March 4th, 2010

National Team Choices: Yes, No, Maybe So?

The premise of this Sizzle Query is simple, dear readers. Three National team footy players. All offering champagne, grapes and an overnight cuddle sesh. You must divvy out your responses as follows:

1. Submit willingly to one by saying “yes”;

2. Rubber stamp a big ‘ole REJECTED sign on on another, signifying “no”;

3. Ask for a raincheck by regrettably informing them “maybe so/not now but absolutely later babe, pinky swear!”

(Let us pre-empt the inevitable – you’re not allowed to vote “I throw a rope around the trio and group-run like hell to the nearest shower.”)

Just to throw another wrench your way, we didn’t necessarily select the most obvious choices of man candy.  To play fairly, we decided to give some of the other NT members  the spotlight for a change. “Some” being the operative word.

That being said, hypothetical circumstances are irrelevant. You must choose and there’s no other way about it. Keep in mind that while we’ve included our own thoughts, You.Must.Choose. Since we are co-conspirators of the original version of this game, we just supercede the rules.

This should be good.

Portugal: Duda, Raul Miereles. Paolo Ferreira

We say: Duda/HELL YEAH;  Raul/Not with that beard; Paolo/Give us a cheeky pinch and we’ll consider

Ivory Coast: N-Dri Koffi Romaric, Souleman Bamba, Abdoulaye Meite

We say: N-Dri/Yes; Souleman/No because his scowl needs work; Abdoulaye/We’re still debating on what’s causing him so much confusion

Brazil: Maicon, Robinho, Kaka

We say: Maicon/Yes, we’ve been missing out; Robinho/Obvious No; Kaka/MS?

Spain: Gerard Pique, David Villa and Xabi Alonso

We say: DNA is soo not fair

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74 Responses to “National Team Choices: Yes, No, Maybe So?”

  1. solida says:

    Steven Gerrard: absolutely, extremely, deadly, surely YES!!!!!!!!!!! he the best captain ever!!!! Love you captain fantastic!!!!!

    Green: Maybe

    Terry: not in a million year

  2. autumnmaple101 says:


    Terry – YES

    Green – NO

    Gerrard – MAYBE


    Duda – NO

    Miereles – MAYBE

    Ferreira – YES


    Bamba – YES

    Romaric – NO

    Meite – MAYBE


    Kaka – YES

    Maicon – NO

    Robinho – MAYBE


    Alonso – YES

    Villa – MAYBE

    Pique – NO

  3. ammo says:

    Ok i’m sorry JT all day long, please forgive me but if nando’s available yes please ; )

  4. Belle says:

    Wow, I can't believe the amount of NOs Xabi has received. I'm so astonished that I can't even answer this competition properly. Seriously, girls, NO TO XABI ALONSO? UNTHINKABLE! UNHEARD OF!

    Um, so.. yes to Gerrard and Alonso only. XD

    • Molly says:

      I agree, out of all the footballers on this page Xabi Alonso is the sexiest, best looking one.

  5. Inés says:

    Gerrard: Yes
    Green: maybe
    Terry: no!

    Piqué: maybe
    Villa: Hell Yeah!
    Xavi: no

  6. i_heart_trouser_snak says:


    Gerrard- No


    Terry- oh yes


    Duda- No

    Raul Miereles- Yes

    Paolo Ferreira- maybe

    Ivory Coast:-

    N-Dri Koffi Romaric-maybe

    Souleman Bamba-no

    Abdoulaye Meite-yes, just because i like to keep my men confused. he's already off to a good start


    Maicon-YES! hotness


    Kaka- maybe, he might have to change his name first though. still hard to get past that. But wouldn't mind making myself a Maicon, Kaka sandwich


    Pique- maybe

    Villa- yes

    Xabi- no

    where's italy???

  7. SB says:

    ICK! NO thank you to ALL of these!

  8. Pamela says:

    Yuck! Terry probably has some serious STD's after having sex with all those hoes!

