September 5th, 2007

Midweek Mmm: Xabi Alonso


Is it just us, or is Xabi becoming better looking by the day? Is it all down to the haircut?

Something is happening with us and the Liverpool squad Kickettes… a shift is occurring in our level of appreciation. We like to stay team-neutral so best to assess the talent on an unbiased scale, but this is becoming increasingly challenging.  We will keep you posted.



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38 Responses to “Midweek Mmm: Xabi Alonso”

  1. Jandee says:

    I have been all about the Xabi ever since he came to Liverpool! Even with his semi-dodgy hair. But now that its short and spikey, no on can deny his hotness, and the hotness that is LFC!! They just need to remove some NOT so good looking players (i.e. Kuyt) and they’d be the most beautiful team in the world!

  2. “And why do Stevie G and Xabi look like twins to me? I find them *almost* good-looking but not quite.“

    That made me smile.

  3. Rusty says:

    I have GolTV on digital cable, and I’m going to get a special box that allows me to get Setanta over my broadband connection. I also have Fox Soccer Channel, Fox Sports en Espa

  4. Robin says:

    Anna – Direct TV is a satellite dish (I think I saw them on every house I drove past while in Scotland!). In my area having Direct TV is actually cheaper than cable. I think Setanta is part of a sports packaged I signed on for for 14$ extra month and I get 24 additional sports-dedicated channels. If you don’t get direct tv then you’ll only get Fox Soccer Channel on digital cable (which like I said was more $ than my direct tv) and which shows about 3 matches on saturday and 1 or maybe 2 on Sunday and some Euro Cup. ESPN2 was showing Champions League too.

  5. AnnaD says:

    Robin—-are those channels not on cable then?  what is directTV?

    and almost all sport in the UK is carried by Sky and Setanta——both pay cable stations, which most hotels wouldn’t have…

  6. Robin says:

    AnnaD – you will have to get direct tv in order to get setanta and goltv. But its totally worth it!
    I am just getting back from a week in scotland and I have to say I’ve been bitter about the lack of any sport coverage at all! Given it is euro cup week but still, each hotel has maybe 5 stations!

  7. Tres Bien says:

    Let me elaborate on my comment earlier…

    Please…NOOOOOOO!  Don’t cross over to the dark side!

    Don’t get me wrong- I still love me some fine men, but sometimes it really depends on the color of that shirt.  Xabi’s all fine with the Spanish kit on but once I see that red… I could leave him to the dogs.

  8. AnnaD says:

    ooooooh!!!!  yes, PLEASE, let’s have Stevie!!!!!!!

  9. liverpoolchick says:

    we defintely have the best looking team, kickette my admiration for you is growing and no way by silently declaring your love for the reds could be better than picking xabi…..Mmmmmmmmm!!! i totally agree he is definitely getting better looking..something i thought was impossible but apparently not!!! can we have stevie next week!!!

  10. kickette says:

    uh, okay we just watched that you tube link and holy hell he is giving us a warm tingly feelin.  please, for those of you who know – what happened during that airport interview? goodness, please advise if he and the journalist had wild jungle booty in the airport loo or what?

  11. lee says:

    agree : great looking guy. improving looks. clever. speaks many languages.  wouldn’t be surprised if he loved math and physics what with his brain able to calculate distance, speed, weight and projectile of three moving objects at the same time. unassuming, that is a clever ploy – he can and will pounce when necessary.
    nasty driver, though.  his penchant for colorful shirts is remarkable. pale pink and old rose! go xabi! :D

    for LFCgal, you can try this—-” rel=”nofollow”>:—- it’s not the original, but it features part of that airport interview.

  12. Amy says:

    I have all of that airport vid… just not sure how to upload it (technogically lame, i know) unless i can send it to you guys here and you can put it up?

