March 29th, 2012

Neymar: Social Networking Or Notworking?

A month after Neymar posted his mobile number on Twitter, the Santos player’s services were called upon to launch a new social media network for footie fans. The 20-year-old spokesman wore a backwards cap to Monday’s presser in Brazil, which really accentuated the animosity in his stellar ‘bitch, please!’ facial expression.

Neymar also donned a low budget, knockoff beauty pageant sash whilst picking up his product shill paycheque – one that makes us extremely frowny. And we loathe things that make us frowny.

Botox ain’t cheap and money doesn’t grow on trees, ya know.

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19 Responses to “Neymar: Social Networking Or Notworking?”

  1. Social networking has laid deep impact in people life.Now, the communication has become more easier and one can search his or her from any corner of the world.I think it is really a boom in IT sector.

  2. Freebies says:

    Actually this is really a good news for the fans of Neymar that now a days Neymar is using the social network and as a result his fans will get update news about him which they didn't before and hopefully he will keep continue this communication process. Thanks

  3. No doubt that in today's era social networking sites has become part of life day by day and very soon the time will come when life sans these sites will become juice-less.

  4. It is very true that Social networking is one of the most and major platform nowadays for communicating with others. We have need to develop this way and should use it in a right way. Thanks

  5. Social networking and its uses has been increasing day by day and we almost can not think without having it. Although it is very effective in our day to day life and beside it has some bad sides which we should to avoid when we use social networking to each other. Thanks

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    Nowadays we can think a singe day without social networking sites and these are becoming popular day by day very dramatically and I think very soon will not get any single time when we don't use social networks for communicating with others. Thanks

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  10. I like him. I think he is an awesome player and he will be the next big thing for sure. Social media trying to get him to work for them is understandable and I think you have no right to mock it. Thank you! Good day to you!

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  17. stapiiid says:

    dont like him….

  18. rafaela says:

    His face is saying that for sure notworking!!! He posted his mobile phone???!!!