  9. Dalila says:

    Stevie: Of Curse YES!!!!!
    Green: mmm No
    Terry: Maybe… ijijij

  10. Zo.acm says:

    I love how Kaka got so many ‘Yes! Yes! Yes!’s Made me very happy. He gets all my nods too…. :D But then I think of how saintly and un-single he is. So I wish there was Nando, but then I remember…. so finally I wish for Yoann. There could have been better choices.

  11. Alisha! says:

    Gerrard- YES!!!!!
    Terry- I wouldn;t say no…so maybe

    Duda- Maybe
    Raul Miereles- Yes
    Paolo Ferreira-No…he looks dead =|

    Ivory Coast:-
    N-Dri Koffi Romaric-Yes
    Souleman Bamba-Maybe
    Abdoulaye Meite-No


    Pique- YES! YES! YES!
    Villa- He’ll have to be a maybe :(
    Xabi will have to be no :(

    Should really have Holland and France too :)

  12. Redgirl says:

    Oh Kickette, how kind of you to dangle the dream of Stevie in front of my lustful eyes. So a yes, yes, y-eees to Stevie (I’m in When Harry met Sally mode there) and I wouldn’t turn down Xabi if he pitched up on the doorstep with a bottle of champagne and a cheeky grin. The others? meh. Some distinctly skanky. Terry? – eurgh – unclean…

  13. Molly says:

    I can't pick between spain so I would take Pique, Villa, and Xabi. And then only Kaka from Brazil and maybe Stevie from England. For Portugal Cristiano should have been in there.

  14. FootballerChick43 - says:


    Stevie: No

    Green: Yes

    Terry: Maybe


    Duda: Maybe

    Raul Miereles: Yes

    Paolo Ferreira: No


    N-Dri Koffi Romaric: YES

    Souleman Bamba: Maybe

    Abdoulaye Meite: No


    Maicon: No

    Robinho: Maybe

    Kaka: YES


    • FootballerChick43 - says:

      Crap, why didn't Spain post?


      Pique: No. He looks like my brother.

      Villa: Maybe

      Xabi: YES

  15. BrionyLou says:


    Terry – NO

    Green – MAYBE

    Gerrard – YES, YES, YES!!


    Duda – YES

    Miereles – NO

    Ferreira – MAYBE


    Bamba – YES

    Romaric – NO

    Meite – MAYBE


    Kaka – YES

    Maicon – MAYBE

    Robinho – NO


    Alonso – NO

    Villa – YES

    Pique – MAYBE

    Can I have Gerard and Villa together???? No? Worth a try! *sad face*

  16. BarcelonaFAN says:

    mmmm… where's france? and italy? what about gourcuff and c.ron? ahhhhkkkk!


    Stevie G – maybe. wrinkles can be contagious, you know.

    JT – a big fat guilty YES.

    Green – nah.


    Duda – Yes — and only because you did not include Deco in the line up.

    Miereles – No

    Ferreira – Maybe… if we turn up the sizzle a notch.


    Romaric – No

    Bamba – Yes

    Meite – Maybe


    Maicon – ahhh.. so so. he will do.

    Robinho – No

    Kaka – Jesus, YES! I'll butter him up like a slice of wonderbread.

    SPAIN (I'm telling you, it's a shame to throw such sweet booty away!)

    Pique – No

    Villa – Maybe

    Alonso – A big resounding YES! Gimme some more of that ginger scruff!

  17. Pique's f.x.h says:

    SPAIN: Pique: I would bang d@ like a loose screen door in a hurricane!! Xabi: Nope, not after the gingerbeard saga. Villa: Perhaps, just 2 work my way back 2 Pique!!

    I choose 2 not peruse n judge the otha teams, since I have decided 2 b a 1-man perve.

  18. Ess-Jay says:

    Stevie: HECKYES!
    Green: Maybe..
    Terry: Before the scandal, I would’ve said maybe/yes.. now NO!

