April 19th, 2012

Moving On: Raul Gonzalez, Schalke

Image: Angel Martinez/Getty Images.

Schalke striker Raul confirmed at a press conference this morning that he will not be accepting the club’s offer of a one year contract extension. Stating that it had been “really tough“, the ex-Real Madrid player cited his family as the reason behind the decision. “In the Bundesliga you don’t have much time with your family,” he said. “My choice of which league to join will reflect my desire to spend more time with my family.”

Unfortunately, he gave little in the way of clues as to where we should set up our new stalking base, other than it should be somewhere “outside Europe“.

Well, that narrows it down, doesn’t it?

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11 Responses to “Moving On: Raul Gonzalez, Schalke”

  1. Basma Malak says:

    Ohh Raul.. you are the reason I love Footbal and Real Madrid.. You are the reason I started whatching footbal in the first place. I will never forget the first match I ever saw was your first match you ever play with RM… No 7 became my lucky No and it's the No I always chose and love… I will always love Capitano and no one will ever take your place in my heart… Can't believe that RM didn't take the iniciative of retiring No 7.. Shame on my beloved team…

  2. nayet21 says:

    Wow I want to say to Sarah, Madrid: Perfect comment. That's close to what I feel for him… thank you. He's the reason I love this sport so much. And he will always be my number one player in every way. He's humble, handsome, a family men and excellent and classy player…. I'll miss watching him playing for Real Madrid or Schalke, but I wish him the best in the world. :)

  3. Malena says:

    Oh that is just too sad, I was hoping that he would stay. Now the Bundesliga lost its most attractive player

  4. Kristina says:

    Aaawww! A family man and a great footballer. I hope he will find a suitable place to live and work.

  5. Kate says:

    I am a Bayern Munich fan, but I am also a huge fan of Raul. He is a great player. Very classy. I was so sad to hear that he was leaving Schalke. I am happy about the way he is leaving Schalke. They had a lot of respect for him. I honestly thought he would renew his contract with them for two years (I thought they would give in) and then he would retire at the end of it.

  6. nayloveee says:

    been a barca fan forever but I've always had my full respect for this guy. Two words for ya, WORLD CLASS.

  7. Madrista says:

    He'll always be one of my captains for me. How I wish he was still playing with us.

  8. Sarah, Madrid says:

    I really want write books about how much I love this guy, how much I miss him in RM, how much I want play in Euro, how much is he class, how hot he is,how damn amazing he was with La Roja, how madridisimo he is, how amazing he was with Schalke, how he made last UCL year his UCL to remember, his performance against Intermilan alone says it all, if I can I will write more, but words fail me.

    Thank you Schalke for retiring number 7 after him, thank you for the farewell match that RM ( I say it with heads down) failed to do, hopefully the Spainsh team that will play with Schalke is RM, hopefully so.

    Europe to lose of his all time legends next season, UCL is to lose their top scorer, their little teenage boy who took Europe by Surprise, Europe is to lose one of classiest players of all time, it is not just sad day for Schalke or RM fans, it is a sad day for Europe, we love Raul Blanco, we love Capitano, I wish all the luck outside Europe.

    Que Grande Raul!

    • Gladys says:

      I agree that he's deserving of much respect and more. Any guesses where he might be going? (If anyone has a sense of where, I figure you might.) I would love to see him at Malaga, but that's still Europe, of course. Seems too strange to think of him going to the MLS, even though I'd love to be able to watch him in NYC or LA.

      • Sarah. Madrid says:

        Reports is saying he is moving to Qatar, as he said the only reason he is leaving European football is because it is so demanding, he wants to spend more time with his family. I only wish him luck wherever he goes

        • Laurean says:

          Sarah, you totally made me cry! This man… God this man!! I fell in love with him when I first even discovered football and Real Madrid, even before I knew how great he was, even before I knew how great Real was, before I even knew ANYTHING about football. I just knew that there was something about this man. I may have been 15, but that was still year 1 of my football life. I will never forget how he drew me in and ruined me for any other club. Wherever he goes, I know he will be loved and cherished. Unfortunately, I think some of the fans at RM took him for granted, but I do hope he makes a return one day…as a coach!