode of affordable transport? Thought not.

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156 Responses to “Midweek Results: Whoops, Butterfingers!”

  1. senora ramos says:

    rolls eyes…apparently saying respect your opponent is a deletable offense here now. 10 defenders my ass. go back and watch the first half…typical kickette-cule response, yours. thank god not all y'alls fans are like that

    • diana says:

      I'm sorry, are you accusing me of something?What response are you talking about?

      • senora ramos says:

        no, i had typed this a few days ago and it was deleted. i just have issue with this line you typed: Anyway, thank you Barca for not compromising and never changing your playing style, it's hard to do it against 10 defenders. i don't believe you'll find that in wed's match.

        • diana says:

          Well didn't mean to disrespect and I never said anything about RM playing bad, in fact, at times they were the better side.However you can't deny that it was a very defensive style they played with.

          • senora ramos says:

            ok, my appologizes then :)
            just used to having to get defensive on this site unfortunately

  2. Iker<3 says:

    I wasn't really suprised as I heard that he dropped the cup.. and Sergio we all love you even after this ♥
    and Iker: Men, this goalkeeper won everything that a footballplayer could WIN!! And I think that a lot of people like me are so f* proud of you!! You deserve this :D

  3. Larkie says:

    Damn! I was really hoping for my barca boys to pull through </3 but congrats to Madrid nonetheless, you guys earned it!

    I'm also very excited to see the men from both teams when they come together in the spain nt and play in massachusetts! I'm going to it live!! =D

  4. diana says:

    Yes I have, did you?

  5. essjay says:

    New dressing room celebration photo up on Real's Facebook, ladies! A few half nakey shots.. Thank Jesus for photographers in the dressing rooms! :D

  6. Lilly says:

    Thanks, that's really nice of you.
    Good luck on the 27th!

  7. Zahara says:

    oh sergio, god just bless your golden soul…you are just the best thing..
    barcaaaa! ?que paso?
    unfortunately i couldnt watch the match, but congrats to madrid..


    and, what did arbeloa do? and why was everyone angry at each other?sorry for the qs

  8. emily says:

    If you watch the different bits of footage closely, you will see that Sergio has fallen down. Marcelo was flailing like the crazy boy that he is and as the bus goes through the smoke, the Copa cascades to the floor, and you look back up and The Ramos is clearly gone and you see some arms trying to clamour back up for a sec and then there is an empty space next to Marcelo. There must be a ledge that the boys can stand on and he must have slipped off of it in the wet conditions, possibly helped by his ebullient counterpart.

  9. bäääää says:

    fuckin idiots!!!! hahaaaahaha

  10. essjay says:

    And THIS is why I love The Ramos. Hahahaha that was so epic. Good gosh, I laughed for so long after I heard, and then saw, this!!
    Also, YAY REAL WON! :D

  11. Winnie Mata says:

    smh at anyone who's trying to downplay this victory.
    you would be singing a different tune if you'd won.
    haters to left.

  12. of course kickettes won't be looking at JT's niples ( wea are looking for a short tent, an area in which he never fails)

  13. rubyqueen says:

    hey that's just how the ramos rolls.and yes it's safe to say arsenal are well and truly done.!!!

  14. Liz says:

    Hala Madrid!!! I am going to my first RM game in January (I live in Australia so for me that's huge!!!)

    LOL SERGIO hahahahah

  15. FloraJane says:

    Congratulations to Jose Mourinho, who has now won more trophies in more countries than anyone else ever…or something epic like that! LOL Also whenever any team is lifting their trophy in an open-top bus, I am always terrified that they are going to drop it…and now someone has. I would be so embarassed, that is if I wasn't too drunk and celebrating my arse off! Ah well, accidents happen. I'm sure it's fixable! lol

    The Spurs/Arsenal match was one of the best matches I have seen. Completely enthralling.

    Yay Chelsea!!! They looked like the team that started the season. Drogba was absolutely unplayable!! He did everything but score a goal for himself. Ferreira was fantastic- that brilliant pass from JT was put right into the box for Malouda to score the opener. Fab! And Kalou's goal was one of his best. I adore him. Frank was making all kinds of defensive tackles and looking extra hot doing it. Everyone was 'on'. Yeah…a great game for my boys. Very proud.

  16. senora ramos says:

    i'm sorry, i thought there was much more football played than just 10 defenders the whole match. have a little respect. the first half alone proved that much

  17. Johanna says:

    Thanks for giving props to Pinto. For a man that never gets to play, he's one hell of a goalkeeper. He never fails me and that goal was unstoppable.

