June 21st, 2012

New ‘Baller In Town: Dirk Kuyt to Fenerbahce

Image: FIFA.com.

After six years of never having to walk alone, Dirk Kuyt has left Liverpool for pastures new. A tough season at Anfield prompted rumours aplenty about Dirk invoking a clause in his contract that would see him leave the Reds for as little as a million pounds, and just a few days after the Dutch side were dumped out of Euro 2012, his move to Turkish titans Fenerbahce has been confirmed.

Dirk’s always been a loyal servant to Kickette, providing us with joyous moments such as this, and the odd drop-jaffa-cake-into-cup-of-tea moment too – like this.

Are you sad to see him go, dear Liverpool supporting readers? Or would you like to wish him nothing but success in his new city’s night clubs?

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13 Responses to “New ‘Baller In Town: Dirk Kuyt to Fenerbahce”

  1. kburnsey says:

    Agree with the other ladies. Dirk always had a great attitude and gave 150% — you always knew when he was out on the pitch he'd give it his all. He will be missed at L'pool, but I wish him the best at his new club and hope he sees some more playing time!

  2. Martinka says:

    I'm sorry he's out of Liverpool. But I wish him luck … it's a great football player. Liverpool will miss Dirk.

  3. Rachael says:

    I'm really sorry to see him go and a little bemused. He has always been a great player so don't know why he didn't get more pitch time last season, maybe we would have done better if he had!

  4. FootyGirl says:

    I was gutted when I heard the news and it will be very sad not to see him in Red. Few players have given more for the club than Dirk Kuyt. Rafa Benitez’s tribute to him said it all.

  5. April says:

    It's strange, but I really can't even imagine him at another club. It'll be really weird seeing the Liverpool line ups without him included on the field or bench. I liked him at Pool, but wish him and his family much happiness in Turkey.

  6. jen says:

    what an articulate group you ladies of kickette are.

    i, also, am devastated to lose him but of course, he will never walk alone..whether wearing the liverpool colors or not, he has always been a credit to the club and we will always appreciate his hard work and dedication. i was furious in 2006 when RVP came out in a presser saying how dirk kuyt did not belong in the dutch starting xi in south africa.. while admittedly not the most technically gifted players but we all know that he has always put in 150% for the club and has never been anything but a credit to liverpool football club.

    i also have always appreciated his good attitude off the pitch, as well as on it, and for that i adore him even more. i wish his family every happiness and much success in turkey.

    PS – sorry to bring this up, but i wish we could all discuss torres in a similar light – appreciating what he did for our club, instead of tearing him apart for the way he left. we are all human and are all just feeling our way in the dark, including nando, and we cannot blame him for needing a change of scenery for his emotional health.

  7. CAPoet says:

    I was VERY sad to see him go! I loved him for his hard work, great team spirit, and awesome attitude. So what if he didn't have the face of a god! He sure did have the 6-pack of one though! YNWA DIRK!

  8. BostonRed says:

    Was gutted when the news first came out, even though we all knew he was leaving. Think he would have been a big help negotiating the transition to Brendan Rodgers' Liverpool — tireless, talented team player. A class act. So yes, sad, but how can anyone wish Dirk Kuyt anything but success? He's an Anfield legend, as much for his character as his ability, and I hope the move to Fenerbahce is a success for him and his family.

  9. mata says:

    Very sad, good player and nice man, does so much to help disadvantaged children, I wish him and his family the best in Turkey.

  10. Red_Girl says:

    Not sad at all. Workmanlike player at best and no eye-candy to make it worth watching him from a foot perspective…

  11. Guest1 says:

    Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! *weeps*

    • MsLiverpoolLady says:

      I had the same reaction! NOOOOO! He is such a big part of Liverpool, it won't be the same without him : (