August 24th, 2011

MLS Observations: The Newbies Steal The Spotlight

Had enough of ‘keepers trying to distract penalty takers? Caleb Folan has, and he’s taking measures. Image: Ezra Shaw/Getty Images/Daylife.

We never complain about supplying a necessary ego stroke once in a blue moon around Kickette HQ – but today its your turn, passionate-MLS-readers-who-send-e-mails-daily-lobbying-for-the-American-soccer-league-to-get-some-regular-play-around-here!

So…yeah, we’ve devised this feature for today, which is always the first step in getting us commitment-phobes to accept some sense of accountability for our actions. For now, we pinky-promise to think about preparing this kind of coverage every Saturday, and we’ll even use our Statue of Liberty Lady-shaped champagne flutes at breakfast to remind us about keeping our word.

Until then, comments/criticisms and any other type of acceptable feedback should be submitted for us to mull over a bar of Green & Black’s dark chocolate.

With all of Los Angeles buzzing about Robbie Keane signing with the LA Galaxy, one West Coast satellite staffer was fortunate enough to head on over to the Home Depot Center Saturday night to catch all the action in real time (and sneek a peek at Claudine’s debut outfit). The Irishman was in the starting 11 and promptly turned on the skills for the huge crowd that came out to welcome him, complete with cartwheels and somersaults. He gave the Galaxy the lead against the San Jose Earthquakes, scoring in the 21st minute after receiving a sweet assist from Becks. To ensure Keane’s dream debut went as per the plans, the multi-talented Mike Magee sealed the Galaxy’s 2-0 victory by slotting home a second goal in the 90th minute.

Big pimpin’ in the luxury boxes proved to be an especially glorious treat for her, due to the plethora of famous expats who came out for the match. Gordon Ramsey, his family and the Beckham boys all occupied one box, new USMNT coach Jürgen Klinsmann was in another and Claudine Keane & co. posted up right in between them all.

Image Credit: Reuters.


Western Conference

The Colorado Rapids hosted Chivas USA on Saturday night. Caleb Folan would score the Rapids’ first of two goals in the 13th minute, but Chivas USA would respond with their two new boys, Juan Pablo Angel and Laurent Courtois, both finding the back of the net, thus ending in a 2-2 draw.

Diego Chara flashes woodThe Seattle Sounders scooped up a win away at FC Dallas, with Mauro Rosales netting the lone goal in their 1-0 victory. We love it when the Portland Timbers play, mostly because of their goal celebrations. This time they brought the wood and the goals, to Vancouver, where they ended up with a 2-1 victory. Timbers newcomer, Diego Chara, set a record by scoring the fastest goal (in the 2nd minute) in MLS history!

Image via: AP Photo/Rick Bowmer.


Eastern Conference

Pat Phalen's happy trail vs the Red Bulls

We spy, with our little eyes, Stephen McCarthy’s (?) happy trail! Image: Jim Rogash/Getty Images.

New England Revolution’s Stephen McCarthy wasn’t feeling too chipper after his team ended up with a 2-2 draw against the New York Red Bulls, especially because they were up 2-nil at the half. We appreciate the tummy flash though. Down in Kansas City, Kei Kamara’s goal in the 20th minute secured Sporting KC’s 1-nil victory over D.C. United. On a more important note, we’re now Sporting Kansas City's Chance Myersobsessed with Sporting KC’s Chance Myers (left)and his magical angel hair.

Elsewhere in the east, the Chicago Fire beat Toronto (2-0), Real Salt Lake fell to Houston Dynamo (2-3) and Columbus Crew edged out the Philadelphia Union (2-1).


Image via: G. Newman Lowrance/Getty Images.


Were there any highs or lows from MLS soccer that we missed? Pics that are worth writing home about? Now’s your chance American gals and guys!


We mustn’t forget to give a huge thanks to the fabulous Jaime and everyone at the LA Galaxy for the hospitality! Cheers for taking great care of our gal x

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26 Responses to “MLS Observations: The Newbies Steal The Spotlight”

  1. Krista says:

    Here's a couple of pictures of Timber's defender Eric Brunner from the win over Columbus back in May. Gotta love his enthusiasm.……

  2. Savannah says:

    A shirtless Zach Loyd photo would do everyone a world of good.

  3. Michelle says:

    Robbie Rogers. Massive my friends. Go Crew!

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  5. Guest says:


    THANK YOU!!!

    So excited as a fan of MLS to see this, and I am here every single dingle day to read your posts, and now I get to see my league represented. LOVE. IT. Please keep it going.

    The only other thing I can think of is CONCACAF Champions League play. It's run just like UEFA Champions league – the top teams of the CONCACAF region face off against one another for bragging rights in the region, and a spot in the FIFA Club World Cup.

    Last year Real Salt Lake faced off against Monterrey (the first time an MLS team hit the final in this new CCL format), and lost. This year there are 5 MLS teams and so far they have won more games than ever before in their history. Beyond that, two MLS teams beat two Mexican teams for the first time in Mexico EVER. Yes, we (along with the USMNT) have a horrible record in Mexico that was finally overturned this past week by FC Dallas and Seattle. It's a a historic occasion for MLS. The competition is currently in the group stage and features teams from Costa Rica, Honduras, Panama, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, the US and Canada. (I might be missing a nation in there…)

    So excited to read future posts (and I'm a Galaxy fan by the way!).

