September 9th, 2011

Nagore Aramburu: Fashionable Night Out

Mrs. Xabi Alonso was an invited guest at Vogue España’s Fashion’s Night Out celebration in Madrid. She looked as chic as ever wearing a Bess maxi skirt, paired with a simple t-shirt and accessories (oh that watch!). Please excuse us as we tear through Sephora searching for her lip colour of choice. It’s perfection. Image Credit: Vogue España.

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44 Responses to “Nagore Aramburu: Fashionable Night Out”

  1. Nelx says:

    i swera she looks like his mum… :L

  2. Paula says:

    I think she looks great

  3. Shauna says:

    Let's be honest here: "fashion" is an excuse where we either "support" people who are "in" (Nagore) in the media or "do not support" people who are "out" (think Victoria Beckham for years) – it doesn't matter what the actual "look" is. This look is "actually" awful: The lipstick is too red for the pale foundation; the top is too light for the black skirt – no contrast on either; but because the person "wearing" them is "in" most people try to find excuses ("oh, it's the lighting"). No, it isn't, it's as your sane observers say – who are not being bitchy – just observant – she looks awful – being Mrs Whoever Whoever – does not make her immune from that. It just makes some people think she should be immune from other people stating that. Freeom of speech says otherwise.

  4. marielinha says:

    Love Nagore and she's usually impeccable. This time though, the hair, make-up, lipstick shade, skirt length are totally detracting from her usual loveliness.

  5. YvoYeungGirl says:

    Bad shot or bad stylist? I love Nagore and what she wears, especially in pics and shoots with hubby Xabi. But is it just me, or is she heading to fill in Brooke Shield's role as Morticia Addams in The Addams Family musical on Broadway. A miss for me.

  6. Kristine says:

    She's a beautiful woman, but that outfit and picture are not doing anything for her. And can I just say that I am so not a fan of red lipstick. It just looks bizarre to me.

  7. mamaly says:

    The photographers took 100 pictures of her that night , in 99 she looks like she allways looks ; gorgeous, and the only pic she not herself they print.

    • Kristine says:

      Yeah, figures. She is definitely better looking than this. Everyone has a bad night now and then.

  8. linvinnaar says:

    I would blame the lighting of the photograph but otherwise, I think she looks fabulously gorgeous and/or gorgeously fabulous.

  9. Marina_Isabella says:

    What a load of mean-spirited comments from a whole lot of women here who most prob. don't even look half as good as Nagore on her worst days… LOL

  10. lone says:

    Please Mario Gómez he is beautiful I love man !!
    Nagore beaultiful !!

  11. Shumla says:

    Anjelica Huston as a tan Morticia Adams

  12. aninjasdream says:

    My Xabi deserves better!

  13. Ben T says:

    I've never understood why people think she's so beautiful, and unedited photos like this show just how haggard and average she really is.

  14. Zara says:

    I've seen her in real life when she was in Liverpool and this is genuinely how she looks in person.
    Yes she looks much older than she is. I don't know why people are so shocked by this.
    So what if she's not the perfect airbrushed beauty that Vogue and Glamour made her out to be…she's a normal looking woman like the rest of us. There's nothing wrong with that.
    She could have made more effort with her choice of clothes though. A t-shirt and skirt is not a good look for anybody over the age of 10.

  15. Anne says:

    How old is she? She is older than her hubby right? I think the lipstick make looks her older but she is a classy women!

  16. Lauren says:

    Oh no. This whole look is horrendous. The outfit ages her about 20 years and the make up is bad. She looks gorgeous in magazines when she's been styled and airbrushed but this is the reality.

  17. Kat says:

    I love the Alonsos, but this is not Nagore's best fashion moment, nor her best photo. She's incredibly beautiful, but I must admit she looks a little.. uhh… mannish in this photo.

  18. Melanieee. says:

    soooo i love her and all…
    but like not the most flattering picture.

  19. partofthesmartset says:

    Very poor choice of foundation? She looks like the undead from the neck up. Maybe it's the lighting?

  20. iram1982 says:

    does anyone know of any website of where I can see the other attendees that might have showed up to the event?

  21. earidurt says:

    this is the first time that i've ever not liked nagore's look. she looks haggard and the outfit is bizarre. very unlike her. i guess when you're that fabulous you are allowed one fashion/makeup disaster every once in a while.

  22. Joe says:

    Looks like a man

  23. Red_Lioness says:

    There is no way she's under 40!!!

  24. Lila says:

    live the length ofd the skirt. really lovely.

    • Kate says:

      Oh dear! This is not a good look! Hair, makeup and outfit. Thats the " What Not To Wear" Award right there! I really like her but there is only so much defending you can do! Oh dear!

  25. JJK says:

    Really? Strange face.

    • LaLigaGirl says:

      Its the lipstick. That color looks awful on her. Normally she's gorgeous but this photo isn't her best.

  26. Sarah, Madrid says:

    Not the finest out-fit For Mrs Nagore! But, I love her regardless, I know the color of lipstick, amazing!!!

  27. FootyGirl says:

    I love Nagore. Cant imagine someone more perfect for Xabi, aside from me of course. But I really dont like this outfit. It makes her looks much older than she actually is.

  28. Miss Lampard says:

    Really, I think that she is one of the most, maybe the most classy-elegant WAG, but sincerly I think that she can have done better in this occasion!

  29. alexia says:

    she's looking very-very old in this pic.