July 14th, 2010

Mr. & Mrs: Philipp Lahm Marries Claudia Schattenberg

Congratulations to German NT captain (for now, anyway), and Bayern Munich player Phillip Lahm!

He married his girlfriend Claudia today, in a two-part ceremony near Munich. Apparently, the tears were flowing during the civil ceremony, but it’s not clear whether they were from the bride, groom or Lahmy fangirls across Germany and beyond.

Claudia, as you may well know, used to work for Mercedes. That’s all we’ve got right now. That’s the extent of our research skills today, Kickettes. However, we are curious to know what our readers think of the new Mrs. Lahm’s dress?

PS: Philipp just pocketed €360,000 as his World Cup bonus. Now that’s some serious celebrating mon-ayz.

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63 Responses to “Mr. & Mrs: Philipp Lahm Marries Claudia Schattenberg”

  1. Vanessa says:

    they look so cute :D congrats to them both :D

  2. TIVYA says:


  3. mungilo says:

    I'm a big fan of Philipp Lahm from Indonesia, Asia. I wanted to cry when I heard news that he was going to married. but glad to see he's happy with claudia :)

    ps: I agree that Claudia is fat. but, well, that's okay. she's not too fat :p

  4. Dominique says:

    Loving the dress! No better day to wear a poofy Disney princess dress than your wedding I say! She looks like a sweet regular girl…. not like some other WAGs out there! Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Lahm! Gorgeous couple!

  5. tara says:

    congrats! I like the princessy dress!

  6. Mrs higuain says:

    Yeah. Pretty cool couple that is. Like that. Lahm is looking cute. And the bride? Nice smile ,nice dress but not a beauty like me at all. Cz everyplayer is not as lucky as higuain

  7. Laura says:

    Chubby? If that girl looks chubby then I must be morbidly obese. I think she looks like a princess, and if it isn’t the most slimming dress it’s because it accentuates her breasts and the skirt is A-line, but what’s wrong with that? It’s a classic look and she wears it quite well. We’re not helping ourselves by judging women’s waistlines so harshly.

  8. aza says:

    She’s not fat at all, I think she looks pretty, althought I don’t really love the dress, but it’s their big day and if she likes it then she must wear it. :) They look so happy, I’m happy for them.

  9. Angela says:

    It’s refreshing to see a WAG not live up to WAG stereotypes! Congratulations to the Lahms!

  10. anna says:

    she has was what others pay lots of money to a plastic surgeant for and the dress puts it out there ;-) I think the outfitts they picked exactly go with their personalities, both are very down to earth, up with tradition and maybe a bit old fashioned (in a good way). They picked a very simple, classic bavarian wedding and look just very happy together. I have faith this will be one the few good faithfull and longlasting marriages in the world.

  11. aninjasdream says:

    Damn. My poor sister will be devastated.

  12. Acacia says:

    They look really happy together. And Im really lovin the disney dress. She looks great in it too!

  13. aninjasdream says:

    Also, the dress is in poor taste and makes her look ten times older than her dinosaur age. :P

  14. Katie says:

    Oh! They look so cute together! The perfect couple! I still love him although he is married, but hopefully Ozil won’t marry Anna Maria because he deserves way more than her.

    All the best Lahmy and Claudia!

  15. schoonied says:

    LOL at the writer’s post “Apparently, the tears were flowing during the civil ceremony, but it’s not clear whether they were from the bride, groom or Lahmy fangirls across Germany and beyond. ” i’m a fangirl of him of course i would cry ! both reasons i’m happy for them i’m sad he’s no longer available in the market =’(( . all i know is that lahm has made the right choice . he knew the girl for so long time and i have nothing against them. they both look so down to earth and the she doesnt seem like the type who wud go after fame . she’s the one for him . but still………………
    i hope ozil dont get married to anna maria. she’s a bad woman.

    • zefa says:


      Philipp and Claudia = perfect couple
      Oezil and Ana-Maria = big NO NO

      PS: I think Claudia looks perfect on that dress. congratulations for both of them :)

  16. Zhenya says:

    Awww… they look good together! Best wishes!

  17. aps says:

    I'm happy for him! He's so little. lol

  18. Inés says:

    omg! I envy her so much!
    that dress makes her look chubby though…

  19. MissAnthrope says:

    The dress looks outdated. She's got a beautiful face and a curvy figure so she would've looked so much better in a more Grecian type of dress. Mazel Tov!

  20. Ann says:

    Girls!!! Let's not call other women "fat" or "chubby". She looks fine and they look great together.

  21. Jessy says:

    They look so cute together. I like Claudia’s dress, she looks like a princess very beautiful. Congratz to them both and I wish them the best.

  22. Deborah says:

    aaaaw! im so damn sad about this! i loved and still love philipp with all my soul… this brakes me up inside T_T

    but well… if he is happy… im happy <=)



    OMG! she looks fat!!

    and my philipp obviously looks like a prince! aaw! (L)



  23. Leya says:

    yeah, I was also wondering about Wesley Sneijder and Philip Lahm getting married on supposedly the same DAY (according to Wiki (which, as you know, is 100% infallible) WS was also scheduled to marry on July 14th).

    I hope these women had wedding planners bc I CERTAINLY would not be planning a wedding by myself, even if my husband-to-be WAS playing in the World cup.

    just saying… ;)

    congrats to all!