    • Guest says:

      Oh, and I almost forgot, some players you might appreciate:
      -Zack Loyd of FC Dallas
      -Omar Gonzalez of LA (I think you featured him once before)
      -Dan Keat of LA
      -Teal Bunbury of SKC
      -Juan Agudelo of NYRB
      -Rosales of Seattle
      -Eric Hassli of Vancouver

    • Guest says:

      Here's the stat from Brian Straus on twitter:

      Worth repeating: From 1996 through spring 2011, MLS teams won 5 games in Central America and Mexico. In the past month, they've won 5 more.

  6. Ali says:

    Ahhh! Thank you for giving the MLS some love! It's much appreciated :)

  7. Molly says:

    You can always add Ben Olsen into the hot managers files……

    Also, Forlanta needs to cool her jets. I've seen loads of Theirry love on this blog, in fact didn't you post for his belated birthday? Yep, yep you did. Oh and just so you know, Henry isn't the hottest thing in the MLS; please follow some hot ballers that aren't already famous/coming to America to "retire" like he is.
    Keep up the awesome work, Kickette, and please keep the MLS in your thoughts!

  8. April says:

    Ohhhh, the Revs are really breaking my soccer-loving heart. I don't know if it is bad luck or what, but it almost seems unfixable. They buy more good players, and still- they couldn't win if there was a 0-man side playing on the other half of the field! They were ahead in their last three games, I think, and then lost or tied. Before Benny got injured several months ago, they were starting to pick up, and then it just seems one thing or another distracted them since then. Total bummer.

    However, the upside is maybe the future of the team… our little SIXTEEN-year-old Diego Fagundez is like a young lil' Torres, which I am obviously all for. Please see first goal and goal celebration from this video if you need proof: (note: turn off your speakers or suffer terrible accompanying music).

  9. Yanks4ever says:

    Thank you for the pledge to increase MLS coverage! I hope this will mean more pics of Brek Shea, hint, hint.

  10. doug says:

    Love the Timbers! And further, their coach John Spencer was a Chelsea star, so extra added bonus.

    • Surly Wench says:

      We here in the Rose City cheer for the Timbers no matter how they perform, but it's so nice when they win because everyone can be a happy drunk!
      I'm sure you've seen the awesome commercial with John Spencer, but if not:

      As a sidenote, hubbie and I both work for Alaska Air (QX actually!), and we get lots of opportunities to see the Timbers at the airport. I recently stood in line with the team at the counter at in the security line on their way to SJC. They are really lovely guys, they are always polite and oblige fans photos and autographs. They never demand special treatment, they wait in line and take off their shoes like the rest of the passengers. (Zizzo is HOT in person, and so is Kenny Cooper)

  11. KaleRSL says:

    Happy days for MLS coverage!! Keep it up, cause nothing makes a Blue Hawaii taste better than reading about our home teams whilst we partake. ;)

  12. littlegreenpea says:

    go union! unfortunately, they lost, so my celebration is subdued. but thanks anyway for mentioning my hometown team!

  13. Jumanji says:

    Did you forget to write about what you meant in the Caleb Folan picture caption. What action is he taking?

  14. forlanta says:

    Who is the leading goal scorer in the MLS? Who? Kickette, I'm listening, who is it???
    Thierry Henry. That's right. And where is the coverage of that wonderful player? Almost non-existent, which confirms my suspicion about your shallowness concerning your coverage criteria: the players need to be hot (which TH is!) AND young, whihc according to your standards he isn't. So, I keep reading the boring blog entries of your teenaged, acne invested staff members and ask myself: when exactly do you bring some depth to your articles, when, kickette, when???

    • Dyna-Ho says:

      Hey now, if you want article depth head over the Guardian or something. Kickette is beautiful just the way she is, god bless her. For Kickette-style coverage of the MLS, you can do much, much better than TH. Brian Ching of my own Houston Dynamo, fr'instance.

      • sarah_london says:

        sorry I have to break it to you, but if you want to cover the MLS there's nothing better than TH. Just because the fan girls of kickette are too young to remember anyone over the age of 30 doesn't mean he should be fogotten. If they were actually interested in the beautiful game they should know that. Instead they cater to shallowness. I won't support that either. Therefore, I'd have to agree with forlanta, maybe not quite in her choice of words but she has a point here. You apparently don't.

  15. taters says:

    Not enough Carrasco.

  16. jorsch says:

    Fastest goal in MLS history is 11 seconds. Chara set the record for a Portland player in MLS.

  17. MrsLBaines says:

    As an MLS fan, I am delighted that you are reporting on our league! I am one of the few LA Galaxy season ticket holders not keen on Keane. I've seen his work at Liverpool, Tottenham after his Merseyside adventure, Celtic and West Ham. I prefer the Mighty Magee!

  18. Julie says:

    I am certain that is not Pat Phelan (he is a Ginger) most likely due to the mullet be Stephen McCarthy

  19. Sylvia says:

    Thank you! Thank you Kickette! As a MLS fan girl, you've totally made my day!! :D

    I look forward to the future posts!