October 1st, 2010

Milos Krasic: His Hair Is Alive

Juve’s Felipe Melo, Milos Krasic (c) and Leonardo Bonucci celebrate another victory for hair product. Getty Images/Daylife

Milos Krasic.

Like Carlos Tevez and Jimmy Bullard, this is not a name you would expect to find on a website dedicated to football hotness. However, you might recall that Milos has cropped up on the Kickette radar occasionally due to his exceptional ‘living combover’ hairdo.

We therefore feel it appropriate to offer our congratulations to Milos, who celebrated the birth of daughter Mila last week by scoring a hat trick for Juventus against Cagliari and causing merry hell down the right hand side in Juve’s 1-1 draw with Manchester City in last night’s Europa League fixture.

Clearly, he is doing just fine without our support. Nice one, Milos! (Getty Images/Daylife)

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19 Responses to “Milos Krasic: His Hair Is Alive”

  1. jamtart heart says:

    Yikes! :(

    Rod Stewart called; he wants his pelt back.


  2. littlegirl says:

    i' love , love ,love my team…i was born juventina…for my heart, the best team ever …

  3. Milos is Love says:

    Milos cought the most juve-fans even before playing one minute. first it came out that he refused fenerbahce and man city for juve, both teams are better wage-payers and then it came out that he earns 1 million dollars per seasen less then in moscow, just to save the long negotiations between juve and cska.

    when the italian embassy made a mistake in Belgrade and he couldn´t catch the routine-flight to italy and other flights to northern-italy would get him there late, he payed usd 10.000 from his pocket to charter a plane to turin and be there in time with all the team-mates at villa perosa, one of the homes of the agnelli-family.

    the fans freaked out there just to see him.

    the player kissing him in the second pic is Milan Jovanovic (Liverpool). When Milos got professional at the age of 14 and moved to another city within Serbiam Jovanovic was his Room Mate in their flat and "his bigger brother" in every aspect of life as Milos likes to say.

    • @DebStimson says:

      thanks for the post….sounds like he's a class act :)

      • Zhenya says:

        That's a great story, he does deserve love from his fans for those efforts, hair and all! Congrats to his family!

        Bonucci is a cutie! I hope he starts again for the Azzurri next Sat.

  4. Alone Gourcuff says:

    Digite o texto aqui!Very affectionate! My Kisses

  5. BarceLisa says:

    I'm too busy noticing Leonardo Bonucci's tongue (dirty thoughts galore!) him and Claudio Marchisio are my latest crushes. Congrats to Milos and family.

  6. LoseThatGirl says:

    …with the sound of music…. Sorry!

  7. DutchGooner89 says:

    Am loving the man love kiss between Krasic and his team mate…so sweet awwww