May 31st, 2012

Missing In Euro 2012 Action: Yoann Gourcuff & Frank Lampard

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Eight days of us lying in waiting to go ’till the Euros commence and yet the hotties are dropping like flies.

Our fabulash footy in June plan went out the window once news of Yoann Gourcuff being dropped from France’s final roster (Blanc’s reason: “niggling ankle injury”) reached us.¬†We’ll be missing him. Like always. If you need more of YoGo baby to get you through this difficult time, hit up our bountiful archives or just create a Google Image alert with his some iteration of his name in the mix.

Also gone due to injury but certainly not far from our radars is Frankie Lampard, who will be replaced in England’s line-up by Jordan Henderson. Sad news for sure, but at the same time, there’s nothing sexier than a rejuvenated Frankie. Our readers are already aware of how we like our Lampsy – chip on the shoulder and full of stamina – so we’re wishing him a speedy recovery this summer!

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36 Responses to “Missing In Euro 2012 Action: Yoann Gourcuff & Frank Lampard”

  1. Claire says:

    "ugly lesbians" is not a correct way to speak about ANYONE.

  2. Rosa says:

    Gourcuff is not that good. Sure, he's good looking, but he's just an OK-ish player.

  3. Kristina says:

    So sad for Lampard! He's so important for the team! And for me….

  4. LizzyHS90 says:

    No Lashes!!??? F*******%%#$%^&(Y&&*(&*K.

  5. earidurt says:

    What a pity! :-( I can't imagine how disappointed they must all feel to not be there. That's sports for ya :(

  6. Claire says:

    he only played* sorry, and also i'm speaking about Mavuba beacuse people thought he would have been a better choice than Gourcuff or Diarra for the team, and we didn't understand why he was not even on the larger list

  7. Claire says:

    the truth is that here no one understood why Blanc took him even in the larger selection, this season he only payed like 2 or 3 games after having been injured for a while whereas a player like Mavuba was quite essential for his club during the season.
    if Yoann had played more games, even if he had not had a really good season, he would have had his place in the team because he can add something to the team, but as he played only a few games, he has not his place in the selection for this Euro. I hope he will come back stronger because I think he can be a key player for us.
    And about living with Ribery&co, i think Blanc is much more protective with him than Domenech so i don't think it would have been as a huge problem as in 2010, and there are also lots of new player very differents from Ribéry, like Debuchy, Rami, Cabaye who are very friendly and who wouldn't have any problems with him :)

    • Mary says:

      His choice had no logic was a "heart's" one.I was really surprised to see his name in the pre-list but since he called him knowing his condition, I was sure he would keep him.
      Do you really think that the pressure of the media and of some players of EDF(as it was said) against Yoann weren't the real reason Blanc dropped him? I really dont believe the ankle injury,no one who has been a year out goes to surf if it's injured to the ankle. for me was left out for other reasons and the fact that Evra is still in the team, says a lot….
      Tonight M'Vila was injured, seems he will be fine for the EURO but lets see if things don't go well for him if Blanc will call again Lashes

      • Claire says:

        yes the surprise was for everyone, and atsurprise made his choice not to keep him even more "not logical". I think he gave him a chance but he saw that Yoann was not ready to catch it yet. I agree that the injury is not the real reason, and maybe the relations with some players is a part of it
        for Evra, he should never be in the list ! and for M'Vila, i hope he will be okay, and if he is not, yes Yoann will be called, as he was part of the first list
        and, my bad, seems like he played 13 times in Ligue 1 this season, i really didn't hear about him… :)

        • Mary says:

          I hope whatever was the reason he is out is the best for him. he needs to rest and to be away from the media for a while.
          Are you french, right?can you explain me why he passed from being the french golden boy to be almost hated in France?he was considered the nice guy,the intellectual,the "bien eleve" etc and now Blanc has to say that he is not he "wolf", I wonde what happend

          • Claire says:

            I think that all the qualities that he has don't match with the image people have of a football player so he is kinda rejected, and that what happens with Ribéry&co, also I think he needs to feel good in his team to play well, so as he is not feeling good, he is often injured and when he plays he is not really as good as before. i bet that if he quits Lyon he will come back to the level he had in Bordeaux :) Lyon can destruct talent sometimes, they bought lots of players from my team, and only one managed to succeed there, the others failed. I think there is a huge difference in the way the clubs manage their players, Lyon is not a "family club" because there is a lot of pressure on them to win titles so they give up that "familial" aspect and some players like Yoan can't succeed there because of this. that's how i see it :)

            • Mary says:

              thanks! :)
              I hope he finds a solution soon because he is wasting his talent there :(

              • Claire says:

                you're welcome :)

                • Thea says:

                  I think Yo is not at the right club and runs the risk of beign another nearly ran……but France is not a great team at moment!!!!!!!!!