  18. Johanna says:

    What an idiot! Good thing the jeweler made two cups. Never hand anything to Sergio again. For a team that hasn't won the cup in a long time, they sure don't know the value of it.

    • Barcalina says:

      Thank you Sergio Ramos= Annoying

    • Barcalina says:

      I am not Bitter, if my team loses i can find it in myself to accept it and move on! Anyway i find Ramos annoying which have nothing to do with the match! sorry if i offended anyone that is not my intention!!

      • xoWinnie says:

        i wasn't talking to you, i don't mind that you don't like Ramos
        my comment was for Johanna. the last part of that statement
        was ripe with sour grapes syndrome
        i'm sure their elation at the victory speaks for itself
        in terms of them "knowing the value" of the trophy.

  19. WAG2BE says:


  20. Lorena says:

    Am I the only one who finds that picture of Arbeloa and Ramos lifting Villa up like that disgusting! I mean, Arbeloa clearly stepped on his ankle and their first reaction was to just grab him like that? And I'm not even a Barcelona fan but I found that in very poor taste and lacking sportsmanship. I don't care how hot you think a player is, he is not above being a good sport!

    • Sunshine! says:

      best part is that Villa was faking his pain stopped as soon as they pulled him up to his feet ;)

    • mariela says:

      david villa isnt exactly an innocent victim, he kicked arbeloa in the stomach thats why arbeloa stepped on him, i dont agree with any of their behavior, but i can see and understand why it happened

  21. izzy says:

    AWW my poor Barca boys! they played a great game and Madrid was a worthy opponent who in the end scored the winning goal so Kudos and Congrats Madrid. However I still LOVE my Barcelona and that wont change for anything. So be strong boys and get it together the Champions league (fingers crossed) is coming up and the best revange is success! as for Sergio Ramos well it takes the sting off a little bit! lol

  22. somewhere in toronto says:

    poor sergio! at least he didn't drop kick it into a lake, like our poor stanley cup

  23. mochara says:

    Omg I can just imagine José Mourinho: " What do you mean you DROPPED it?!!!"

  24. bri_saldana says:

    the trophy incident was unfortunate….Oh well I'll just spend the next 20 some-odd hours ruthlessly defending him!!!

  25. Ramos will never live this down! I'm so happy they won and that Cristiano was the one who scored the winner!
    The Spurs/Gunners game was exciting from start to finish! Huddlestone's goal was awesome! COYS!

  26. Ashley says:

    of course its The Ramos who drops the trophy

  27. SergioLover says:

    Sergio ‘butterfingers’ Ramos That made me laugh. I am a huge Real MAdrid fan all the way from America. I love them and I was soooo happy. People kept telling me they are going to lose and I said well I still believe in them and either way I love them. And than when Real won they shut up and said nothing else. HALA MADRID.

    Oh Sergio I still love you. Real Madrid players never fails to entertain me on the field and off. God I love those guys.

  28. [...] Awful Wax Figure Somehow This Is Prince Harry’s Fault Becks, Zac & Bradley Cheer the Lakers Sergio Ramos Drops, Destroys Trophy Guy in His Underwear & His Dog Boogie Jason Bateman Naked in ‘The Change-Up’ [...]

  29. Sunshine! says:

    Manita is over ;) I think we showed that in last two games!

  30. SergiouslyLoveRamos says:

    It was such a great game!!! Aww, I still love you Sergio… See what we've done to him? He was worrying so much about making the Finest 5 that he ended up dropping up the cup!!! THIS IS WHY HE HAS TO COME BACK!! He did it to get our attention! ;)

  31. chay says:

    yay madrid! the pub was going wild! i'm happy to say that here in san francisco, usa, there are more and more RM fans amassing–for the past matches it's always been primarily barça fans but no more! Now i'm not the only one yelling and getting dirty looks :-D

    That footage of serg dropping the cup is STELLAR and PRICELESS. Love it!! Poor guy, how embarrassed he must have been to do it in front of everyone–and i mean everyone! hahaha

  32. for-Nando says:

    That's all I have to say :)

  33. sarakhatmi says:

    Ramos my sweet adorebul amazingly hot dork…what would we do with out you… He seriously cracks me up everytime.