    Portugal (all rather ugly though…)
    Duda: I so would!
    Raul: Nah..
    Paulo: Maybs..

    Ivory Coast (all rather ugly too)..
    N-Dri: Yeh
    Souleman: Sure?
    Abdoulaye: Naah.

    Maicon: Possibly.
    Robinho: NO!
    Kaka: Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.

    Pique – YES!
    Villa – MAYBEEE.
    Alonso – YES.

    But, can I have Pique, Alonso and Gerrard, pleease :)

  19. England- Steven Gerrard (There wasnt even any competition)

    John Terry- Maybe

    Robert Green- No


    Raul- Yeah baby!

    Paolo- Later

    Duda- Nope

    Ivory Coast

    N-Dri Koffi Romaric- But of course

    Souleman Bamba- Raincheck please

    Abdoulaye Meite- Never

    Brazil- Kaka deffo!

    Maicon- Your next!

    Robinho- Hell no!

    Spain- So so hard, but I’d have to go with David Villa. Good things come in small soulpatch wearing packages.

    Alonso- Nooo

    Pique- I'd think about it

  20. Einah says:

    I vote -


    David Villa – HELL YES! I’ll be there like NOW :) Sorry to the missus :)

    Gerard Pique – Sorry but no. Notice I’m forced to say no given the strict rules of this game :)

    Xabi Alonso – Maybe Baby. Wait, make that YES after Villa


  21. MissU Paolo says:

    Gerrard-YES I guess
    Terry-NO! ick, even before all the crap

    PORTUGAL (where is DECO??!):
    Meireles-NO, don’t like facial hair
    Ferreira-HELL YES!! That pic does him NO justice


    Kaka-YES! YES!!


  22. Lindsey says:

    Gerrard: YES
    Green: maaaaybe
    Terry: When hell freezes over.

    None of the above? What’s up with this selection?

    Romaric: raincheck?
    Bamba: yes.
    Meite: nope.

    Maicon: maybe baby
    Robino: just don’t make the cut, sorry hun.
    Kaka: YES. YES. Once more, YES.

    All of the above. Why are Fernando and Sergio not in this list? Hmph.

  23. sounderslove says:

    next time, can we have shirtless pics of all the choices?

  24. Cherry says:

    Just Gerrard out of all of them thank you. He has enough testosterone for a hundred guys. And I wouldn’t JT for any reason.

  25. Lille says:

    I'm gonna say Pique but just cause he's the only single one. The rest of the men are married and with kids(Villa, Alonso, Kaka, Gerrard, Maicon…) and I'm immediately turned off by married men.

    • Einah says:

      Thanks for the reminder Lillie :)

      So great disclaimer, my choices are purely in jest and under the fantasy that this is not real life BUT if this is (which is as impossible as Earth colliding with Pluto in the next 5sec), I’ll also pick the single one.

      Self deprivation is shit but I’m more fearful of karma :)

      • Lille says:

        Hehehe, and besides, the single one has the most gorgeous blue eyes of all of them!

        And I agree with you about the karma thing.

  26. Pamela says:

    How dare you even put Terry there as an option. I'm really beginning to think that the Kickette writers are men, instead of women.

  27. sounderslove says:

    Terry – No
    Green – Maybe
    Gerrard – Yes (except…not really)

    Duda – Yes
    Miereles – No
    Ferreira – Maybe

    Bamba – Maybe
    Romaric – Yes
    Meite – No

    Kaka – Yes
    Maicon – Maybe
    Robinho – No

    Alonso – Yes
    Villa – Maybe
    Pique – No
    (Cesc or Fernando – YES PLEASE)

    You’re right, DNA is no fair…

    and WHERE IS FRANCE??? Yoann – yes. very much yes.

