August 1st, 2011

New England Revolution: Pouring For A Cause

All photos courtesy of the New England Revolution.

As any faithful Kickette knows, if you invite us to an event that centers around alcohol consumption, we’ll be the first ones to show. And if we can drunkenly empty our wallets for charity instead of those ill-advised 2 AM curry fries, all the better. Throw in the ability to bribe footballers with cash for said charity in order to facilitate shirt removal? We’re camping out the night before.

Sounds like a recipe for Kickette disaster, but for the first time in awhile, our night didn’t end in an arrest. Score!

Last Thursday night the New England Revolution hosted a Celebrity Charity Bartending Bash to benefit the St. Boniface Haiti Foundation. Taking their turns poppin’ bottles behind the bar were the Revs’ Matt Reis, Chris Tierney, and Benny Feilhaber. There were some “deer in headlight” moments, but all in all, the fellas held their own behind the bar. We refrained from ordering notoriously difficult drinks which, given the state of our heads the next morning, was a good move since these guys had quite generous pours.

The highlight for us was throwing down $20 to get an abs flash from Benny – who preferred that we didn’t photograph said incident; we’re going to have a talk with him about that – but because the Revs are so good to us, we also got a to spend a few minutes with each guy to talk bartending, cocktails and bar etiquette.


Chris Tierney

Q: Have you ever bartended before?
A: I have – at events similar to this and for some friends. It’s always a lot of fun.

Q: What is your favorite drink to make and/or consume?
A: Vodka & soda – simple.

Q: How much tip does a girl need to leave you in order to get you to take your shirt off?
A: $20 should do it. I’m a cheap date. [Ed. note - we ponied up said $20 and he chickened out. You owe us, Tierney]

Q: If a mate was spitting some lousy game to a girl at the bar, how many drinks would it take for you swoop in and pull a robbery?
A: I wouldn’t do it to a friend, but if I didn’t know the guy sure. If she’s not wearing a ring, she’s fair game. [Ed. note -We like his style]


Benny Feilhaber

Q: Can you name all the ingredients in a mojito?
A: Oh man… Lemon? Rum? Other stuff? [Ed. note - don't have Benny make you a mojito]

Q: Do you have a specialty drink attendees should request when you’re behind the bar?
A: Just a vodka and Red Bull. I like to keep it simple since I’m not a big drinker. I could make a caipirinha [the national cocktail of Brazil], but there’s no cachaça here.

Q: If a guy and a girl are out, who pays for the drinks? Are you a fan of going dutch if it’s not a date?
A: The guy should always pay on a date, but I’m cool with going dutch if it’s just a friend thing.

Q: What the best pick up line you’ve ever used or heard used in a bar?
A: It wasn’t one I used, but there’s a scene in the movie Hitch where Will Smith gets a girl away from a group of guys by pretending she works in the bar. That’s probably the smoothest thing I’ve seen.

Q: If a mate was spitting some lousy game to a girl at the bar, how many drinks would it take for you swoop in and pull a robbery?
A: You mean, like, Jersey Shore style [laughs]? I couldn’t do it!

We regret to inform you, Kickettes, that Benny is officially off the market. He and his girlfriend Michelle will be tying the knot this January. We cried too.


Matt Reis

Q: Have you ever bartended before? How did it go?
A: I have and it’s very hectic. I’ll keep it simple tonight – I’m not about to muddle anything.

Q: What’s your favorite drink to consume and/or make?
A: Anything. [Ed. note - we peeped Matt enjoying a Coors Light throughout the evening]

Q: What’s the most daring bartender move you’ve attempted (i.e. throwing a shaker behind your back)?
A: I have no special moves. I’m just asking for money for the charity!

Q: How big a tip does a girl need to leave you tonight in order for you to take off your shirt?
A: No amount! No one wants to see that! [Ed. note - Think again.]

Q: If a mate was spitting some lousy game to a girl at the bar, how many drinks would it take for you swoop in and pull a robbery?
A: No way – I’m a true gentleman!


A huge thanks to Chris, Benny and Matt – as well as the always-great New England Revolution – for the hospitality and hangover!

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22 Responses to “New England Revolution: Pouring For A Cause”

  1. Rusty,OnAnOldCrush says:

    I was there, and they started WAY late. Benny evidently did something that gave my friend an unfavorable opinion of him. I still think he's gorgeous, especially with his hair growing out. He and I are the same height when I'm in my one pair of heels. By the time my friend and I had to get out of there, I was wearing sandals again, my Mephistos from Paris.

    We both agree that Matt Reis is a sweetheart.

  2. Lindz says:

    Bad news ladies, I've heard from multiple sources that Chris is off the market :( I think he has been for a while…some tall blonde girl.

  3. Taz says:

    Why don't i remember Benny being this hotttt? Siriuzzly.

  4. April says:

    I almost went to this but pulled out last minute courtesy of a blah day at work. Looks like they would have cheered me up a bit- LOVE me some Benny and Chris. And because Chris is not yet reported to be off the market, he becomes instantly more attractive.

    BUT! I am delighted to see that he at least knows how to make a caipirinha- that was my big complaint when I found out what drinks they were serving up. Can't believe they didn't bring in some cachaca for the boy for this event- I'd be spilling big bills out like it was my job if I got tasty drinks and abs! Also love that Benny is growing in his fro well before the cold time of year- love it! He and AVB with this hair reminds me of Patrick Dempsey, and thus, that is the name of that hairdoo from here on out.

  5. Michela says:

    oh I love that I’m just an hour out of Boston.

  6. spvrp says:

    Oh Benny, you've got a body that I'd like to do shots off of!

  7. earidurt says:

    omg….benny feilhaber is sooooo frickin gorgeous! i swear, brazilians are some good-looking people…it's scary.
    prime example of benny's hotness….. ………GOOD GOD!

  8. thelovehater says:

    Very cool – also I love Benny's response to making a mojito. I actually have cachaça on hand because we have Brazilians visit often.

  9. Leya_S says:

    Hooolllllyyyyy sh*tttttttt
    Benny Feilhaber looks soooooooooooooo hot with his hair grown out…not that he wasn't hot before, but now…just WOW.
    And OMG he's getting MARRIED?!? Congrats…..I'm sad, but congrats just the same.

  10. Zahara says:

    whoa!! THAT is benny feilhaber! madre mia! he is gorgeoooous! seems like a nice guy too lol

  11. gin_in_teacups says:

    BENNYYYYY!!!!! That is my heart crying out with excitement when I saw these photos.

    BENNYYYYY!!!!! That is my heart crying out in pain upon reading that he'll be off the market for good. Oh Benny, what we could have had together. By which of course I mean that's great, congrats to the couple and I hope they're very happy together. Or some crap like that.

  12. Nahe says:

    I am loving me some Benny…thanks Kickette!

  13. Hot4Spurs says:

    Benny is so sexy! He seems like he would be loads of fun.

  14. xoWinnie says:

    oh gees, Benny's hair
    so wanna run my fingers through that, good god..

  15. Rossanera says:

    Have you guys seen the video? I'd love to go out and drink with Matt Reis.

    • DebS says:

      Matt Reis is a scream! I remember an interview with him before Becks came to the MLS. Becks coming to the MLS was SO hyped up in the soccer world that every interview with a footballer asked about what they thought about Becks coming to the US. Matt's reply was something along the lines of "David Beckam is coming the US? Really? I hadn't heard."

  16. Bri says:

    Benny knows how to make caipirinhas…damn…I am so jealous of his lady…

  17. freckledtattoos says:

    Kickette crew – You are the best!