  34. Deanna says:


  35. LuvinBale says:

    I for sure thought we were down and out for the game.
    2 goals withnin minutes of each other only to have VDV come back with a goal then Huddlestone from such an amazing distance (Huddletsone can definitley slam them home at that pace) and the PK.
    The game was great- I wish we would have one though. That would have been AMAZEBALLS!

    Then the stupid keeper (I cant spell his name) from Aresenal took out my love Bale. He looked in bad shape after that. Damn keeper!
    We need to win the rest of our games just to get into the top 4- I hate to sound defeated but I dont know if I see that happeneing even with a full squad.

    This time of the year just does a number on my nerves.

    Ramos dropping the cup however just made my day!

  36. Gill says:

    CupKiller! I like it lol. He's definitely gonna get stick for that faux pas for a while, but bless, I'm sure it was a replica. If not, what the hell is that cup made of? Titanium steel?!

    I do like his joking tweets about the cup wanting to see the fans. Hilarity all the way with The Ramos ;-)

  37. Jen says:

    Congrats Madrid!! I was rooting for Barca, but both teams played well!! Haha butterfingers Ramos……….

  38. Barcelisa says:

    *big sighs* okay I guess congrats are in order to all the Kickette Madridistas out there. After the Alcorcon disaster and 18 years of not winning this one trophy, Real Madrid probably just wanted it more… so congratulations Real (and Iker especially) you deserve it.

    I just hope my boys gather all their pain and use it to exact revenge on Mourinho for his on-field antics last year when Inter hung on to win at the Nou Camp. I also hope Pep learns all he can from the last two matches and finally prove he is just as Special as TSO.

    On a lighter note, I have gained a whole level of respect for Shakira. I was initially 50-50 on their relationship and then against it once I found out Shakira called herself a Madrid fan but the way she cheered for and then comforted Geri will never again make me doubt her loyalty.

  39. blitzenTO says:

    Congrats to Madrid! Very intense game on both sides. Gutted for Barca, of course, but Ramos dropping the Cup takes a lot of the sting out of it. LOL!

    On to the Champion's League!!!

    And Arsenal…I don't even know what to say anymore.

  40. @AgnesWonka says:

    I'm so happy for RM!!!! Sergio Ramos, you're the man….even drunk and fooling!
    The EPL was awwwwwful this week!

  41. Lydia says:

    I think it’s safe to say Sergio made my day with that. I’ve always watched those parades and thought ‘one day someone is going to let it go’ but it just had to be Sergio didn’t it! <3

  42. Stefania says:

    Did anybody else see Sergio do the bullfighting move? I thought that was so cute :)

  43. JA7 says:

    Congratz to real madrid, they deserve it!! :)
    LOOOL only sergio ramos wud drop the cup :P wee still loveeeeee you! As for arsenal, it's killing me to see them as third in the barclays premier league table..we so had that game yesterday! :(

  44. Kat says:

    yes why would someone give him the cup i mean everyone knew he was gonna do something stupid! but gotta love him

  45. @vrock112 says:

    I'm still distracted by Sergio Ramos's matador dance on the field :) this man brings more smiles to my face then i can count! Bless him!! haha

    Good to know the cup is alive and well! It is displayed at the Bernabeu sans tire marks :)

  46. Leá says:

    I was so glad that we won yesterday! Iker deserved this so much, and I was so glad that we could finally win one for him. BUT, this win wouldn't have been complete unless Sergio had done something completely idiotic, yet Oh-So-Sergio, such as dropping the trophy. I beat Iker beat the crap out of him over this. Good job bb. Besos to all the boys! We did it!

  47. nandosfreckles says:

    would've been better if he had dropped his pants.

  48. GinaM says:

    HALA MADRID!!! What a game! First of all I'd like to say Barca played a good game,

    Iker you are the man!!! The man of the match the man of every match!!!! We missed so many chances yesterday the score could have been way higher for both sides for that matter!

    We showed a great game we showed we can fight for it!!! Now bring the same game you brought in first half in the first leg of champions league!!! Let's lift up our 10th!!!!

    HALA MADRID from Vancouver Canada!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    There was a huge party in Vancouver Canada for you guys!!!!

  49. Leya_S says:

    So Arsenal is pretty much done. I've done the math, and we would have to win all the remaining games, and ManU would have to lose one, in addition to losing to us in order for us to win. I love Arsenal, but the butterfingers (continuous dropping of 2 points) is killing me.

