June 2nd, 2011

Bubbas & ‘Ballers: Nicklas Bendtner And Baby Nicholas

Image via sporten.dk Thanks, N!

The last time we saw Nicklas Bendtner parading around a hotel lobby he was sans trousers; a situation we were most pleased about.

How times have changed. Bendy is pictured on Danish sports site sporten.dk today, clutching the bundle of loveliness that is his six month old son, Nicholas. According to the site, Nicholas was delivered to his papa at the Danish team hotel by prior arrangement with former partner, Caroline Fleming. During a brief interview, the striker reiterated his desire to leave Arsenal and called his relationship with Caroline ‘complicated’.

For those not fully conversant with the deets of said relationship, please avail yourself of our handy reference cards here. Otherwise, just look at that baby. And hope his Daddy isn’t responsible for dressing him.

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14 Responses to “Bubbas & ‘Ballers: Nicklas Bendtner And Baby Nicholas”

  1. Caroline says:

    Awww,they are so cute!

  2. Mumtaz says:

    Nicholas is indubitably adorable. lovely! :)

  3. @AgnesWonka says:

    those problems are what he gets for being with such older woman!!
    please…..don't leave Arsenal!!

  4. Cay says:

    I hope that I does leave Arsenal. As a Gunner, I'm kind of sick of him complaining about the team. It's impeding my enjoyment of him with that adorable bundle of baby.

  5. mochara says:

    Awww cute :)

  6. Isabella says:

    Awww so cute ♥

  7. AC_USA says:

    What a chubby little bubba :) Love it :)

  8. JA7 says:

    I feel bad for Nicky B cuz of the whole baby drama! But this picture is soo sweet, made me smile :)

  9. Ahh N beat me to it, and i sat translated the article about it and she gets all the credit lol

  10. Caro says:

    he looks like his mama ,i swear the same eyes & pale skin
    stiill adorable as hill ,omg :'D

  11. xoWinnie says:

    i just squealed in my school library and the librarian's really eyeing me know…
    thanks a lot kickette…i guess what i'm trying to say is: that baby is damn adorable.

  12. @BrittanyAFC says:

    look at those chubby little cheeks! how adorable :)

  13. Poor Nicky! He's too young to be dealing with baby daddy drama.