  13. LFCgal says:

    At last! You’re feelin the Xabi love

    when he was first came I was hyperventilating he was so hot, then I noticed how his nose sometimes looks big and how chubby his legs are but I still loved him cos of the way he plays, now I’m deffo into him again, his legs are cute, and I can forgive the dodgy-ish nose, cos he’s got the brooding dark foreign hottie thing goin on and his voice is gorgeous

    mmmm, Xabi is lush, I’ve got a picture of him, just the back of him (I edited your piccy of him on here with Cesc Fabregas <img src="; width="19" height="19" alt="red face" style="border:0;" />), and he looks so hot, I think I have a fetish with backs! I melted when I saw him in his suit on motd after Derby…he seems clever too, he studied economics (dunno if he still is) and his english is very good

    ‘Now if only I can find that interview with the Spanish newslady where he just stares at her with his gorgeous eyes and…. guh.‘

    *swoons* that interview was boss! I can’t find it too :(

    His girlfriends one lucky laydee <img src="; width="19" height="19" alt="wink" style="border:0;" />

    Out of our team, Xabi and Torres are fit, Luis was gawjus so sad he left :( , Gerrard has a fit bod, Carra’s just sexy overall, Arbeloa has cheekbones to die for, I’m startin to feel the Pepe love, Harry Kewell is cute when he has short hair and he’s tanned, and if you like Matt Damon you should like Stevie Finnan cos I swear they’re identical twins!

    Keep the fabby Xabiness up Kickette!

  14. Kate says:

    I’m so happy you finally see the beauty that is Xabi Alonso.

    God that man is gorgeous.  He just needs to stop cutting his bloody hair!

  15. LoveLamps says:

    I do not like this guy, but I have just revealed my secret crush on Fernando Torres despite my hate of the liverpuddle and my general dislike of blonde men generally.  There’s just something about a man that can score that many points in one game for my fantasy football team!

  16. ches says:

    Xabi has always been appealing. Just this season he has become even MORE appealing. :D

    You gotta love football. Hehe.

  17. AnnaD says:

    cheers, Tammy—-that’s reassuring!  I’m actually American, but i’ve lived here in the UK for 7 years, and when i left the US there was NO football on the tv at all, except for some on the spanish-language channel!

    we’ll be living in Rochester, NY, far away from any large ex-pat community, but we’ll definitely have cable, so we can look forward to seeing some footy!!!  YAY!

  18. tammyv says:

    We get more English football then you get in the UK. Last weekend for example, I think 18 of 20 Prem games were shown in the US (I know it was all but two games were shown).  Plus several Championship games, Serie A, La Liga, South American leagues

    We have three channels completely devoted to it (Fox Soccer Channel, Satantas, GolTv), plus we have ESPN networks that carry some games as well, like the world cup and some Champions’ League. 

    You will be fine here, we promise. plus most places have at least one pub that shows all the games and where ex-pats go to bond. LA, NYC, DC all have MAJOR places to bond.

    Come you will enjoy and you will not miss a game

  19. AnnaD says:

    i’m so glad that somebody else like Carra!!!  i think he’s wonderful…but my heart (and any other bits he might want) belong to Stevie…

    now i’m a sucker for short hair—-the shorter the better for me, and i love it when the new season starts and all the lads come back tanned and with their summer haircuts; they are just too cute for words!

    are some of you in the USA?  do you get alot of English football over there?  my husband and i are hopefully moving to the states next year (if the US Immigration services will give him a visa), and we will definitely want to follow our footy…he’s a Spurs fan, which is fine, because they have Paul Robinson and Michael Dawson—-LOL

  20. ciaobello says:

    Two goals a game make anyone instantly hotter. But I am glad that Xabi got the hair sorted, it was almost vile two weeks ago. Too short (a la Stevie Mbe) is not the way to go for him.
    Xabi is the kind that does not quite strike as the prettiest at first, because he does not (sadly) make half-naked ads or party with random girls but grows on you with every game. I am quite obsessed by now. I think you can tell.

