February 12th, 2010

New Kits: England Gets Dressed

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Creating an away kit inspired by base layers is one way to get us interested in football uniforms.

Providing us with video footage of the players trying on their new tight shirts is another. (You’ll want to head about a third of the way in to get to the good stuff.)

Well done, Umbro! Let’s hope the next item on the to-do list is a no-kit kit. That would be lovely.

Link: Umbro Official

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17 Responses to “New Kits: England Gets Dressed”

  1. Mika says:

    I love it. The Umbro kits have such a great fit on the players! Adidas, please take note and dress the Spain players accordingly.

  2. have a look at this website it has some great memorabilia signed by steven gerrard


  3. Solida says:

    Stevie is the cutest one on earth!!!!!

    i hope he will become captain of England someday!!!!!!!!

    love you Stevie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. HJ says:

    Hey, Ms.kickette. I was just checking out ONTD and hala Madrid and this is what I read: Iker and that Sara Carbonero are a couple and will be spending Valentine’s day together. He said that she was the woman of his dreams and that he’s never met anyone like her. I’m devastated and I’m sure everyone at kickette will be if this is ever confirmed. Can u pwease do your super-searching so I can decide on whether or not I should cry my eyes out? I hope it’s just a rumor :(

  5. Erin says:

    Mmmm….Stevie… Love the kits, too! Thanks, Kickette! :)

  6. imhereforthenando says:

    I would make a joke about how seeing the English NT dress isn't something I'm interested in (if you know what I mean) but I just read an article about a Rio Ferdinand cheating scandal and I think I need to ignore the NT for a bit.

  7. Redgirl says:

    Seen Stevie's Tussaud's model, girls? I kept wondering if it was anatomically correct…

    That man is so cute.

  8. Alisha! says:

    Forget Gerrad that Aitor Throup guy is HOT!

  9. FootballerChick43 - "Mrs.Ballack" says:

    Nice. Thanks Umbro!

  10. Lenses says:

    Wow didn't realize so much work went into making a kit! (LOL you can see most of them have zoned out).

    Good overall. Thanks for sharing, Kickette.

  11. HiL says:

    Hell yeeeah! loved it! maybe not tight enough :P but i like it

    i love it in the photoshoots when they put their best tough faces on XD

  12. Riya (Come on you Re says:

    Steviiiiieeeeee. <3 Could that man be any more adorable?! *sigh*

  13. Louise says:

    Meh. Not tight enough to really look like a base layer (see: France's kit).

    But did enjoy Stevie feeling himself up.

  14. Missy Manchester says:

    I kind of like the end effect of the photos–like video game warriors. XBox and PlayStation must be happy.

    (Isn't it interesting that art directors are making people look like toys and cartoons instead of the other way around? We've already got WAG barbies, video game style footballers. What's next anime women or Avatar women with heads too big for their necks and huge eyes set too far apart? No wait. That's been done. Since when did looking "human" become unfashionable?)

    Sorry for the rant. It's Friday. I'm fried.

  15. Danika says:

    Where is Lampard?Again went MIA?