July 9th, 2012

Mr & Mrs: Andres Iniesta & Anna Ortiz

Image: JOSEP LAGO/AFP/GettyImages.

Back to back Euro 2012 champion, Andres Iniesta, finally married his longtime girlfriend (and mother to his daughter, Valeria) Anna Ortiz over the weekend, Kickettes.

Like we didn’t see this one coming.

Enjoy a preview of the couple’s unofficial wedding album here.

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38 Responses to “Mr & Mrs: Andres Iniesta & Anna Ortiz”

  1. S.P.D says:

    all the best to you guys,

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  2. Catherwood says:

    The 20's inspired look isn't for everyone but I thought that the textures and flow of her gown and veil really seemed to fit her both physically and as a seemingly unique and undoubtedly stunning lady. Anna and Andres looked incredibly happy and I wish them the best ( he is my favorite footballer.) I thought Antonella looked beautiful and her dress flattered her pregnancy and she just seemed to have that healthy glow. Victor's partner chose a really lovely color and I liked her gown even if the slit was a bit high. It may be her persona and I don't mean to be catty but Daniella just looked a bit cheap or like she was trying way too hard and on an inappropriate day.

  3. jen says:

    she is too cute! i love how you can see her personality in the faces she makes.

  4. Mia says:

    Their girlie's name is Valeria, not Valentina…

  5. Kay20 says:

    They look very happy, but does anyone else think she should eat a burger? Like…yesterday? Hope it's just the angle.

  6. Taz says:

    Anna looked stunners! not many people would be able to pull of the look like she did. Also antonella is just cute as a button, loved her look. Yolanda was also preggo gorgeous!

    Yay for Andres and Anna!

  7. Arunincy says:

    Have a Happy married life!Be happy always.

  8. DebS says:

    Awwww…I'm so happy for them! <3

  9. Jean says:

    I thought there was some truly awful fashion at the wedding tbh (Cesc's, Messi's Pedro's gfs the main culprits) but Anna looked lovely, very 20's chich. I'm incredibly happy for the couple <3

  10. OhDear says:

    She looks so gorgeous and happy. Congratulations to them!

  11. Agnes Wonka says:

    Congrats to them!
    I don't like her dress very much, I'm not very keen on the '20s fashion.

    Now, pictures of the guests please! :)

  12. Phoebe says:

    I am so happy for him.
    I mean it's amazing really I don't know him personally, I am not even Spanish but the kind of respect I have for this man as a footballer is immense, he seems like a humble and modest guy his personality is likable and I wish him all the very best in his life.
    In whatever he does and whatever he pursues..

  13. Sara in Paris says:

    Cute? When i think of him, I think of and old dirty man. But he's still a good footballer nonetheless. And I have this theory that the more innocent you look, the more wild you are in bed. So yes, if he's ''cute'' and innocent looking, I fear for this lady at night!

    • miss tweezy says:

      Sara ur comment rocked my socks ha ha that’s hi larious yeah I guess u rite its always the quiet ones or shall I say “innocent cute ones”

  14. Kel says:

    I feel like some of these wags were better dressed for the night time part of proceedings and not the daytime caremony.

    • DebS says:

      Thought the same. This is Anna's day not theirs. It wasn't the time to wear a dress with most of their leg showing, imo. Guess I'm a bit old fashioned. Or maybe it's a cultural thing?

      "Okay – who are these people and how'd they get in?" OMG….. O.o

      • Gabi says:

        It's not a cultural thing. I'm Spanish and i thought the exact same thing. I personally think Messi's gf's outfit looks like a beach dress. Victor's gf looks good, but the others look trashy. Especially Daniella…Good Lord woman, you are old enough to know you don't wear that kind of dress to a wedding…

    • Mari says:

      I agree with you….they haven't a bit of sense of fashion…..just the bride was simply wonderful!!!
      Love this couple!!! I hope thy will be happy….

  15. Kristina says:

    I LOVE her outfit! All of it! It suits her so well! Needless to say I'm a fan of everything Iniesta, and now he has gone and tied the knot in such style. He's one of a kind. Since it couldn't be me (sigh, ;) ), I'm glad he married Anna. I think they stand out of the crowd of ballers and WAGs.

    Plus he knows how to celebrate championships. He makes babys and he gets married. Who wants to bet that nine months from now one more little Iniesta sees the light of day?!

    I wish the happy couple a long and healthy life together!

    • Kristina says:

      I have to add now that I've seen the rest of the pictures: Holy Crap Victor Valdes! He is one sexy mofo. And what the hell was that guy with the red suit and the ugly beard?

      Lastly, Anna in that last pic…gorgeous, adorable, beautiful. I have no words.

  16. mata says:

    Love the flapper style, would never have had the guts to wear it myself or the ability to pull it off but she looks adorable and they both radiate joy, so happy for them!

  17. miss tweezy says:

    Ana looks gorgeous.
    I luv the whole 1920s dress n her head thing is also neat.
    Daniella’s was too much its a wedding ana n iniesta’s parents were there,ur a mother look appropriate but wateva its not my wedding or my girlfriend nd um the years hav certainly not been good 2 cesc fabregas.
    Antonella looks gorgeous dayum pregnancy works 4 her. Yolanda(victor valdes) dayum she got curves n her dress is gorgeous. How come I didn’t see david villa there wasn’t he invited or did he go under the radar at the wedding I wanted 2 see pat see if she’s rally pregnant or if its jst rumours.
    Ana’s dress is a beauty I’m glad iniesta found the one every1 deserves 2 be happy nd I’m glad mr nice guy has found his happiness.
    O nd ozil is on twitter boo yeah!!!!

  18. Loninha - Brasil says:

    a perfect couple and I wish them to be happy for the rest of their lives! Congratulations to them!

  19. Ivy says:

    They're lovely, I find Andres cute, not in the sense that I'd like to have sex with him, but cute.

    Pep was there, too. I miss him!

  20. drea says:

    Mr. looks handsome and Mrs. looks lovely. I'm also not a fan of the flapper headgear, but she works it well. After the bride, I think Antonella was the next best-dressed. I'm excited to see the photos of the castle venue, I'm sure it was very romantic.

  21. MissPurple says:

    Oooh, 1920's style dress, me like!

    • iram1982 says:

      i dont really like the dress, but i have to admit she is looking stylish. very fun! and cool way to wear her veil.
      am so happy for both

    • Kristina says:

      I know! They seem to be very cool and fun. I like that they're doing their own thing. Plus I have always been a sucker for 1920's style.

  22. Sunny says:

    Lovely couple!! I hope they have a very happy marriage! And I love the 50's roman wedding dress look the Mrs has pulled! :D

  23. xoWinnie says:

    not a fan of the flapper-inspired wedding dress look, but they look happy! isn't that what really matters anyway?

  24. German_Girl says:

    They are such a cute couple! I love that she is wearing something completely different from the usual wedding dresses.

  25. christina_barca says:

    Such a gorgeous couple and she is very very beautiful….
    All the best :-)

  26. Stasi says:

    Pique is looking good in that suit !!!!!!!! lol

  27. IrishBlue says:

    Iniesta's wife is obviously very beautiful, I'm just not loving her choice in headgear. Anyhoo, congrats to the newlyweds!

    Pique in a suit. Hot. Damn.

  28. czmieli says:

    I wish them all the best! She looked stunning, and he was so happy about it!

    And their daughter name is Valeria, not Valentina.