May 9th, 2012

Milan Derby Debate: Barbara Berlusconi vs Melissa Satta

Judging by these photos, who do you think had a better time at the Derby della Madonnina?

As we all know, life in the spotlight can be hectic and invasive of one’s privacy. The best way to deal the stresses of public life? Mingle with the normies, like Barbara Berlusconi did amongst a sea of sad faces in the San Siro’s packed stands.

In contrast, Kevin-Prince Boateng’s girlfriend, Melissa Satta spent her 90 minutes stuffing her face with prosciutto paninis on the VIP terrace. The lack of leftovers should sum up her Sunday match viewing experience.

Well, Kickettes. Barbara or Melissa?


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8 Responses to “Milan Derby Debate: Barbara Berlusconi vs Melissa Satta”

  1. keziah says:

    I'd take a WAG who actually watches her man play over miss all-that who is only there to network and be seen any day

  2. con2e says:

    Are you kidding me? Look at her hair! Do they have trailer parks in Italy? I'd bet my money on it

  3. Gabrielle V says:

    i looooove melissa's tattoo. i have a few of them myself :D

  4. Nicola says:

    Well, obviously Melissa had a better time. I like Barbara better than Melissa though. She’s there because she cares about the team, not because she wants a photo-op like Melissa. Hence, Barbara’s sad face because we were losing the game and the Scudetto.

  5. Scoop says:

    If they both looked in the mirror that day, i'd say Melissa.

  6. mrs benzema says:

    Melissa because she seems more fun 2 be around unlyk barbara whose a couger fame whore and any other demeaning nd discriminating name

  7. Stella says:

    No one.

  8. Jayy says: