October 4th, 2011

MLS Results: A Gesture Of Goodwill

New England Revolution sported pink throughout their 2-1 defeat to Seattle Sounders in support of Breast Cancer Awareness. We think Diego Fagundez looked particularly pretty, don’t you? Image: Elsa/Getty Images.

Would it help if we said that we really want to make an MLS results round-up a regular part of our website?

That we talk about it fairly regularly?

That sometimes, when we’re not too busy arguing, cooing over boys or ignoring each other in favour of cake, we even have time to produce a really good one, but we’re incapable of doing it on a regular basis?

Thought not. Please take this as a gesture of goodwill then, with a weak promise that we’ll shoot for the stars and most likely miss next time.

Toronto FC 1-1 New York Red Bulls

It seems that Thierry has thankfully moved past ‘rubbish‘ and embraced ‘booyakasha‘ for his goal celebrations. We are pleased. Image: REUTERS/Fred Thornhill.


LA Galaxy 2-1 Real Salt Lake

David Beckham shook hands with his kids, got into a row and received an eyeful of optimistic booby during the Galaxy game on Sunday. In spite of all this, we decided to post a picture of him showing us his goods. Image: Bauer Griffin.


Chivas USA 1-1 Philadelphia Union

Anyone else think it’s hilarious that a dude like Freddy Adu has to run around in a shirt that says Bimbo and that Zlatan Ibrahimovic should sign for Philadelphia Union immediately? We do. Image: Victor Decolongon/Getty Images.


Vancouver Whitecaps FC 0-1 Portland Timbers

Ladies and gentlemen, this is Camilo Sanvezzo, who plays for Vancouver Whitecaps. He seems nice, doesn’t he? Image: Jeff Vinnick/Getty Images North America.


Please offer forth your views while the editorial department gets on with today’s important business – stealing patisserie from the fash team. Happy Tuesday!

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33 Responses to “MLS Results: A Gesture Of Goodwill”

  1. agentbabcock says:

    Feel free to not click on MLS-related posts. And if you don't like the word "soccer", then you need to take it up with the English.

  2. littlegreenpea says:

    I love diego's eyebrows in this picture. they make him look so cute :)

  3. aske says:

    Diego Fagundez from Uruguay

    Kind of an unfortunate name isn't it? The rival fans would surely take advantage of that…

  4. Kristina says:

    Thanks for the MLS post. I don't know much at all about the MLS, but I want to learn. For many reasons ;) .

  5. Kay20 says:

    Love the MLS commentary!!!!!!

    Glad my Galaxy beat RSL over the weekend, but we couldn't clinch the Shield tonight (man those were some TIRED Galaxy players out there, don't blame them, 9 games in some little amount of days). Will do the Shield against Chivas. :)

    Turning out to be a great and exciting playoff year in MLS.

  6. Kerry says:

    Thank you for posting some MLS results! Some of the clubs are very media savvy (like the Portland Timbers) and there will be up to 50 photos on their FB fanpage for a game! ;) (Plenty of interviews too) My local club are the Timbers and I'm lucky we have great fan support! Also the front office is very transparent. The owner has a twitter and isn't afraid to express his opinion and will reply back to your questions/comments. I think the MLS was rubbing their hands together when they learned that Portland and Vancouver would be joining, because frankly, the Cascadia (Portland, Seattle and Vancouver) rivalry and fan support make the league look good. Seriously, if you see ads for the league, those three teams are prominently featured even though Vancouver is in last place, and Portland will be lucky to make the playoffs.

    • Rossanera says:

      They're going to make an insane amount of money exploiting the Toronto-Montreal rivalry as of next season, too. I seriously wonder why it took the powers that be so long to recognize the viability of Montreal as a franchise.

      • Kerry says:

        "I seriously wonder why it took the powers that be so long to recognize the viability of Montreal as a franchise." No one said MLS execs were smart.

        They should really get into exploiting the rivalry or try to create some hype! I don't think the Los Angeles derby has any hype around it. Or they could add teams like Crystal Palace Baltimore to create a regional rivalry with DC United or something similar elsewhere.

        Also building on creating a strong supporters section. The Cascadia teams have raised the bar a lot this past season when it comes to fan support. Sometimes it seemed like on Timbers road matches, the number of Timbers Army that went to the match was more than the number of die hard fans of the home team singing and chanting in their section. If the Timbers are 3,000 miles away and we can hear 50 TA members outsinging the home team's fans, there's something that needs to be addressed here.

        • Rossanera says:

          Just a thought re: Montreal, but I'm wondering if Quebec's language laws had anything to do with the Impact's entry into MLS … I meant, Bill 101 is what kept Bath & Body Works, Victoria's Secret and Crate & Barrel out of la belle province until this year. I know that when the Impact released the promo of the new logo/jersey, they released the video in French, and the new logo has only the French slogan on it. It caused some serious backlash among the team's anglophone and allophone fans at first. Just a thought.

          Re: hype/fan support, I don't think that's something MLS can do. That has to come from the teams. The example of the Cascadia rivalry you gave is a great example. The league has nothing to do with that. But speaking of hype, tell me what you think of the new Impact promo. (I'm linking you to the English one, and it's not as good as the French one, and because it's translated it doesn't actually make sense, LOL, but it should give you an idea): http://www.youtube.com/user/ImpactMontrealFC#p/u/…

          … so as you can see, the Impact are REALLY hyping up Montreal's entry into the MLS. I'm betting the fans will give the TA a run for their money. Maybe we can hope that others will learn by example?

          • Kerry says:

            That's a really nice promo and badge design! I remember when the Timbers revealed their new MLS badge at a special viewing party during the World Cup last year, no one liked it mostly because the fans didn't have a say in it and started chanting "You F@#$^& up!" (that's on youtube btw) I don't see what the big deal with language would be with the french. Half the stuff in Walmart is labeled in English and Spanish here. I remember Montreal Impact from our USL days, and I know Timbers player Ryan Pore was loaned to Montreal this season. I've heard he's been doing pretty well there too. He's also one of my favorite Timbers, he's been with us for a couple years!

            Maybe the marketing should be like 50/50 between the club and league. From the clips of the fans in that promo it looks like you got a pretty great supporters section!

            They gotta create buzz somehow. I've seen stuff on twitter on how residents of Colorado and Dallas didn't even know their teams played in the final last year! It's not that hard! For example, we have great media coverage. The Portland newspaper, and the southwest Washington newspaper covers the team well, there's three possibly four fan-run podcasts about the team, also our regular tv guy has a sports radio show where he dedicates 2 hours weekly to only Timbers related things. Our supporters section has charities (plural!) that it runs to help the community. It probably doesn't hurt that our shirt sponsor Alaska Airlines has made some really funny ads with the team and supporters. They host viewing parties around the metro area for away games. Our first game of the season was away at Colorado and the viewing party was at a movie theater that was also a brew pub. So you got to drink and watch them play on a 50ft screen! It was awesome even if we lost! Now that I think of it, that was a Timbers Army hosted viewing party, not a team sponsored one.

            • Rossanera says:

              See, I think it's the supporters' groups that are really the driving force behind many of the teams. The thing is though – I remember reading about this – aren't there not any other sports teams in Portland? That could be a reason they get so much coverage, and why the fans are so devoted: there's little else. Compare this with, for example, Chicago, that has the Sox, the Cubs, the Bulls, the Bears and the Blackhawks – how are the Fire supposed to compete? Just something to consider. Maybe that's something they look at when handing out franchises, too. I mean, Montreal really only has the Habs … and nobody in Toronto cares about anything but the Leafs … just a thought.

              • Kerry says:

                What about the Toronto Blue Jays and what happened to the Toronto Raptors? Portland has an NBA team and a minor league hockey team. We had a minor league baseball team but with the MLS promotion, part of the stipulation was that the stadium had to be made soccer specific. The Timbers and the baseball team shared the stadium. People wanted the baseball team to stay, heck the Timbers owner is also the owner of the baseball team, but no one wanted to pay for a new stadium for the baseball team. Now they play in California somewhere. I guess we make up for our area's lack of pro sports teams by being avid fans of the local university's teams.

                Chicago is a great sports town. Seriously, a dream of mine is to see a Cubs game at Wrigley. Maybe its because some of the teams were created out of thin air? Like the Fire didn't exist til MLS was formed in the 90's. Philadelphia never had a pro team til last year! Also the MLS schedule overlaps with the end of basketball and hockey season, all of baseball and beginning part of NFL, NBA and NHL. So the only time you can have access to the potential fans is in the summer, when you can only compete with 2 other pro teams as is the case with Chicago. However Chicago's population is probably 2 maybe 3 times the size of Portland, so they should be able to find their niche with the Chicago sports fans.

                We have almost a 40 year history of pro soccer in Portland. The Timbers were around when NASL started, then again with the A-League, and reincarnated again with the USL/division 2 stuff. Our fans have always always been here. Montreal's been around for almost 20 years so you've had time to really gain a following of fans. The Fire do have some great fans, and Section 8 were great hosts to the traveling Timbers Army who went to the game in Chicago.

      • Kerry says:

        And another thing, last night was the US Open final. None of my fellow footy friends (in north america) were watching it. Come on MLS/US Soccer get some advertising/marketing out there!

  7. KaleRSL says:

    Thanks for the coverage. Love our MLS and thankful that we get to enjoy the game here. Keep it coming Kickette!!

  8. Bri says:

    I was at the Sounders game, Diego is a little baaaaaby! Although I didn't pay too much attention to him…spent too much time with my eyes glued on Montero <3 My poor boyfriend was like…are you done taking pictures of that guy's butt yet?

  9. kimb says:

    The MLS does not keep my interest at all .. I live in the US and never watch football here …. they don't really love the sport .. I mean come on the people here call it SOCCER !!!! Keep me posted on football from every country BUT the U.S.

    • KHottie says:

      Speak for yourself, kimb.

      I, and many of my friends, really love the sport, as well as the yummy men who play it. Truth be told, I have very little interest in watching European soccer since I can't go to the games and see those sweaty guys in person.

      Thanks for this, Kickette. Whatever non-committal love you can give to my MLS boys will make my friends and I very happy.

    • KaleRSL says:

      Love the sport anywhere. No matter what its called or where its played, I am all about it. Even when we are watching a team with few to no hot guys. ;)

    • strawberrysexcapade says:

      don't love the sport? Come to Seattle and say that. We have sold out every match (36k people) since becoming an expansion team- this city breathes soccer.

      • Rossanera says:

        I think she meant, as a nation, collectively, America doesn't have the same passion for football/soccer as, say, the Italians or the Spaniards do. I'd have to say I agree. I'm Italian but I've been living in the US for a few years now, and I've definitely noticed that while there are pockets of devotees here and there – like Seattle and Portland – soccer is eclipsed in the US (on a national scale) by football and baseball. It doesn't get the same TV airtime, media coverage, etc., that America's national pastimes do. I think it's growing, and maybe in a decade or so the sport will find itself on equal footing (no pun intended) … but for the time being, I can kind of see kimb's point.

        • Rossanera says:

          I don't understand why this was thumbed down when I was stating an objective fact. How was this offensive?

    • Audrey says:

      Just out of curiousity, why the heck does it matter what it's called? Do you hate on Italians for calling it calcio? It's the same freaking sport.

  10. ChefDi says:

    The David Beckham and Thierry Henry shots are my favorite. With all due respect, Euro/international guys are just hotter to me, MLS needs more of them to keep my interest … just sayin'

  11. Tee says:

    oh lord, that first picture took me back to the freddie ljungberg days…
    sigh, I miss you old arsenal
    anyhoo, he's cute :)

  12. IrishBlue says:

    My crystal ball is telling me that Diego is gonna be one fine man when he grows up!

    For now, he's just a cute little baby :)

  13. April says:

    Oh yay Diego! Love that kid… he's gonna do good things for the sport here. At least I hope! Should note for those not in the know that he is 16 years old and he was the Rev's lone goal scorer the other night. Here's to a bright future for the youngin'!