  24. elnino says:

    Nice suit Phillip, but my Balle is still captain!

  25. Debby says:

    Seriously? That dress? With all the Lahm Euros by her purse? No way, bad choice. Though I wish them all the happiness a World Cup 3rd place marriage can get!

  26. Witch says:

    I think he looks like a schoolkid in his dad's suit :D My best friend is gutted about this, she loves her "Litte Lahmy". There is no way in Hell Claudia is fat tho!

  27. Anna says:

    Nah, I think she looks like a princess! They both look so happy xDDD. I hope some mini-Lahms are on their way asap

  28. sarrible says:

    What’s with Lahm and now Sneijder getting married right after the World Cup? If I’d just played in an exhausting, month-long tournament, I’d probably want to lie in a darkened room with a cold cloth over my eyes for a week or two, not, like, have a freaking wedding.

  29. Mrs.DiegoForlan says:

    she looks so pretty! love her princess-y wedding gown!

  30. tammyv says:

    That dress is straight-up Barbie Dream Wedding circa 1992

  31. Missy says:


  32. Mr. NiceGuy says:

    Firstly, congratulations to the young german couple. Honestly, I thought Saturdays & Sundays are typical days for wedding. I am curious to know, how actually they've decided to marry each other on Wednesday? :)

  33. tifa says:

    she looks so pretty!!!!!!!!congragulations!!!!!!!!

  34. Ann says:

    Holy schnitzel, that dress is Von Tacksville. It looks like a quinceanera dress (google image it if you're not Mexican/Californian – I think you'll agree). Sweet couple though, congrats to them!!!

    • Briel says:

      Completely agree, it's a very quince dress. Certainly not my favorite look… but I wish the best to them both regardless.

    • Steph says:

      lol. It does look a bit like that! Not a fan of the dress, but congrats to them. :)

    • Jheanelle says:

      I completely agree. Cute quince dress, but not spectacular for a soccer/WAG wedding. She's a gorgeous girl and working it, despite the fact.

      Best wishes to the newlyweds.

    • senora ramos says:

      THAT’s exactly what it looks like :D good call

    • Marianna says:

      Agree it totally looks like a quinces dress she could have chosen something waaaaay better besides this makes her look kinda hmmmm.. chubby…or maybe Lahm its just too small… Best of luck to them even when I certaintly dont like Lahm.

      • Eebza says:

        yep. (i had to google it lol) she is not fat or anything, she just should have chosen a better dress

        at least they look happy :)

  35. Sham says:

    I think she 's quiet fat but does it matter ? Congratulations To them , wishing them a happy life together !

    Many girls cried ?I imagine , I will definitely cry when Forlan will get married!

    • Tash says:

      don't talk about forlan getting married…i don't think i can handle it! ;)

      • Marianna says:

        Oooh yes you can! I could handle Ballack gettin married and even like Simone's "swan lake ish" dress… when you see pics of him looking soooooo good in a tuxedo you can handle the idea better :D

  36. Amanda says:

    Congratulations to the happy couple!!! My best wishes!!!

    (hate the dress)

  37. Louise says:

    So the tears were flowing? Can you imagine when (if) Iker gets married? His best man (Sergio) will have to carry a LV man bag worth of hankies!

    • HermosaChica says:

      For the love of God noooooo please don’t let me contemplate that day :’( ..But I bet Iker would look as handsome as always, and Sara would look much prettier Lahm’s bride. Nevertheless, congrats to Mr and Mrs Lahm! :D

  38. janice says:

    Don't like the dress; very 'mmmmeh for a WAG'; looks old fashioned!

  39. C16 says:

    Awwww! For some reason I like Philipp Lahm alot, he looks like such a nice guy. Best wishes for the couple.

    About the dress, I'm not convinced about the top part but I like it in general :)

  40. Ieva says:

    I really like that she looks natural. Plus she is really beautiful in the dress and they both beam with pride and joy. I think it's great that not all footballers have over-the-top-OK-mag-deal-weddings. These two obviously wanted to celebrate with their friends and family. After all Philipp Lahm had asked for privacy before the wedding. From the pics it looks like the media interest was quite big, but what can they do? I like them cos they're down-to-earth :-)


  41. senora ramos says:

    congrats to them. not sure about the dress though. kind of meh for a wag.

    • Mona says:

      From the looks of the bodice, it doesn't appear that she's comfortable. Right? Its not sitting on her smoothly, unless it has a ridiculouly soft lining. Not likely.

      Have a wonderful wedded life Lahm! Wishing you babies, homes, and be loving & supportive of each other :)

  42. ScarletHarlot says:

    That dress really accentuates her large bosom and small waist. All natural, I'm sure.

    • Rusty, or Anna Maria says:

      Hey, *I* have a natural large bosom and small waist, THANK YOU. Well, at least in comparison to each other.

      I don't think she looks chubby at all, but I don't like her choice of dress. It actually looks too big for her chest.

      (And how does this turn into an "Oezil better not marry Anna Maria" post? As a Werder Bremen fan, I'm more worried about where he's playing next season.)

      • ScarletHarlot says:

        More power to you, lady! Wouldn’t surprise me if her bosom is not real though. But if it is, then they are real and they are fabulous!