    SPEAKING of butterfingers, it just HAD to be El Ramos, he'll never live it down:

    "Cristiano! Que tal? How is eternal bachelorism?"
    "Fantastico! I can still get any girl I want at my age."
    "…and what age is that?"
    "No importa. How are you?"
    "Brilliant. I'm teaching my nietos all the aspects of winning at life."
    "Hey, remember the time you dropped the Copa trophy off the bus? HAHA! Idiota!"
    "……..Shut up……"

  50. Dar says:

    When Di Maria got the red card, I didin't even care about the fact that my dear Barca is losing. I just LOVE the fact Mourinho finished yet another game against Barca with only 10 players. I was at peace. And when I thought nothing can make it any better, I read about Serigo and his mischief.
    You got to love that boy.

    • Por dior says:

      I forgot that we finished with ten ,hahahaha , again . Lets just hope it doesn´t happen in the next two clasicos.

    • emily says:

      Why would that make you 'at peace' when Madrid having ten people on the field beat your eleven TWICE. Knock knock… who's there? Reality…

  51. mamaly says:

    Sergio never disappoints. Just as long as it is the Copa under the bus, and not Sergio.
    Jose, you did it again, congrats!!

    ( Sergio was really awesome as bullfighter.) http://www.daylife.com/photo/0eTp3SjaF68dn?__site…

  52. finetst five says:

    HALA MADRID! So excited we won. Ramos you always make my day:)

  53. Lotte says:

    Congrats Madridistas! You should be proud of Casillas, he's the one who won you the title with his tremendous saves. After all it is the Kings Cup, so I guess it belongs to the RM. If they can only hold on to it (Yes I'm looking at you Sergio). Barca can take the rest :) .

  54. Irena says:

    I am just wondering, am I perverted for wondering iker & pastasauce must have really got it going in the bedroom thanks to the victory. Jealousy prevails :(

    • Thea says:

      They are OLD NEWS, it's about the Shakira and the Gerrard now.

      Be interesting to see if Pastaface will be as compasionate as Shakira if RM crash out of CL???!!!

      • Irena says:

        She is a journalist so I guess she tries to be unbiased although she has said her favourite team is Atletico Madrid. I respect her for her let-me-not-jump-ship-because-of-a-man attitude :) can't say the same for Shakira

  55. Por dior says:

    As a madridista i only ask sergio to keep quiet , play foot , leave the heavy lifting to Iker and just try to look pretty.

    To the Iker lovers , i´ve noticed that he likes to kiss alot, specially when he wins, it doesn´t matter if it´s Sara , the Queen of Spain or a Statue, he doesn´t discriminate .

    Maybe next time it could be any lucky reader from Kickette.Hala Madrid .

    • Gladys says:

      He consolingly hugged and kissed Leo on the forehead. It was pretty adorable.

      • Irena says:

        He did?! I didn't see that!

      • Por dior says:

        Iker just needs to give loveeeee, thats how madridistas are , in fact , If i had been in mestalla would have hugged and kissed Xavi repeatedly, poor little guy , looked so sad.

    • Sarah, Madrid says:

      Next time I should be in close distance from Iker, when he wins! I want me some loving too xD

    • Sarah, Madrid says:

      P.S: I am pretty all saw it, Iker lifting the cup with one hand! one! 15 kgs cup! Iker is a supermaaaan! Lucky sarah! *sigh*

  56. TuTu says:

    I think Mr. Butterfingers deserves his own Tag, kickettes. I mean the stuff he does its just tooo funny to miss especially all the moments from yesterdays game. From his stretching, chitchatting with pique during the game, telling david villa to get up, the moment where he had the RM hat with some odd motion and finally dropping the copa. hahahahaha

    I love his tweet "Good day to all my friends…!!!The cup thing was a minsunderstanding, it did not fall…it jumped itselft when it came to Cibeles and saw so many madridistas" hahahaha too funny!!!

    • Sarah, Madrid says:

      Ramos for me stole the show! The matador move was the hottest move ever, remind me of Raul7! I love him!

      • TuTu says:

        ohhh i forgot that part!!! he did look super doper hot that moment. Do you or anyone else know if Raul gave him permission to do that? To me its Raul's "thing", did he pass it on to Ramos?

        • Sarah, Madrid says:

          Raul was surely missed by madrid fans, it was the only trophy he didnt win with us! I am pretty sure Raul was happy seeing Ramos doing his move :) . He was the one who thought him madridista values along side Iker, Maybe! it was Ramos way of remembering Raul ;)

  57. Devilish-x says:

    What a fantastic night of football! Spurs and Arsenal game was epic!
    And of course the El Classico didn't disappoint – Sergio Ramos CERTAINLY didnt disappoint! Aww shucks, how did he manage to drop the trophy. Thing is I can't see his reaction in any of the videos. I think he ducked and hid himself hehe.
    Oh and this video of him from last night is so hilarious! And Awwwww.

