November 1st, 2011

Neymar News: Boxers, Break Ups & Brushing Lips

footballer new father interview

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What Neymar does in his spare time is his business as well as ours.

On his off-pitch exploits, we have several points we’d like to address.

Santos FC footballer

Santos brazilian player faux hawkBoxers

Not that we were actively looking, but we finally have a good explanation for those furiously flexed photos of Neymar that we discovered in September.

In a four year deal that’ll see the Santos FC forward make a few million whilst barely covered, Neymar is officially the face (and body) of Lupo. For reference, Lupo has been going gangbuster on the men’s underwear market for some time now and once their garments hit rock bottom, the only way they found was up.

In the words of our Mums, men are like bank accounts. Without a lot of money they don’t generate a lot of interest. Be honest, Kickettes: how many commas in Neymar’s modeling paycheque would it take for you to be interested (assuming you aren’t already)?

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Break Ups

Three months ago we learned a handful of skint details surrounding the (possibly not-so-expected) birth of his son, Davi Lucca.

The latest in his apparently hectic love life? After only 2 months of allegedly going steady, Ney-to-the-mar and his actress/girlfriend, Daniela Carvalho, have called time on their relationship. Rumours of his nighttime frolicking with other females – compounded by the supposed harassment of Carvalho by the Brazilian media and the footballer’s own fans – was among the reasons given for the couple’s amicable parting of ways.

We’ve yet to dig up 100% verification that these two were even together in the first place, but as we see it, he’s just doing what comes natural for young ‘ballers: spending money like it’s tap water, gallivanting ‘till dawn with the lay-dies and expressing his angst through his ombre-coloured faux hawk.

Our search for factual sources was essentially over before it ever began.


footballer new father interview

Brushing Lips

And finally, Neymar taped a segment for Brazilian chat show, ‘Hebe Camargo’, the other day where he spoke about fame, fatherhood and his ‘vanity’. The programme’s host, Hebe herself, even managed to coax the lad into planting a wet one on her lips.

In most instances, we here at Kickette are happy to be the first to jump on the ‘are they/aren’t they’ bandwagon of endless discussion, speculation and analysing of body language from paparazzi photos of footballers and their gals, but not in this case. This time, we see through Hebe’s ploy. In fact, we wrote the rule book on how to get a job like this done. See page 239 of our Kickette Morals & Ethics Code of Conduct for illustrations.

And with that we say: get it gurrl.

(PS – if you live in Brazil, the show airs tonight, so make sure your girl Siri is prepped and ready to take notes for the rest of the globally-scattered Kickette Army!)

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33 Responses to “Neymar News: Boxers, Break Ups & Brushing Lips”

  1. Thanks for nice shares


  3. Não só ele ainda é um jogo muito bom. Eu tenho algo para se orgulhar, porque este é o meu namorado ♥

  4. Victoria says:

    Neymar the best in the world..<3

  5. jaaaa says:


  6. jaa says:


  7. He is so ugly…

  8. Crixus says:


  9. nora says:

    no he is single and he doesnot have a wife thats just a rumer about him i mean come on he is only 20 and he planed and lived his hole life traning for football and he is not that kind of guyes that like girls or something like cristiano ronaldo (no offence i think he is a great player) ….will anyway he is my fave player and i have always loved his playing cuz i looove brazil and he is so beautiful black guy i just wish i could go and meet him or have a picture with him thats would be great ….i really respect him as a player cuz he followed his dreams and he make it keep it up neymar <3

  10. Peter says:

    sooo sweeeet.:DDDDD <3

    LOVE YOU <3<3<3<3<3

  11. Luisa says:


    you're so beautiful :) ) <3

  12. Sarita says:

    Wow! Is there not one famous, good athlete without a bad girlfriend reputation??? I thought Neymar was like so good at soccer and he would make a perfect husband, i guess not. I admire his soccer skills, but not the way he uses his reputation.. :(

  13. anonim says:


  14. sexy tina says:

    i think he is gorgeous and i would like him in my bed

  15. eshiley says:

    quipema que maõ e eu a mai do seu bb miliga ta 8294-4965

  16. eshiley says:

    vc ta um fato mesas fotos tirando o gostosooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo meu mone e eshiley

  17. keyla says:

    He’s too young and inmature. Shame on him

  18. Gladys says:

    So I'm confused. He's not with the mother of his child anymore?

    • Lady Bella says:

      They were never really together. After he announced the pregnancy, he stated that he was single. The baby's mother is an ex-girlfriend.

      • Gladys says:

        Nice. Nothing like having unprotected sex with a teenager you're in a casual relationship with. Must be great for her to read about all these other girlfriends in the tabloids. Then again, maybe she doesn't care. (Getting off my high horse now.)

  19. ochocincosays says:

    oi . . . get me some clippers, and get him some wheaties. . .then we'll talk.

  20. Mariëlla says:

    I don't know about neymar.. I'm sure that without the weird hair and vanity he'd actually be my kind of guy

  21. Amandinha says:

    That's Hebe… she's a brazilian TV diva who gives everyone a little kiss… men and women.. it's her thing.

    She's a legend!

    • Anya says:

      You mean everyone, who comes to her show gets a kiss? Men, women, politicians, rappers, athletes? No matter how old they are?

      It's either mental…or genius ;)

      • colorlessblue says:

        It's neither. It's just the signature greeting on her show. Nobody ever makes a big deal out of it, because it isn't. She's like Joan Rivers, an iconic media figure for Brazil (except she's not a comedian, or doesn't center her act around comedy – she's been in a few comedy movies:

      • Amandinha says:

        colorlessblue couldnt have explained it better…
        it's actually an honor to the guest to get a kiss from Hebe… and yes, everyone! She would ask a priest for a little kiss…!
        She's a like a kinky, slightly older and more sophisticated brazilian version of Oprah. :)

  22. mata says:

    Almost wish I hadn't seen this.