                  • drea says:

                    They're running a 20-game winning streak right now, so I would give credit where it's due. With Benzema, Ribery and Giroud in peak form, this is the best team France has had in a while. If the rest of Generation 87 plays well, and if they can sort out their defense issues, they could be quite formidable at Euro.

                    • Thea says:

                      In terms of previous teams this is not the best vintage – as 2010 WC showed BUT they do have a chance to regain some credibility in the near future! Just won't as easy on the eye with Yo!

  8. debsen says:

    Also MIA David Villa!

  9. Loninha - Brasil says:

    awwwwwwwwwwwwww Yoann i love !!

  10. Lucy says:

    aww Yoyo :(

  11. Doles says:

    I'm so sad for Lampsy! I can't believe he got injured during a training ~ a week before Euro kick-off! This could've been his last Euro :'-(

  12. chay says:

    How can the English national team continue on without the utter sexiness of Lampard's neck??? OMG … words cannot describe how much I'm in love with his neck. The sexiest in the history of football!

    • xoWinnie says:

      LOL PREACH IT! i can't believe people have the audacity to call him Fat Frank! and yes, I know he's lost weight, but he has never been big enough to warrant that name his entire professional career in my opinion!

      • Catty Women says:

        Xowinnie i agree on the fat frank part, that truly irritates me, because he was never fat to begin with. People are just rude and cruel.

      • Kristina says:

        I've never heard that!? That's simply absurd!

  13. Miss Lampard says:

    It's not right, how much is cruel destiny? I was ready to enjoy every minute of Frank in this Euro, and he's ruled out. Someone is plotting behind my shoulders…However I will take a consolation with Oliver Giroud from France.

  14. Mary says:

    I think Lashe's ankle is fine. Blanc just had the perfect excuse. I still haven't understood what was the point of calling him for then cut him from the final list.As I said in another post I'm really sad but I think is the best for him. Living a month with Ribery&Co and having all the pressure from the media on him would just make his psicological situation worse.
    I wish he will soon change environment and go to some team outside french, is his only hope,in my opinion.
    In the meanwhile,Im booking the first flight to Brittany to go and confort him

    • Mary says:

      France not french, lol

    • drea says:

      As much as I would love to see Lashes at Euro, I really do think it's his ankle and so-so performance that got him cut. I was very surprised he was even included in the prelim squad, considering he hasn't played much lately. Some people say Blanc gave him a shot anyway because he's the only real playmaker they have/had on the team, but he just wasn't cutting it.

      And as much as I'd like to implicate Ribery somewhere in this (I really don't like him either), I don't think he wields as much influence as he did before. The squad has many new members and most of them could care less what Ribery thinks of Gourcuff. Under Blanc, I think the whole team's eager to play nice this time because of the crap that happened in WC.

      As for Yoann, I agree that he may need a change of environment. I think he should go play for a club in a different country with a coach who can coax him back to form without all the drama back home. Anyone know where di Matteo's going?

      • Claire says:

        Drea, I totally agree with what you are saying here, and what you said about we may be formidable at the Euro :)

        • Maria says:

          What drama? I don't follow the French league. But I want gossip!

          • gigi says:

            It's a lot of the same stuff you've already heard, but the names and situations change. Is he or isn't (gay/washed up)? Are they or aren't they (back together/bearding for each other)? Will he or won't he (leave his club/ever recover form)? But it never ends for him. If you have time and quite a bit of patience, try heading over to Lipstick Alley. You'll have to separate the wheat from A LOT of chaff (around 10% to 90% I'd estimate) but the posters over there seem to have a lot of "tea" on footballers and some actually come with "receipts".

  15. Anna says:

    And what about our finest Marco Borriello?

  16. mata says:

    Soooo sad about the loss of lashes, but I'd be happy to help him nurse that ankle injury, cause the ankle bone's connected to the *** bone, etc.