November 4th, 2011

MLS Playoff Results: Well, Who Do We Have Here?

This photo of Aurelien Collin kind of gives away the winner of Wednesday’s 2nd leg tie between Sporting Kansas City and the Colorado Rapids, but we’re fine with it.

Yes, he and his Sporting KC team-mates are moving on in the MLS Playoffs. They’ll play the first of two games on Sunday, squaring off against a ‘scrappy’ Houston Dynamo side that ended the Farfan twins/Philadelphia Union’s dreams of hitting it big time** 3-1 on aggregate.

And so the later game of that day will see Real Salt Lake take on the LA Galaxy, after each team held off threatening advances from the Seattle Sounders and New York Red Bulls, respectively.

Our predictions for the next stage of the playoffs? Kyle Beckerman has some sort of shirtless tussle with David Beckham that Robbie Keane is forced to get in the middle of. That would make for a quality result for both sides.

Missed any of the games? Catch up with the MLS here.

**That being a front page Sizzle Query.

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13 Responses to “MLS Playoff Results: Well, Who Do We Have Here?”

  1. Yasmin says:

    OMG for a split second I thought that was Totti!

  2. Teresa says:

    So glad LA beat NY, even though they didn't play their best yesterday, it was just enough to win. RSL will be a tough match, but I think LA Galaxy is up for it, and having Juninho back will help them out.

  3. TinaTiny says:

    I'm sad that the NYRB were eliminated as I'm a huge fan of TH. But I can live with that. What I can't live with are the p*ssy ways of Landon Donovan. What a d*uchbag for complaining after the first leg "he threw a ball at me, I don't know if you've seen". Boohoo, what is that? KIndergarden? Hate his whining. The ball barely touched him at the calve. No class whatsoever. He'll never learn.

    • Kay20 says:

      Um, what? Never learn what? Landon's reputation in this league is pretty classy. He didn't say what you wrote, and was talking about NY as a whole. Plus, the league doesn't agree with you as Rafa Marquez was suspended for three games for his "violent and aggressive" behavior and fined. If there's anyone you should be looking at, it's NY's own player. Last I checked Landon calmly and classily walked away from the incident while Rafa was busy throwing punches (and diving to the pitch after a fatal fly brushed him by).

      If you want to go even further than that, look at Luke Rodgers' behavior at the game last night. He nearly decapitated a poor woman in the stands with bad judgment on a ball that had gone out. Walking red card.

      • Audrey says:

        Marquez was banned 3 games for trying to punch and headbutt Cristman and then simulating that he had been hit. I completely agree with Marquez getting banned, by the way (most NY fans are thrilled that the suspension carries over to the start of next season) but if Cristman hadn't run over and started shoving Marquez, nothing would have happened. He shouldn't have thrown the ball, but it just bounced off Donovan's ankle; no big deal. Donovan was walking away. Cristman should've gotten some punishment (other than a fine) for actually kicking off the scuffle.
        Donovan also has a rep as a whiner. That is nothing new. He did say NY was the cheapest team he had every played against. Marquez is cheap. No question. Henry has shown a tendency for petulance and cheap shots as well. That's disappointing. Rodgers I think is not cheap, he just gets out of control. I mean, he'll foul someone, but they're not cheap fouls; he won't try to knee them in the back while they're down or throw a ball at them after the game.

        I was told my comment was too long, so there's more in the next one.

        • Audrey says:

          And on the topic of Luke Rodgers. That was incredibly stupid to kick the ball out of bounds so hard, but the ball WAS in play at the time. My first thought about it was: why were there spectators sitting on the sidelines? He drilled the ball against the advertising boards, not into the stands. If there hadn't been that table there on the sidelines, this wouldn't be an issue. I really don't think he was aiming it at the woman, but having said that, it was really effing stupid and he should have at the very least gotten a lecture from the referee.
          But do consider that Rodgers came into the league with a reputation and has been watched extremely closely by refs all season, and yet has not gotten a red card, nor was he ever suspended for yellow card accumulation. If it had been Lindpere or Keel or Richards or basically anyone else who kicked that ball, I don't think the outcry would be so severe. (Didn't Messi do something similar last season?)

          • Audrey says:

            Anyway, to sum up the general metrofanatic views: NY fans think Marquez is dirty, not to mention a terrible teammate, not to mention disinterested. NY fans so not want him back. NY fans are getting fed up with Henry's stupid petulant red cards. He showed last season with Hartman that it could be an issue, but he then went months behaving until the Portland game. Enough is enough. NY fans love Rodgers, though. Love that he plays with so much energy and effort, a la other fan favorites like Lindpere and Petke and Woly (and even Keel!) but they are also well aware that he gets out of control.

            A lot of people blame the lack of discipline this season on Backe's absolute failure to manage anything or anyone.

          • agent babcock says:

            When a player comes to the US to play, the onus is on him to learn American sports culture. We sit at the sidelines and drink beer. We as fans, are (for the most part) very well-behaved. So too are the players are expected to be well-behaved.

      • trish says:

        sorry, but Donovan's reputation isn't pretty classy in the MLS. He is known to be a whiner and likes to talk isht. Say, you don't watch much soccer, do you?

  4. Kay20 says:

    So happy for Los Angeles as well! So glad we progressed past the dysfunction of NY (though they played a great game last night).

    LA vs. RSL should be epic. Time for payback against 2009!

  5. Tashinka says:

    Couldn't have said it better myself! I was at that game… I've never been so thrilled to be someplace so miserably cold and wet. But we were all riled up, and at the tail end, the entire stadium was singing Na Na Hey Hey… Goodbye.

  6. prettypeyton says:

    so happy for SKC and Aurelien is such a hottie!!