  58. Stefania says:

    Sergio were you a little drunk? Haha, kidding, I love that hot man no matter what! I had never been happier than when Real Madrid won, well except for the World Cup last year. Congrats Real Madrid you deserve it!!!!!

  59. lorena_yGp says:

    One of the craziest footie weekend this season !!! God I don't want season to end, but I love adrenaline ;-) ))

  60. IrishBlue says:

    So Arsenal throw away another lead (remember that 4-4 draw against Newcastle?) 2nd place for Chelsea would be quite alright for me considering the shockingly awful season we had. I've had enough misery supporting them this season, hopefully a few decent performances in the league will help keep me sane. Glad to see Frank playing better these days too :)

  61. jean says:

    Hala Madrid! The guys were exceptionnal yesterday and they deserve it. Haters are going to hate! And Sergio U can do no wrong.Why Am I not even surprised by what he did? lol

  62. Gladys says:

    As a sad Barca fan, I just want to send some sportswoman-like congratulations to all the Madridista Kickettes and to Iker (MOTM), Ozil, Benzema and Higuain (even though the last two never made it on the pitch). As for Ramos, Alvaro and Xabi (yeah you, Mr. Classy), please don't pull players up when they're down on the pitch. Let the ref decide what is a dive– you never know if someone has pulled a muscle or twisted something even from a simple fall that isn't a foul– that's why you get up slowly and at your own pace. (And I'm not being a hypocrite, cause one of my favorite players made what seemed to be a pretty fake dive and I found it rather shameful.) Enjoy the win. It was an exciting game for everyone. :)

    • Angela says:

      As an upset culé… I too have to agree with most of what Gladys said… =) … 1st … I want to Congrats to the Madridistas (only the ones that respect other fans & other teams) … Because really laser … can't somebody go blind by that???? & reading some of the comments from other websites … I just hate the fact that people are soooo rude to people they don't even know … & as a culé I want to appolgize for any other comments that other FCB fans wrote…

      As for what happen in the game
      1. It will take me some time to forgive Alvaro & his sexyself … For what he did to his teammate on the national team … & even more time to forgive Sergio Ramos for his involvement (because it's not the 1st time)
      2. I probably will never forgive Pepe … because I just can't stand him … & for what he was doing in not only this game but in other games against other teams… & that thing he did with his arm & aparently spitting on his rivals on Saturday … I just find him to be a hypocrite (even though I should say hypocrite since everyone can be a hypocrite)


      • Angela says:

        3. I wish it was Benz or Pipita that would have scored the goal … just for the fact that CR7 … this is a "rumor" since their is no proof … but he apparently told Iker & his RM team that if it wasn't for him RM would be 30 points behind FCB …

        4. Iker .. his a great player, person, & HAPPY/PROUD that he is the Captain of Real Madrid & the Spanish National Team … He is good winner & a good loser … He respects his rivals …


        • Gladys says:

          Totally agree with you on these points…only adding Ozil to the list of those I would have preferred to score. And to make the loss even worse for me, Pipita was again hidden from camera view! Granero at least came on at the end, but by then I was so distraught by the score, that I couldn't appreciate his hotness.

      • mariela says:

        i dont really think u should be upset, madrid havent won the last 5 classicos, they managed to tie the last one and beat barca by one this time, not to mention 2 of those defeats were humiliating, so i say let madridistas celebrate cuz i think everyone here has had to watch barca celebrate time and time again… i think a lot of barca supporters were thinking they were gonna stomp real madrid and win another treble but its like this in sports, ur never always up and ur never always down….u'll have reason to celebrate soon cuz barca have pretty much won the league and i think they havent celebrated out of respect for everyone else in the league which is quite admirable…. i've been on a lot of other websites too and read pplz comments and it is very disgraceful some of the things ppl r saying…. both teams are very good and together they make up the spanish nt = best team in the world…. barca losing doesnt take anything away from their team, they were great and this win for madrid was very hard fought, a very physical game is expected when ur going at it to try to win something…i think for madrid it almost felt like beating barca was impossible lately and they were gonna make barca work…..


