March 13th, 2012

MLS Results: Um… Before We Get Going

What the hell is going on with Davey B’s hair? It’s doing our fears for his future hotness no good at all.

Colorado 2-0 Columbus

With a few lessons in kit colour coordination and the stealing/burning of those pesky base layers, we reckon Quincy Amarikwa might have something to offer to us. Image: Doug Pensinger/Getty Images.


Vancouver 2-0 Montreal

We’re hoping that the Whitecaps improve on the goal celebration front this season, but we’ll take this almost-transparent- shorts-arm-around-the-bottom-manpile situ for now. Image: Jeff Vinnick/Getty Images North America.


DC United 0-1 Sporting Kansas City

Tights n’torso (rear elevation) was our highlight of the DC United vs. Kansas game. Image: Patrick McDermott/Getty Images.


FC Dallas 2-1 New York

Thierry continues his habit of snatching victory from the jaws of defeat. Image: AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez.


Are you optimistic about the upcoming season?


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13 Responses to “MLS Results: Um… Before We Get Going”

  1. Nahe says:

    You need to mention that RSL totally spanked LA!!! GO REAL SALT LAKE!!!

  2. Audrey says:

    Not optomistic .I know everyone in the league loves to hate him, but NY needs Rodgers back so badly. And they need a midfield that can actually do something. And centerbacks who can clear the ball. Basically, NY looked awful on Sunday. Meara did great in goal though, especially for a 21-year-old rookie.

    And what is up with everyone's hair? Agudelo and Shea are battling to have the worst hair on the U-23s (as the game progressed and Shea's hair got sweaty it began to look like he had a bleeding head wound) and RSL's new boy Sebastien Can't-Think-of-His-Last-Name has a horrifying mullet/rat-tail/bleach thing going on.

  3. I HeartSpain says:

    Hey Kickette: May I suggest having an MLS hot Hall of Fame?

  4. I HeartSpain says:

    Alain Rochat of the Whitecaps is extremely hot.

  5. littlegreenpea says:

    excuse me. You forgot to mention the Union game. They lost to portland.
    Oh my herman… Bayern Munich beat Basel 7-0… I guess I should watch the replay…

  6. GinaM says:

    Go Vancouver!!!! Representing!!!!!!

  7. hansh says:

    No love for the Revolution? Benny Feilhaber played! We lost 1-0 at San Jose.

    I'm not optimistic for a good season, but hopefully we can eke more than 5 wins this time around!

    • April says:

      I sure hope so! They didn't have a bad start to their pre-season. Not sure what changed for the opener. We definitely need to figure out the forwards and we need some defensive reinforcement. And Benny's supposed to be a team leader, according to Heaps. Hope he does well so that he can earn his spot on the US roster (since that seems to be the only way that Klinsmann will acknowledge him). His bicycle goal a couple of weeks ago was nice!

  8. Jayy says:

    ooo Quincy's thighs! <3