November 30th, 2012

Modern GQMF Men: AS Roma For Philipp Plein

H/T @Di_Elle.

Italian ‘ballers getting dressed in black and white excites us more than German ‘ballers in three piece suits.

And, rightfully so.

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15 Responses to “Modern GQMF Men: AS Roma For Philipp Plein”

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  2. Thank you, and sdorld domination (if they involve footballer bo

  3. sohbet says:

    Thank you, and good luck with those plans for world domination (if they involve footballer bo

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  5. essayforce says:

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  6. Gen says:

    Now that's how you start a Monday!!

  7. REE says:

    AS ROMA… i think i'm gonna have to watch more Serie A.. I knew there was Osavaldo but the rest…

  8. Mrs_Q_Borri says:

    Killed me. Sensual, Strong, Confident, Sexy men all in one video. PERFECTION!

  9. camirpo says:

    Omg, Lamela what a cutie! And he's my ageee! Perff! and Balzaretti looks beautiful in 2.06.

  10. Katie Ann says:

    Best thing I've seen all day. Damn, boys…

  11. tammyv says:

    Good God Almighty… Wow

  12. Kristina says:

    This didn't have NEARLY enough Pablo Osvaldo in it. But it will do ;) . That Lamela boy is a beauty!

  13. How can the video look so hot yet so awkward at the same time? But men in suits always gets me. But next time with more De Rossi, please.