        • noelle says:

          the laser thing, when madrid were at the camp nou, there were lasers pointed at our players too and whoever thinks pointing a laser at the opposition, whether its a real or barca fan, its just lame, its a stupid person who doesnt know how to behave right and in sports there are way too many of those….

          alvaro and villa – i understand if someone is hurt u dont move them but u can clearly see david villa wasnt seriously hurt, he was rolling around trying to get the refs attention (as soon as he was picked up he was in alvaros face and there was magically no pain) and im not saying alvaro is a saint cuz i dunno if what he did was intentional or not but barca does some diving too and sergio and alvaro werent having any of that….as for sergios involvement, he's sticking up for his team mate as did messi when he ran over and gave sergio a shove and held up his fist…..u cant tell me u dont see a whole lot of barca players getting involved and gathering around the ref whenever theres a whistle and how many times have i seen the likes of victor valdes run all the way from the goal just to get in the mix…..


          • mariela says:

            sorry the above comment is me, my roommate gets on this site too and im on the public computer, i thought i changed it…sorry

            as much as u cant stand pepe, theres some barca players i cant stand either and his behavior was about as good as some of the barca players behavior, pique was in the tunnel after the game on saturday talkin all kinds of mess… both teams had some questionable and bad behavior… 2 games down, 2 to go…

            i honestly generally like both teams and its great watching them together on the NT, my club team is RM but i respect barca and one game doesnt mean we're better… barca are still more effective but its good to see the team be able to stand their ground…. its a competition and its not always pretty but i think all the guys understand that and leave whatever happens on the pitch, i dont think all the incidents affect their friendships outside of the game or else the spanish nt would just be jacked up….

            • mani says:

              ACTUALLY its been proven that BOTH the Pique incident and the Pepe incident were false. and even if they were true words can't hurt you and neither can spit. But the most disgusting thing a person can do is spit on another human being. It's down right nasty.

          • Winnie Mata says:

            lol this comment is flawless perfection.
            i can't believe people are still pointing fingers over that,
            acting all self-righteous and whatnot when he was clearly alright
            and LMAO at Messi…what did he think he was going to do?
            Sergio would dummy him.

      • madridista 4 life says:

        ummm welll. as for the fan comment and how you call some of us rude imagine how we feel when barca won 5-0 and all the barca fans thought they were high and mighty and bragged for MONTHS. I think Madridistas deserve some bragging rights.

    • hbandshbreak says:

      Thanks Gladys – Barca were, as ever, amazing. it was an exciting game – both teams owe me for the manicure I ruined biting my nails! I have to agree with you about the jerking people up – I love my team, but that was uncalled for. Tempers were running really high yesterday. I hope I live through the next two games!

    • Crackers says:

      As a Madridista, thank you! I think November taught our team some hard lessons, and I'm v. happy at the win but had to wince at Alvaro and Xabi's behaviour, I hate to see them that way (and this is hard, because I've loved them since they first came to Liverpool).
      But that's sometimes the way games go, esp. when they're getting very physical and hard-fought, at least our boys have the sense to leave it on the pitch/apologise later.

  63. Gabs says:

    Ok, so of course I was stunned with laughter when I first saw Ramos dropping the Copa but now I'm failing to understand how this is funny at all. Seriously? Dropping the cup? How negligent is that? I know he was being silly and having fun and yet I just find him really annoying. I always have and now more so than ever… he played really well yesterday though,

    • TuTu says:

      if you see the footage inside the bus you can clearly see that he accidentally falls (maybe someone was pulling him as a joke or they were failing and he was the closet to grab for support..idk) which obviously the copa falls too. I personally think for some reason don't think its the real copa to begin with but the fact its the copa and it fell i feel bad for the keeper.

    • Kat says:

      its not like he was thinking "ya know i should really drop the cup and have the bus run over it cus it would be funny" its not like he meant to do it and he did have a really good gamee

    • Barcalina says:

      Yes, I find him Annoying too. I thought am the only person. I can't begin to wrap my head around why Kickettes go crazy for him! It's a mystery to me!!

      • Gabs says:

        Exactly my point. Plus they can say whatever they want but if he wasn't playing with the cup, putting it on his head no matter if the bus stops suddenly or if he's accidentally pushed. Anyway I was just saying… sooo not a big deal. P.S. I also hate his response trying to be funny about it "it jumped" sooo random!

        • Kat says:

          he wasn't playing with iit he was holding it above his head and as he brought it down he fell and it fell so why don't you guys check your facts first and stop being haters its not your trophy so why are you guys stressing out about and @barcalina people go crazy over him because he has a sense of humor un-like all the sore losers called barca fans.