  28. miss.anfield says:

    gerrard – hell yeah !!!drop dead gorgeous and should be captain in the first place

    xabi alonso – maybe if he came back to liverpool where he should be


  29. BAB says:

    Gerrard: yes
    Green: maybe
    Terry: no

    Duda: maybe… i guess…
    Raul Miereles: Yes
    Paolo Ferreira: no

    Spain- (since i can’t say yes to then all- so cruel…)
    Pique: Hell yes!
    Villa: Sadly, i’ll say maybe… cuz i have to…
    Xabi: (why will u make me say it!) no….

  30. rain_s_child says:

    gerrard: no, too cute aaand i’d be thinking about lilly ella and lexie the whole time
    green: hell no
    jt: yes, if it means we can gossip all night about his affairs and about frankie.
    speaking of which, where is frankie???

    duda: noooo
    meireles (you spelled his name wrong): hell yeah, tattooed and gorgeous, nevermind the beard
    paolo: no, he’s the kind of guy that resembles to your dad or something
    where’s cris???

    Ivory Coast:
    no, no and no. where’s drogba??? it’s a f*****g disgrace he ain’t here!

    maicon: no, sooo not my type
    robinho: too much of an idiot to consider even talking to him
    kaka: too cute, know his wife, know luca, couldn’t do it…

    Spain: ahem, tough one
    pique: i’ll have to pass, my bff is toootally in love with him, wouldn’t wanna cause torment in our relationship
    villa: ok.
    xabi: ok if he speaks english all night with his lovely spanish accent.
    where’s the ramos???

  31. Laura says:

    I honestly only want to answer for Spain, and I’m gonna stick up for Gerard. Big fat yes to Pique. Perhaps to Villa. And no to Alonso – I know, shocker.

  32. MrsNesta says:

    Times are hard……..yes to all the above lol :)

  33. Louise says:

    Stevie – Yes, if just for the accent
    Green – Maybe. I like keepers generally.
    Terry – NEVER

    Duda – No
    Raul Miereles – Yes
    Paolo Ferreira – Maybe

    N-Dri Koffi Romaric – No
    Souleman Bamba – Yes
    Abdoulaye Meite – Maybe

    Maicon – Yes
    Robinho – No
    Kaka – Maybe

    Gerard Pique – Absolutely not. I agree with bam, I don’t see what people find attractive about him.
    David Villa – Maybe. If it involved shaving the soul patch.
    Xabi Alonso – YES. A THOUSAND TIMES YES.

    • senora ramos says:

      i'm at a loss for words. you are suggesting the unthinkable. shaving THE soul patch. shudders. how do you sleep at night :(

      • Louise says:

        Sorry, I don't like twee facial hair. If you want it, be a man and grow a beard (love Xabi's, tolerate Iker's).

  34. No Irishmen? :( Et tu, Kickette?

  35. Ofeily says:

    Spain: Fabregas, Torres, NAVAS!!(have you ever seen eyes like those!!)
    England: Gerrard, Terry, Lampsy

  36. lulu says:

    Depending on what way we are playing this i would say;
    Portugal – yes to raul, no to duda, maybe to paolo
    Ivory Coast – yes to abdoulaye, no to N-Dri, maybe to Souleman
    Brazil – yes to kaka, no to robinho, maybe to maicon
    Spain – yes to Gerard, no to david, maybe to xabi

    yes to spain, no to portugal and maybe to brazil :) !!

  37. tammyv says:

    Yes to Spain

    No to England, Brazil

    Maybe to IC, Portugal

  38. senora ramos says:

    Duda, Raul Miereles. Paolo Ferreira – no to everyone not named cris or deco

    N-Dri Koffi Romaric- he has a sad, yes i’ll make it better Souleman Bamba – looks constipated, no Abdoulaye Meite – yes, too cute

    Maicon-maybe Robinho-oh hell no Kaka-yes, please

    Gerard Pique, David Villa and Xabi Alonso – it is against the law in all countries to reject anyone on the spainish nt.

    • senora ramos says:

      ok, maybe i suck at reading comp

      yes, yes, hell yes to espana

      no to england (really girls, what's up with them)

      maybe later america

  39. truly_thata says:

    Spain: Where is our captain?

