June 19th, 2007

Mr. and Mrs: The Terrys

Here’s the first of many group shots to come of John Terry and his new wife, Toni Poole.

Our initial thoughts are mainly focussed on Cheryl Cole’s bouffant.  We’re still making our minds up about Toni Poole’s dress.

Thanks for the pic, Jayelle!


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9 Responses to “Mr. and Mrs: The Terrys”

  1. saber says:

    ballack !!!
    pleas help

  2. saber says:


  3. I LOVE when two Terrys appear together, it`s always hillarious and… quite hot, in my opinion smile

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  6. Cate says:


    Well said, old chap, well said! Bravo!

  7. LIESEL says:

    What is going on wih these WAGS.You would have thought with their human cash machine they have at they’re disposal, one of them atleast could stumble across a natural fake tan. Especially Coleen looks like she’s wearing a couple of coats of SADOLIN that I have on my garden fence.

    A tan is fine but then there’s looking like an Oompa Lumpa. Thats the reason they all try to achieve the 5 stone goal, you can’t be that orange and fat. However being mahogany and the weight of a 6 year old child is ideal.

    Coleen especially with Roo with his pasty complection looks like she has a liver problem aswell as looking the dumpy one next to the other anorexic wannabes. Obviously they have Too much money, not enough style, class, mirrors in the house before they venture out into daylight.