          • Barcalina says:

            @ Kat thank you for cracking the mystery. it is because Sergio has a sense of humor lol!

          • Kat says:

            whenever barca has a bad game all of their fans become very arrogant! and it's really annoying you didnt here any of the madridistas saying that sporting gijon got lucky beating madrid or bashing any of there players. Like really none of you actually know these players you can't judge them if youv'e never talked to them.

  64. gin_in_teacups says:

    HALA MADRID! Couldn't be happier about the Copa. My nerves are still shot and I imagine by the end of all these clasicos I'll be well on my way to being the alcoholic I've always dreamed of being. But anyway, gotta cherish these beautiful moments!

    And awwwww my poor baby Sergio. How embarrassing! He should do something to distract us all – quick Sergio, take your shirt* off!

    *And by shirt, I mean all your clothes.

    • hereforthenando says:

      Everything in this comment is solid gold, except for the whole "Hala Madrid" part. But no matter, the idea of Sergio getting naked to distract from the whole "throwing the Cup under a moving bus" thing, and the fact that you're "well on [your] way to being the alcoholic [you]'ve always dreamed of being" makes me want to high-five you.

      High five!

    • essjay says:

      New celebratory photos on the Real Facebook…. One includes a shirtless Ramos.. ;)

    • Crackers says:

      Yeah, I imagine our boys learned something about Clásicos after the November one!

      I fully support the Ramos getting shirtless…and while he's at it, can he please persuade Iker to take some clothes off too, that man is too beautiful to be so covered-up all the time*!

      *and despite the lack of nudity he's still in the HHoF….that's the gold standard of hotness right there.

  65. Jules says:

    The one good thing about living in America is that when my team loses, I can tune it out for a few days. Except this morning when I turned on the morning news to see Real Madrid celebrating on Cibeles and I thought someone was torturing me. Then I saw Sergio Ramos drop the Cup and the bus run over it. I felt slightly better after laughing.

  66. Lilly says:

    Congrats to Madrid for a well-deserved victory.
    As a cule, I'm miffed we lost, but hey…
    I absolutely love our Barca boys even if they don't win anything!

    • Thea says:

      Copa del Rey is small potatoes hun, hopefully it will work to our overall advantage in the long run, make the boys more fired up for the next two games!!!

    • football lover says:

      they never deserved it!!! i guess we did not watch the same match or you just not understand football!!!!!
      i am sure you are just one of these blind football fans who can not asses attainments!!!!!
      anyway congratulations to madrid….casillas was awesome……..and barca : CHEER UP!!!! great match….but no luck!!!!

    • yessssssssss says:

      "I absolutely love our Barca boys even if they don't win anything! " OMG stupid or what ..they are going to win the championship……the most important thing in football for every team in theri country!!
      OMG and you talk like you understand something of football! hahahahhahahah
      ridiculous, just ridiculous!

      • Lilly says:

        You misunderstood me.
        I didn't mean they won't win anything. I meant that even if they don't win the next matches I won't mind.
        Trust me, I've been watching football since I was 13, so that's more than a decade.
        And yes, Real deserved to win coz they played very dynamically.
        Grow up.

  67. Summer says:

    1.Sergio "butterfingers" Ramos made me laugh a lot yesterday. Only one like him could have done a thing like this!! Crazy 'n funny!!
    2. My perfect day will be when Lampsy, Nando and JT will be both shirt-less… But THANK YOOOOOOOOOOOOOU Kickette for this photo of JT (Sorry girls, but I find this man too sexy…)

  68. AC_USA says:

    UUUGGGHHHH Barca lost :( ((( It took a while for me to realize that we are not gonna win it all this year! But its okay we still have the league and champoions league hopefully(fingers crossed)! :) What put a smile on my face was Ramos for sure! From now on, they better not let him touch any trophies or we know where they are heading! LOL Oh and by th way, Shique(Shakira and Pique) are beyond words adorable! Love them both! :) )

    • Devilish-x says:

      I'm kinda used to seeing the wives/girls of the players during the games but Shakira bless her, she was so into the game and the shots of her stressing out and suffering for her dude makes me love her a little bit more :')
      Congrats to Madrid, i know there's many many kickette soldiers who must be on some sort of hangover<3