  21. sandra says:

    liverpool= the hottest

  22. Cate says:

    Finally, Kickette.

    Do not resist the ‘Pool.

  23. carly says:

    Funny that you mention it because today I saw Xavi on Tv talking in Spanish and a sudden shift occured in me, as well. hmmm…He’s still not my type but it wasn’t too bad.

  24. RedGirl says:

    OMG What can I say???
    *starts singing to the tune of ‘the best midfield in the world’*

    We’ve got the hottest team in the world
    We’ve got Xabi Alonso
    Stevie and Riise
    And Nando Torres of cooooourse

    A bit crappy I know <img src="; width="19" height="19" alt="red face" style="border:0;" /> … The thing is that I just love my lads…

  25. Anna says:

    (haha there’s another Anna!)

    Yes, it’s definately the haircut. Xabi always potential though – glad to see it’s finally coming through.

  26. Suzy says:

    Don’t forget shaven headed Iberian goalkeeping stud Pepe Reina and the boyish cute boy charms of Alvaro Arbeloa, the Reds are heating up!

  27. tammyv says:

    It is the lack of Stevie G that allows him to be hotter.. (a.) he is front and center now and all manly get the job done.  (b.) Stevie G just makes everything around him less hot – (I know that one will be taken badly. I love you Stevie G Fans… but I don’t see the appeal of him AT ALL)

  28. ivanka says:’s all abt the hair, isn’t it ? work it out,boy!!but come on liverpool players aren’t that hot.actually aren’t even hot. they are….ok

  29. Bella says:

    Go RED KICKETTES!!!!!!!!!!! Who would ever WANT to walk alone with such cute boys in our side? It’s the recent influx of talent setting a more exciting backdrop (if that’s possible) for our already fabulously perfect collection of brilliant gorgeousness. Xabi has always been at the top in perfectness BTW, you are merely expanding your horizons, just in the nick of time.

    p.s. Kickette #1, I would give Torres’ hair a second look, it gets better with each new piece of the game at which he proves himself so extremely handy.

  30. Tres Bien says:


  31. Anna says:

    i can’t think any Arsenal or Chelsea players are hot——i despise the teams too much (especially Arsenal)…Fulham are alright, but Newcastle are only pretty because of Mikey Owen, Alan Smith, and Shay Given…

    actually, i’ll agree with Newcastle, but not over Liverpool!!!!

  32. tammyv says:

    I ask this all seriousness.. are you all drunk? <img src="; width="19" height="19" alt="smile" style="border:0;" /> (*just kidding* <img src="; width="19" height="19" alt="smile" style="border:0;" /> )

    Oh dear god.. no they are not the prettiest team, by far. Arsenal, Chelsea, Fulham, Newcastle are all ahead of them and that is just the prem (and in alphabetical order not hottest order)

  33. Anna says:

    Liverpool is definitely the hottest team going, with Stevie G (*swoons*) in the lead, Pepe, John Arne Riise, Harry Kewell, Xabi, and all the little lads…i just about melt each time i watch a match

    and by the way: Hiya, Kickettes!  great site!!!!

  34. il est avec moi says:

    look at him ,*sigh* people can hardy keep from throwing themselves at him,even if their on the same team.

  35. April says:

    About friggin’ time is right! <img src="; width="19" height="19" alt="smile" style="border:0;" />

    Seriously. You have no idea how many times I have tried to ‘convert’ my Man U/Chelsea/Arsenal friends into loving some ‘Pool boys.

    Now if only I can find that interview with the Spanish newslady where he just stares at her with his gorgeous eyes and…. guh.

  36. Becca x says:

    Now You Mention It Kickette… Yes.. He Is Extremely Fit <img src="; width="19" height="19" alt="smile" style="border:0;" />

  37. Ella says:

    About time!

  38. ellen says:

    wow~~~ u mean this guy:

    He’s defo gorgeous on and off the pitch <img src="; width="19" height="19" alt="raspberry" style="border:0;" />