April 23rd, 2010

Pato & Sthefany: On The Rocks? – UPDATED

UPDATE: The nine-month-married couple are said to be divorcing. Pato has already fled their shared home for a hotel as Sthef’s mother, Sandra, is helping her migrate back to Brazil.

The saddest part? Sthef signed a pre-nup, meaning she walks away from the short-lived experience with nada.

UPDATE II: Pato has now confirmed (through his agent) that he and Sthef will be divorcing.

The newest issue of Brazil’s Quem magazine is out and the cover story is saucy. On newsstands now, the tabloid alleges that Pato’s injury-prone season and new hobby of late-night club hopping alongside AC Milan teammate, Ronaldinho, has created a rift between him and his bride of less than a year. According to a ‘friend’, the player is ‘undisciplined’ and ‘down’ and his assy behavior is irking Sthefy.

Since there are a variety of conflicts and potential marriage-saving resolutions relating to this gossip, we’ve top-lined what you actually need to know/would like to giggle at:

Frenemy Sources

- Naturally, we always have to preface these types of gossip bits by saying that unnamed sources contributed to the tabloid fodder. Even so, Pato’s ‘friend’ continued to dispense the hater-ade by saying:

“Without playing football, he doesn’t have much to do. He’s loose and proving unruly with everything. Of course, this spills into his marriage.”

-Hmm…’dem be fighting words. As we always say, either gossip rags can afford the hefty libel bill or footballers are as dumb as we thought they were. Having friends, acquaintances or frenemies such as this story sell-out is yuck, sure. But still, we’re the type of rumouristas to believe that where there is smoke, there’s usually fire.

Partaking in Partying

- Moving on. Injured since late February, Pato has been spending too much fugly time with Ronaldinho. Just last week, he and his rose-adorned pal watched the Primavera Tim Cup between AC Milan and US Citta di Palermo from a VIP area before heading out to indulge in the Milano nightlife.

- Prior, Pato and Ronaldinho had also frequented The Lido nightclub in Paris.  Ask us how they found the time or plausible excuses to escape to Paris to party; we will not be able to tell you.

It’s Not Me, It’s You

- Then again, it takes two to cause marriage trouble. Other reports fault Sthefy’s homesickness and lingering desire for telly work back in Brazil as a major thorn in the pair’s side. Don’t forget, Mrs. Pato posed for Italian magazine, Luxury, recently and spoke of her wish to head back to the mainland to work and be with her family and friends.

- Oh, and she hates being a housewife.

- While researching this story, we quickly became fans of this colourful blog. Aside from the creative photoshopping artistry, their teen love snark is quite good. Google translate it.

- Back on topic.

Meddling Fam Folks

- How have the young ball and chain couple committed to resolving their differences? With the help of their in-laws of course. Because as Ashley Cole knows, having parents in your biznass always ends in success.

- Up until last Monday, Sthef’s mom, Sandra, was spending some quality time in Milan. A masterclass of productivity, she spent her time denying that her daughter has a Facebook page.

- Afterwards, Pato’s father, Geraldo, arrived in the city to stay with his son. Yes, as in father and son sleepover. His secretary even confirmed it. Idiot.

- Most of you are painfully away of the pair’s ability to throw a lavish, WAGtastic ceremony. So far, they are the only footballing couple that protected their reception with electronic, microchipped invitations.

- And, as one Brazilian news source has put it, everything done with that much sugar tends to dissolve faster.

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48 Responses to “Pato & Sthefany: On The Rocks? – UPDATED”

  1. maicas says:

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  2. leahr says:

    what is the reason why they file a divorce? Did authority granted their divorced application?

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  3. anon says:

    Man Some of you ladies are quite bitter about your single lives that you hate on sthef :) Or…. that jealousy has taken over you because a women might receive money from her marriage. A woman's insecurity never ceases to amaze me!

  4. Tabby_luvs_gaga says:

    please marry us Pato :P

  5. Christine says:

    ***comment has been deleted***

  6. Gigi Neville-Brown says:

    Why should she be entitled to anything? A marriage bonus? I think not.

  7. doli says:

    I have no idea who these two are, but they are both very attractive and look great together. It just shows that physical appearance isn't enough for a relationship to work…. i'm sure she knew that she would be a housewife once they got married, i mean that's what ever WAG does!

  8. missbubbles says:

    they were both way to young and immature for marriage. Im only sorry they found that out like this…this totally backs up my theory that people shouldnt get married at least before 32-33….you need to get stable, define yourself and your life before you say yes to someone for the rest of it

    • moi says:

      What?!! haha 32-33? Isn't that a bit too much??!!!!!

      Most people marry in their twenties. And many footballers did the same, no problems there

    • alexlfc says:

      Problem with leaving it til 32-33 is, by the time you have had a couple of years just being a married couple, you are getting to the point where its harder to get pregnant. So unless you want to be child free (a bloody good idea if u ask me!) its a bit of a risk.

  9. Syrian! says:

    I think they were married too soon, like they were just together for a few month maybe a year or less. then they desided to get married, so this is what u actually might get afterwards..