  69. AC_USA says:

    UUUGGGHHHH Barca lost :( ((( It took a while for me to realize that we are not gonna win it all this year! But its ok0we still have the league and champoions league hopefullu(fingers crossed)! :) What put a smile on my fac was Ramos for sure! From now on, they better not let him touch any trophies or we know where they are heading! LOL Oh and by th way, Shique(Shakira and Pique) are beyond words adorable! Love them both! :) )

  70. Sarah, Madrid says:

    Ole ole ole olee oleee! Campeones, campeones! Ole ole ole! Hala Madrid, Hala Madrid! Jose Mourinho, Jose Mourinho! What a game, the intesity was unbelievable. They were equal, where every club had a half with wasted chances, but then the spirit of Junaito was up again, Angelito angelito! Iker! Finally he won it all, he is a legend now! He is A LEGDEND! It is for you Iker! for you this cup is for you! Cristanoo what a header.

    Hard luck Barcelona, I didnt like Arbeloa, it was abusive and I dont accept it, ok, there was touch between both of them, but we dont do it Alvaro. Oh sergio! Partying hard little wasted maybe! That was the cutest drop ever, we accept anything you do and you do nothing wrong in my eyes my sergio!


    • hbandshbreak says:

      Yeah, I thought what Alvaro did was shite as well. Not cool. Sergio dropping the Cup however was classic! Absolutely hilarious!

    • annafcb says:

      Congrats, well deserved win! It's fans like you that make this game beautiful, as a liverpool supporter my love for Arbeloa knew no bounds. As a culé I'm disappointed. Oh well…
      Indeed Sergio can do no wrong, I just love the man. But for me the highlight of the night was seeing Pipita smile, it stopped my sulking instantly. Cheers!

      • Sarah, Madrid says:

        Cheers! :) . Pipita! oh pipita, I hope we see him on saturday, we better do Jose! I am serious!

    • Zahara says:

      i couldnt watch the match…what did arbeloa do?

  71. Tina says:

    Visca Barca! More than a club!

    • Thea says:

      Absolutley!!!!! RM can have the Copa, it can be their consolation prize as long as we take La Liga and CL!

      Ramos got over excited, but hey RM winning silver wear is a big enough rarity for them!

      • Melissa says:

        blaaaah that is really shallow of yours real madrid has struggled for 3 years to win a trophy thats right, but all in all they have more trophies than barcelona!!
        Well I guess since you're a barca fan it is comprehensible that you're maybe a little bit frustrated;)
        I think I would be too if it was the other way around…
        Hala Madrid:)

        • Thea says:

          Frustrated and rapidly turning into a lush with all the stress but still thinking that CL games are biggies, and that it's better to be fired up for them instead of coming down from a win!

          • Tina says:

            Hear, hear! Love my Barca. They did good and they will do even better! Good for RM that they finally won, but Barca will get them in the end…

            ps. In my case frustration doesn't even begin to describe the situation.

      • Lily says:

        I guess this means Barca doesn't win the Trio cups? :)

  72. meh says:

    devastated about arsenal, wasn't expecting much though we always concede and now bloody chelsea are above us with the waste of money that is TORRES. whatever. BUT i was sooooo happy that real madrid won, it lifted my mood, finally a team who can humble the great barcelona, Jose is a miracle worker, im just so happy for them it must have been hard always being second best. Sergio looked particularly good last night, especially when he got angry, yum! but dropping the cup…EPIC FAIL, methinks there was too much alcohol. and shakiras SOOO lucky to be able to console Pique…………………. http://www.hellomagazine.com/celebrities/gallery/…

    • ToysForBots says:

      I too am gutted by Arsenal's tie. We HAD that game. If only RVP's goal wasn't offside…*sigh*

  73. hereforthenando says:

    My life would be 1000% less hilarious if not for The Ramos. The only thing that could have made it better would have been those glorious gold swim trunks. He really brightened up an otherwise depressing CdR final.

    • Leya_S says:

      Hence the reason why it is TIME for Sergio to be in the F5.
      Just sayin'

    • nandoalldayeveryday says:

      BAHAHAAA. . . . and THATS why he plays soccer, i bet if he was told to juggle the cup with his feet it would be a no problem type of thing. SMH I saw the video and i just love how in one view you can see somebody flip open his phone or something, (taking a last picture perhaps) and looks throughly annoyed. Everybody else is just hitting him with their towels or whatever : http://www.youtube.com/watchv=DSvmAtOnrkA&fea…

  74. xoWinnie says:

    Hala Madrid! <3