September 19th, 2012

Nagore Aranburu: Upgrade You

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Compared to the last time we saw her, Mrs. Xabi Alonso is much improved.

Nagore attended a party for Spanish Vanity Fair’s Person of the Year issue. Said honour went to tennis hottie Rafael Nadal, but perhaps Nagore was there to champion a certain ginger-bearded midfielder to be in the running next year.

Her white hot dress comes courtesy of Antonio Berardi and can be purchased for a deep discount at The Outnet. Unfortunately even at an outlet price neither the dress nor her red Tom Ford bag are in our price range.

Things in our price range include Primark, mint Aero bars, and enough cans of cider to get us through the rest of the week. Keep us in your thoughts.

Like Nagore’s formal swag?


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12 Responses to “Nagore Aranburu: Upgrade You”

  1. sohbet says:

    very blog thanks admin

  2. Fashionable. She looks beautiful wearing this.
    Juice making machine

  3. Catie2838 says:

    She always looks stunning. I mean, seriously, has she ever actually had a WTF bad moment?

  4. Sahar says:

    I dont get what the fuss is about Nagore.

  5. Frances says:

    she's a pretty classy wag overal..

  6. jen says:

    she is ridiculously beautiful and always so elegant without trying too hard. if she wrote a blog about how to be a real woman and yet always be put together and elegant, i'd so be on that website all the time!

  7. Miss_F says:

    Very elegant.

  8. cella.xx says:

    i love the bag!!

  9. gin_in_teacups says:

    An improvement, but she could do better. Then again she clearly won the husband contest, so where it really counts, nobody could do better.

  10. iram1982 says:

    i'm not loving the dress, but not hating it either. But she herself looks like a goddess. :)

  11. Sarah, Madrid says:

    I didn't like this look @ her, this color totally washed her out!, but overall I love her!