  10. Ella says:

    It seems to be pretty rare that a couple who marries so young can make it work long term. It does suck more for the girl….after your first husband was a hot, rich footballer, where do you go??

    • caitanya says:

      lol well, she’s still young enough and pretty enough to snatch up another hot young footballer. And if not, some other hot guy who is not a footballer :-)

  11. aps says:

    Too bad. He was too young to be married anyways. Good job signing that prenup! Cut ur losses and keep it moving.

  12. Inés says:

    I don’t wanna be bad but….ahhhha! *imitates The Simpson’s Nelson’s laughter*

  13. monsterdoll says:

    plus i never liked her, she looks just annoying, and too fugly for pato, and being bffs with carol makes her boring.

  14. Audrey says:

    Did someone hear about the St. & A. Gerrard rumours? True or fake? Does anybody have some informations on this?

    • Katie says:

      I know the rumours you mean and I’m hearing them ALOT. Fingers crossed for it just being a case fake rumours, I don’t think I could take it if they were true.

    • Ella says:

      NOTW will allegedly break the news tomorrow!

      • Katie says:

        Aaaagh I know, I’m just hoping that it isn’t true! It would be too awful and MAJORLY skanky if it were true. I guess we’ll know soon enough though!

    • Lily says:

      I hope it's not true and didn't believed it atfirst, but Sun and Daily Mail closed and corrected comments in article about Alex, so did mod's on some forums. It looks like injunction, so there is no smoke without fire

  15. Trisha (Mrs Iker Casillas) says:

    Aagh shame, obviously she loved him enough to sign a pre nup…. and give up her life and move in with him!!! Sad

  16. truly_thata says:

    She’s not alone! Carol Celico went to Milan for her (Carol for Steph while Kaka for Duck?), and today they had lunch. FU*K RONALDHIHO, HE’S RUIN AND DESTROYING EVERYTHING.

    • Andrea Nunes says:

      hey! :)

      do you mean the pix of carol celico & sthefy brito having lunch in italy? they're not from today. they were taken in august last year… the agency bought and uploaded them now, but they're old.

      anyway, i'm sure carol must keep in touch and i believe she's helping her wag friend out somehow.

  17. Molly says:

    Aww thats sad :( ! I wish both of them the best of luck :) !

  18. Deen says:

    They'll both be better off. They might even remain friends and be cool about all this someday. It's not the most dramatic divorce I've heard of…

  19. Debbie says:

    For once I think it was brilliant that he signed a pre nup. I mean he was 19! It was obvious it wasn't going to last and his lawyer was smart enough to see this…

  20. caitanya says:

    I concur: pato is young, hot, and heaven knows why he decided to get married–seriously. Social pressure? Familial pressure? He needs to sow some wild oats, i am a strong advocate of this. I so disagree with these young hot footballers getting married so early. I think it is ridiculous and unreasonable. Let him live his life and be free for a little bit and get it out of his system. He doesn't need to be a man whore like CR, but at least CR is doing it "right," i.e., getting it out of his system.

  21. Andrea Nunes says:

    According to my country’s press, it’s officially OVER!

  22. Nandia says:

    Yes they were too young to get married bla bla and he likes having msn sex bla bla but the question is who is that naked dude in the photo??

  23. KatiGaray says:

    I think they should take a break and review this marriage, is it what they reall want. besides i think she married him hoping she could fix him, he was caught fucking up and she shoulda known then that he wasn’t ready. oh well ony time will tell, but i’d be happ if he were single he is just tooo yum

  24. aps says:

    He’s too young to be married. Barely out of his teens. But he chose to get married and I hope it works out for them.

  25. C16 says:

    He looks like a little boy plying with his drink in that picture… and she’s totally pissed.

  26. Inés says:

    I knew it was gonna happen! they were too young to get married!

    ahh haaaa *The Simpson's Nelson laugh*

  27. Andrea Nunes says:

    it’s true that he’s too young, but no one put a gun on his head on wedding day… he should have taken the opportunity he had at that time and said no to this relationship.
    he was caught having web sex, not only once but 3 times, and everyone’s seen the videos. sthefany broke up but he begged her to come back to him.
    in my opinion, the family should have stepped in then not now. if he’s too young to be married, and all of them knew he wouldn’t be able to commit to their marriage, then their families shouldn’t have allowed them to get married. period!
    i guess, sthefany should have kicked his stupid a** back then and get back to her soaps. she’d be better off alone.
    and pato would be able to get back to his msn sex sessions… what a jerk!
    btw, i have this ‘quem’ issue.

  28. LizB (Mrs. Vucinic) says:

    Can’t say I’m surprised.

  29. laurie says:

    He should never have married someone whose name sounds like what you do to get a hair off your tongue. Is all I'm sayin'.

  30. Sgoooo says:

    i think pato is dead sexy, when i found out he got MARRIED, i was all wtf he's like 12!!!!!!

    That being said i'd honestly hate for all this to be true and i totally blame the dinho

  31. KatiGaray says:

    YES!!!!! Pato is far too young to be married, oh gosh let him be a man-boy

  32. MrsNesta says:

    omg there is always one………. Kickette can you sort them out?

  33. senora ramos says:

    ok, not funny whoever this is. pls knock it off