    England: Hello 'Captains'

    Portugal: Dunno….and ditto with Spain

    Brazil: Ricardo Kaka save the day

    Ivory: Jersey helps (a lot!!!)

  40. England- Steven Gerrard (There wasnt even any competition)

    Portugal- Raul

    Ivory Coast- N-Dri Koffi Romaric

    Brazil- Kaka deffo!

    Spain- So so hard, but I'd have to go with David Villa. Good things come in small soulpatch wearing packages.

  41. Monoonie says:

    JOHN TERRY- HELL YES!!!! <3 god i love him… dont mind what hes doing in private life.

  42. Torres&Stevie&#0 says:

    So many choices:


    Stevie–Oh Captain, MY Captain!!!!


    Terry–No thanks


    Pique–hard to say, but no


    Xabi—-HELL YEAH

  43. shay says:

    No to Gerrard and Terry (ewww, that's not even sloppy seconds, more like sloppy hundreds) Green only if I was totally drunk.

    No to the Portugal Boys. CRon only, okay maybe Deco.

    Ivory Coast: Yeah, probably.

    Brazil: Only Kaka. I would take Robinho to the park, children love the park.

    Spain: Yes please! Xabi's gonna have to lose the beard though.

  44. HJ says:

    just Spain, really:

    Pique: hell,yeah!I'll take him beard or no beard, for better or for worse, in sexiness and in hottness.


    Alonso:no,hun, cuz I'm already dreaming about ur brother!

  45. Jess Gourcuff says:


    Terry – No

    Green – Maybe

    Gerrard – Yes


    Duda – YES

    Miereles – NO

    Ferreira – MAYBE


    Bamba – YES

    Romaric – NO

    Meite – MAYBE


    Kaka – YESSSS

    Maicon – Maybe

    Robinho – Hell NO


    Alonso – Maybe No

    Villa – Yes

    Pique – MAYBE

  46. KateAlonso says:

    Spain. Definitely.

    • KateAlonso says:

      but I have to chose

      Alonso – YES

      Villa – maybe

      Pique – can I say maybe again? No? then NO

  47. Carly says:


    Terry – YES

    Green – NO

    Gerrard – MAYBE


    Duda – YES

    Miereles – NO

    Ferreira – MAYBE


    Bamba – YES

    Romaric – NO

    Meite – MAYBE


    Kaka – YES

    Maicon – NO

    Robinho – MAYBE


    Alonso – HELL YES

    Villa – NO

    Pique – MAYBE

  48. Kickettes, please know – we would have included the Itals and the Irish had our photo stealing fairies been able to find matching photos like the others. Yes, that's right: we excluded hot nations simply because of a) laziness b) more laziness.

    We'll make it up to you. Promise.

  49. Riya (Come on you Re says:

    Spain – Take me now Xabier Alonso. I am yours, body and soul.

    England – Stevie <3

    And…no one else.

    I'm not following the rules but I don't care. :D

  50. bam says:

    Duda – Raincheck

    Raul Miereles – Hell yes, beard & all!

    Paolo Ferreira – No, sweet looking guy but no.

    N-Dri Koffi Romaric – the name alone almost wins me over but he's a raincheck for me

    Souleman Bamba – yep

    Abdoulaye Meite – nope

    Maicon – not for me

    Robinho – maybe, raincheck for now

    Kaka – yes, all the way, any time, any place, yes!

    Gerard Pique – Just no. Don't get why people love him so much, hate the beard on him, hate his hair even more & think he's got a slightly odd mouth/lips. Don't get it at all.

    David Villa – mmmm yes.

    Xabi Alonso – raincheck for me…I think I actually prefer him with the beard…

  51. Gigi Neville-Brown says:

    Will gladly and most willingly take any and all members of La Roja. England is hit or miss, for obvious reasons of sleaziness. I realize that I am not exactly playing by the rules, but that is my right as a warm blooded female.