November 8th, 2011

MLS Play-Offs: What You Need To Know

Image: Kyle Rivas/Getty Images North America.

For those Kickettes who reside outside the United States of America, the celebratory shenanigans above might imply that Houston Dynamos have just won the World Cup. They haven’t, of course. They’re not eligible.

Images: Stephen Dunn/Getty Images North America, Bauer Griffin.

In fact, they’ve just beaten Sporting Kansas City 2-0 in the final of the MLS Eastern Conference Cup, which earns them the right to face the LA Galaxy at the Home Depot Centre on 20th November. The Galaxy beat Real Salt Lake 3-1 last Sunday to qualify as winners of the Western Conference Cup.

Why is this important? Well, aside from the fact that we’ve just gotten round to covering the MLS on what could be described as a ‘regular’ basis, this is probably the last opportunity you might have to witness David Beckham lifting some silverware in any real ‘playing’ capacity.  Davey B’s contract is up after this and if the press speculation is to be believed, his next role is likely to be largely ambassadorial.

So even if the MLS hasn’t rung your bell all season, why not check out the final? If for no other reason than the winners are almost guaranteed to take some clothing off.

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12 Responses to “MLS Play-Offs: What You Need To Know”

  1. bantlan says:

    hiii … Nice Post ..

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  2. littlegreenpea says:

    mls play-offs! can't wait! hopefully, it will be a good game!

  3. Kay20 says:

    So happy for LA. Almost, almost guys. Hope Landon gets to lift that trophy on 11/20.

    And it'll be an all-AEG final!

  4. xbabyshakesx says:

    wished they were playing at the Coliseum, love that stadium!

  5. xbabyshakesx says:

    Still debating if i sit hours out in the cold for this? but I am due for some beckham ^^

  6. Teresa says:

    Dunivant =)

  7. eg4 says:

    I walked past the Houston Dynamo last weekend in the Philadelphia Airport! My first thought was, why are all these hot guys wearing matching orange shirts? My second thought was to look at the logo on their shirts and connect that they were in town for the match against the Philly Union. I managed to control myself and not accost any of them. I did kind of turn and stare, though. :-)

  8. April says:

    Was glad to see Houston take that game, especially when the commentators kept saying they werent good enough. They showed them!

    • Audrey says:

      Any word about Davis's injury? He is expected to miss the final?

      • Michael_D says:

        First, I've been reading Kickette for a while…and its hilarious. A quick aside: as I've read this site, I always thought of my younger sister, who I thought would absolutely love this site. So about a month ago, I'm talking footie around my family and mention I had read something or another on this site, and my sister mentions Kickette. Turns out she's been a reader for quite some time…just love the way life works out sometimes :)

        That being said, unfortunately it looks like Davis will likely miss the final as it turns out he has a torn quad muscle. It's a shame because he's truly been our rock this year and I think is the undisputed MLS MVP this year. If we're taking it as it stands, he has truly been the Most Valuable Player for Houston this year and stands out across the league.

        In any event, I think its gonna be a great final against "Big Brother" (for those who don't know, parent company AEG owns both LA Galaxy and Houston Dynamo)…and I think its hilarious that we're a team of promising youth, quality veterans and a few relatively no-name players on loan, yet here we are toe-to-toe against the flagship team of MLS: LA Galaxy. They who have all the stars, 3 designated players and a stacked team…and we (Houston) got the scraps. Let's make sure they keep the lights on this year, shall we?

        Oh, and here's my offering of a shirtless Carlo Costly celebrating his first goal for Houston:…

        (PS – For what its worth he actually is a handsome guy…has very, very light eyes (the ref in the photo seems to agree). Met him after a match, and seemed cool enough)

        • Audrey says:

          Too bad about Davis– I'm not a Houston fan, but he's a great, underappreciated player. He led the league in assists, didn't he?

          As an aside, I'm not sure why my previous comment posted twice, or why I wrote it with that bizarre grammar! Haha.

  9. prettypeyton says:

    mmm landy's looking good ;)